Catholic Church Bank Rolled Obama’s Alinksky Training?

Let’s see … The Catholic Church paid for a young Obama to get trained by a group who’s leader dedicated his group’s blueprint (Rules for Radicals) to Satan? Hope & Heresy. Stay stupid church… stay stupid.

The Blaze– A new book by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and American Spectator journalist George Neumayr exposes never-before-seen documents that purportedly show that the Catholic Church supported, and gave monies to, Barack Obama in the 1980s to attend a community organizing training with the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Additionally, in “No Higher Power,” the authors highlight other problematic funding and allegiances between the Church and ultra-liberal causes.

It’s no secret that the left has learned the ropes of using faith and religion for political gain. For years, liberals lamented conservatives’ close allegiance with Christian leaders. But now, in a change of course, they seem to be revving up the engagement and infiltration of faith communities in an effort to harness political power.

Progressive evangelicals, for instance, have a bizarre history of taking funding from far-left billionaire George Soros, an atheist (we’ve covered liberal evangelical groups and their controversial stances and ties here, here and here). Many groups and churches, too, have joined in on leftist calls for social justice, among other Democratic-laden sentiment.


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  • Francis Moran

    Interesting posting policies considering first graph: “Stay stupid church”. What an unreasonable & unintelligent comment. “The Church” didn’t fund Obama. An organization – small it appears – funded a course. I’ve respect for Shafly but she should exercise care. The picture is obscene as well as stupid. And as an aside, why doesn’t Doug take his10 commandments for dating his daughters, his gun, cigar, dark glasses & ruck sack & shove him. Just because he has an image of himself, doesn’t make it real.

    • WherdaPhuckawee

      Where is CatholicAnswers to this blatant verbal attack. if this were about a Muslim cleric the streets would be riotous now but Catholics need to be be once again Church Militant by Novembers vote.

  • john

    …uummm… nic pic of my x…

  • Justintime

    OM gosh another Catholic outed story

    What about the many Sandinista Priests ?

  • Justintime

    You want to see sick liberal Hitler Style propaganda nightly

    The Big Picture with Thom ” Alinsky” Hartmann

  • Barb Patton

    There are times that I think that anything Catholic smacks of murky dealings that will eventually fill the coffers of Rome. So what if they shoved the horrible little obama into a communist brainwashing camp – it is done – it is past, and there is nothing we can do about the skull duggery of the Catholic Church and the doings and screwings thereof..

  • C E Donaldson

    Christians attacking Catholic Christians … better have your documents in order … God’s Dog is named “Karma.”

    • Shari

      Nothing associated with God is called “Karma”, but “God is not mocked and whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap.” Sowing into the “New World Order” will bring false religion to its peak before the Lord’s crushing stop to it.

  • WherdaPhuckawee

    stop at least take off the ugly nun habit and write about the Good we share as Christians w u. in feeding the poor, homeless and works we as Catholics do around the world. show us links to your facts sir re Phyllis and her knowledge about funding

    we are the church. the Catholics get it first then the Jews. so speak up about the good we do. we are not a Building we are the Original church JC started let’s stick together and unite

  • XX

    This is an unfortunate article in that it takes one thing out of context, and magnifies it to cover a whole group of people who are doing good, defending the unborn, and maintaining their Christianity.
    You have to keep it in persepctive with the time the event happened, before Alinsky was a household name, when the various things they did and projects they had were crafted to sound like they would help communities. It was a more innocent time, when people still believed in people who said they wanted to help, and probably many many churches over the years have been duped into funding things that were not what they appeared to be. Rather than trying to shame the Catholic Church with 20-20 hindsight, the shame belongs to Obama, who knew he was pulling the con and probably laughing up his sleeve while he got the money.
    The graphic is unkind, unfair and cruel, and needs to be removed.
    And no, I am not a Roman Catholic. I am a Mormon, and I know first hand how it feels to have your Church and your beliefs twisted and misrepresented by people who just want to make a buck by tearing down someone else’s religion.

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