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LA Soap Actor Catches 3 Men Trying To Steal Parts From His Car At 3am… Gets Murdered

Finishing a shift after work, he found 3 men messing with his car... gets shot dead

Between prosecutors who refuse to charge criminality and cartels running unopposed at the border, it’s a golden age for lawbreakers.

Soft on crime policies have tragic consequences. In this case, a man was murdered on his way home from work because people were stealing his catalytic converter.

In acting, he is best remembered for his roles on General Hospital and an appearance on two episodes of WestWorld.

American actor Johnny Wactor has been shot dead in Los Angeles by a thief who was trying to steal a part from his car.
The 37-year-old suffered fatal injuries after interrupting three men who were attempting to remove the catalytic converter from his parked vehicle.
Wactor – who previously featured in the US soap opera General Hospital – was pronounced dead early on Saturday.
[…] Wactor’s brother, Grant, told the LA Times that Wactor had been working as a bartender on Saturday, and was walking a co-worker to her car when he was killed.
“He was… one of the most charismatic people I knew. Because when he talked or listened, you could tell it was genuine,” his brother said.

Stealing catalytic converters is very lucrative for criminals, especially those functioning as part of an organized criminal network.

Around 600,000 catalytic converters are stolen each year. Most cars are equipped with one converter but those with a dual exhaust system require two. Larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks may have more than two.
According to the New York Times, stolen catalytic converters are passed through ‘middlemen, smelters and refineries in the United States and overseas.’ They can be stolen in under a minute and cost around $1,000 to replace.

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