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HILARIOUS: Latest Media Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Hoax Faceplants — Badly (VIDEO)

Any idiot could see the truth -- except the media telling the story

All it took to blow this lie out of the water was playing the tape in context. But the media is desperate to push this angle anyway.

Despite all of corporate media’s best efforts, Joe Biden is trailing in the polls. He’s got a real chance of getting bounced out of office. And it’s the media’s task — or so they imagine — to stop this.

They’ve had good success with hoaxes so far. Russiagate. Very fine people. Drinking bleach. Russian bounties. Again and again they go to the well and tell people bogus stories about Orange Man Bad. And they kept believing them.

Why shouldn’t they expect it would work if they went back to that well yet again?

That’s what they did. They looked through Trump’s last campaign speech hoping to find something they could use as scary. They found the word ‘bloodbath’ in the context of a Joe Biden victory.

Jackpot. They were off to the races. Context has never mattered before, so context be damned.

Here’s the actual quote in context. He’s saying that China flooding the market with cheap cars made in Mexico would result in a ‘bloodbath’ for the auto market if we continue with Joe’s policies.

Trump would put a tariff on those cars so they don’t flood the market, and Joe would let China take over the market.

We all know what he means by that. There really is no mystery to it. But the media needed a ‘gotcha’ story, and that’s what they ran with.

Politico is just one example among many.

Here is Pelosi leveraging a Sunday show to give it more exposure in the echo chamber:

And they all got in on it:

This one even understood that the context disproved the lie, but he STILL tried to defend it.

Shapiro got a zinger in.

Turns out there is a point at which you really CAN cry wolf too many times.

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