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Don Lemon Tried To Play ‘Victim’ With Elon Musk — Now We Know The REST Of The Story

This was another one of those wait until the whole story comes out situations

Just like the swarm of support around Jussie Smollett that left egg on the face of all his backers, the outraged defence of Don Lemon being sent packing by Elon looks silly in light of the actual facts.

They were so ready to jump to conclusions that they didn’t bother to check their facts first.

Elon Musk sat down for an interview with Don Lemon, after which, any thoughts of a formal partnership between Lemon and X

Early reporting blasted Elon Musk as some kind of an enemy of free speech because he didn’t enter into a partnership with Don Lemon.

To read the stories, one might think Elon was throwing Don off of X because he was censoring his politics… or something.

After sitting down to interview Musk, Don Lemon rushed off to the coven on The View to whine about how badly he was treated. The poor child.

It looked like this:

X had a very different account of the details.

We already knew Lemon was a prima donna, but now that the actual details of his demands have been made public, we had completely underestimated how inflated his opinion of himself really was.

The ex-CNN anchor sent over an astronomical wish list to Elon Musk during contract talks to host a show on the billionaire’s social media platform X – including a free Tesla Cybertruck, a $5 million upfront payment on top of an $8 million salary, an equity stake in the multibillion-dollar company, and the right to approve any changes in X policy as it relates to news content, according to a document reviewed by The Post.

Lemon — who was expected to air an interview with Musk for next week’s debut episode on X — had also demanded a private jet flight to Las Vegas, a suite for him and his fiance, and that the company pay for their day drinking and massages, a source with knowledge of the situation said.

Musk agreed to do the interview with Lemon despite the fact that he was aware of some of Lemon’s outlandish demands, sources told The Post. —NYPost

He is an unserious person making unserious demands so that he could play the victim.

Predictably, he chummed the left their favorite red meat (would it be soy?), and they took the bait, rushing to the defense of their ally against big bad Elon.

To everyone who took the bait and denounced Elon’s supposed anti-free speech policies?

You’re just as unserious as he is.

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