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HILARIOUS: Jack Smith Gets Buried In Wave After Wave Of Bad News

Something about 'sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind'...

There’s a certain poetic justice in seeing the case of a prosecutor (who is trying to pervert justice to destroy a political rival) completely blow up in his face.

Pundits on the left have been hailing Prosecutor Jack Smith as the do-over for everything that Mueller failed to deliver. This guy was finally going to drop the hammer on Trump and take him out of American politics forever.

Mueller failed to deliver on the high hopes of the left. And it’s looking more and more as if Smith will also fall short of their big prize of taking Trump down.

Things started to go South for Smith in a hurry when the Judge in the Mar-A-Lago documents case started ordering the removal of redactions on documents produced by the prosecution.

Caught in his lie, he was forced to admit he had misrepresented the true nature of evidence against Trump to the court. It was not as ‘intact’ as he had first claimed.: UH-OH: Did Trump Document Prosecutor Admit To Evidence Tampering?

That triggered a series of consequences. Here’s a critical one the left is losing their collective minds over… they won’t get a verdict on the Mar-A-Lago documents case before the election.

No November Verdict For You

Donald Trump’s trial in Florida on charges of illegally keeping classified documents after leaving office has been indefinitely postponed, a judge decided on Tuesday, greatly reducing the odds he will face a jury in either of the two federal criminal cases against him before the Nov. 5 U.S. election.
[…] U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was appointed to the bench by Trump in 2020, said on Tuesday the trial would no longer begin May 20 but did not set a new date. Cannon scheduled pre-trial hearings to run through July 22.

He won’t get to parade Trump’s scalp as the ultimate October Surprise. But that’s just the beginning of sorrows for Smith.

Smith Now Under Investigation

The predator has now become the prey. After Jack Smith seems to have been caught committing some of the very same legal infractions in mishandling classified documents that he is attempting to convict the former President of committing, a House Oversight investigation is now being opened up against Jack Smith.

Sure, we understand the likelihood of Smith facing any negative consequences under a Biden presidency is slim and none. But an investigation CAN bring to the public eye the kind of information that would vindicate Trump’s claims that this whole legal case has been a politcal seek-and-destroy mission orchestrated by no less than the White House itself.

Public confirmation of what we all believe to be true on that front is something team Biden would rather not see happen.

Smith’s own legitimacy at risk?

These dirty tricks have opened Smith up to scrutiny from the judge overseeing the Florida documents case.

Among the questions Judge Cannon has been considering is the question of whether Smith himself has the required standing to have initiated any of these cases in the first place. She’s also taking an interest in the degree of involvement of the Biden White House.

Smith’s status is an interesting one. He was never confirmed by the senate. An amicus brief has gone in support of one of Trump’s many cases making exactly that point about Jack Smith. If he’s not confirmed by the Senate, he does not have the requisite standing to execute any of the powers that have brought us to this point in the first place… including the calling of a Grand Jury.

For all Smith’s effort to take down Trump, and for all the sketchy leverage he has brought to bear against various defendants and witnesses (including inquiries about whether Trump’s co-defendant valet had a girlfriend he could pressure), this entire case could crumble to dust because he’s a nobody exercising power that was never his to use in the first place.

‘Defender of Democracy’, indeed.

This was billed as Trump on Trial.

But with Fani under the microscope for malfeasance, Smith admitting to evidence tampering, top-ranked Democrat operatives jumping from the DOJ to work in the prosecution, and even Story Daniels now being called out by Avenatti for exactly the kind of sketchy bank records her own testimony is supposedly trying to prove…

It’s starting to look like Biden’s DOJ is the one that’s REALLY on trial here.

And that would be some serious BAD news for the Biden campaign… especially if the verdict turns against them.

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Wes Walker

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