Bringing Balance to the Illegal Immigration Solution

by General Jerry Ralph Curry (Ret.)
Clash Guest Contributor

Our country has stopped breathing. The United States needs leaders in the White House and in Congress who aren’t afraid to pick up the nation by its heels, give it a good hard smack on its bottom and get it breathing again – get us working together again. Today, the President and Congress have stopped cooperating and working together. For the good of the country and, as a first order of business, they need to bring sensible compromise and reasonable balance back to our federal government.

Each political party has a list of policy issues on which they believe it would be a sin to compromise. They equate compromising on these issues the same as surrendering the nation’s most sacred principles and beliefs; which obviously is not the case. It is just that each political party has allowed its issues to have become so hardened that they block off all possibility of compromise and agreement. One of these issues is the illegal immigration problem.

To solve this problem, we must first gain control of our southern border. That is not nearly so difficult to do as is imagined. It takes will power, determination and persistence. The President need only turn to the Secretary of Defense and say something like, “This is a matter of national defense. I want our southern border secured within ninety days.” Sometime in the next ninety days the Secretary will report back to the President and say, “The border is now secured. Do you have other actions or orders pertaining to the border at this time?”

For the military, gaining control of our southern border in a few weeks is certainly doable. Overnight the East Germans and Russians erected a ninety-six mile long concertina barbed-wire barrier between East and West Germany. When the citizens of Berlin went to bed that night in the summer or 1961 there was no barrier; when they woke up the next morning West Berlin had been sealed off from East Berlin and there were armed guards controlling the border crossing check points.

The political road block to bringing the immigration flow across our southern border to a halt is not the Congress; it is the President. In myriad speeches he has said, “I don’t bluff,” which is to say that he doesn’t change his mind, which is to say that he refuses to compromise. Even though he says that he is wide open to compromise and is willing to listen to new ideas, at the same time he proudly proclaims that, “There is one thing I will not do …” Then he proceeds to cut the feet out from under all possibility of compromise.

If there is one lesson that Obama’s actions as President over the past four years should have taught us it is that every issue or problem must be settled President Obama’s way, or it is the highway. There is no reasonable concept of compromise in the man, no middle ground.

The illegal immigration issue is not a question of citizenship; rather, it is a question of obeying the law. Do illegal immigrants from south of the border want to become U.S. citizens or do they simply want to legally live and work in the U.S. and enjoy America’s benefits?

Once you separate the freedom to work issue from the citizenship issue, the problem almost resolves itself. In the non-hostile environment that such action fathers, the flames of dissention and hatred quickly die down and the badly needed fine policy details of immigration can be honestly, decently, and quickly worked out.

Immigrants illegally born in this country, or those who have been illegally brought to this country when they were little children and have lived here ever since, could be issued some type card permitting them to legally live and work in this country indefinitely – but they should not be offered citizenship. To be eligible for citizenship they should have to apply following all of the current laws and legalities.

Those who, as adults, crossed the border illegally could be issued another color card authorizing them to legally live and work in the U.S. — say for four years. At the end of that time, those who have not qualified for citizenship in some way should be deported.

For the good of the country and the immigrants, the nation’s illegal immigration problem needs to be solved quickly, and we need to quit using it as a voter’s bribe or some kind of political football. Solving the problem is doable. It simply takes a willingness to firmly engage in realistic negotiation and compromise.

Unfortunately, the temptation is to continue kicking the illegal immigration can down the road where it continues to be sidetracked; or to let it slide off the rails completely and into the government’s judicial and bureaucratic abyss, which will be a net loss for the country.

General Jerry Ralph Curry (Ret.)is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, Paratrooper, Ranger and retired Army Major General. For nearly forty years he has served his country both in the military and as a Presidential political appointee, including for the Carter, Reagan & Bush 41 administrations.

Image: Illegal Immigrant rights protest in the US/Mexico border in Tijuana; Cesarbojorquez at en.wikipedia; Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.

  • Candace

    Finally a balanced approach.

  • fliteking

    If we wish to grant amnesty there should be a 5 year waiting period for entitlements, which then should be limited to $20K per year per family with a 2 year limit.

    I can provide for my family, WTF it wrong with liberals and illegals?

    I would choose to deport them all, I am tired of the illegals and Liberals taking food off MY FAMILY’s TABLE.

  • dean29685

    I started out saying no way but this article made sense of course like every other common sense approach it will be ignored by the progressive government we have.

  • gypsy314

    We have been here done that before and here we are again. I support legal immigration and showing any support to law breakers is wrong and this amnesty crap will be back again and again and again. If you give amnesty to these law breaker then give it to all law breakers or are these law breakers better then the other law breakers? If you cross this line you may never be able to come back. So HELL NO to Amnesty send them all back and do not let them leave there children period.

    • disgusted democrat

      I for one m sick & tired of these greasers geting my face with there toilet paper flag and screeming for their rights! What fooking rights??


    All they want is the hispanic vote. This is the WHOLE reason. They don’t care what happens to the American tax payer. Obama just pledged 6 billion to foreign countries, is cutting our Marines by 20,000 and is getting ready to put boots on the ground in Syria and Iran. We are so screwed.
    I am glad I retired from the military. I would HATE to be an this “new Vietnam era” that Obama is building. He will keep us in turmoil and war. If you think this is his last term in office, think again. He will find another way to stay. The progressives will make sutre of that.
    The Republican party needs to disappear completely!!! They are too old and too establishment oriented. A new party needs to come into power that WILL hold up the constitution and the rights of the citizens above all others!!
    I am disgusted, disoriented, dismayed and destroyed by what the government and these morons have done to our beautiful country. Everything our fore fathers and veterans have fought and died for is hemmorraging into the streets. All the liberties, and rights we have earned (notice I didn’t say “entitlements”) are in the hands of the illegals, the sick lame and lazy. This is racially motivated, you can bet on that. They want whites OUT completely!!! I don’t care what color you are (my wife is hispanic), DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE!!!! My God, what is it going to take or come to? Civil unrest? Civil war? We already have that between the have’s and have not’s!
    I am glad I am NOT one ot the 1% (now they have said 2%). even so, here in California, my taxes stand to go up by $14,000 this next year. Thats not including all the new state taxes levied on us. The boost to welfare. The free entitlements. OMG, I have to stop, I feel sick just typing this crap!!!

  • haditinsd

    What can be so hard to understand about the word illegal? If I do something illegal I am held accountable. Perhaps some laws need to change but until then they are the law.
    Who gets hurt by these illegals? Start with those who stand in line to come legally to this country. Why are illegals being given preference over legals? There are victims of these illegal’s crimes. Whether they come with ignorance or malice they enter the country as a felon so is there any reason to think they will respect any other laws? Many unemployed are unemployed by desire but those who would like to work would be much better off if a few million jobs suddenly opened up. The taxpayers who have to fund food, clothing, education, medical care, police, etc. etc.. The elderly and handicapped who see the benefits they earned being given to felons while their own benefits are stolen by politicians. Even politicians who lose elections because of voter fraud when illegal felons vote.
    There was good reason why immigration laws were passed. Can any good possibly come by refusing to enforce those laws?

  • Margaret Nahmias

    I agree with that. I was never in favor of granting automatic citizenship. But the democrats and the Hispanic media will never understand Translate this to Spanish and send to them.

  • Tomtom

    America is becoming a third world country due mainly to the Illegal Immigrants and the cost to care for them!!!

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