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California Study Defangs Left’s Favorite Rhetorical Argument In Denying Parent’s Rights

One loaded phrase regularly weaponized against distraught parents has been disarmed

When parents show hesitation in rushing to ‘affirm’ the living in the wrong body claims of their kid, activists unload a potent phrase that hijacks the protective instincts of the parents to support the cause.

That phase is some variation of ‘would you rather have a living daughter or a dead son’?

The implication — sometimes explicitly stated — is that if you stand in the way of this transition, your child will almost certainly look to suicide as a solution.

Some who have beein open about their detransitioning have shed light on the pressure brought to bear at that vulnerable point in their lives.

Studies in other countries have been poking holes in the claims that surgery reduces suicidality for a long time. Now we can add a California study to the list.

Benjamin Ryan’s social media post brought key points of a new California study about suicide and gender transition surgery to light, including the fact that male-to-female patients in particular have an elevated risk of committing suicide:

Among those receiving a vaginoplasty, the rate of suicide attempts was twice as high after the surgery, at 3.3%, compared with before, at 1.5%.

The phalloplasty suicide-attempt rate was similar to the general population, while the vaginoplasty group’s rate was more than twice as high as the general population.

In that post, he also linked the Journal of Urology study from which the numbers were drawn.

The following screenshots were also included for context:

Parents weren’t the only ones bullied with the ‘blood on your hands’ ultimatum, either. Legislators have been bullied into compliance least they be accused of contributing to the deaths of vulnerable people.

This statistic makes it clear that if anyone should be concerned about the possibility of activists in this issue having ‘blood on their hands’, it would be those who push to make it available to minors who could not possibly conceive the full scope of the risks they are taking on by moving ahead with such a dramatic and irreversible step.

That dovetails with what we have learned about the organization who has been leading the charge on pushing the normalization of ‘gender affirming care’, a group called WPATH.

The standards of care often referred to as best practice by the British Medical Association and the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatrists came from an organisation called the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Many assumed this was an international professional body of highly qualified medics. It was not. Three-quarters of its members are based in the States and many are activists who advocate that anyone who identifies as trans may demand access to gender-confirming treatment, which for kids means puberty blockers.

They also provide material to shape healthcare. This is not a medical organisation with any formal authority. Anyone can pay a couple of hundred dollars to join it. In the UK, its standards of care have been used by the NHS, by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), by groups like Stonewall and Mermaids, Press for Change and, of course, by the Scottish Government.
[…] And now we do see you. The WPATH files have been leaked and guess what? There is no vindication here, just appalling evidence of the maiming of young bodies. Some of this is not new information. Jazz Jennings, assigned male at birth, who appeared on a reality TV show and was put on blockers at 11, did not have enough genital material to make a neovagina so it was made from their stomach lining and then split apart involving at least three more corrective surgeries and much pain.

Marci Bowers, Jazz’s surgeon, who herself transitioned after fathering three children said that Jazz will never have an orgasm. Telling children that they can change “sex” when it means they will become infertile and have no sexual function is surely dishonest.

Realising that some of these kids have deep psychological issues but ignoring them is also surely malpractice. Scarlett Blake, the murderer who had also tortured a cat, is another ex-GIDS patient.

The WPATH leaks talk of mastectomies with no nipples, incontinence, and “nullification” – that is, creating eunuchs. There are doctors talking of cancer caused by hormones in teenagers and operations where a fake vagina is made and the penis is kept too. —TheTelegraph

During the pandemic, it was fashionable to tell one another ‘believe the science’.

That neglects the fact that not every scientific ‘advancement’ was legitimate.

Lobotomies, eugenics, and bloodletting were all endorsed by ‘science’ … until they weren’t. Science is never intended as a final stop in the journey.

Using the tool of science correctly means challenging old assumptions — and new ones — to see whether they hold up to scrutiny.

We often celebrate Galileo and Copernicus for challenging a deeply ingrained belief about the world and its place in the night sky… while forgetting that we have beliefs in our own day that are just as deeply held and open to scientific challenge.

It’s easy enough to mock from a safe distance those in Galileo’s day who resisted his conclusions. It’s harder to admit when you might be doing the same thing in your own generation… just to agree with public opinion.

Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap

by Doug Giles

Beginning in March 2020, many Christians went into lockdown-freak-out mode. Uncut, irrational, unbiblical, and not to mention, unconstitutional, fear gripped many churches and church leaders. Forced to choose between obeying the Word of God or the edict of man, most Western Churches buckled. We even saw it here in First Amendment-protected America.

The Apostle Peter buckled to fear on the night of Christ’s crucifixion. But he learned his lesson and lived the rest of his life bold as a lion. How can the church ‘go and do likewise’?

Read the book and find out!

Get your copy of Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap now. Better yet, grab an extra copy for any petrified pastor who dutifully put obedience to the unconstitutional edicts of Mayor McCheese ahead of obedience to the explicit commandments of the LORD God Almighty.

Wes Walker

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