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If Dems ‘Defend Democracy’ Why Is Biden Threatening To VETO This GOP Legislation?

Can you think of a single explanation for this veto that is NOT cynical and nefarious?

The Democrats seem REALLY upset about the GOP pushing legislation that line up with the laws we’ve already got on the books… why do you think that might be?

There is value in citizenship. If 1000 Russian spies slipped over the border, got their hands on some voter cards and helped to sway a close race for a seat in Congress, that would be a problem, right?

If you don’t belong here, you shouldn’t be voting here. Even if you do come here legally, there’s a process and a time frame that should come before you are given a chance to vote. Let’s call it having skin in the game.

If not 1000 Russians, how about 20,000 Chinese operatives, or God alone knows how many Venezuelans, Mexicans, El Salvadorians not to mention the what, 140+ countries people have been streaming in from … some of them with ISIS connections?

Checking citizenship of a voter to make sure they’re qualified to vote seems like an important step, no?

Thanks to Motor Voter laws, the only safeguard preventing non-citizens from being added to the voter rolls is for them to inform the clerk, in good faith, that they are not permitted to vote. Not everyone from other countries understand the rules, and of those who do, many of them have already broken federal law by entering illegally, and are unlikely to be strongly deterred by existing law.

On top of that, we’ve got regions allowing illegal voters to participate in some local elections, making the lines between legal and illegal voting even more blurred.

With the House coming back into session, the Dems are ready to fight for things they care about. Are they pressing to find out whether the Commander-in-Chief is now little more than a turnip in aviators? Not really a priority to them.

Securing the border? Sorting out foreign wars? Giving Taiwan what they need to deter an invasion from China? Resolving the financial crisis caused by debt and inflation? Nope. None of those things are the big priority.

Dems are bringing out the ‘big guns’.

This all goes back to a bill Mike Lee was championing back in May as he explains the urgency of this bill, and with perhaps as many as one-in-twelve of the people living in this country being non-citizens, this is a non-trivial issue.

We all remember how a few Facebook ads were somehow ‘proof positive’ of foreign election interference. If they truly care about such matters, they should clean up the loopholes that might allow ballots to fall into the hands of non-citizens who either do not understand the restrictions on voting, or hold such restrictions in the same contempt that they held for the border itself.

Biden has announced he is siding AGAINST this bill… for some reason.

Did he make that decision himself, or has his Edith Wilson analog (whoever that might be) ‘helped’ him to come to the ‘right’ decision?

The left objects that there are ‘already’ rules in place that make this legislation unnecessary.

If such rules are in place, there’s no need for Democrats to whip the vote against it. But how does any of that explain THIS…?

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck