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The Great Replacement Is Already Well Underway

Birth rates all over the Western and industrialized world have been falling for nearly two decades.

Birth rates all over the Western and industrialized world have been falling for nearly two decades. This might not seem like an issue of much concern. Indeed, some might say that the trend is beneficial for the earth. The countries where birth rates exceed the replacement rate, however, are largely throughout the Middle East and the Islamic world.

Population Mathematics Doesn’t Lie

Population mathematics would interest even Einstein. A family that has two children over three generations yields eight offspring (2x2x2). A family that has three children for three generations yields 27 grandchildren (3x3x3).

The United States, which is experiencing 1.6 children per woman of childbearing age, is about to become underpopulated except of course for the hundreds of thousands of illegals monthly pouring over our border. The great replacement, which Leftists shout down on cue as a conspiracy theory is already occurring (and what aspects of reality do Leftists not call a right-wing conspiracy?).

Unmistakenly, Biden administration zealots have already gamed out the population scenarios to an advanced degree. The implications of our declining birth rates mean that the heretofore untouchable Social Security program, and all 10 programs inaugurated under the Social Security Act, soon will become unsustainable.

Decline and Disruption

At a 1.6 birth rate per woman of childbearing age, we’re likely to witness the closing of schools, a decrease in college enrollments, the bordering up of buildings, the decline of shopping centers, and a crumbling infrastructure. If we cannot raise the tax revenues to maintain roads, bridges, and public thoroughfares, from where will the funds come? Draconian cuts in vital government services? Or maybe, that stash in your safe deposit box and the precious metals you’ve been squirreling away.

The eight to nine million low-skill gate crashers who have already arrived as a result of Joe Biden’s intentionally lax border policy will contribute little if anything to our economy or to tax revenues, and hence the maintenance of the infrastructure will suffer.

The hordes that step over the border, generally speaking, are manual laborers at best, if not criminals. Their education levels are low. Their health needs are high. They do not accede to American values. In some locales, such as New York City, they’re being sheltered, clothed, and fed via the mayor’s decree. Of late, they’re being issued $1,000-a-month debit cards, while long time New York residents are up in arms. Meanwhile, American veterans roam the streets scrounging for a meal and a place to sleep for the night.

Who in New York pays for the illegal immigrants, most of whom have zero rights or claims to even step into America? City and New York State residents who dutifully pay taxes foot the bill for these gate crashers. This development is, of course, beyond lunacy, while the Leftists are drooling at the long-term implications, the foremost of which is the rapid decline of our society and nation.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

What is occurring in the U.S. is mirrored by what’s happening in Europe. The replacement rate among native populations in a variety of otherwise prominent countries is dropping markedly. Soon, European nations will not be able to provide the benefits and services for their seniors. As in the United States, the migrants flooding into a given country contribute little or nothing to the economy. They soon will render their host sugar daddy countries as being unable to sustain a functioning economy.

In Germany, the average native German woman of childbearing age is giving birth to 1.6 children over the course of her lifetime. In Austria, it’s slightly less than 1.6, and in Italy it’s below 1.3. Thus, in three generations, many European nations as well as the U.S. can expect about 4.1 offspring or less via the native populations.

Meanwhile, Arabs and Middle Easterners throughout the world, and those who have taken residence in these countries, have a birth rate of 2.9, equal to 24.4 offspring in three generations. At 4.1 to 24.4, the native populations will be swamped long before three generations.

No Marriage Means Fewer Offspring

Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, amazingly one in four American 40-year-olds have never been married. This phenomenon represents the highest figure in the last 123 years. Tellingly, as recently as 1980, only one in 16 had never been married among American 40-year-olds.

If these trends continue, and all indications are that they will, demographics, indeed, will be our destiny.

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people.