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Dear Pro-Hamas Terrorists: Let Go Of The culture.

Clash Daily Guest Contributor: Regis Giles

Our nation is being overrun, once again, by a divisive movement of hate directed at a certain group of people. However, this time it’s supporting terrorism and the use of death to propagate their agendas. The idiots of higher education are the main leaders in this movement, go figure.

My message to the Pro-Hamas Terrorists: let go of the culture. In Jesus’s name, come to an end of yourself. There is nothing your movement will accomplish other than more death. Christ showed himself strong by loving his enemies and took on all the sins of the world. The love of God is more powerful than the hate of Satan. With that, I pray you are given a chance to turn from your wickedness, the gift of repentance come upon you and like the apostle Paul, you become a fervent servant of the Lord’s in truth and love. In Jesus’ name, amen.