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BIDEN’S LEGACY: Afghan Leader Brags About Defeating Democracy And Stoning Women

Meanwhile, Hamas is praising Biden's administration over Gaza.

How ironic is it two of Joe’s favorite talking points are being shot down as a direct result of the first of a series of devastating policy failures?

Robert Gates, Obama’s Defense Secretary famously said of Biden: “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Ten years later, we have plenty of reason to extend the force of that quote by another decade.

Obviously looking for a photo op on the 20th he rushed ahead with the evacuation of Afghanistan. Recent hearings made it clear that the horrible decisions they made in abandoning Bagram Air Base, which resulted in a chaotic evacuation from a poorly-defended civilian airport, not to mention the release of the suicide bomber that claimed the lives of 13 Americans at Abby Gate just days later, were the direct result of decisions that came from the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Neither Trump nor ignorance will serve as an excuse here since Joe himself is on record years earlier describing that an orderly draw-down and evacuation of Afghanistan would take the better part of a year. His own timeline was doomed to failure.

Without US air support, Afghanistan’s elected government, such as it was, didn’t stand a chance.

Biden’s America abandoned the field, leaving arms and equipment behind to be paraded as trophies of war for the Taliban and sold throughout the region — with reports of Hamas even using American rifles in their terror attack against Israel last October on their national tragedy that is roughly equivalent to our 9/11.

Biden began his Presidency with a boastful claim: ‘America’s Back’, suggesting he was going to make right all the reputational damage he claimed his predecessor had shamed us with. We’ll come back to that point momentarily.

Here at home, he has framed himself not only as the defender of Democracy, but a champion of the rights of oppressed people — especially women, minorities, and the rainbow crowd.

What’s going on right now in Afghanistan (a country whose classified files he had kept in his private possession illegally to help with his book deal) — a country he apparently couldn’t even spell correctly — is the direct result of choices he, personally has made behind the (ir)Resolute Desk.

Mr ‘America’s back’ is being personally taunted by a tinpot dictator who kills his own citizens… and Joe is probably too obtuse to even know it.

The Taliban will soon start stoning women to death in public, the radical group’s Supreme Leader announced as he declared war against Western democracy.

Addressing Western officials in a voice message broadcast on state TV Saturday, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada called the Western human rights defenders ‘representatives of the devil’.

‘You say it’s a violation of women’s rights when we stone them to death. But we will soon implement the punishment for adultery,’ he told the West in his harshest comments since taking over Afghanistan in 2021.

‘We will flog women in public. We will stone them to death in public,’ he announced.

‘These are all against your democracy but we will continue doing it.

‘We both say we defend human rights – we do it as God’s representative and you as the devil’s,’ he added.
[…] Akhundzada has called the Taliban foot soldiers to be resilient in opposing women’s rights and said the war against Western democracy and values will continue for decades to come.

‘I told the Mujahedin that we tell the Westerners that we fought against you for 20 years and we will fight 20 and even more years against you’ he said.

‘Taking over Kabul did not mean we would now sit in offices and drink tea.

‘It did not finish (when you left), we will now bring Sharia into action on this land,’ he warned. — DailyMail

Will adulterous men see the same fate? No? How convenient for them.

It has never occurred to him that this crackpot and Biden could BOTH be on the wrong side of a moral issue. Clearly. But I digress.

Will women voters in America wake up to the fact that Biden is giving statements like these ones about stoning adulteresses cover when he gives blanket denunciation of ‘Islamophobia’?

Is Joe defending such positions as legitimate? After all, the River-to-the-Sea crowd has openly embraced calls to violence in the name of ‘the cause’… including forcing compliance on Sharia law in countries that have not embraced it. (Yes, America, too.) The MEMRI social media account has some very damning statements in their own words… both about total genocide of the Jews, AND about Islamic political conquest of the West.

How about the supposed return-to-normalcy boasting behind Joe’s ‘America’s back’ pronouncement?

There’s a line in scripture about not bragging about your achievements before the action starts. If Biden was nearly as devout as he pretends to be, he would have come across it at some point in his eighty-plus years of schlepping this planet.

Let’s look at some metrics — is America really ‘back’ under Biden, or is it taking a massive step backward? Here’s one objective metric that speaks for itself. American diplomacy. If we’re ‘back’ our diplomacy must be as strong as ever, right?

Not so fast.

Just yesterday, House Oversight offered a tweet on this precise question, listing a long list of Embassy closures under Biden’s term… raising concerns about the diplomatic implications of so many closures. (Our text summary below is shortened for space considerations)

@RepJamesComer is investigating the Biden Administration’s series of embassy closures and partial evacuations around the world. 
Since President Biden took office, the State Department has been forced to reduce or suspend operations at several posts across the globe, including:
Burma: In late March 2021, the Administration ordered the evacuation of[…]
Afghanistan: In August 2021, amid the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, and with U.S. citizens remaining in […].
Belarus & Russia: After Russia launched a new invasion of Ukraine, Secretary Blinken announced in February 2022 […]
Sudan: In April 2023, the U.S. Embassy in Sudan suspended […]
Niger: In August 2023, non-emergency personnel and family members were ordered […]
Haiti: Now, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti recently began evacuating some personnel […]
These closures and service reductions are leading to a diminished U.S. diplomatic presence abroad. Closures and reduced service status have serious implications for U.S. citizens residing in those countries, as well as foreign nationals who must travel elsewhere to access consular services.
But don’t worry, everybody. Biden is an EXPERT in foreign policy. He’s on the job. And America is back!

The other guy? The one who actually signed some groundbreaking peace treaties in the Middle East between Israel and her neighbors? Pay no attention to him.

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