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BOOM: Angel Studios Has ANOTHER Smash Hit — Beating Everything But ‘Inside Out 2’

How do you follow up a hugely successful child trafficking story?

Last year, Angel Studios astonished the world with the runaway success of a semi-ficitionalized account of the real life story. A man who set out to break up child trafficking rings and bring kids home again.

Not only did the movie itself a great and inspiring story, but it brought international attention to the very important problem.of child trafficking.

This year, they have teamed up with Daily Wire for another project.

How do you follow up a film with a mostly real-life account of people trying to put an end to child trafficking? In this case, it was almost the natural next step in the ‘awareness’ project.

Like the last one, it was a true life story about helping kids. The story of Possum Trot is about a church that set out to extend the love of Christ to the least and the lost among them.

To bring orphaned kids into their homes. Kids with real troubles. Kids who had ‘seen some things’. The ones everyone else had given up on.

It’s the real-life story of Twenty two Christian families who answered the call of their pastor, and adopted children.

Here’s how Daily Wire’s CEO Jeremy Boreing described it while responding to online blowback with a post on ‘X’.:

On its opening day – July 4th – Sound of Hope was one of the highest grossing films nationwide, second only to Disney’s biggest release of the year. This movie is tracking to be huge and has the potential to launch a movement to end America’s foster crisis.

The Daily Wire is truly honored to partner with Angel Studios on such an important project.

But, such is the intolerance of the modern left that instead of celebrating this accomplishment and all it might mean, one of the film’s producers, Letitia Wright of Black Panther fame, used the occasion to condemn The Daily Wire’s involvement in sharing this message across the country.

Letitia and I probably don’t share the same politics, but I believe we share a Christian faith and, more importantly, the same goal of shining a light on something we can all agree on – a community banding together to help kids in need.

We hope people don’t allow this distraction to steal from the message from the film and the impact it can have. Everyone should see this movie and join the fight for kids. It’s too important not to.

It was quote-tweeting the producer’s statement to Deadline Hollywood in distancing herself from the media company who made the project possible.

Seems a little short-sighted, to speak out against your own project like that, but we live in a really mixed up world.

If this is the first you’ve heard of the film ‘Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot’ you might want to see the trailer:

This is the kind of film that can call some of us to ‘be the change’ we want to see in this world. There is an epidemic of children who don’t have families. If the little community of Possum Trot could make a difference like this one… just imagine what else might happen if…

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