The Dark Knight Movie Massacre & Why I Carry a Gun Everywhere I Go

I would venture to guess that the folks filing in to see the latest Batman installment in Aurora, Colorado last Thursday evening didn’t figure on over 70 of them getting shot before the credits rolled. The last count I received before filing this column was 12 dead and 59 wounded.

As the news starting pouring in about what happened in the theater this week when Satan’s spawn James Holmes donned Kevlar and a small battery of weapons and opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd, I kept thinking, “One fast-thinking and trained person who was armed/licensed with a concealed weapon could have stopped that SOB right in his tracks before the body count skyrocketed.”

Yep, the armed citizen could have either killed him, sent him running for cover, or at least diverted his fire away from the masses and toward their person. Some readers, no doubt, are saying, “Well that would be stupid. What if that citizen got shot trying to protect others?” To that I reply: Well, Dinky, if they would have been shot and killed at least they would have died a hero. Have you ever heard of the term “hero”?

The Aurora Dark Knight Massacre is exactly why I carry at least one gun everywhere I go—because crap always happens when you least expect it. That’s why, as responsible citizens and gun owners, we must always be ready and must always expect it because when it happens, it happens fast; if you’re not ready, you and others are screwed.

For instance, it’s a beautiful and quiet day on Miami Beach this morning. I’m drinking my coffee at an outdoor cafe, minding my own business while I work on this column and on my website. I don’t see any bath salt zombies on the prowl. There are no Trench Coat Mafia wannabes lurking around. There is no real foreseeable reason to carry a weapon. But I am. The reason? Well, I’m not omniscient. I’m just a dumb clunk living in a jacked-up world where med school students go bat crap crazy and shoot up normally peaceful places for inexplicable reasons. Therefore, I’m locked, cocked and ready to rock should some demented dill weed decide to strafe the local patrons sipping a cup of Joe.

For those who say, “Doug’s insane with all this concealed weapons crap. We should leave such affairs to the police,” allow me to point out that the theater was crawling with cops for the Batman opening to control the crowds. By the time the police got to the particular theater, it was all over. Blood was already running down the aisles and the gunman had already left the building. You, my friend, are your first responder … your first line of defense.

Look, stuff happens when and where you don’t think it’ll happen. My recommendation to you, the good citizen, is to get equipped with a gun—a fire-breathing dragon of a weapon. Get proficient with it. Make it like a cell phone: an additional appendage to your body. And then pray that you’ll never have to use it.

However, should you be in line at the grocery store, or at Chili’s eating a burger, or at a park playing football with your homies, and some James Holmes wannabe shows up carting an arsenal and quoting Kafka as he shoots kids … you’ll be ready. Simply find cover if you can, draw your weapon, take a fine bead, and double tap the center mass of the murderous jackass. Should he or she have a bulletproof vest on then pull your sight picture up to the perp’s noggin and shoot him or her in the head; it’ll explode like a watermelon. You’ll feel bad for a nanosecond. But then the cops and families will show up and thank you for putting Jack the Ripper down. The end.

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About the author: Doug Giles

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    Did Jesse Jackson forget to mention that the Tea Party types
    are Madder than Hell about the killer and he’s White!

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharp-tongue must be perplexed that the
    majority of America’s white’s want to Water Board the white guy James Holmes
    or get some personal Face time!

    Of course we believe in the law and due process; even when those who oppose the freedom for us to exercise our true Bill of Rights!

    • Tionico

      the perp fits the requirements to jon the “terrorist club roster”. Use the NDAA to seize him, send him to Gitmo, and waterboard him till he talks. He did NOT act alone, nor did he prepare alone. We need to know who his “help” was.

      • eyemahippie

        He was helped by nuts like the guy who runs this site and the gun lobby that pay’s him.

  • Mex Seiko

    Whoever wants to kill people will do so regardless of gun control and laws. Tim McVeigh didn’t shoot a single bullet and killed a lot of people. Gun control conspires against self-defense. In all cases police investigations and all prosecution are post actions. In other words, too late. Gun control is unconstitutional.

    • Chris

      Rubbish – Gun control works – the NRA might be believable if we had the lowest gun deaths on the planet – but we don’t. Therefore the NRA DOESN’T WORK.

      • Tionicoi

        wrong again, Chris. In EVERY instance where gun restrictions have been relaxed, even in theory, violent crime has decreased. Markedly. In eVERY CASE where guns are more restricted, violent crime increases. FBI numbers, tallied along with changes in gun laws in various places, prove it over and over.

        The best and most current example is our neighbor to the south… more people have been killed in Mexico’s drug cartel violence in the last six years than have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined…. and in half the time. WHY? The Mexican citizens are, by law, disarmed. Violent crime is skyrocketing in England, a nation which surrendered its arms three decades back. Cops on the beat are scared, and want the citizens armed again. Crimals and gangs are out of control, and getting worse. The cops can’t control them. Chicago and Los Angeles have the highest murder and violent crime rates in the nation, both are disarmed fun zones for criminals. And you expect me to swallow your “gun control doesn’t work”, or that the NRA doesn’t work? Yeah, right. And I’ve got a chicken can fly to the moon and back in a week.


    In this massacre, a real hero would have had only moments to react to the shooting scene which was about as confusing a battle ground as could be devised and in an area darkened for viewing a film. But it could have been done had an armed “safety” officer been assigned to the theater (knowing) an attack was to take place and at a given time.
    What if we all, ALL OF US, were that capable “safety” officer ready for action at a moments notice and we were armed with a “close encounter” weapon?
    The results would NOT have been so horrific. Know this though, before anyone’s reaction time to the first two and probably three shots were fired, 3 people would already have been killed at close range but possibly the other 9 would have been saved.
    Balance that with the number of theater attacks VS the number of times nothing has happened. Seems like pretty staggering odds against anyone ever having to take action against an evil SOB like James Holmes.
    BUT, without the legal ability to carry weapons, the question of being saved by a hero is mute.

    • blondejustice1

      Good point about a safety officer but you know how much that will cost the theater owner, so that’s not going to happen. Another alternative would be have all exits with alarms on them and when one goes off, I’m heading out of the theater pronto!
      Allowing people who have a CCW permit, with their concealed weapon would be cheaper though. Not going to happen as we have too many lawyers just waiting to sue anybody who shoots at the criminal and accidently hits an innocent bystander. However, if we teach the unarmed sheeple how to drop to the ground and play dead, then those of us that carry into the theater will have a better idea of who to shoot! Many more people will die before any common sense action will be done.

  • Neal Hyde

    A friend’s daughter was in the theater and her boyfriend saved her life by pushing her to the floor and covering her body with his. The woman next to her wasn’t so fortunate and was shot. He’s a hero in my book.
    I’ve been considering getting a CCL but hesitant because of the responsibility it involves – not only the license, but every bullet comes with a lawyer attached. This event has sealed my intent. To paraphrase Heinlen, a Christian has the courage to make the safety of his fellow human beings their personal responsibility.

    • Larry Viles

      Neal, if you get a CCP, get an umbrella policy on your homeowners insurance. A million dollar policy will cost you about a hundred dollars a year, and will cover you for all liability. That way the insurance company will provide you a lawyer at no charge. In my CCP class, we were taught that anytime you shoot anyone, under any circumstances, it will cost you $20,000. A legitimate case will be thrown out in minutes, but will still cost that. We were assured the waste of space’s relatives woiuld pool their food stamps and come up with a shyster, however.

    • CyclingFoodmanPA

      Hey Neal,
      Get the 5 DVD set by Lt. Col. (R) Dave Grossman called “The Bulletproof Mind”. After watching that, along with the theater incident, you will be mentally ready to do what you have to do. You may also want to check out United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and join that. As the Col. says, “with rights come responsibilities.” It is time for American’s to become responsible and protect our fellow man. If the nitwits in D.C. have their way, we will be their subjects. Also a quote from the Col. I like:
      To be born free is a privilege
      To live free is an honor
      To die free is a responsibility
      by Lt. Col. (R) Dave Grossman
      These are words to live by and possibly die by.

      • rhandarox


    • blondejustice1

      Well Neal, you have a choice. Be a sitting duck for sickos who need to “express” their anger at anybody they want, or you can at least have the chance to protect yourself and maybe others and live your life. I’ve owned a gun for over 13 years and never had to use it. I don’t go to bars for 3 reasons: 1, you are around people who may drink too much and do something stupid like go out to their car and get their gun and start shooting at the person they may have had an arguement with. 2, most bars don’t let you carry a weapon inside and 3, I don’t drink. I don’t carry in my purse as that is the worst place to have a gun. A simple pursesnatcher will take away my weapon. I conceal on my person so I have it with me everywhere. I just don’t patronize places that ban guns. After a shooting in the parking lot of a Walmart here in Arizona, Walmart now allows guns. I shop there occasionally because of that. Target won’t let me carry in their stores, so I don’t shop there.
      As far as your statement about a bullet having a lawyer behind it. Not necessarily so as a trained gun owner knows what, when and if a shot should be made based on the 4 rules of gun safety. Also, if people find themselves being shot at the first thing they need to do is drop to the ground and fake being hit or dead. That way, if a law-abiding citizen had a gun, the bad guy and the good guy could just shoot at each other. Some of those people were shot because they got up and started running for the other exit. He started shooting when they did. Stay down on the ground and you won’t be an obvious target. Play dead to stay alive.
      It will take many more people to get shot by madmen before we do the intelligent thing and allow sane and trained people to carry their weapons everywhere as long as they don’t drink. Like I have said in the past, there would be no serial killers if their first intended victim had a gun and knew how to use it properly.

    • Chris

      Apparently your god doesn’t answer your prayers or protect you in any way. Strange minds here.

    • Tionico

      Cyclingfoodman’s advice is sound. Educate yourself, but GET that Mother May I paper soon. Get help in choosing the right handgun and carry rig for YOU.. find a large gun store with knowledgeable staff that will take the time to help YOU choose the right tool. Maybe there is a gun range nearby that rents different guns.. so you can live fire several to find out what works for YOU.
      Another excellent resource is nearly anything written by Massad Ayoob.. he’s one of the best writers on the topic out there, and his stuff is based on decades of experience in law enforcement, training (civilians, cops, and military) and as an “expert witness” in countless self-defense cases.

  • Christian

    I am for weapon proficiency but your argument for licensing is the reason nobody has a gun ready. The state has disarmed the population. Mass slayings are a symptom of this problem.

    • VT Patriot

      In other words, register your gun(s), pass a proficiency test from someone who doesn’t care if you carry or not? I prefer the AK and VT way, buy a gun, go to a range, fire away, get to hit targets, practice, practice practice, then strap it on your hip. Works great for me.

      • Charlie

        They don’t require firearms licenses in Vermont? Giving the lefty vermin that made its way up the Connecticut and Hudson Rivers (I used to teach high school in Wilmington,) I’m actually very surprised. I know that New Hampshire only requires your driver’s license.

    • blondejustice1

      I’m just real sorry that the bastard didn’t kill himself because now all the victim’s families will have to live through the pain again in a long trial, etc. He should get an immediate death penalty conviction, meaning he gets killed the same way his victims did. What a waste of Colorado taxpayer’s money, huh?

  • Repubtallygirl

    I carry wherever I go as well.

  • almondjoy

    The ANTI’S will be hollering for more gun control, however gun control would NOT have stopped this person, he was over 21 with no criminal record, or mental health history. He was legally entitled to purchase any weapon or weapons of his choosing, and assuming that they were all legally obtained, he “passed” a NICS check to purchase each and every one. Yes, he is probably mentally deranged but without a diagnosis of such; nothing was stopping him from purchasing firearms. As a FFL holder I know the rules for purchase and possession of a firearm. As a CPL holder I carry for self defense and as a deterent of these types of actions by deranged persons. Yes, I accept the fact that if I act to try and stop someone like him, I may give my life. But how many will I save? If everyone had a CPL and carried; how many nuts would be deterred (and not carryout something like this) just by the fact that many people, in a situation like this might shoot back at them?

    • Ray Harrison

      We could give up our lives just by being there–I choose to be able to fight back…like you!

    • RevWMcCall

      Gun control might have kept him from acquiring an assault weapon.

      • Patriot_70


        Would not have helped in any way at all, period.

  • John Detwiler

    Doug is my kind of guy and I do exactly as he does. I have a CC permit and I carry where ever I go. As he says hopefully it will never happen, but if it does and I am able it will quickly be over.

  • nr

    Buyer Beware! I have my Colorado CCP. However, the movie theaters in our area are posted NO Firearms! Therefore, we choose to watch our movies at home, rather than take a chance of losing our CCP’s for carrying where banned. Perhaps the movie mongals would be wise to rethink their insane thinking!
    No, they well just post in larger print because it would appear that at least this shooter missed the posting!

    • vicki

      too bad the shooter didn’t pay attention to signs like this one.

    • 44rd11

      wait until the movie moguls are sued for not protecting their customers – you wait – it’s coming.

    • blondejustice1

      You got that one right. I won’t go anywhere I can’t bring my concealed weapon.

      • eyemahippie

        Guess that means you never fly.

        • blondejustice1

          You got that one right. No need to fly when I have a car to travel. You can be a sitting duck for a crazy person if you want, but I’m not going to die young like some of those people in the theater in Colorado. I want a fighting chance. Why make it so easy for crazy people to kill or maim you and screw up your life? Then cost the public money for the trial and incarceration. These people need to just kill themselves if they’re so brokenhearted about a bad day, test or girlfriend leaving them.

    • Street Gang

      sorry, I can’t read signs, it’s called concealled, I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six……………..

      • eyemahippie

        You said that already.

  • Ray Harrison

    Thanks, Doug. Good one–reminds me of the piece I wrote, but better.

    • GenePoole

      C’mon, admit it… You wrote ‘em both! LOL

  • Jim

    When seconds count, the police are just minutes away!

    • Joel ‘Sarge’ York

      Police do not protect. Think about it……they are an after fact thing. They come after the crime has been committed! I pack wherever I go. I do not count on the police to protect me and neither should you. I am prepared to protect myself and my
      family at a moments notice, just like I did in Vietnam!!!!!!

    • Little John

      Very true, a woman was going to be rape on the way home. I notice the man beating on the girl. I stop and pulled my weapon; and the rape attack stop within 2 seconds because I was packing heat. The thug took a look at my weapon and took off a dead run from the girl, gun, and me. But if he took a step to me or try to hit the girl again, I would have pulled trigger. I had 37 mag with hollow points, they go in small but leave a big hole upon exiting. We call the police and reported the attack. The police talk to the girl and me, the police was mad at me for I don’t shoot the thug.

      • CyclingFoodmanPA

        You were right to not shoot him running away. I know, you wanted to. However, you only shoot to stop the threat. If you would have shot him running away, some sleezeball lawyer would have found a way to sue you into the stone age. So, you did the right thing, but, I know how you feel as I would have wanted to do the dirtball in. However, I have taken a number of classes from an outstanding Sherriff in PA and he told us if we go too far, we could be in deep doo doo.

    • VT Patriot

      They always get their in time to chalk out the victims outline tho. Wher I live, it’s about a half hour, so I’d have time to get some donuts and coffee for them when they arrive.

  • Tod

    Right On Doug!
    My sentiments exactly, I carry my HK P2000SK .40 cal wherever I go, never leave home without it.

    And yes, when presented with the unfortunate circumstance of a devil possessed moron like this guy racking off rounds, he would be taken down forthwith and with extreme prejudice.

    I am concerned about the timing of this to the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY that is about to be voted on, and by the way, I love my country but I fear my government!

    And speaking of morons, Obummer will grandstand this and sign the Treaty, and all hell will break loose if our Senators allow this Treat to nullify our 2nd Amendment Rights and allow the UN to remove our national sovereignty and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

    Signing that Treaty will take this country to a new level, that of a fascist state that we all know ends in failure and genocide.

    If we don’t learn from history, then we are destined to repeat it.

    • vicki

      The treaty CAN’T override the Constitutional limitations on government infringement. Our forefathers were not stupid. They would not have put in such an easy way to get around the amendment process.

      Article VI section II:
      “This constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made
      in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made,
      under the authority of the United States shall be the supreme law of the

      Note that treaties are made UNDER the authority of the United States and they are UNDER the laws of the United States. Thus if a law is not able to nullify the amendments of the Constitution then neither can some treaty.

      • Loran

        As much as I wish you are correct, you are not. It’s my understanding that a treaty acts as an amendment, therefore superseding the 2nd amendment. And, it would act as such once it is signed by the libs up until it is either ratified or rejected by the senate. That is why the libs are in such an all fire hurry to get it signed while they still have the votes in the senate. We can only hope that some of these dem senators will smarten up and vote against it.

        • eyemahippie

          Don’t worry, they will. They’ll be plenty of gun-lobby money thrown ariund to make sure they vote Right

        • sdevos68

          Actually, there was a supreme court ruling in 1956 that says the Constitution supercedes any foreign treaty, and for it to have any legal standing, it would have to be ratified by 2/3 of the senate. The ruling was in regards to Reid v. Covert, October
          1956, 354 U.S. 1, at pg 17 according to the source I found.

      • Ginger

        Trouble is that this treaty WILL for at least 5 yrs…UNLESS the Senate does not ratify it…kind of like the US treaties with native Americans earlier in our history..see any paralles?

        • David

          It does not matter. Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957), was a landmark United
          States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that the Constitution
          supersedes international treaties….

          The Court found that “no agreement with a foreign nation can
          confer power on the Congress, or on any other branch of Government, which is
          free from the restraints of the Constitution.”

          • Ron Obvious

            Is this the same Supreme Court that said both parent of a Presidental candidate (or if elected, President) has to be American Citizens… is that Surpreme Court you are talking about? The same supreme court that just found Obamacare ‘constitutional’… that is the branch you are going to put your faith in. Admitedly, I was going by what Dick Morris said, and since over 59 senators have already said they would vote to reject the treaty, why would Obama and Hillary both sign this treaty, if they didn’t think they were side-stepping the Senate, to require the registration of various firearms, to begin with. An exectuive order and treaty are two different animals. But 2 or 3 pretty prominate political in-the-know, have come out and said this treaty, until voted down or rejected by the President will have the same power as a Contitutional Amendment, and will be enforcable until ratified by the Senate or defeated by the Senate. I admit, I am not a constitutional law expert… I am just repeating what they are saying. But if what you are saying is true, why hasn’t someone on our side pointed this point out?!

      • Phil185

        And I”m sure it would eventually wind up in SCOTUS to be ruled upon. And we all know how that will go after the health care debacle.

      • Pakinpastor

        All treaties overide the Constitution. Sorry, I had the same reaction! That’s why you need to be prepared for war right now. Because when Obama signs this treaty, he will just say, “it’s out of my hands” and then the blue hats will pour in from all around us. It is then I hope and pray, the left actually wake up and defend this country agains these foreign invaders! I may be wrong, but I believe it’s comming!

        • Skyknight

          If it wears a blue hat it dies.

          • rhandarox

            Are you a Red?

        • Ron Obvious

          It is true… treaties care the same legal weight as a “constitutional amendment”! When Hillary, not Obama signs this treaty on thursday, until Obama rejects it or the Senate votes it down, it will have the same legal power as a constitutional Amendment… i.e. your 2nd Amendment rights are done! Harry Reid has vowed not to bring the Treaty up for a vote before the elections, and if Obama is re-elected and the Progressives retain control of the senate, then the treaty is legally binding without ever seeing a vote or the President’s signature!!! Isn’t government fun!!?!

          • Tionicoi

            Nope.. the treaty does not have force of law until the Senate ratifies it. Simple as that. It takes the three steps to make it the law of the land. Just like an ammendment cannot happen overnight. Part of the checks and balances woven into our laws. Those Framers were pretty shrewd… they’d seen the tyranny of corrupt and greedy government up too close and personal to trust in one entity pressing a matter forard. Rememver, these men were nearly all reformed christians who believed in the depravity of man. Larceny is bound up in the hearts of men, and these men understood that.

          • NAFTA Refugee

            Ever hear of administrative rules? Executive Privelidge?

          • David

            Nope. Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957), was a landmark United
            States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that the Constitution
            supersedes international treaties ratified by the United States Senate.
            According to the decision, “this Court has regularly and uniformly recognized
            the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty,” although the case itself was
            with regard to an executive agreement, not a “treaty” in the U.S. legal sense,
            and the agreement itself has never been ruled unconstitutional.

            The Court found that “no agreement with a foreign nation can
            confer power on the Congress, or on any other branch of Government, which is
            free from the restraints of the Constitution.”

          • Washington22

            Romney needs to make know where he comes down on this treaty. I want to hear it from his lips……..

