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Steve Smith Walks Back Last Week’s Statement Sympathetic To Trump

'My words were misconstrued and taken out of context'.

When Smith showed up on Hannity’s show last week, he made headlines for saying something that seemed to the right to be self-evidently true.

But the activist left, (whether motived by racial considerations or political ones) were outraged over what he said.

He wasn’t endorsing Trump. Most of us never said he was.

Smith wants to see Biden beat Trump. He’s been up front about this. But he wants it to be in a fair fight over the actual issues, not in some sort of a modern equivalent to dirty-tricks palace coup maneuvering. For that, we respect him.

Original story here: ESPN Broadcaster Calls Out Get-Trump Cultists On Their Ridiculous Desperation (VIDEO)

But he was bullied into making a statement about his statement. Normally, that means we are seeing an embarrasing John Cena mea culpa mea maxima culpa moment.

It’s never a great idea to cave into the apology demands because an apology signals subservience to the cancel culture mob, and offers no guarantees that you will gain anything in exchange for the public loss of your dignity. But he’s an honorable guy who wants to face his critics head-on.

Credit where it’s due, even this backtracking was handled pretty well. He called out some of the organizations harrassing him over it by name… that’s more bold that most people in this situation. He owned his own words.

Any backtracking he may have made was built around giving the rest of the context on why Steven A Smith would say such a thing about the accusers of Donald Trump looking ‘desperate’. He came armed with receipts: New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, the results of five polls.

Trump is leading in battleground states. That’s a simple fact. He wasn’t celebrating that fact, he was just acknowledging it.

It’s sad that the left has gone so far off the rails that they are not even denouncing objective reality as ‘hate facts’ that must be suppressed.

Come to think of it, never mind; that description sums up the entire time Biden has been in office almost perfectly.

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