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DOUBLING DOWN: Biden’s First Term Sucked But What’s Coming Is FAR Worse

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The grifter in the White House wants to shackle us to the World Health Organization. If he succeeds, it means mandated vaccinations and all manner of intrusion, to ensure complete compliance. The WHO will decide how to diagnose and treat you. The pro-choice forces will make sure you have no choice. The state will own your body. Brain chips anyone?!

Biden the banker loves CBDC. It stands for Central Bank Digital currency. The plan is to use CBDC to replace the dollar, or at least employ it as another way to pay for goods and services. The fear is government can confiscate your digital currency, or use it to spy on you. (The President knows something about international finance.) Of course Biden sees CBDC as a good thing. Even so, many in the know see the adoption of CBDC as signaling the state will eventually own all your money, and regulate what you do with it.

The huckster at the helm is sold on Electric Vehicles. Consumers and manufacturers are running from EVs. Danger signs flash all around the controversy but Biden presses on, defying reality. His federal subsidies have not saved the day. Fewer car makers are willing to take the risk, which is huge. If Biden prevails, the state will own your transportation choices, among them: stay home, walk, bicycle, take the bus, call Uber, or take a second mortgage on your house to go EV!

The climate scientist from Scranton wants to regulate all household appliances. His war on fossil fuels is having the desired effect: inflation. Furthermore, he assumes power to dictate diet, preferring fake meat and insects de jour. In the end the state will own all your private lifestyle choices. (What’s that? Already a done deal? Just ask female athletes!)

Illegal immigration is one of the highlights of The Big Guy’s economic plan. The way he sees it, illegals are commodities. They can be used as cheap labor, undercutting the earning power of citizens. Illegals can be manipulated to vote, ensuring forever power in the hands of Democrats. And illegals can be trained to be good little consumers. It’s a horrible plan for the poor and middle class but great for insiders. The state will own everything, and we’ll be happy, even when taxes skyrocket.

Speaking of rockets, the warlord of Pennsylvania Avenue just picked our empty pockets for $61 Billion to give to Ukraine for God knows what purpose. Officials there immediately celebrated, then issued a statement saying the war will go on until they come up with a plan to win. A ten-year U.S.-funded plan is being discussed. Meanwhile, Biden is accused of sneaking missiles into Ukraine without authorization. And it is reported that several Abrams tanks (top-of-the-line tanks we gave to Ukraine) have been destroyed by a few older drones. Already there is talk of sending more tanks.

The wizard of world affairs condemns Israel, our ally, the only free country in the Middle East. He thereby gives aid and comfort to murdering barbarians hiding behind women and children. When WWIII takes hold in earnest, the state, run off a cliff by Robinette, will own it.

Solitary confinement for J6 political prisoners is what Biden’s DOJ has planned for President Trump. The federal policy of vast interference, censorship, surveillance, and prosecution is spreading like a pandemic.

Thank goodness Lunch Box Joe has a sense of fairness and decency working to unify the country.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.