    • 44rd11

      The government will soon enough be in fear of it’s citizens – think Libya, Egypt, Syria – if Obama thinks to make this his fief – he’d better look at the tyrants he helps to bring down.

      • Street Gang

        roger that……………

    • Brad Wilcox

      even if he signs the treaty it can not affect citizens unless congress actually makes an amendment to alter the 2nd……

      • Ron Obvious

        That not what some of the talking heads in Washington are saying. I hope you are right… but if that is the case, why would Obama and Hillary sign it knowing it wouldn’t pass congress?

  • SammysDad

    For all you gun control freaks out there, just remember,”When seconds count, the police are minutes away! A person with a CWP IS seconds away!

    • BP

      What you say is true and common sense. THAT’S what is SOOOOO frustrating about the gun control/right to carry issue. The left REFUSES to enterain facts, truth, and common sense. They avoid them at all costs even when put right in front of their nose. This event has ALL the things the left offers as an alternative to real self-defense. There was a ‘no guns allowed’ sign…. it didn’t work. Police were already there……it didn’t work. Murder is against the law……it didn’t work. They will refuse to acknowledge ANY of this. I’m all for the exchange of ideas, but when you refuse to engage in debate and acknowlege verfiable facts and statistics, I’m sorry, the left should just shut up and go home. There’s a surge in gun shop activity this week in CO because when it comes down to it, the people do know what is the most effective means of protection. To the left: You’ve lost the argument! Man up and take your lumps, shut up and go home on the gun control issue. It’s one thing if you personally choose to deny the truth, but DO NOT stand in the way of people willing to accept responsibility for their own defense.

      • blondejustice1

        Couldn’t have said it better myself BP. Eventually the lefties will die off after being shot by another madman who just will laugh at them as he knocks them down.

      • rhandarox

        Who says the left don’t pack? I’m left and I do. Better watch your mouth when you’re around me.

        • Patriot_70

          That’s the paid bloggers, trying to convince people this is a political issue, when it’s a survival issue

  • SammysDad

    The reason to carry a gun is so well described here, but there are those fools who always regurgitate the gun control lobby talking points as soon as something like this happens. It’s like clock work.
    I carry, I practice, and I don’t believe the crud from the lefties. I carry because I’d rather depend on 12 of my peers, than 6 people carrying my coffin.

    • CHris

      Mr Macho. Snore. You don’t believe in facts – that’s understandable – people on the right aren’t too well educated. Facts say you are completely wrong.

      • David

        Facts? Please educate us poor simpletons with your superior wisdom.

      • Old Retired Copper

        Typical lib…call names and quote non-existant facts…when pinned down and asked to back up his statement he’s nowhere to be found. Fact: Areas with the strictest gun control have some of the highest violent crime rates. i.e.: Chicago and Washington D.C. When the bad guys are the only ones with guns that’s what happens. Check out the FBI crime reports…If being well educated means being brain washed by the current leftist public school system I’m glad I fall into that “not too well educated” group. My education was mostly earned by spending 20 years in a squad car seeing the best and worst of human interaction….

        • Patriot_70

          CHris, I dare you.
          Yes, I dare you.

          Go to Chicago, and walk a gang neighborhood at 10pm. Just walk around. I DARE you.

          After all, your gun control created that neighborhood, so you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  • Larry Viles

    All the usual suspects are using this incident as proof of the need for gun control. Well, the theater was a gun free zone. Worked out well, didn’t it? BTW, there is an easy way to tell if I am armed (legally): if I am wearing pants with a zipper I am armed.

  • Sickof theNWO

    Live free and stand up to these morons or die on your knees serving them.

    • eyemahippie

      Moron? I thought the guy was a PhD candidate?!

  • blondejustice1

    If cops could get there fast enough, when I needed them to help protect me, then I wouldn’t need to carry a gun. I carry a gun because cops are too heavy…and minutes away when seconds count.

  • blondejustice1

    For the record, a police department in a northeast state was let off the hook in a lawsuit when they did not go inside a house where two armed men held the father and his two daughters while mom was taken to the bank. She lets the bank teller in on what is going on and the teller calls the police. They go to the house and knock on the door and check all the doors. Never did it occur to them that the kidnappers are not going to open the door to the police and they kept quiet with their victims were gagged. They eventually raped and killed all of them except the father who was put in the basement while the house burned. The court ruled that the police don’t have a duty to save our lives or protect them. So what do we pay them for??? Those cops were derelict of duty by not kicking in the door and checking things further. I’m sure if they didn’t find any bad guys, they would at least have made the effort and will only have to pay for the stupid door. Instead 3 people died. And people want to know why it’s necessary to carry a concealed weapon???

    • 44rd11

      Don’t need a concealed weapon in my house – don’t come in uninvited or even without a warrant.

      • blondejustice1

        That’s right. A CCW permit is only necessary (in some states) for carrying off of your property. So do you open-carry so any criminal can watch you get in your car and drive home and follow you so they know what kind of car/vehicle you drive and where you live? Then, at a later time, break in to your home and steal whatever you have, including more weapons you might have there? I prefer not to let the criminals know I’m carrying or own a gun at all. I would like to surprise them, you know what I mean?

        • CyclingFoodmanPA

          I’m with you on that one. Concealed carry is the only way to go. Also, I recall about the incident you mentioned above where 3 people were murdered and the father survived in the basement. He should have been able to handle justice on those 2 murders that tortured and raped his wife and daughters. Let’s face it, the criminals DO NOT fear the law and have no respect for the law. The law is too worried about some dirtball suing them for one little thing. Time to take our country back!

          • driftin

            Yeah, but I live in FLA. How do you conceal when you’re wearing a tank-top, short shorts and flip-flops?

          • Patriot_70

            I also live there, and wear pants, a shirt untucked, and flip flops.

            You can get a holster that fully covers the firearm.

  • 44rd11

    Perhaps – but I’m not betting on it. The “one armed citizen” would have to be prepared, not sitting back in the cushy chair eating popcorn or sucking on a soda-pop or yaking with his spouse or neighbor. Oh, I’m not against armed citizens, I’m all for it. own my own weapons, thank you. but crazy people and crazy things happen. Evil abounds in the United States – and is not getting better. the founders knew that the only way to stop a tyrannical government was armed citizens when all else fails.

  • ddevlin780

    I agree with the whole artical, the problem is that you may not get treated as described, instead you may end up in jail, and/or getting sued by the person you shoot.
    It is a slippery slope we ride when we carry. I am 73, and recently started to carry. I find it much different than I thought it would be. I am not as aware of the gun as I thought I would be. The only problem is remembering to put change and keys in my other pocket.

  • George

    Mr. Giles, I agree with you 100%. You nailed it.

  • BP

    Love it!!!! That’s reality. Nothing more needs to be said. Notice there’s a run on gun stores in Aurora, CO this week because of this. The people do know what works. It’s just a shame it takes an event like this to make them think this way.

    • Washington22

      God bless Aurora and her good people. Arm yourselves. Colorado has already had more mass shootings than other states. Odd?

      • sdevos68

        Notice that both this and Columbine happened in gun free zones? And FYI, I was a Junior in high school in Aurora when Columbine happened…And now I live just blocks from this theater. Guns in the right hands are the only thing that could have reduced the impact of either of those events. Columbine would have been more difficult because it was two shooters who were willing to die for their cause…But it still could have helped.

        • Washington22


      • Patriot_70

        They have also had a number of failed attempts at shootings, where an armed person stopped it. I remember one at a church not far from there.

    • roger

      i think it’s nationwide. there’s been a big spike in interest in concealed carry permits in austin, tex.

  • Ginger

    A private citizen here in Ca. cannot get a concealed carry,,,unless your name is Senator Barbara Boxer…here,,,you pay hundreds of $$ and the Sheriff’s Dept decided whether or not you “need” one and 9.999% of the time they decide you don’t. Of course the criminals don’t worry about or bother with permits and licenses.

    • Homer

      That is a good reason to leave CA

      • Washington22

        It’s even a better reason to “carry”.

    • Street Gang

      pay the money and try harder, well worth it in the Nazi state…………….

      • Tionico

        or move to a county that does issue permmits.. Tulare, Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Riverside, Homboldt….. all will issue the Mother Ma I paper if you can pass the background check. CalGuns maintain a current analysis of the proceedure and likely result of the permits to carry concealed. Yes, most of the Bay and SOuthern Calif counties are as you describe. Try the CalGins site and see… maybe you can shift your residence one county away, continue to work where you do, and stil get a parmit. If you are licensed in one county, you can carry anywhere in the state.

  • Frankie

    Love this guy. Retired trooper.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    This is something that is not getting much press and probably won’t get much. This could’ve ended very differently if responsible patrons had been allowed to carry in the theatre. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like this happening at say a gun show. Gun free zones are magnets for maggots like this Holmes fellow. I did have an observation yesterday though while watching his court appearance. The guy looked like he was out of his gourd on drugs or something. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but he was in a Phd neuroscience program. I just think there’s more to this story than what’s being told.

    • Jack L Eich

      he was probably on some kind of doctor meds like the columbine dudes

      • PatrickHenry1789

        On meds probably, but from whom? There are some things that just don’t add up. Like when this story first broke, it was 2 people that were involved. Then all of a sudden it was just this Holmes guy. And, it was reported that he got all of the weapons involved through a fire exit. I don’t know about this particular theatre. But every theatre I’ve ever been in, those doors only open one way, from the INSIDE. And they are rigged with a fire alarm, why didn’t the alarm go off? I guess we’ll have to wait until more evidence comes out. But at this point, I don’t see how he could have pulled this off all by himself. The police chief in Aurora said something to the effect of his apartment being booby trapped like something he’d never seen. How does someone with presumably little or no knowledge of firearms or explosives do something this intricate? These are just some questions I have, and with a UN small arms treaty up for debate. The timing seems awful peculiar to me, I think there’s more to the story.

        • petiteet

          You are assuming that he doesn’t know anything about firearms and explosives. You are obviously wrong on both counts.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            Okay, so then that means you are assuming that he does and that I’m wrong. Maybe I am, but he’s a 24 year old med school student. Not a 24 year old demolition and explosives Phd.

          • sdevos68

            He was also supposedly a computer “nerd”, and being of technology generation, I’m sure he knew how to look it up online. You can find anything online.

        • Washington22

          Your questions are interesting and I ‘ve wondered too. Obviously the guy is a brainiac so learning to booby trap his apartment probably wasn’t hard for him. But your hunches are valid and I think others are wondering, too.

        • SheilaRae

          Thank you! Finally someone is thinking like I do. HOW in the hell could an unemployed student afford all that ammo? HOW did the guy manage to rig his apartment with explosives without blowing himself up? WHY does this orange-haired guy look so out of it in court? Answer: he had help. And drugs to make him oblivious. And just WHO would benefit from this whole thing? Come on people, think!

          • Dennis Lee

            Sheila – he used grant money from the US government – department of education I’m sure – to purchase the weapons and ammunition

          • SheilaRae

            Yeah, I’m sure he was paid in some way by the gov’t.

          • Patriot_70

            So we should indict the government for making it possible for the shooting to happen, alongside the theater, and the Aurora City Council?

        • sdevos68

          The exit he came in was not an emergency exit. It was actually a freight entrance. I used to work at that theater when I was 16 when it opened in 1998. That’s why there was no alarm. Also, there’s different accounts on what happened, but the shooter (who should remain nameless, it doesn’t deserve recognition) was confirmed to have a valid movie ticket. So it’s most likely he went into the theater, and was the person who got a “phone call” during the opening credits. He then exited via the non-emergency exit, propped the door open, then came back in, guns blazing. A friend of a friend was in there that night and said the only thing that saved their lives was the gun jamming…

          As for the ammo…He was enrolled in a not-cheap school to get his PhD, and then withdrew. That means funds would have been refunded to him, to pay the loan back with. There’s the money, but you could get all the ammo and guns for less than $4000.

          • PatrickHenry1789

            Not for $4000, a halfway decent AR-15 by itself is going to cost over a grand. That’s with no ammo or anything else, that’s why I own an AK-47. They’re a lot cheaper to shoot and maintain. So then you have to add up all the rest. Bombs for his apartment, body armor, etc… I’m still not buying the narrative that’s being fed so far. I also read somewhere that he was going to school on a scholarship as well. If that’s true and it was a full ride, he shouldn’t have needed money for tuition.

  • John Whittingon

    I saw the Movie Dark Knight and I was armed. I’m a concealed carry permit holder and I was ready if some dill wad came out with anything. My Mother was with me and pointed out a couple of men who also was carrying. Would’ve been bad news for any James Holmes coming in to our movie theater!

    • Mark Cragin

      You da man, John!

    • Washington22

      Just our of curoisty, what state and city are you in?

      • Patriot_70

        I don’t know about him, but I also saw the movie armed, and a police officer noticed my weapon, nodded to me, and continued his conversation. I don’t know if more people were armed, but given the age of the people there (older people tend to carry more than younger ones), my guess is that there were at least three or four guns in the theater.

  • Phil185

    I very well may go for a pelvic shot myself in the heat of battle. Larger target at a distance with the blood pumping, that will drop the idiot from shattering his pelvis, and may very well also kill him by the blood loss of a hopefully ruptured femoral artery.

    • rhandarox

      Tell us how it works out. It’s how we get our rox off.

  • John

    The theater does not allow CCW so an honest citizen would be without his or her weapon.

    • Street Gang

      it’s called concealed, I carry mine every where……………………………………….

    • Debbie Bartlett

      What are they going to do, frisk me?

    • ColoradoMan

      That is why some commenter’s have indicated that Gun Free Zones are the problem.

    • petiteet

      I haven’t seen a theater with a no weapons sign. It’s your born rights, exercise it.

      • David

        All Cinemark theaters are declared “gun-free zones” by Corporate edict. Of course, some folks ignore those restrictions and carry concealed anyway.

        • Brad Wilcox

          if they dont have a sign clearly posted at the door it isnt legally a gun free zone…..

          • sdevos68

            Something I found out recently because of this event, is that under Colorado law, if you have a legal permit, unless a company has both guards and metal detectors to prevent firearms from being brought in, there is no legal standing. You can’t be criminally charged for carrying concealed where a sign IS posted. You can only be kicked out. I’m actually going to get my permit as an Aurora resident and because of the event I was curious about the penalty for ignoring those signs.

        • 60milesfrommexico

          “Of course, some folks ignore those restrictions and carry concealed anyway” – Like the shooter in this case. It’s painfully obvious he paid no attention to Cinemark’s “gun free zone” signs when it came to leaving his weapons outside the theater. In another sense, he did pay attention to Cinemark’s “gun free zone” signs because he knew the signs lowered the probability that anyone else would be armed which essentially gave him a shooting gallery.

  • Pakinpastor

    My name should help tell what side of the fence I am on. But if not, I carry a .45 Glock 21SF and 4 spare magazines everywhere I go. That’s 66 rounds of ammo! I have had it on my body for the last 15 years, since I was robbed and shot at. You are completely correct! I am my first responder, and that of my family and friends. I train, and am licensed to carry concealed. I have never shot anyone, nor has my gun, but I pitty the poor fool that pulls out a gun for his jollies to kill innocents, cause I will put him down like a rabbid dog!

    • Chris

      Why don’t you move somewhere safer. Seems like you are unable to make good life choices.

      • Tionico

        maybe his work, or life calling, has him where he is. I’m in that situation myself, can’t “escape”. So, he’s making the situation work for him. BUT, a questin for you, Chris…. where in the Constitutioin does it lilmit the guarantees of our right to arms in the Second Ammendment to certain places? In other words, where in the US COULD he move where he’d lose the right to arms? The underlying point is that this right is not given by the Constitution, that document merely recognises we all have been given it by our Maker, and that it cannot be “infringed”, or limited in any way.

        • eyemahippie

          The Constitution doesn’t say anything about allowing all citizens to walk around in public with guns. Or about an industry making billions by selling them.

          • Patriot_70

            You are uneducated, and you should educate yourself.
            The founders limited the government to enumerated powers. The power to regulate guns was not included. The federal and state government were not granted the right to regulate guns, and had to steal that power using the Interstate Commerce Clause. Yep, seven effective words were used to justify the gun laws, and they were, to regulate the trade between the states…
            Now, the founders knew that the government could not be trusted to not disarm the citizens, so the states demanded that the Constitution be amended with a better limit on the rights to bear arms being stolen… they even chose some really strong words… Infringe.
            Yeah, I know, you look it up and it starts talking about patents. You have to go to dictionaries of that time to get a good handle on what it means. The Oxford Encyclopedia of the English Language uses the word “confute,” as one of the synonyms of Infringe. Confute means to “delay by argument,” or something similar. The founders did not even want the DISCUSSION of guns to prevent someone from getting one.
            I know you have some really strong opinions, and if you are pressed you’ll change them as you need to, but you will not, ever win this argument.
            Because I am pushing to have everyone who opposes my right to defend themselves prosecuted alongside the criminals that commit these crimes.
            The survivors should Sue the TAR out of the theater for helping to kill those people.

          • truthmatters

            I would guess that 99% of our population is unaware of the meaning of the word “regulate,” when our founders wrote of a “well-regulated militia” and “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”
            In both matters it was understood that “to regulate” meant to establish the circumstances for a “properly functioning” militia or system of trade, not to impose strict governmental controls on either.

          • Patriot_70

            truthmatters, let me help you understand.

            A well regulated militia is the foundation of freedom. That is why the Militia act requires you to own a gun. Do you have your firearm? No? Well, every male between the ages of 17 and 45 is required to own a firearm accoding to the the Mlitia act.

            That act was changed, to divide the militia into two categories. The Regulated Militia, and the Unorganized Militia.

            The Regulated militia is the National Guard, and it is always under the control of the elected representatives of each state, though the Provost Marshal. The Unorganized Militia are Militia that may be called up on a moments notice, at the leisure of the state, and required to report for training. They are, again, every male between the ages of 17 and 45. That means that there ARE strict government controls on the Militia – controls that are not being exercised, but are there and legal nonetheless. The police are also allowed to call up a militia member in some limited circumstances, and you can be prosecuted for refusing.

            So, if you really believe what you wrote, then it is up to you to help regulate the Unorganized militia.

            That would mean that there should be classes on firearms safety, marksmanship, and basic military discipline and doctrine, starting before or at 17 years old, which would be a Junior or Senior in High school.

            As part of the militia training, they will need to take an oath to protect the Constitution, which means learning it fully, understanding it (Liberals would hate this, they have been trying to lie about it for years, and a dose of truth would really damage their positions) and being able to cite case law concerning it. That will take at least a couple of years of classes.

            But that will still not limit the availability of firearms, which the government is forbidden to regulate.

          • AZ Conservative

            I think the theater has been punished enough. Besides, you can’t sue everyone and everything when some nut case commits a crime but we need to focus on the guilty and administer swift punishment. Have a trial within 30 days, allow no reporters in the courtroom, he will be found guilty. His lawyer will appeal, hold the appeal within 30 days, he’ll be found guilty again. The following morning take this piece of crap out and line up 7 marksmen with rifles. 4 will have live ammo, three blanks, at 9 o’clock am pull the triggers. End of story. Capital punishment only works if administered within a short period of time. Not 20 years later.

          • Patriot_70

            No, they have not.

            Yes, we need to focus on the guilty and get swift justice. I want to see the shooter, and the person who disarmed the victims, stand trial together.

            If you like, there is a place for you on that wall as well. If you disarm the victims and help the shooter, then you are an accessory, and should be punished.

            The theater needs to be sued for the sign, and for helping the shooter kill and injure those people.

          • truthbtold

            I agree but the “feel good” left has no spine for punishment. They would rather let the guy live for another 40 years on our dime.

          • chester1818

            No, the theater did not die. Boycott places in right to carry states that prohibit you from carrying on their private property. Go to other vendors and encourage others to do likewise. When the theater dies, (boarded up and slated to be torn down), only then will it have suffered enough. I am assuming that the theater’s owners prohibited firearms. Someone in Colorado should have been carrying and returning fire. Period.

          • MrModerateAZ

            Your right to defend yourself and an American’s right to oppose you are two sides of the same coin.

          • dntmkmecomoverther

            What part of ‘Congress shall make no law abridging the right to bear arms’ is not CLEAR to you?

          • AZ Conservative

            This is why Obama was elected in the first place; uniformed, lazy minded people. The Constitution 2nd Amendment states the Right of the people to own and BEAR (that means carry) will not be infringed. The other great thing, and there are many, about our Founding Fathers is they understood tyranny and oppression so they constructed our Founding Papers that all these ‘rights’ are given by God. They knew if they noted from the Gov’t or even man they could be overturned. Which is why the Liberals want to denigrate God. Get rid of God, the Constitution goes next. Wake up kid, these are your freedoms we are trying to defend.

          • truthbtold

            Getting rid of God in shools, state buildings and anywhere the left can push thier progressive secular ideals is exactly why horribly unthinkable things like this loonatic’s killing spree happen. We are raising generations of zombies that watch nothing but violence on TV, play war or gang videos, walk the streets at all hours because they have no parental supervision. Is it any wonder that the product is disgusting? America needs to take a hard look at the decay of the family unit and change the “feel good” world that liberals have quietly but very difinitvely lsuckered us into. Conservatives need to stop being the silent majority and take back the country. Kids need to be taught that rules are rules, human life is precious and that if you break the rules and or kill someone….. you will be delt with accordingly.

          • Tony

            Which part of “keep and BEAR arms” don’t you get, Little Miss Victim?

          • Patriot_70

            Tony, what she doesn’t understand is that the Constitution does not say anything about people walking around with guns.

            The Constitution is a contract between the “United States,” and “The People.” It was limited by enumerated powers, that were granted specifically to the government to be able to regulate. Those powers were few and specific. Guns was not one of the powers that The People granted to the government, and the Government does not have the right to regulate them. This has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment. The second was added later as an added insurance policy to the government trying to regulate guns, anyway, illegally.

          • Brad Wilcox

            ummm yes it does you may want to read it again!’ the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

          • sdevos68

            “The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” I believe that actually does say all citizens can walk around in public with guns. And the industry making money…what, do you want them to GIVE us all guns?

          • Cbt_Engr

            Obviously, to say “eyemahippie” is the equivalent of saying you are a liberal, democrat, progressive, socialist, marxist, idiot who believes the government is supposed to take care of everything so you don’t have to take care of yourself. America was established as a free nation, not a socialist nation. Because this is a free nation, you are free to be stupid, but you are not free to impose your socialist views on the rest of us. We happen to like freedom and responsibility, and we will, if necessary, use the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution to guarantee that freedom for ourselves and for our families.

          • kellys

            It says that they ca not only keep them but bear them as well, that means hold/carry etc. Go read the document and quit getting you information from some politically motivated sound bite designed to brainwash rather than inform.

          • Pakinpastor

            Actually it does. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Did you fail at english? We the People of the United States… the people can keep and bear those arms! And I would bet my life, that if some derranged idiot came after you and then I or some other armed person saved your life, you would be thankful! I Thank God for the 2nd Amendment!

          • EppUSMC

            sure it does…or did you forget WE are THE PEOPLE –you just suffer from penis envy

          • FLPI !

            Try life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!! IT’s not always just the wording of the Constitution, it’s also in the frame of mind and their belief system they had when writing it. There are many papers and books on the subject.
            No free man shall ever be

            the use of arms.

            Thomas Jefferson

      • Patriot_70

        I REFUSE to be so intimidated that I am forced to move because of crime. It is MY neighborhood, it is MY house, and they damed will will go because I will not! This is why we have crappy neighborhoods, and that is because cowards move out rather than take the time to correct the problems.
        Stop looking to the police. They are sometimes even worse than the criminal. They will turn on you in a second.
        My nighborhood was a bad one. I started carrying openly. A few encounters that went kind of off, and the criminals discovered that I would not be intimidated, and THEY left. Now, instead of prostitutes and crack dealers, we have ladies walking their dogs, kids playing, and laughter.
        They only win when you let them.
        And yes, I’m crazy. I’ve stood at the back of a drug car and described it to the police with the driver looking at me like I was crazy, and I was, because even when he threatened me, I did not back off. he’s gone now. I’m not.

        • MrModerateAZ

          come on, move, please? do us all a favor

      • Old Retired Copper

        Not everyone has the option of moving. And where would you have him move where he would be “safe”? Crime happens everywhere…big cities, small towns and even out in the country. Home invasions will continue to increase as the economy worsens and people become desperate. Even in a rural area we have meth labs popping up all over. It is easier for the meth cooker to operate in the country because of the smell of the lab..less likely to have someone report it to the police or sheriff. I am a retired law enforcement officer who carries every where. In the past 3 years I have come upon lone officers attempting to subdue suspects along rural roads and have jumped in to help. Luckily I didn’t need my weapon in either instance, but imagine how I would feel if I came upon an officer being fired at and could do nothing to help.

      • dntmkmecomoverther

        …Duh Chris, evil exists everywhere…evidently so does ignorance.

      • sdevos68

        Aurora, CO was ranked the 9th safest city in America overall by Forbes in 2011. It was 12th overall in violence. Yet, the shooting at the theater happened in Aurora, CO. So there’s only 8 cities safer, what about all the people living in less-safe cities? Your argument is invalid. There are criminals everywhere willing to harm you to get what they want, no matter how rich or poor or otherwise the neighborhood is. An armed society is a polite society.

      • ohbrother

        somewhere safer? how about the safest place in america maybe.. lets say, hmmm.. how about a random subdivision in colorado.. that sounds pretty safe huh.. yea he should do that. dumbass.

      • Pakinpastor

        You comment is irrational. I should move somewhere safer? What makes you think you know me or my situation? I lived in a town of 1200, working 80 hours a week on a reservation in AZ, when some punk shows up demanding my money, and puts a round through my window. Since that weekend, I have been armed to dish out what they try to give me. Safer? Just where do you think that would be? Every town has a certain section of idiots that seem to think what others have should be free to them. I must be able to respond to any threat for the safety of my wife, children and any others that are with me. It is my duty and my right under the Constitution. Maybe you might want to consider moving to someplace that gives you the secure feeling of knowing that only the government and crooks can take what you have anytime they want it.

      • EppUSMC

        Hey Buddy…put a sign in your yard, “NO GUNS ALLOWED-MY NEIGHBOR HAS GUNS”—I’m sure after reading it, he will force his way into the neighbors house right?

    • jsl55

      I have a Glock 21SF & really like it. But it’s more difficult to conceal than my .40 S&W caliber Glock 23 with a Crimson Trace laser, so I carry it instead. Here in the PRK (Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) many counties make it almost impossible to get a CCW. In my county, I can list only 3 guns on my permit, and state law limits my magazines to 10 or fewer rounds. I have gone to several Front Sight classes and frequently shoot at IDPA matches. My physical limitations preclude me from participating in USPSA, but both teach shooters that speed AND accuracy are the goal. I too was shot at in an attempted robbery and vowed to be as prepared as possible in the event it happens again.

  • Gary in NH

    When we give up our guns we give up our freedom, our safety and independence. If we had gun laws that took away the guns, the President would no longer need to be surrounded by security. Or would he? Maybe we could than cut expenses on police protection, or would we? maybe we’d need more, because the harm doers would still have the guns. It is a non issue, guns do not kill people, people kill people. whether that sicko had one gun or many, he was out to harm and kill. whatever his justifiation for doing what he did, it was going to happen with or without infringing gun laws. So liberals get over it, learn to shoot, get qualified and carry a gun…. you just might save some lives.
    I have carry permits in two states. And I make certain I am well trained! I work in an environment that is quite a visible target for the crazies or terrorism, but I am not allowed to bring my weapon, concealed, into my work environment. . the place is loaded with uniformed and unarmed security. Do I feel safe? not at all. If someone wishes to have his 15 minutes of negative fame, he will get it before anyone can respond. Are those uniforms a deterent. I don’t think so. Llet law abiding citizens carry conceled weapons into work places.
    We need training and understanding not laws. the law makers on the hill all have some form of security, why not the people that elect those passives that have no unerstanding as to why these things happen. get a grip an get a gun. Protect what is yours, your life and the innocent prople around you. Too many nut cases and not enough warning that the nut is going to act.
    NH motto “live free or die”, has more meaning today than ever before. Keep our second amendment alive and vote out the naysayers and the back door diplomacy, Mr. President.
    Relieve ourselves of the burden of a useless UN as it shows very little importance as a body and it allows the countries tha commit attrocities to be a voting member of its union. What a great start to being the country we once were. Let us join those who actually believe in the dream and make it happen.

    • Geologist from Midland, Texas

      Gary, I understand your grief. In the Texas and New Mexico oil industry, both states next to the unguarded border with Mexico, the private property tyrants refuse the workers to even have a weapon STORED in their locked cars. Since I do not brandish, I do keep my weapon on me till I get to the gate, and then I put it in a locked box chained to my seat in my car. That is for the following reason.
      Keep it simple and go with the second ammendment. Allow the public to keep on their person (the safest place for a weapon), holstered, and hidden if necessary. Even Jesus who tells the disciples to sell their spare clothing and buy swords, tells them to pretty much keep the weapon in its place, and not act like the magistrates who in living by the sword, many times dies by the sword. There should be no law to make the private or public property owner liable for any damages caused by any RESPONSIBLE citizen who finds it necessary to use his gun.
      On the other hand, if the public or private property owner tyrant demands we disarm on the premises, THEN…here is were regulation ought to come in…the property owner IS liable for the safety of the guests, and should provide a secure place at the gate of the premises to store the guests weapon and provide adaquate ARMED guards with like or superior firepower that the guest would normally carry for the protection of the guests. In this alone ought the property owner be liable for damages. The reason for the lock box at the entrance is to keep from disarming the guest from his house to the property gates, where there are occassions that they be in danger from the surroundings, especially along the isolated roads and service roads around the oil industry stomping grounds.

      • Tionico

        a work environment where only employees are present is a very different circumstance than a venue open to the public, such as a restaurant, mall, or theater. SUch public access venues should NOT be allowed to declare themselves “gun free zones”, in part precisely BECAUSE incidents like this massacre can, and obviously do, occur. Denying the law abiding citizen the right to personal protecion in a very public space is not right… that Ammendment clearly states “the RIGHT to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed” It places no limits on where it shall not be infringed, this meaning there is NO place where it can be infringed.

  • Edward

    I can only say that it is ashamed that he had to take his anger out on innocent people. He could have thought of a better venue and its certainly not in Colorado. Non the less a sick in the head individual.

  • Edward

    Lets keep our arms. Better to apologize than be dead.

    • Chris

      An apology to a dead person is no good.

    • Mike6

      Every marxist goverment confiscated weapons to make arrests easier, just like Obama and his Chicago DemocRATS.
      Lenin and Leon Trotsky (a commie who came from New York) took weapons away from the Russian population and the Red Army murdered one million innocent kulaks.
      The CHEKa liked to pull surprise inspections of Kulak homes, and if the CHEKA found guns hidden in the closet they would order the unfortunate farmer outside and shoot him in the back of the head, which was the prefered way of Bolshevik excecution.

