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GOP Officially Walks Impeachment Articles Over To Senate… Now For The Trial (VIDEO)

Unless Schumer finds an excuse to squash it, Mayorkas Impeachnent Trial begins today

This may not have had the fanfare of Nancy Pelosi with her special-order pens, but this impeachment has now been made Senate-official.

Despite Schumer’s desire to either table this impeachment or dismiss it, the Senate has a Constitutional obligation to take the charges alleged against a public official and perform a trial examining his guilt or innocence relative to those claims.

News reports tell us there are something like 303 steps between the House and the Senate and those charging documents may have travelled a short distance, but they have set up a VERY public confrontation over the legality (or lack thereof) concerning one of Joe Biden’s weakest political issues… his border policy.

The moment of the signing…

The transmission of the articles of impeachment…

And the public statements of Democrat Senators.

First off, we have Senator Mike Lee forcing Schumer’s hand to take this issue seriously.

Here he was again after the articles were delivered, explaining why the Constitution obligates the Senate to perform a trial… where he is getting ahead of any argument Schumer may make about wanting to dismiss the case or table it.

Lee is one helluva a lawyer, and cited legal precedent for what conditions must be met in a legal dismissal of a case.

Others weighed in as well.

Sen Johnson has a detailed chart demonstrating the ‘DNA of the crime’ for what has been happening at the Southern border through the Mayorkas/Biden years.

And Ted Cruz made a six-minute impassioned speech for why this must be taken with the utmost seriousness, not only because of the breech of law, but because of the consequences this policy has had on both American and migrant victims at the hands of criminal cartels.

Joe Biden and Mayorkas have presided over policies that have given cartels an income boost of two-thousand-six-hundred percent. (2600%)

The Biden/Mayorkas fingerprints are all over crimes every week like the death of Laken Riley, having released the man charged with her murder when the plain reading of the law would have insisted he be sent home to Venezuela.

The deaths of women and children, the human trafficking of women and children, and the active involvement of flying them into America at taxpayer expense… like the man who was flown in from Haiti to Boston where he proceeded to violently rape a 15 year old disabled girl.

The PDF with all 9 pages of impeachment can be found here.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck