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YO BIDEN: Why Did You Falsify The Transcripts Of The Interview In Your Documents Investigation?

Is this obstruction of justice?

With Nixon, the cover-up was worse than the offense… is the same true of what Biden just did?

Team Biden has fought like HELL to keep the Impeachment Investigation from looking into Biden’s interview with the special prosecutor.

Remember this?

Joe tried to create an entirely novel kind of Executive Privilege… the kind that extends to information that was already divulged in the context of a written transcript (meaning there was no content in there that was deemed too secret to share). More than that, this was not a conversation between a President and his lawyer, this was Biden called for an interviw as a suspect in a crime… meaning Executive Privilege has no place in this conversation.

And yet, this was elevated to the highest level of classification, and is accessible ONLY in a SCIF.

The DOJ has fought tooth-and-nail against releasing the tapes… even to Congressional oversight in the context of a freaking Impeachment inquiry.

Their reasons keep changing. Since the Executive Privilege arguments are already shot through with more holes than Swiss Cheese, they have moved on to their next creative excuse. They are afraid of Deep Fakes.

(There is more in that thread, for those interested in following his thought process further.)

But do you remember how the reason the Biden Admin gave for why they were not obligated to provide the tapes was that they had already provided the transcripts, and that was enough?

Well… as it happens, we now know those transcripts — which were presented to Congress as authentic — were falsified in a very specific way that is entirely relevant to the question Congress was trying to answer about that interview.

Trump was literally impeached on less serious allegations than this. This looks like someone perjured themselves in giving false testimony to Congress to protect the sitting President of the United States from scrutiny over the real reason he was not forced to face trial for his criminal mishandling of Classified documents.

Unlike Trump — Joe Biden did not have the luxury of having been President when these documents were taken, so there is no lawfully plausible reason he might have had rightful claim to them. Those documents were all over the place, and worse still, his ghost writer deleted files that would have incriminated him.

(At whose instruction were those files deleted?)

Nixon was destroyed due to a cover-up.

Where is WaPo when they could finally make themselves useful?

Right… they only pretend to be investigative journalists when they can dirty up a Republican with unvetted gossip. ‘All The President’s Men’ is just a fairy tale the Journos tell themselves about how important their jobs are supposed to be.

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