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Woke Catholic Priest Reacts To Trump Conviction From Pulpit… Of Course He Plays The Race Card (VIDEO)

Funny how establishment types of all kinds wink at tyranny, isn't it?

Even CNN has admitted that the case against Trump was ridiculous from the start and is almost certain to be overturned for a thousand different reasons. He was railroaded, pure and simple.

That’s the view most of the public has about what happened here… even people who never supported Trump in the past have taken a look at how the ‘justice’ system has dog-piled him with the intent to destroy him and agree it looks bad.

But that doesn’t stop blue-bubble establishment types from seeing this conviction as manna from heaven… including a Catholic priest in Chicago.

Rev. Michael Pfleger looked at this conviction and saw an injustice too — just not for the reasons the rest of us did. He saw Trump as somehow getting off easy… whereas heroes he admires, like Colin Kaepernick, are ‘whiteballed’ by ignorant bigots.

Not surprisingly, he worked in one of those unhinged swipes at Alito for the flag thing, too.

Woke Preacher Clips found and posted the video, (with the original source in the thread below the original post) adding the following caption:

“What I want you to think about is not the fact that he was convicted of 34 counts of felony, but I want you to be reminded the fact that he walked out of the courtroom and went home and can still vote and can still run for president of the United States.

But there’s brothers all out here in Auburn Gresham and Englewood who get convicted of one count of felony, and they’re sitting in the county or they can’t get a job any place because they have a record. So they can’t get a job, but he can run for president.

Look at the bigger issue here. Judge Alito can fly a flag upside down at his house supporting January 6, and he can sit on the Supreme Court of the United States of America for life.

Colin Kaepernick just takes a knee and he’s not blackballed, he’s whiteballed forever from playing for the NFL.

Oh say can you see? The double-tiered justice system of this country must be dealt with.”

‘Whiteballed’ isn’t a thing, you clown. There is a historical context for the use of ‘blackballed’ and it has nothing… absolutely NOTHING to do with melanin content. As for running for President — the only limits on eligibility for President were spelled out in the Constitution. If Trump ran from prison, he wouldn’t be the first American to do so. Is prison disqualifying? MLK went to prison. So did Nelson Mandela for that matter… and some of what he did in his youth would count as domestic terrorism in today’s dictionary terms.

But if Rev Pfleger lacks the wisdom to see through something as basic as a Stalinist show trial, it tracks that he’ll fall into those gratuitous misuses of black and white as though they were racial in nature.

Hey Mike. Have you read the book of James at all? You might want to mull over the meaning of James 3:1, and the implication it has for your chosen ‘line of work’. — “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

Consider the possiblity that you may not be standing on the moral high ground you think you are.

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Wes Walker

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