  • Paratisi

    It’s about time to stop what the OWS SanDiego Murderer and Occutards call, “free fire zones”. It’s time to Ban All Gun Free Zones! Every Mass Murder in this country in the last 50 yrs have taken place in “Gun Free Zones”! “Ban All Gun Free Zones” or live with the responsibility of knowing that you are helping to provide a safe haven and a free fire zone for terrorists!

    God Bless America!

  • Determinatus

    Any person who wants to kill this badly will find a way. No gun? They will climb into an SUV and plow down the biggest group of people they can find. Should we ban cars? That being said, Obama will no doubt team up with Michael Bloomberg and others to strip our gun rights. BHO has got to go, and we need your help – sign up at to learn how. God bless!

  • papidad60

    Outstanding, protecting life, liberty and property are essential!!

  • Ed Plitt

    Couldn’t have said it better. AND, despite the fact that he seemed to be wearing body armor. 2 or 3 (or more) hits from a 9mm or larger piece would have still knocked him down and stopped his actions. Just because a “bullet-proof” vest keep the round from penetrating doesn’t mean it makes you like Superman. I’ve seen stories of cops that were shot even once while wearing a vest, and while it saved them from being killed, they still wound up in the hospital with some nasty hurting from the force of the shots.

  • kapunzi

    i am pete i live in argentina now on my ranches i posted an email on john’s webite and he read it on air the posting reflected exactly your view. i carry a 1911 8+1 plus 2 spare mags each 8 rds i am a trained person masterclass shooter idpa and ipsc i had taken this joker out sure unless i get hit with the first shot thats fatal to me. i am happy not having been there but believe me i am not a coward used to be an assistant firearmsinstructor for the north las vegas swatteam. all the best pete

  • FAS1

    If we’re going to return to the days of the Old West, I’m ready to do just that!! There’s too much crap going on in this country!!

    • Jim

      Yes people with small brains wasting their time on guns and religion.

      • Fox

        Not to worry Jim.
        No one will waste their time trying to save you.

      • Tionico

        brain size has nought to do with either. Get a life. These people who carry, including myself, are responsible citizens standing in the gap for those times when there is no uniformed “first responder” WE are that, for ourselves, our families, friends, and anyone else near us who is in trouble like this. It is a responsibility we have taken up. YOU and your type will never put us off carrying out that responsiblity.

        So, had YOU been in that theatre, how would YOU have acted? Would you have wished for someone like the above posters who carried their tools into the theatre when they saw the same film? Someone who takes seriously the Word from Jesus that we ARE our brother’s keeper? Or will you fully trust the cops….. who, I might remind you, were woefully absent that night…… and could do nothing to stop the killing. ONE responsible citizen, armed and prepared, could easily have stopped Holmes long before his “scorecard” tallied a tenth of what he did. Don’t think so? Shows your ignorance about these things. You’d better hope someone like we “small brained” who carry everywhere is nearby when YOU are in trouble, The way things are these days, its only a matter of time before it comes YOUR way.

        • RevWMcCall

          So we’re all self-appointed Officer Friendlies… Everybody is walking around with a gun, ready to “respond” lighting-quick to anything that might look like a threat. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel safer. More, rather than less, people will get shot. But they’ll all be “bad people,” you say? What if I decide anyone who’s armed is bad, rather than good? Your having a gun is a threat to me. Does that give me the right to shoot you?

          • Old Retired Copper

            The country has the highest number of CCW permitees in history. I have not heard or read about the situation you are describing. And you better believe the media would be all over it if it happened. We also rarely hear from the main stream media when a permitee stops a crime because he or she was armed when in reality it happens very frequently, often without a shot being fired. The argument that “there will be blood running in the streets” is nothing but a knee-jerk reaction from the anti’s. It just hasn’t happened.

          • Patriot_70

            They are the Brady Campaign, they just want people dead.

            every body means more gun control, so when someone dies, they have a party.

      • Old Retired Copper

        I see you are a parent, Jim…..who is going to protect your kids if you are attacked? The police? Not likely…they will be there to clean up the mess after the fact but highly unlikely that they will just happen to be there to stop the bad guy from harming you and yours.

  • hipshotpercusion

    Thank you Doug! As a former Chicago area resident now living on the Florida gulf coast, I carry a concealed firearm everywhere I go. I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  • tony t

    I agree that these gun free zones are targets that these disgruntled, insane, terroists use for mass killings

  • Deepizzaguy

    I remember a slogan that reads “Better to be judged by twelve person than being carried to the grave by six persons.”

  • mrbadx19

    i live in IL, just outside chicago, if i feel the need to carry in the only state with no carry laws, i carry a small semi-auto. i’m a harmless looking skinny white dude, i don’t act like an idiot. i vacation in neighboring states with carry laws, i pack one pistol and a box of ammo when i travel by car, never had a problem… in my home, there are at least 4 loaded weapons in each room, my home is my castle, a well defended one.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I fully agree with Doug Giles’ comments. You, and no one but you are your first line of defense. I’ve often wondered why so many people cannot understand that? To depend on anyone else for your personal safety is to be delusional. The police? You can always count on the police being at the scene of a crime AFTER it happens. The people who claim that it’s safer for you to call the police in the event of an emergency obviously have never had their phone lines cut or never had someone breaking in their door. In that event, who would get to you first?…the criminal or the COPS?: Probably the criminal, especially if the police are busy with other calls. In a national emergency, you can forget about the police. They won’t be around to help you. They’ll be busy doing other things.
    Because of the anti-gun propaganda, citizens are fooled into thinking that guns are the reason why the crime rate is so high. Wrong. The high crime rate continues because the “Justice” System, whatever that really means, fails the law abiding citizens. Too many lawyers involved in making life easier for law breakers with early releases, prisoner’s “rights,” releases because of prison “overcrowding,” “rehabilitation” programs, etc. Prison used to be where sentenced criminals were sent for punishment. Now they’re sent to prison AS punishment. Criminals don’t fear going to prison. To them, it’s just the dues they pay to be criminals. There is very little control over prisoners now. There is very little control over any dress code. There is little control over how prisoners treat the guards because liars….ahhh…lawyers are always ready to sue the prison system for some imagined wrong done to the inmate. It could be something as simple as receiving smooth peanut butter instead of crunchy peanut butter in their commissary. I personally know of an inmate winning a $6,000 suit over that peanut butter! Why even have a commissary? Why have TV sets in cells? etc. The “Justice system” stinks, and the bleeding hearts who created this situation are to blame, the same ones who blame guns for everything.

  • American Victory

    Disarming good citizens puts our lives in the hands of the politicians and criminals (like there is some difference), who control the police force. Does that make one feel safe?
    More people have lost their liberties and lives from politicians gaining control of “standing armies” and armed forces under their control than of any other way. More people have been murdered by their own governments in the last 100 years than all the wars of history. All States are to be protected by every man owning a gun and those of age 18 to 45 regularly trained, that is the militia of the 2nd amendment, that is the constitutinal homeland security. As our declaration of Independence says our rights to defend ourselves and our property come not from man, but from our creator. The bill of rights merely restricts the federal government from tampering with them. Man is granted rights from a creator, government is granted PRIVILEGE from “We the people” It is time to revoke some of those privileges. The federal government is a created entity to serve the people through a compact (multiple contract) with each other , States do not have to go to the federal created entity to define itself, that is foolish. The people throught the states created the federal government, they have but to nullify the federal overreach. Jefferson.. the Kentucky resolution of 1798.

  • alpambuena

    i not only pack a gun, but i also have a knife……they go everywhere i go…even to get milk…and i mean everywhere.

  • Chris T

    So you are scared of your fellow man – go see a psychiatrist. I don’t walk around paranoid like you – scared of the dark. I understand statistics and the biggest safety threat is on the freeway. You are a paid macho hack for the gun industry sponsored NRA. I look forward to a future without guns and particularly gun nuts like you who think that a gun is helpful and that you are capable of instantly becoming judge and jury.

    I’ve been shot at and a gun would have been NO USE WHATSOEVER in defense.

    In my decades on this planet I have never had a use for a gun. I’m sorry that real defensive weapons don’t make loud noises to satisfy your fantasies.

  • subee7

    I agree with Doug, however I work as low line security in Richmond and you would never get a weapon in to any events here. We have to screen and scan all going into the arena or theater. Even a pocket knife is not allowed.
    Guns are not the problem, people are. The criminal will always be able to get a weapon. If they outlaw them , it will just go underground. We will be the victims.
    The people of Great Britain has found this out. Since they had to give up their guns the crime rate has gone UP.

  • Ben

    Yep I carry a gun everywhere I go that is legal and when I can’t carry one I carry other tools that are legal, notice I said tools not weapons. Because I have been known to carry an Irish Blackthorn walking stick and a couple of knives or a kubitan or tactical pen or if I can’t carry any of it but the walking stick I carry a Cross pen and pencle set they make great close quarters tools like in the eye, ear, throught, neck or any where else that there is soft skin and a nice blood vesel to poke a hole into. Also a good hand to hand combat class or a martial arts class will work great until you can get the upper hand on the bad guy.

  • Ron Obvious

    Doug you must have me bugged! You have said exactly what I have been saying since I heard about this. Even a novice CCW holder could have drawn Mr. Holmes’ fire long enough for many of those who ended up shot, to escape! All but the most hard core drugged out pshycos will take cover, even if they are decked out from head to toe in body armor, when they start taking incoming rounds! Instead of 12 dead and 70+ wounded, had a CCW holder had been there and acted, there may have been 3 or 4 dead and only a dozen or two wounded! Will a CCW holder prevent the attack, not, but they would have significantly altered the outcome. Even had one CCW holder engaged Holmes and been killed, Mr. Holmes would have likely lost his nerve and vacated the theater. But as it happened he was able to leisurely stroll up and down the isles of the theater and shoot and kill at will! You try to argue that a CCW wouldn’t have saved lives, if it had been used, and I’ll show you a fool’s position! Isn’t it funny how the fools have come out of the wood-work of the liberal media!?!

