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HILARIOUS: AOC’s Clown Show Falls Short Of Saving Squad Comrade’s Primary Push

Will he set off one more fire alarm on his way out, for old time's sake?

Yesterday we learned that even the lunatic fringe has some limits on just how much crazy they are willing to tolerate in the political left.

One of AOC’s angry allies just got a pink slip — from a ‘moderate’ in his own party. That’s some pretty rich irony considering that’s exactly the same threat she’s held over the head of moderates who would refuse to follow her off the left edge of the map.

Even in solidly blue voting districts, she and her once-celebrated Squad are not on the solid footing she THOUGHT she was.

Leading up to Tuesday’s primary vote, Jamaal Bowman — who is best remembered for pulling the fire alarm to interrupt a vote in Congress — was pulling out all the stops in his efforts to win over Democrat voters.

He called in the big guns. AOC was campaigning with him, and they both tried to whip up excitement and pander to the audience with some silly showmanship, meaningless profanity, and rapping on stage.

Here’s a detail that was left out of most reporting that made fun of AOC:

Here’s the call to action:

Why would he be campaigning 5 miles OUTSIDE his district, while he and AOC made appeals to neighboring communities? Were they hoping to convince supporters to vote illegally in a Democrat primary?

That would be awkward, now wouldn’t it?

Even Andrew Cuomo was mocking Bowman:

“Jamaal Bowman should pull the fire alarm again because he is going to be smoked by @LatimerforNY today,” he said in a post on X. “The message is clear: anti-semitism in any and all forms will not be tolerated in New York. And you can’t call yourself a progressive without making progress. Vote!” — WashingtonExaminer

We normally love calling out Cuomo for being ridiculously wrong on most issues, especially his catastrophic decision to house New York’s recovering Covid-infected in long-term care with the elderly. But on this one? He nailed it.

Latimer could hardly be called a blue-dog Democrat. He brags about ‘taking on the NRA. But he has stopped short of swilling the Kool-Aid that the Squad serves up.

It might be a ‘baby-step’ back in the direction of the political center, but any steps in the direction of sanity are to be celebrated… especially in regions with a history of voting Democrat.


Buh-bye Bowman.

Should AOC be looking over her shoulder next?

Wouldn’t THAT be a damn shame.

Then again, why should she WANT to run for office again? She told us five years ago that the world would end in 12 years. Does she really want to spend the last 7 years of human existence pushing pointless papers in Washington DC?

Could it be that she doesn’t REALLY believe that…?

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