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Conscription Calls Rise Among NATO Nations As Ukraine War Drags On… Are We Next?

Will we add 'conscription' to the list of 70s problems that came back under Biden?

As bad as the Biden administration has been with bringing back old problems… at least we don’t have to worry about conscription… right? Hold that thought.

The conflict in Ukraine/Russia rages on with no off-ramp to peace negotiations in sight. Ukraine’s backers on both sides of the Atlantic are bracing themselves for protracted conflict to drag on well into the unforseen future… but together with that conflict comes additional pressures and risks.

The conflict could expand beyond Ukraine’s borders and trigger full-scale war between Russia and the NATO neighbors now literally forming part of Russia’s border.

With those concerns rising, and Western powers more interested in keeping the conflict going than in presenting any defensible scenario in which we might see some kind of a peace deal reached, these decisions could come back to bite ordinary citizens of those NATO partners sooner than they think.

And now, following President Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, conscription is being rebooted and expanded across Europe, with those living on Russia’s doorstep urging their Nato allies further afield, including the UK, to follow suit.

This week Norway announced it was increasing the number of conscripted soldiers after Denmark said last month it intends to extend conscription to women and increase the duration of service.

Latvia and Sweden recently restarted military service and Lithuania brought it back after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.
[…] Ms Kallas, who’s led Estonia since 2021, sees conscription as another integral part of both providing a deterrence to Russia but also stronger defence if it does attack.

“We have a reserve army of 44,000 people that would equal, for Great Britain, around two million people. Two million people who are ready to defend their country and know what they have to do.”

After she mentions Britain unprompted, I ask whether she would in fact recommend conscription to the UK.

“Of course, every country decides for themselves, we are all democracies, but I recommend this in many aspects.” — BBC

How ironic would it be if the failures of a politician who’s been in office since the Vietnam War bungled foreign policy so badly that NATO countries have to reboot the Cold War and bring back conscription to fight the Russians?

Meanwhile, here at home, he’s undermined our military so badly with politics and nonsense that young patriots have no interest in signing up.

How long do you suppose it would be until the Uniparty decided it wasn’t enough just to fund Ukraine’s war, but it was (in fact) critically necessary for the good of the free world that we put boots on the ground, even if that means conscription?

Is there a single argument they would make differently in the defense of conscription than the ones they are already making in dedicating billions in money and material to keep the war going?

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck