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I Cruz With Ted


It has been a long time since Republicans and particularly Conservatives have a politician to THANK. But we need to thank Ted Cruz. We want to gather 100,000 “signatures,” and thank Ted Cruz.

We need to send a message to other Republicans that we outnumber those who vote to steal our money, and we will stand firmly behind those who protect our rights.

Let’s let Senator Cruz know that he is supported, and we won’t forget his courage. This not so much a petition, but rather a gathering of emails to offer to Senator Cruz so he knows that our organization and partners stand with him, shoulder to shoulder, and we will back him 100 percent!

Upon completing the form below, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your submission. By signing the letter of affirmation, you are joining others in support of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. We will keep you in the loop on this and other important stories by sending you Clash Daily’s signature newsletter.

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