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Is This Evidence That Rainbow Agenda Activists Are Beginning To Turn On Their Own?

We saw this coming from a mile away

The danger inherent in being the left’s poster-child for any agenda is that you will soon be pushed out by the next flavor of the week.

Anyone paying attention has seen this cycle played out. We’ve been warning about it for years.

The cycle is pretty simple to understand by looking at a couple of historical examples.

Second-wave feminists who were once the face of the left’s movement lived long enough to be denounced by third-wavers whose innovations the second-wavers didn’t buy into.

LGBT sports stars like Martina Navratilova who paved the way for others by going public with their homosexuality lived long enough to be denounced as bigots by their own movement. She didn’t keep up with the changes when the Trans rights came along, and she spoke up for women’s sport.

Even the word ‘bisexual’ itself requires there to be a sexual dichotomy for them to be attracted to… something you’re not supposed to say anymore.

It was only a matter of time before the movement began to devour itself… and here are some signs that it’s happening.

As usual, it begins with Orwellian applications of Newspeak to break up resistance to the new changes being implemented.

‘Birthing persons’ aren’t the only people getting saddled with a new Orwellian name — homosexuals are getting new names assigned to them, too… whether they asked for new ones or not is another matter.

(That tweet is part of a longer thread, which some may want to peruse.)

If you are puzzled as to why they would risk antagonizing and alienating people within their own team, it comes down to the radical deconstructionist politics of a group hellbent on tearing everything down. As described here:

Then they try to tell us with a straight face that OUR side is pushing the culture war.

Sorry bub, no sale. Most of us haven’t got a dog in that fight, but we can see which side is pushing for radicalism and which one wants to be left alone.

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