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Leftists Freaking Out About France As Macron’s Snap Election Just Backfired… Badly

With storm clouds on the horizon, Marcon tried to get ahead of the problem... it didn't go as planned

When early voting results have an incumbent finishing in THIRD place, you know something has gone very, very wrong for the incumbent.

Such is the case for the French President, Macron.

After the center-left got blown out in a recent election for EU membership, Macron could see his popularity was collapsing. His party’s days were numbered. He called a snap election in an attempt to get ahead of the problem. It didn’t go as planned.

Keep in mind as we go to the citation that reporting has skewed so far left that anyone to the right of Josef Stalin is considered ‘far right’ these days. In fact far-right is almost the only kind of right-leaning party the media can recognize these days. But when is the last time you’ve seen them describe anyone as being ‘far-left’?

Official Interior Ministry results showed that the party [National Rally], led by Marine Le Pen, and its allies had won 33.4 percent of the vote.

President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance had a disappointing night, winning just 20.7 percent. The left-wing coalition came second with 27.9 percent.
[…] After dissolving the National Assembly on June 9 following a defeat in the European Parliament elections, Macron had hoped to counteract the National Rally’s momentum.

“The extreme right is at the doors of power,” Prime Minister Gabriel Attal declared, urging voters to unite against the National Rally. The party’s success in this election could enable Le Pen to install her protégé, Jordan Bardella, as prime minister, marking a historic shift in French politics.

Despite its strong showing, the National Rally’s path to a parliamentary majority remains uncertain. The second round of voting, scheduled for next Sunday, will be crucial in determining whether Le Pen’s party can secure the seats needed to form a government and implement their controversial policies, including halting French military support to Ukraine and rolling back Macron’s pension reforms. — Newsweek

That’s a lot of adjectives to describe the scary party on the right. And did you notice who was in second place? Newsweek called it ‘the left-wing coalition’. That characterization sounds pretty benign. Banal even. Who are they?

The New Popular Front (French: Nouveau Front populaire, NFP) is a broad left-wing electoral alliance of political parties in France launched on 10 June 2024 in response to the snap 2024 legislative election.

This front brings together La France Insoumise, the Socialist Party, Les Écologistes, the French Communist Party, Génération.s, Place Publique, and several other left-of-centre parties, while pushing for a mobilisation of associations, union forces and civil society. — Wiki

Congrats, Newsweek. You have officially sunk so far that a coalition of card-carrying self-described socialists and communists no longer rank as an ‘extreme’ party affiliation. But a right-of-center party does.

What happens next?

Many candidates had enough votes to win their seats. Others are still undecided. Like many European parliamentarian countries, a coalition of parties come together to form a majority (not unlike a couple of Independent Senators caucusing with Dems to give them control of the gavel). In France, the leader of the party with the most seats is chosen as President.

The second step of this process involves a lot of horse-trading and strategy. There will be run-off elections in the remaining seats in which no clear winner was decided. Early results of the success of the right-of-center party will factor into those decision, either to coordinate attempts to block the right getting stronger (as has often happened in the past), or perhaps the voting public will have some other plan in mind this time around.

The whims of the crowd can be fickle things.

Great job Macron. Call a stupid snap election just in time to embroil the Olympic host nation in ridiculously unnecessary chaos.

And what happens if the activists don’t like the result? If it’s anything like other times the French public have been upset, it probably involves a lot of protests and burning cars.

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