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The UN Has Endorsed Something So Heinous That Even Some Lefties Might Call For Defunding

They have ZERO moral authority to lecture anybody

The same Global organization that is pressing to have binding legislation that can punish anyone who doesn’t play along with their next pandemic rules has opinions on sex with kids.

In a sane world, the response should be ‘sure they have an opinion on that. It’s gross’.

We are not living in a sane world.

The traditional Western view of children is that minors are not at a point on their life where they can fully appreciate and take on the far-reaching consequences / responsibilties (in every aspect of what that means) of physical intimacy. More than that, the social dynamics of the power imbalance between a minor and an adult makes genuine informed consent on the part of the child impossible to grant.

But true to form for the UN, they are once again giving cover to the most radical burn-down-all-social-norms activists as though it was thoughtful research.

Removing the guardrails preventing criminalization of sex with children is just one of many ‘innovations’ being proposed.

The opening line of the UN report is very telling about the activism the document is intended to represent: “From long years in the law, and as a proudly gay man, I know profoundly how criminal law signals which groups are deemed worthy of protection and which of condemnation and ostracism.

Oh, OK. At least he’s honest about his biases.

The two following paragraphs, though short, are crammed full of all the shiniest buzzwords of the Current Thing: structural inequalities; discrimination; power; stigma; exclusion; inequality; discrimination; marginalizaiton; human rights; democratic rights; social inclusiveness.

Wow. As champions of something that represent so many pressing issues, the moral high ground they are standing on must be absolutely unassailable, right? Well… not exactly.

Here are some of the issues this report contends for:

Remember, as you read this, that what he’s presenting here are principles he believes should be elevated to the idea of a ‘universal right’… meaning they should apply not just to his native South Africa, but to all of the nearly 200 countries on the planet… America included.

Page 25 of the PDF (22 of the document) under Principle 15 makes a human rights argument for why no law can be written to criminalize abortion, or enforcing criminal consequences for the harms to the unborn child due to use of drugs while pregnant.

Principle 16 argues that there should be no specific age of consent set or enforced by law.

Principle 17 argues that there should be NO prohibition on transactional sex, or on third party profit from transactional sex.

Principle 18 gives special protection from prosecution not only for any and every gender expression, but also for those who are helping others to ‘explore’ or ‘affirm’ gender identity issues.

Principle 19 — criminal law cannot prosecute people who were aware of a positive HIV status and transmitted the virus to other partners without their knowledge of the risk.

Principle 20 — back to endorsement of drug use, with an emphasis on pregnancy.

Principle 21 — in defense of homeless camps, panhandling, etc.

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