  • iwillnotbequiet

    Mr Giles this old gal is locked and loaded and a very good shot. I work at it as I live alone in the outskirts of my city. I carry at all times. Never leave home without it… Keep spreading the word as we must educate others. But please talk about pratice it is a must. I even like to shoot from a horse. This killer would have needed a head shot to take him down, yes I could……


    yep, thats why i carry everywhere i go [except the glorious peoples republik of kanada] cuz you never know when, where or how troule may raise its ugly head. a friend of mine once stopped four bikers from trashing his car and himself because they had chains and he had a gun.

  • BigUgly666

    Nice write-up, Doug, I am in full agreement ….. with one minor point.

    Let’s just say that the perp IS wearing a bullet-proof vest.
    First, the round may not penetrate the vest, but you may well kill the perp anyway – he will, however, be out of the game.

    The .45acp, standard 230 gr load and a muzzle velocity of 845 fps delivers 365 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle – due to the weight of the slug, this energy is retained for some distance.

    Now, consider the lowly sledge hammer ….. an 8# sledge hammer delivered with a velocity of 30fps (that is a full swing delivered in less than 1/5 of a second) only develops 112 foot-pounds of energy. ….. so, boys and girls, the .45acp delivers more than three times the energy of an 8# sledge swung by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    Now, I don’t know about you, but I would not want to be hit with three 8# sledge hammers at the same time no matter what kind of “ballistic vest” I might be wearing …. oh, and, chances are, I would not be getting up anytime soon and the last thing on my mind (other that, “I can’t breathe) would be shooting at someone else.

    Food for thought – if you don’t believe me, look it up and do the calcs yourself.

  • Patriot_70

    I’ve been blogging this for a few days now, and have to say, you said it well. Thanks.
    But I’ve added a few things.
    one, the jackass who put the no-concealed weapons sign on the theater wall should face murder charges as an accessory to the crime.
    two, the numbnutz who thought that disarming someone for the criminal should be forced to watch the shooting over and over, the participate in one himself, as one of the people he helped disarm.
    three, prosecutors are going to have to start filing charges against the gun-nuts who interfere with our ability to defend ourselves, be it politicians, police, or business owners.
    I’m SICK of good people dying at the alter of Gun Control!

  • Wordmahn

    When is the average pantywaist American going to wake up and realize that the only way we’re going to put a stop to this sort of thing is to do as this author recommends and arm ourselves. We have nothing to fear from law abiding citizens packing heat and plenty to fear for lack of them.

    BTW, though everyone is understandably screaming for Holmes’ blood, I want to say something that will be very unpopular. Having seen my own beloved son, a really good kid with no previous problems, have two severe psychotic breaks and be subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia, the look on Holmes’ face looks sickeningly familiar to me. I can’t know for sure from a distance, but I strongly suspect the young man is truly out of his mind. He had no previous bad behavior and no apparent motive. While I grieve for those people he hurt, I also feel very sorry for Mr. Holmes. I hope that the system will look carefully at his mental state and respond appropriately no matter how unpopular that might be.

  • eyemahippie

    I think yall are all missing something: Maybe Holmes was hoping everybody in the theater would be carrying and open up, thus making sure that a whole lot more innocent people would get killed in the crossfire. Only in the movies does the good guy shoot the bad guy.

  • Sal Carrubba

    A little common sense please. If someone is killed by a drunk driver do we all get our cars taken away and not allowed to drink? Do we all get penalized for another persons carelessness? Of coarse not. Then why should my gun rights be taken away because some dirt bag decides to wipe out innocent people? The bad guys will always find a way to get guns.It makes no sense. Why are law abiding gun owners being discriminated against?
    Diving a car is a privilege, consuming alcohol is a choice and gun ownership is a right! It’s written as the Second Amendment.

  • Mgunns

    As a retired LEO, I carry everywhere all the time. Remember until the situation is straightened out, you will probably be treated as a possible shooter or helper. Listen to all commands from the police and do them quickly , keep your mouth shut and follow orders. You may end up in jail for awhile until information clears you, be cool as you can and as stated keep pie hole shut unless asked questions.. Remember the first few minutes are like a Chinese fire drill. Practice with your weapon for the head shot, even if the perp is wearing ballistic clothes shooting them in the pelvic gentile will hurt very badly and will at least stop them to look for the person causing them the pain. Shoot and move!!!

  • Guest

    Start email blasting the Aurora city council. They have made their town a “gun free zone”. They are also digging in their heels claiming that Concealed Carry permits are “precluded by state law.” Unfortunately for them, state law is precluded by the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 2. They are going to get sued for tens of millions and they will lose. Who will be the enterprising lawyer to represent the victims in their lawsuit against the city and the theater, which is also a theater chain that is “gun free”?

  • Gordon

    All CCW holders who were in that theater should sue the theater management and owners for removing their ability to protect themselves.

  • Simon Bolivar

    If I’m dressed, I’m carrying. If not dressed there’s one within reach. I didn’t get old being easy.

  • raygunriot

    I couldn’t agree with you more! One armed citizen could’ve saved many.

  • A N Onymous

    And, remember, shoot to kill. A dead man can’t sue…. a shot criminal will.

  • theoldstoryteller

    Nazi Germany WWII – How many Jewish people wished they had tactical weapons? ” Colt made everyone equal! ” Bosnia, Syria, China, The former Soviet Union etc. The United States ???????

  • Need More CCW’s

    Perfect article. Anything can happen anywhere at anytime.
    Think about it, why didn’t this killer go to a police station to kill? Law Abiding Citizen Advocates there with guns trained to use them. A CCW holder is simply a Law Abiding Citizen with a gun that has been trained to use it. We need more of our “first responders” trained to protect themselves and other law abiding citizens. The shame of it all, I read where this theatre force those with CCW’s had to leave their weapons in the car. They have the No Gun policy. Idiots, the only thing a Gun Free Zone does is encourage a killer to pick your place of business. They know they will be the only one with a gun.

  • Mari

    Best pray Obama does not get re-elected or they will take our guns (easy, the permit list will be the first hit). If you refuse to give them up they will take you away and you will disappear!!!! Read your history, unless we do something about this we will be slaves.

  • victoryman

    Well said, Mr. Giles. An armed populace is a free populace. A disarmed populace is a controllable populace. We must remember that without the Second Amendment there will be no First Amendment.

  • Need More CCW’s

    This is a great example of how Police cannot protect you and your family. There were cops all over that theatre, but they stopped nothing. YOU are the first responder, not the police. YOU need to be trained in how to respond. Get trained, Get your CCW. The more law abiding citizens trained and armed, the less this will happen.

  • arthurlmackeyjr

    Ask Ebert that if concealed carry doesn’t work, why do concealed carry states and cities which allow it have lower violent crime rated than places that don’t like Chicago, New York, and too many others to list ?

  • budmanx

    good article…. and yes our founding fathers were a lot smarter than the gun control nuts of today who want to take away our 2nd. amendment rights. Just do a search for Jeanne Assam and read her story. When a lunatic showed up at her church with 3 guns and 1,000 rounds of ammo intent on setting a new record on shooting Christians she met him at the door and dropped his sorry ass before he could kill more than the poor 2 sisters he’d already shot in the parking lot. You probably don’t recognize her name because the media didn’t say much about her but she was a real hero. Of course she stopped the carnage from reaching anything near what James Holmes did but it would have been worse had she not been there with her gun and had the skill, courage and values to kill that sonofabitch on the spot with her gun. She was outgunned but she didn’t hesitate to run towards the shooter and drop him in his tracks. Look up her story… proof we can never allow anyone to take away our 2nd. amendment and our guns. No way.

  • Michael

    Thanks Doug, for reminding all of us to “not” let our guard down. Make your defense weapon an appendage. Good advice.

  • Washington22

    Love the above article. They guy is right. Only problem is, most states don’t allow a permit to carry.

    • gfr

      Wrong – every state will issue Concealed Carry Permits except Vermont which doesn’t require a permit to carry. 40 States are “Shall issue” which means that the county Sheriff must issue a permit if there isn’t a legal reason not to. Some States give the county Sheriff’s discretion over issuing and some Sheriff’s won’t issue under any circumstances.

      • Washington22

        Thank you. I stand corrected and happily so………

        • Patriot_70

          The judge just released the limits on Marylands Shall Issue case.

          “There is no good reason for the state to continue violating the constitutional rights of its citizens just to maintain this burdensome and arbitrary system,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “As Judge Legg originally observed, the Second Amendment’s protections extend beyond the home.”

    • Patriot_70

      Only four states have no permit to carry. And with the recent legislative actions, I think it might be three now.

  • Linda L Shelton

    I have no objection to a sane and WELL-TRAINED individual carrying a concealed weapon who regularly has to prove they are sane. However, 11% of the population has a mental illness. Most are harmless and should not be reason for ANY descrimination in any walk of life. However, if anyone can carry a concealed weapon with no training and the most minimal of background check or none at all, this scares me. Firing a gun at target practice is highly different than firing one in a dark crowded theatre with a nut shooting an automatic weapon. Military like training is necessary. Cool headedness and focus are necessary. The Colorado shooter got his weapons leagally! It should be at least as hard to get a weapon as it is to get a driver’s license (take a test and prove you can use the vehicle on a road test). If the gun lobby and the anti-gun lobby would at least agree on a written test and yearly proof of proficiency, with the ability of police to veto a license if there is a problem mentally, but civilian oversight of the police as they cannot have all the power like this especially since they have been known to be corrupt and go after whistle blowers.

    • gfr

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. In order to get a concealed carry permit I had to take 16 hours of instruction (with a written test), submit to a background check, and qualify with each of the three handguns that I have on the permit. Then you have to meet with a Police Detective for a personal interview (There is a waiting list of 8 months to get an interview). If the detective has any concerns he can send you for a psychological evaluation ($150). You come back after six weeks and they do the paperwork for the permit, which is issued six weeks later. The permit can be pulled at any time for any reason or none. Total cost is something like $600. You have to requalify every two years.
      The whole process is a LOT more difficult than a driving test and seems to be designed to weed out people by boring them to death. Would it prevent crazy people from getting concealed carry permits? Probably – but then again the Colorado shooter didn’t have a concealed carry permit anyway.

      • Patriot_70

        Wow, I hope you don’t have to get a gun in a hurry there!

        I can see it now, “Mister stalker with the gun he bought at the corner of MLK and main, please don’t bother me for a few months while I get a gun to defend myself with.”

        Yeah, gun control works.

  • mary_e_m

    what is the mask thing on the mans face in this article?

  • gencar

    You have said it well. Police are there to catch the criminal.NOT TO PROTECT YOU.

