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LINE CROSSED: Anti-Israel Demonstrators No Longer Merely COSPLAYING As Pro-Hamas Terrorists

They have blown WAY past their right to be stupid in public... this is now domestic terrorism

When American protesters find themselves being cheered and endorsed by a group of actual genocidal terrorists, it should be a moment to pause and reflect on your life choices.

Instead, these billionaire-funded campus cosplayers have doubled down and have taken their method-acting to the next level.

Hijacking laws and public buildings it turned out, were just the beginning.

The next step would include felonies perpetuated against anyone who stood in the way of their agenda.

Here are just a few examples of the true face of their hatred.

Example One: Hostage Taking

Janitor was held hostage when protesters took over a building.

Example Two: Intimidation

Various Jewish students were forcibly denied access to their own classes, despite some giving repeated peaceful requests to cross the line, and even demonstrating their student credentials.

Example Three: Open violence

They aren’t just anti-Jewish:

They are anti-American, too:

But not every one there is:

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Wes Walker

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