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Laken Riley Story Gets Even WORSE With News Of Sheriff’s Pro-Illegal Campaign Statement

You can now add 'Sheriff' to the list of government officials who deliberately failed her

By now, most everyone knows the name and tragic story of Laken Riley. But with each passing day, we learn of new ways the ‘system’ failed her. By ‘system’ we mean, of course, individual people making horrible decisions.

People make bad decisions all the time. But not all of those people hold positions of power. Unfortunately for Lakan Riley, the positions most critical to her own situation seem to have been completely filled by the worst sort of bad decision makers. They never paid a price for their failures. But she paid with her life.

Now, even the Sheriff whose job it was to keep her safe has some serious explaining to do.

A quick recap for anyone just now coming to this story, or who may be revisiting it in the days to come:

Lakan Riley was a promising young nursing student at the University of Georgia. Strong athletically and academically, she had gone for a run on campus, where her assailant hit her in the head with so much force that the shape of her skull was visibly changed. Her lifeless body was discovered on campus in the early afternoon, after friends noticed she hadn’t returned when she was expected.

The suspect arrested in connection with her death was an illegal alien who had come over in September of 2022, when Biden’s White House and Mayorkas were telling the world that the border was ‘secure’. The Venezuelan suspect came in at the El Paso border.

In a post on X on Tuesday, NewsNation National Correspondent Alex Caprariello posted that he spoke with Ibarra’s neighbor who said a camera “caught Ibarra taking bloody clothes and evidence” and disposing of them in dumpsters on the apartment complex’s property. Neighbors also described Ibarra as “the quiet type,” said Riley frequently used a shortcut near the complex, and suggested it was likely that Ibarra had noticed her passing through. – NewsWeek

This murder has reignited the question of Biden’s border policy, and whether Dems care about keeping out people who don’t belong here.

In particular, the policy/philosophy of Sanctuary Cities and the Democrat default of non-cooperation with ICE is now under the microscope. (Related: did we mention that the suspect’s brother was ALSO arrested for having fraudulent documents?)

This brings us up to date as we look at the new wrinkle.

The Sheriff

A resurfaced video of the now-sheriff of the county where Laken Riley was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela shows the law enforcement officer saying he does not plan on cooperating with ICE.

In a 2020 interview with Athens Political Nerds, John Williams, who was then running for sheriff, said, ‘It is not my intention, when elected sheriff to cooperate with those detainers,’ referring to the detainers placed by ICE on illegal migrants who have been arrested on criminal charges.
[…] In the interview, Williams says: ‘I see it as the sheriff’s responsibility to protect the community.

‘We can’t help with a culture of fear in our community and expect our community to respond and help us in situations.’ — DailyMail

Having seen the seething rage that was already spilling over in response to the Mayor’s press conference about the murder where he went into full bureaucrat mode with a legalistic explanation of why it was not ‘technically’ a sanctuary city, and that crime statistically isn’t as bad as people seem to think, the news about the Sheriff being on the wrong side of today’s issue is not likely to go over well.

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