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HEY CNN: If Trump’s NATO Comment Was So HARMFUL… Explain THIS Statistic

Maybe the REAL danger isn't coming from Trump... but from status quo politicians.

Imagine a friend of yours was hit with Bidenomics and took a calculated risk of letting his car insurance lapse, but keeps driving it anyway.

Would you tell him he’s taking a really dumb chance that could bite him in the ass? If you’re any kind of friend, you would.

What if it gets stolen, or the proverbial piano falls on it? He picks up the phone to submit a claim and they laugh at him. Is it the insurance company the ‘bad guy’ for not honoring a claim that had lapsed… ow was your buddy just a doofus whose dopey decision bit him in the backside?

If that insurance relationship was NOT a serious enough priority that HE should pay the premiums, why would THEY see a CLAIM with a lapsed (former) customer as a serious priority?

To see Trump’s statement about telling NATO that America would NOT be running to their rescue if European members fail to honor their membership dues you need to think in these terms.

European members are taking America for a free ride… which makes NATO weaker… which means America will have to shoulder even MORE of the cost than usual if things go sideways, despite Europeans getting a disproportionate benefit from this mutual protection pact.

If NATO is protecting Europe from a dangerous Russian menace, shouldn’t they be motivated to pay their dues? If THEY don’t take those dues seriously…

How much do they REALLY value NATO’s protection? Are they just trusting to the generosity of the US taxpayer and hoping we will answer the bell and run to their rescue if things break bad… while delinquent nations use unpaid NATO spending dollars fund whatever domestic socialist spending priorities the ‘windfall’ of non-payment frees them to invest in?

Unlike Biden, Trump is ‘unpredictable’. Even Putin has said so.

He’s making it clear that non-payment in NATO membership is playing the same game that someone who neglects insurance on his car, home, or even his life is playing.

The Sunday shows denounced Trump as a madman who was making NATO weaker and Putin stronger.

Is THAT what happened…? Was this the first time in forever that the Sunday Show people actually exercised sound judgment?

Of course not. In reality… the opposite happened.

When president from 2017 to 2020, Trump pressed member nations to pay their share as the U.S. has and suggested he’d pull the country out of the alliance if they did not.
[…] NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday that 18 of the alliance’s 31 members are on track to meet their pledges of contributing 2% of their respective Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

European nation states are on pace to contribute $380 billion in 2024, and Germany will meet its 2% pledge for the first time since the Cold War, according to

Last year, just 11 NATO allies meet their 2% spending pledge.

In the Biden years, even with one of their European neighbors engaged in a prolonged shooting war with their Cold War nemesis only 11 percent were ponying up what they owed.

Now, with Trump’s return to office a real possibility… member nations like Germany are finally giving NATO the funding it needs to operate properly.

Is it possible that the REAL threat to the stability of our military treaty isn’t Trump, but BIDEN and our blank-check Senators?

But we’re not supposed to ask such questions…. otherwise we’re puppets of the Kremlin by *checks notes* making sure NATO member states fully fund NATO.

Eh… nobody ever said the clowns on the left needed to have COHERENT talking points. They’ll dutifully repeat them however silly they might be.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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