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Whoopi Tries To Play Theologian… It Goes As Well As You Expect (VIDEO)

Even a first grader could see where her logic went wrong

Is Whoopi so old now that she thinks the roles she played on Star Trek and The Stand were real people? That she’s someone that people actually come to for wisdom and insight?

Because, that’s not a thing. There is no throng of people desperately waiting for her to drop pearls of wisdom. Most of us aren’t convinced she has basic common sense, let alone real wisdom. But that’s not stopping her from play-acting as someone whose wise insights we’re all dying to hear.

It’s election season again, and if there’s one issue that post-menopausal old bats on the left really love to get themselves worked into a lather over, it’s abortion.

And when the hags from the Coven really want to stick it to the Christians that resolutely keep claiming there’s a God in heaven who cares whether unborn children live or die, they wade into water too deep for them to swim in, and try their hand at theology.

Here’s Whoopi making the case that abortion is no big deal because it didn’t even show up in the ‘big ten’ of the laws he handed down to Moses.

Even another host caught her in the obvious flaw in her logic: thou shalt not kill… (that’s especially relevant since ‘fifty weeks’ is no longer an unborn child, it’s an infant).

But she was so committed to her ‘bit’ that she just kept rolling with it… putting her own ignorance on full display.

She talks about all kinds of other killing — wars and such — and says there has to be a distinction… not realizing that ‘committing murder’ is much subtler than merely a prohibition against taking life.

War, at times, is necessary to accomplish some greater good — like defending your home. The same is true of their reference to guns. Moses made it quite clear that defending your home from an intruder is not a violation of that commandment.

But ending a life because that life is inconvenient to you? That’s killing in cold blood. That’s EXACTLY the kind of killing that the Commandment forbids… and exactly the kind of fatal choice being made while endorsing abortion.

Even their beloved Roe vs. Wade made it clear that their compromise ruling invoking ‘viability’ was intended as a dividing line for deciding which of two competing rights should take priority… the right of the mother’s bodily integrity versus the right of the baby to live. Rights you and I would associate with ‘personhood’.

Even young children who read Dr. Seuss could explain this principle to her: ‘a person’s a person, no matter HOW small’.

Instead of trying to lecture us on the second half of what Moses brought down the mountain, a woman of her age ought to concern herself with what God meant by the first few… especially that first one about ‘no other Gods’.

There’s going to be a test coming one day, and that question WILL be on it.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck