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BIDEN’S BORDER: There’s Something Screwy Going On With These Chinese ‘Migrants’

One demographic coming across our border stands apart as very different from the rest

When Chris Wray said there were ‘blinking red lights’ flashing all over the place, he wasn’t kidding. Especially at the border. But something about China’s role is different from the others.

Assessing this problem is further complicated by the fact that Joe Biden could be compromised by his family’s questionable dealings with them. We have Hunter’s own voice, after all, talking with dismay about his dealings with the [expletive] spy chief of China.

Blackmail or other coercive tactics to achieve political goals? Hostile nations would never dream of such a thing, right?

Here’s what we know for a fact:

— Since Biden took office, we have seen a MASSIVE surge of Chinese nationals coming in as ‘migrants’.

— Chinese nationals coming here are overwhelmingly males of military age. Compared to other migrants seeking financial opportunities in America, very few are women or children.

— They are deliberately coming here by way of the Darien Gap. Eyewitnesses describe them as blending in among the other ‘migrants’ yet they are an entirely different and distinct group than the others, with separate accommodations and much greater secrecy.

— We have seen an increase in reporting of stories about Chinese nationals infiltrating high-security or military bases.

— We have evidence that Chinese hackers have been busy planting malware in critical civilian infrastructure in America, such as water treatment plans and electrical grids.

— China has established shadow ‘police stations’ in countries around the world where they could exert control and intimidation of expatriate Chinese.

— Peter Schweizer’s latest book (Blood Money) draws direct links between China and every step of the illegal drug trade… and connects them pretty directly to elected politicians.

— Biden chose to lie to Americans about mitigating the risks of the Chinese spy balloon rather than shooting it down.

— Some of our infrastructure is so brittle that it has exploitable single points of failure — as evidenced by the saboteurs where local power grids were taken down by a guy with a rifle and some basic knowledge about where to set his sights.

As Melugin himself stated, these number only captures a portion of the total sum. Gotaways and anyone arriving by way of legal ports of entry would not be numbered among this figure.

Don’t forget, the most recent figure is for the FIRST HALF of the current fiscal year. If current trends continue, the total will be at least twice that by fiscal year end.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck