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Trump BLASTS Biden For Insulting Christians Over Easter (VIDEO)

Remember, Joe Biden is supposed to be that super-devout guy with the big Bible.

After telling us for so long that Biden is the only sensible choice a Christian could make… Never-Trumpers are left looking REALLY stupid this Easter.

You’ve heard all the speeches by supposed right-wing moralizers who tell us that no Christian should vote for Trump. They have a ready excuse for every travesty and insult that Biden throws our way — usually beginning with the words ‘but Trump’, but every little slight against Trump is cranked all the way up to 11.

Joe Biden didn’t merely acknowledge that Sunday 31 March was the day some have set aside for yet another Trans commemoration. He issued a formal proclamation.

A formal proclamation is a little more deliberate than just acknowledging that some people out there do a thing.

Past presidents have used that tool for such purposes as Thanksgiving… or calling the nation to solemn prayer in the event of a national emergency.

Joe was making sure we all spend time this weekend thinking about what’s REALLY important — men dressed up as women.

That’s not quite true. He didn’t send that message out to everyone.

Spanish-speakers didn’t get the Trans message. I guess all of those brown-skinned trans people supposedly running to America for fear of their lives aren’t ‘loved, heard, understood,’ or belonging.

Or — just maybe — this kind of BS just doesn’t poll well with Spanish Catholics. That’s why he saves it for the rest of us gringos.

At least he didn’t invoke Ceasar Chavez on Easter Sunday. Like Nancy Pelosi and some of the other Communists in his party did. Or maybe the real reason he didn’t was because Chavez opposed illegal immigration because it hurt union workers by competing for jobs and driving down wages?

What about Trump?

He didn’t just issue a generica sanitized greeting of well wishes, he jumped straight to the heart of what Easter is all about.

And here’s how he called out Joe Biden…

Joe’s White House explicitly forbade CHRISTIAN imagery on the Egg roll.

It’s a White House event that literally owes its entire existence to the Christian celebration of Easter, but religious symbols were verboten. (I guess he doesn’t understand the symbol of the egg itself?) Then he doubled up on the contempt by issuing a formal proclamation about a rival date that would (so far as proclamations go) eclipse the significance of Easter Sunday.

Don’t let that enormous Bible fool ya. Joe has picked a side.

This one:

You’d think a supposed Catholic with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel might give a little more concern to the condition of his soul.

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Wes Walker

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