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CENSORED AD? Campaign Claims This Ad Is Being Iced Out By Big Tech… See For Yourself

The Biden camp really has no counter to the claims being made here

It’s campaign season where the first casualty of political war is always the truth. But for all the hype, spin, and empty promises we see during an election cycle, there’s always some truth to be told.

One example of uncomfortable truths being told is in this campaign ad, featuring a conversation between a Biden/Harris phone bank and a caller who voted Biden last time around.

As ads go, it’s more clever than most, because it’s subersive to the Biden base. It invites Biden 2020 voters to ask some questions about whether the Biden ever delivered on the promises that motivated their vote last time around, giving some compelling reasons why an honest answer to that question might be ‘no’.

The ad in question is this one:

Here’s the twist. Don Jr is saying this ad is being ‘censored’. He’s blaming Google. And he says it’s to protect Biden. If he’s right, and we have every reason to believe they would do so, it’s an underhanded way of abusing their monopoly.

Google’s open hostility to Trump is no secret. We’ve reported in times past about their political biases, their open support of Hillary, and how they all had a collective cry after Trump won in 2016. Besides that, we have had experts warn us that Google’s algorithm is able to swing elections by setting limits on what information the public can access. We saw how the suppression of just one story — Hunter’s laptop — almost certainly flipped the result of 2020.

What happens when you give a megacorp with a political ax to grind a stranglehold on the flow of internet information.

Even gmail can be used as a suppression tool.

Check your spam folders for emails from any conservative sites like ours. If you’ve not been getting our email, you’re probably one of the readers Google quietly moved to ‘spam’ so that, after a while without reading, any attempt to reach you could be counted as ‘spam’ in the algorithm, and punish the sites. It’s a dirty trick, but effective.

You might have to re-subscribe. If that’s you, use the link, above, to reactivate, and make sure to add our email to ‘contacts’ so that google won’t have an excuse to hide our email in your spam folder.

You can also share this story with friends. The video is one reason, but getting word out about the dirty tricks the left has been using to quietly choke out any voices on the right is another reason to share this.

If you think this is a message your friends and relations haven’t heard elsewhere, send them ours so we can all stay one step ahead of the censorious b*st*rds.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck