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YIKES: Can You Decide Which Of These Shiela Jackson Lee Eclipse Moments Is Dumber?

It's a REALLY close call

She’s never been accused of holding MENSA membership, but this is the kind of moment that cries out for the Foghorn Leghorn line of being ‘as sharp as a sack of wet mice’.

The scary thing is this crazy chica is Ivy-League educated… and has held positions of real influence in government.

Here’s the set-up. Shiela Jackson Lee, (Democrat) took the occasion of the solar eclipse to remind the world what a lightweight she really is.

Her role in congress is relevant to this conversation, and is referenced in an announcement her office made about the event. The relevant phrase has been highlighted in bold for our readers:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will be in the circle of totality tomorrow at the very beginning of the eclipse in Houston, Texas. Congresswoman Jackson Lee served as a member of the Science Committee and the Ranking Member on the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee and will be ready to highlight the experience. This national and statewide science experience would be particularly unique to vulnerable communities; and presents an opportunity for NASA to study the event. NASA reports that totality will last up to 4 minutes, 28 seconds, in an area about 25 minutes northwest of Torreón, Mexico. As the eclipse enters Texas, totality will last about 4 minutes, 26 seconds at the center of the eclipse’s path.

Ok, so we’ve got a Congresswoman who served as a ranking member of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee organizing an event around an eclipse. Fair enough. That tracks.

She’s not a ‘nobody’ on the left, either. She served as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus before stepping down under a shadow of scandal. The 74yo picked up a B.A. in Political Science from Yale.

So you might expect her to display at least middling intelligence, especially touching a topic like basic understanding of our solar system, since she has personally served as a Ranking Member in the space and aeronautics committee.

As any astute reader can tell by the set-up, making herself the focal point of this eclipse a hilarious mistake on her part.

But we’ll leave our readers to decide which of her fumbles made her look more clownish — the fact that any competent 2nd grader could correct her understanding of what the moon is really like (the woman was born in 1950… she would have been AROUND to watch the freaking moon landings as they happened!), or the moment she was outsmarted by the eclipse viewing glasses:

Clip One… the moon is mostly gas:

She’s waxing eloquent about the ‘energy of the Moon at night’ is ‘more manageable’ that the heat of the Sun which is ‘almost impossible’ go approach because of its heat. She has thoughts about how we can harness the energy of the gases(!) on the Moon and whether the composition of such gasses is such that humans could live there.

Of course, such soaring rhetoric is a tad difficult to square with the fact that the Moon does not have sufficient mass to hold an atmosphere, as such, around it. The Moon, therefor is for all intents and purposes, surrounded by the same vacuum as the void of space.

As bad as that short clip is, it doesn’t even catch the full scope of her absurdity when it’s given space to run, which Fox helped round out:

“You’ve heard the word ‘full moon,’” Jackson Lee told the students who were with her on a sports field before the eclipse. “Sometimes, you need to take the opportunity just to come out and see a full moon is that complete-rounded circle, which is made up mostly of gases. And that’s why the question is: Why or how could we as humans live on the moon? Are the gases such that we could do that?”

The congressional representative continued, saying, “The sun is a mighty powerful heat, but it’s almost impossible to go near the sun. The moon is more manageable.”

Jackson Lee continued making several statements that were questionable. In one statement, she told students the moon not only reflects the sun’s light but also emits “unique light and energy.”

“You have the energy of the moon at night,” Jackson Lee said.

In another statement, she misstated how solar eclipses happen.

Jackson Lee continued making several statements that were questionable. In one statement, she told students the moon not only reflects the sun’s light but also emits “unique light and energy.”

“You have the energy of the moon at night,” Jackson Lee said.

In another statement, she misstated how solar eclipses happen. —FoxNews

There’s no word on what this mysterious ‘energy of the moon’ she speaks of might actually consist of.

Clip two… where are my glasses?

Shiela goes on to struggle with (and fails to operate) a simple pair of eclipse viewing glasses.

At the end of almost a minute of struggle, you can hear her telling someone (twice!) ‘Just act like you can see’.

The Ivy League is NOT sending their best.

She heard about the mockery and responded to being laughed at for her stupidity. But she’d have been better off just ignoring it and waiting for people to lose interest in the story, since the lie to explain it way makes her look dumber still.

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Wes Walker

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