  • JT

    neither training, nor license is required…its called the 2nd amendment RIGHT…not privilege

  • Tommy

    WOW Chris fancy seeing you on this one too (the gold site wasn’t enough for you?), I say anything worth saying is actually worth repeating! So here goes: I have notice something very important! Something you have missed entirely! Though it is a recurring theme I have noticed from those that take a certain position (left if you will). You as an opponent of the other side or propionate of your side and point of view if you will are all lacking. Unless you are able to state facts (as opposed to FEELINGS) as to why in some resemblance of convincing debate of ideas (not to confused with arguing) just consistently saying “your dumb” “stupid” “clueless” “idiots” and “know nothing” really really does nothing to convince us to move to some sort of compromise. Pssssst (soft voice) It really shows you don’t have a clue. Here is how it works: (this part changed to fit the subject matter) (though your ramblings remain eerily the same… hummmmm) Lets see you don’t like guns because you believe (from your perspective) that guns kill people. Well first an inanimate object is incapable of doing that unless it’s sarin gas or something but even that would require a human being to deliver it. Here are facts since banning fire arms from Australia, England and places like NYC and wonderful Detroit the only ones still with guns are the law breakers and that gun related crime have gone up ever since (fact look it up). Why that is a fact pure and simple law abiding people do not commit crimes DUH! Police come after the facts so don’t go there. Let me ask you if baseball bats were the weapon of choice I’d venture to say you’d call for their banning, then ball pen hammers next so on and so on. You are missing the real problem crazy people do crazy things (my job and seen firsthand so no feelings injected here) with whatever they have available to them. Just because you take one type of weapon away is not and will not stop them from using something else (fact James left a bomb at his apartment because he was not going to be there to wield a gun… see?) Ted Kaczynski never used a gun and killed plenty. Dommer – Wayne Bertram Williams – need I say Jack The Ripper!!!! I could go on and on. Also if laws were actually imposed and carried out in a timely fashion VS 10 to 20 years later then there very well could be a deterrent once again for the misuse that we see. You know why Japan never invaded our home land? They KNEW citizens owned guns and if you think the world has changed well it has and not the way you think it is more dangerous, I would venture to say more dangerous than the wild west of old. See how that works the use of fact driven response. Now go play nicely with the others and quit just calling them names.

  • huskertazman


  • Alive in Texas

    I was on duty in the Emergency room here at Fort Hood, Texas on 5 November 2009. I absolutely agree in self presorvation. Also, I have a son to protect. We like to go to movies and other places in public. This is another example why gun control laws do not work. We do have he Brady Law. Do you remember that? I see it is highly effective. Better them red than me dead.

  • Top Cat

    First of all, I don’t go to garbage movies like “The Dark Knight”. I live in Arizona where you don’t need a permit to carry a gun. I keep mine under my truck seat and carry it when necessary. For the most part, I stay away from large groups of people.

  • Carl Jernigan

    I don’t own a gun and have often thought about self defense. The monsters have all the weapons they want; the prey should also.

  • mesaman

    Daily doses of Hollywood fantasy and TV reality shows that are full of violence, anger, hate, revenge, murder and mayhem are fraying and eroding people’s impulse controls. Young people, without rigorous limits and balances in their lives, together with an increased adult population that was raised in absence of these controls, is now becoming a standard. There are very, very few features on the entertainment media and very few stories in the news media that are presented without some act against another person. Control human impulses, not guns.

  • Lil Nemo

    Leave it to the police – but the courts have declared that it is not the pervue of Law Enforcement Agencies to protect the individual. Statistics show that the national average response time for a 911 call is 23 minutes and most crimes occur in a minute or less than one minute. In other words, the police – unless they happen to awalk in during the commission of a crime – basically fill out reports and then attempt to find the criminal. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the police and defend them.

  • El Kabong

    The risk of being armed is ending up like George Zimmerman. Zimmerman truly thought that Trayvon Martin was a threat, so he shot him. But instead of being treated like a hero, Zimmerman is in prison for murder.

    • Patriot_70

      He will be released, and when he is, I hope he sues the living tar out of the family of that stupid kid.

  • PWR

    Unfotunatly the theater where the shooting happened was a “Gun Free Zone” I like you Sir carry Concealed with me at all times. But I would not have broken the law and risked my license to carry into a building that was posted “No Guns” !! I wonder how many patrons of the movie left their guns in their cars that night because of the rules of this theater?? Funny thing, I have never heard of a CCW license holder going crazy and killing a crowd of people. Thus the No Guns sign only insures that Honest people will not be armed!! Criminals Love “Gun Free Zones” it gives them the edge every time!!

    • Tommy

      Those that did have CWP and had to leave there weapons away should sue. If one of my family members was killed and they were CWP holder I would make this a BIG issue. Not to profit as any lib might want to discredit here, but to fund fighting against those that would take our constitutional and God given right away. I don’t see anti gun individuals putting stupid signs ADVERTISING “hey my home or business isn’t protected so come on in and help yourself.”

  • Samme Darnall

    What is going to happen when they try to take away the guns of people in Alaska? It is not unusual to have a grizzly bear in your front yard. One woman told me that she never just opens the front door and walks into her yard. she always scans the area and if there are any wild life roaming around , such as moose or bear, she stays inside .but is she goes outside later on she takes her rifle with her and knows how to use it.

    • Patriot_70

      They have the same problem in Chicago, only they don’t have guns to protect themselves with, and it’s not bears that roam the streets.

  • Pappy

    “The most foolish mistake we could make would be to allow the subjected people to posses arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.”
    Adolph Hitler – Edict of March 18, 1938

  • kpjlaw

    This man is right. Responsible citizens need to be armed to protect others and themselves. The police cannot do it all. And if Obama gets reelected, we will really need to be armed. Gun control means being able to remain as calm as possible and hit the target.

  • Don Evans

    Bravo Mate! Behind you 200%!

  • v steve

    Here are several reasons for keeping the 2nd Amendment and this is what obama has in store for you if he is reelected you can count on it. He will have to because they can`t have people smarter than them.In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

  • Dan

    I Think there should be a complete ban on the weapons injuring and killing so many people. Cars!!! Lets get our priorities in order. It is so acceptable for us to die in automobile and not blink an eye. If everyone can drive a car then everyone should be trusted to carry a gun. Just consider it like a seat belt the one time you leave it off you’ll need it.

  • carryininnc

    I carry a gun wherever I can. However, here in North Carolina, amongst other laws, it is illegal to bring firearms into any place where you have to pay entry which yes, includes movie theaters. Had this happened here and someone in the theater had shot the suspect, the person who shot the suspect would be in trouble as well.

    I firmly believe that if more people carried guns, concealed or open carry depending on what the law allows, there would be less crime and less ridiculous situations like the one in Colorado. Albeit people with mental problems aren’t going to think clearly no matter the situation. However, for those who can think clearly, you will likely consider twice before committing a crime when you are uncertain whether someone at the potential crime scene could kill you with their own gun.

    People should get trained on how to handle a gun: get themselves mentally prepared to actually “use” the gun; practice, practice, practice shooting/handling; get a concealed carry if they want (and are allowed) and/or open carry of they want (and are allowed). The more non-criminal people who are armed the less criminals there will be.

    When speaking of gun control laws, people often fail to consider or intentionally choose not to address because they don’t actually want people to think about, that many/most criminals do not procure their weapons legally. Tighter gun control will not prevent gun related crimes. It will only serve to further empower criminals.

  • perky pauly


  • perky pauly


  • RealAmericanJeff

    In Switzerland every family is required to own a gun and learn how to use it. Switzerland has the lowest gun crime rate in the world! No liberals, this is not a coincidence. It is what we rational people call a fact. If you prefer communist dictatorship over freedom there are many communist and socialist countries you are welcome to move to. I will be more than happy to help you pack and help pay your one-way travel expenses. So if you don’t like the American constitution then leave or at least stay out of our voting booths.

  • Johnnygard

    There are some places that even CCW people can’t take guns – courtrooms, K-12 schools, airports, etc. In a classroom or courtroom or restaurant or office it is quite possible that the shooter could be between you and your only exit. Hiding under a table or desk will likely get you shot. People need to be programmed to throw things to distract the shooter while he gets overrun and or shot by other people. You have car keys, wallets, shoes, books, food, sodas, and thousands of other possible items to throw. Items coming at the shooter from an angle will cause a reflex action of ducking. Fill the air with flying trash and anyone will be distracted. A soda on the face lens of his gas mask could have made the Colorado shooter temporarily unable to see. If everyone is on the same page, it seems a lot better than just waiting to get shot.

  • jsmac1usa

    when seconds count the cops are only minutes away

  • Scobie

    “Shall not be infringed”?….. What is so difficult to understand about thse three words in the Second Amendment?

  • fed up taxpayer

    I really enjoyed reading this one. Exactly why I carry 24/7.

  • Tired Of Gun Toters

    Doug Giles. You carry a gun everywhere? Try carrying one to a Mitt Romney political rally. Guaranteed, you will be either stopped, patted down and your gun taken away or you spend some time in jail. Or if you were fool enough to conceal it and show it, you’d be shot or thrown to the ground. Second, full body armor. Do you know what that means? If your answer is yes, then you would know that your gun would DO NOTHING. Only because you are such a gun-toting moron, do I not give you carrying a gun a real threat to me or to anybody. That is becuase gun-toting idiots like yourself, are cowards. Yes, cowards, or all of you would be fighting in Afghanisatn

  • yaki534

    If there was one brave person that was armed, this freak would not have killed nearly as many as he did. He would have been dropped in his tracks.

  • Sandy

    I am a 69 year old Mother; my son is a Chicago Police Officer and my husband and son have been deer hunting since my son was 14 years old. My son cares a gun 24-7 and he wouldn’t hesitate to protect the people around him. Not everyone has this protection around them. I agree with you totally. As a Christian Family we don’t believe in killing, but we do believe in protecting ourselves.

  • greatgrandmasue

    Exactly. One concealed carry. One shot. End of seige.

  • smithpae

    The question should not be, “Why carry?” but “Why NOT carry?” In a world where evil and violence ae all around, the only solution is for decent people to be ready to defeat evil!

  • H

    I also believe that if those people had been armed the shooter wouldn’t have tried anything and even if he did he would have been taken down. I really don’t think we should ban guns. If we should ban any guns then maybe we should ban assault rifles but if you think about it if someone wants to get a gun to kill he/she will find a way to get one or they will find another way to kill them so banning guns doesn’t do much.

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