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News Clash

COOKING THE BOOKS: Biden Admin Called Out For Bogus Numbers On Jobs & Crime

The whole idea a 'public servant' is supposed to be indifferent to party politics

Not only are you being lied to, your own tax dollars are being used to accomplish the deception.

For all of the left’s faux concern about ‘misinformation and disinformation’ they’ve got their own sordid little information laundering scheme going on.

It’s an incestuous little circle of politicians, bureaucrats and media who all share the same political goals (big government) for their various, and sometimes conflicting reasons, but each works hand in hand to push the same agenda: push a public narrative that puts the Biden administration in the best possible light, so that Dems can keep control of government and keep the special interest gravy train rolling.

Anything that could threaten that arrangement will be opposed with the fierce heat of a thousand Suns. This thinking gives them licence to lie both about the alleged accomplishments of this administration and the supposed harms of the other guy.

Here are just two examples of federal stats giving a window into how that works.

Job stats

You know that jobs report that Biden and his fawning media flunkies slobbered all over last week? Well, once you look under the hood, they aren’t nearly as exciting as that first enthusiastic reporting might suggest.

Of course, that stat gets even more strained once the net migration number is factored into those employment numbers. With people coming into the country at a rate exceeding the new jobs being created, we are taking a step back.

U.S. employment figures contain a mystery that has left many economists scratching their heads: How is the country generating so many jobs even while the unemployment rate has drifted up?

The emerging consensus: a surge in immigration. It not only explains inconsistencies in the jobs data but suggests the economy can keep adding plenty of jobs without overheating. That in turn would let the Federal Reserve still consider interest-rate cuts. — WSJ

Cooked crime stats

An independent group of law enforcement officials and analysts claim violent crime rates are much higher than figures reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its 2023 violent crime statistics.

The Coalition for Law Order and Safety released its April 2024 report called “Assessing America’s Crime Crises: Trends, Causes, and Consequences,” and identified four potential causes for the increase in crime in most major cities across the U.S.: de-policing, de-carceration, de-prosecution and politicization of the criminal justice system.
[…] The new report reveals three major findings: that the U.S. faces a public safety crisis beset by high crime and an increasingly dysfunctional justice system; that crime has risen dramatically over the past few years and may be worse than some official statistics claim; and that although preliminary 2023 FBI data shows a decline in many offenses, violent and serious crime remains heightened compared to 2019 data.

Researchers wrote, “to say crime is down is like descending from a tall peak and standing on a high bluff, saying you are closer to the ground – a true but misleading statement.” — FoxNews

Of course, those jobs numbers will be quietly revised downward weeks later, while incomplete and misleading FBI numbers will be accepted as ‘official’ despite misgivings, giving his media spin-meisters all the fodder they need to look us dead in the eye and tell us that the urban crime and financial hardship so many of us are faced with are nothing more than media myths ginned up by political activists with an ax to grind.