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Kamala Just Got Her New ‘Forever Name’ … Will It Stick?

Trump knows a thing or two about branding... and he isn't afraid to use it politically

Any regular politician can sling mud and run negative ads. But tattooing a brand on someone? That is next level.

There is an efficiency to branding that, with a single word or short phrase, can indelibly link an idea to a person or product. Not all branding attempts are created equal. Some work and some fall flat.

The better the branding, the bigger the impact. The best kind can take a huge idea, and all the ideas and associations that flow from it — and weld it to the person or products perceived identity so tightly that it becomes forever integrated into how that target is perceived.

One of Trump’s favorite branding techniques is adding another word to their name as a ‘nickname’. While it’s not a new idea, few politicians have leaned on it as often or effectively as Donald J Trump.

Even outside of Trump’s examples, this tactic has long been used in both a positive sense: ‘Honest Abe’ and a negative one, like ‘Baghdad Bob’.

Rubio was dismissed as ‘Little Marco’.
When Trump and Bannon were not getting along, he was ‘Sloppy Steve’.
Clinton was ‘Crooked Hillary’… a nickname that has been given to Sleepy Joe now that the depth of Joe’s corruption is growing exponentially.

With Joe facing an uncertain political future, and Kamala Harris warming up in the Bullpen, the Marketer in Trump is responding by toing on offence, and defining her in HIS terms, not her own.

Trump has bestowed on Kamala a ‘forever name’ that will follow her around forever, or until he supersedes it with something whose framing he likes better.

Not only did he give her a nickname… he even spelled it out so the journos can get it right.

Laffin’ Kamala.

It shines a light on one a habit she has that makes everyone cringe, and reminds the world how socially awkward and unlikeable she is. For bonus points, most of the time we hear that laugh is when she’s doing something to remind the world what an intellectual lightweight she really is.

You’ll notice he’s avoiding the nicknames that could come off as mean-spirited (Kacklin’ Kamala would be low-hanging fruit) because he’s considering the impact of this branding on himself as well. That’s a lesson he’s learned from when his ‘mean tweets’ cost him support among female voters who didn’t like to see him coming on so strong.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck