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Irwin spent the first 15 years of his adult life as a youth pastor in Miami Florida. He then went on to a career in marketing and television where he launched the first Spanish-language television station in southwest Florida and created multi-million dollar ad campaigns. He is currently the President of DrTV Network which is a multi-level television network dedicated towards healthy living. He also serves as Chairman for The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance.

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  • Victoria


  • Bobseeks

    Amen – let America reap the harvest of evil that it has just sown. My faith and hope are in GOD and I can ride out the storm.

    • cimiron

      ditto, but I did cry for our nation all night

      • Bobseeks

        You weren’t alone.

      • Nurse56

        Me too, couldn’t sleep but this world is temporary. Eternity is more important.

        • Bobseeks

          You are right – this life and its trials will seem insignificant once we have a taste of eternity.

      • Anita M

        I had the exact same experience. I felt sick to my stomach and I just kept crying out to God, why would He allow such an evil man to stay in office. Then I realized how many times did Israel do evil in the sight of the Lord and He allowed them to have evil leadership. We are in the same boat, and unless we repent and turn back to Him, we will have the same decline as Israel before capture for 70 years by the Babylonians. The old saying that if you don’t know and understand your history, you are failed to repeat it is true.

        • vocalpatriot

          We are NOT Israel! God will not treat us the same as he did to Israel before Christ was born. take further note, Israel was never treated thus themselves since Christ was born…we are all the same now.

          • Lisa

            And God is still the same. He is perfect-therefore He will never change.

        • ME

          And what do Israel now???? they are killing inocent people like the palestinian, or are they the devil?? hahah all of you excessive christian people makes me sick. i belive in god, god is good to all of us and love all not just you americans… Jesus is not American. Jesus have alot of love for the people and all i can se in todays excessive christians is hate hate hate. Stop hate and start to help people no mather what then you will have your place in haven. Mitt Romney is a evil man who dont care about they who really need help he just care about the rich :S they dont need any help they can live their lives without problems. PLS PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/don.lowe.505 Don Lowe

            Careful drinking the “kool-aid”!!

          • ME

            Thanks :) God Bless and dont hate ;)

          • TexasJester

            Remember: If the Middle East were disarmed and not Israel, there will be peace.
            If Israel is disarmed, there will no longer be Israel.

            When you have people in this world (like Achmadinejad) who have publically stated that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist, and “innocent” Palestinians are blowing themselves up – and truly innocent Israelis – or lobbing rockets daily into Israel, they have the God-given RIGHT to defend themselves!

            If all these Muslim countries would leave Israel alone, Israel would have no need for a military. But as long as people try to destroy Israel, they must maintain their strength. And if you don’t like it, tough – take it up with God.

          • ME

            Hahah i hope you not serious… why all the hate to muslim people im not muslim i am christian just so you know. why do you think the palestinian have to blow them self up?? beacuse they dont have the weapon force like israel. Israel is a country build in hate. they also kill jesus dont you read it in the bible?
            we should all start thinking in another direction. desarm every country. America is the real terrorist in this world for being killing innocent people.

          • fatal42

            Because Islam teachs if they cannot convert you it’s their duty to kill you !
            If thats how they feel It’s MY duty to my children & grandchildren to KILL them first !!!

          • TexasJester

            Think about it! If the rest of the Middle East would leave Israel alone, Israel wouldn’t need their military. The ONLY reason they have that powerful military is to protect themselves from the assaults from the Muslim world!

            Why the hate towards Muslims? That’s easy. They hate the rest of the world. Their beliefs are that they are to convert or kill everyone who isn’t a Muslim. Their greatest prize is to be a martyr – to die while killing infideals! (That’s why the Palestinians are blowing themselves up.. They have plenty of money. But the leaders can’t live the life of luxury if they spend their money on tanks and planes..)

            The Roman centurians killed Jesus. Haven’t YOU read the Bible?? And if you’re so Christian, go research why the Pope commissioned the Knights Templar way back when. (It was to protect Christians going to the Holy Land on pilgrimage, because the Muslims were robbing and killing the Christians!!)

            While you’re researching history, look up the Barbary pirates. They were Muslim!

            The Muslims have been trying to kill the Christians since their pedophile homosexual leader, Mohammed, started it!!

            One more statement: if you TRULY believe America is a terrorist State, go buy yourself a one-way ticket to the middle east where you can see what TRUE terrorism is. You probably won’t survive. God bless.

          • pdh42

            Are you serious Me? God will bless those who bless them (Israel) and wil curse those who curse them. The so called palestinians are doing everything they can to destroy Israel. In case you do not understand Israel will be protected by God when the rest of you turn against them.

          • Remnant-of-the”D”

            Also – There is no such thing as “Palestinian” they are in fact part of the lost ottomon empire – therefore they have no claim to Israel!

          • pdh42

            I understand that there are no true palestinians, but that is what everyone calls them. I agree that they have no right or claim to anything in Israel. So what is your point to my post….

          • Remnant-of-the”D”

            @dfdd370588ba2164bec560d6eafaba51:disqus – You are blinded like a sheep to the slaughter – go to your bible and pray and pray hard that the wool will be removed from your sight.

        • Jean McKinney

          Anita – I prayed the same thing. I questioned the God I trust. I did not understand how this election result could bring any “good” out of it. A few minutes after I prayed that, my text phone ringer went off. My brother texted me. He, who does not know Jesus, was traveling and said a car stopped in front of him and a young man got out, walked back to his truck and handed him a pamplet. Got back in his car and drove off. The pamplet said Tribulation was near and explained how and why the lost need Jesus. It all became clear to me. “The fields are now very ripe with harvest” and winter is approaching fast. We workers better get busy because we won’t be here much longer! Halleluiah!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K3FDRAKONDEDXUGYCOSLUR452U Buyerbwear

        I’m still crying for our nation. Yet, we reap what we sow.

        • r

          Especially when obamy got re-elected. These people are SO blind. GOD help US and the USA! Don’t know if we will last another 4 years.

          • $3846549

            The dollar won’t last four more years, it looks like that is the plan, then they can replace it with international chits, and they (globalists) will tell Americans what their chits are worth. Europeans have been scheming to take the power away from the US since the second world war. I’ve been over there, they have disdain for Americans, unless you confess that we are all cowboys. That is their word for indicating we are barbarians. Unfortunately I have liberal friends who go over there and with abject apologies for their country, suck up to the degenerate old world.

      • Gordon

        I see below that you and I weren’t alone. Lenin got his cadre of “useful idiots” to take over Russia with Socialism, now it looks like Osama has his cadre of “useful idiots”.

        • jdangiel

          Lennin had a country full of peasants to start with. Nobammy is still making them.

      • Patriot3

        I AM STILL CRYING and will for days!!!! I can’t get over how STUPID people are!! What happened????? All of us are calling each other venting. First I was sad now I’m MAD AS HELL!!! You know what I give a lot to charities, schools, Christmas presents to the needy, food, etc. Well you know what I AM NOT DOING IT ANYMORE!!! I am saving every penny for my family! God knows we will be taxed to death, inflation, etc. I AM DONE BEING NICE TO THESE IDIOTS!!!!!!

        • Hilarious

          What happened is that you people have no basis in reality and create facts. Anti-intellectuals tend to reject education because it has a “liberal bias” lol. All the signs were there, you know, polls based on math and stats, but once again you chose to ignore it and are the only idiots in the world who are shocked at outraged by this highly inevitable outcome. Good luck to you, you are going to need it if you continue to ignore reality.

          • Goodforall

            Anti-intellectuals-you mean those of us who reject socialism? You will be in the same boat as everyone else in this Country. Look in the mirror-you are the idiot.

          • Robert Landis

            Are you agreeing with this administrations spending a trillion dollars more than they take in each and every year they are in charge? It doesn’t take a whole lot of smarts to know that that is not a good idea. You may well be the ones who should be referred to as the idiots and anti-intellectuals.
            The reality is that this administration is wrapped up in the culture of death and jealousy. I was so disappointed in this election because it showed that our country is in agreement with this flawed line of thinking. I wonder what it would be like if everyone was forced to vote. Would the outcome be the same? Just a thought because some just don’t want to be accused of being part of the problem , so they refuse to vote. They think it is all about picking the lesser of two evils . Maybe then they would become part of the saving of our country. maybe not.

          • $3846549

            Either the country is so demographically changed that it is no longer worth any patriotism, or the election was fraudulent. Either way, I am leaving everything on the field like Mitt and will go forward as if I am in a foreign country.

          • Speed

            Hilarious;Liberals LOVE Polls and Statistics,because they can be made to reflect the desired point by simply including supporting bits and neglecting to mention everything else. (It’s in the Liberal’s Play Book.) In light of this manipulation of FACTS,Polls and Stats are proof of absolutely NOTHING unless you believe you can trust the source. And contrary to your comment,I’m fully in favor of education,in cases where the purpose is to EDUCATE,rather than train to think as the Liberals profess to do. Also consider that a Liberal’s concept of reality embraces that the Government is the be all and end all of life-everything people need in life should be provided by the Government. Who pays for it? Who cares?

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N3PIXK5VUBWB3MXYGQOJMM5GCU Whats It

            For someone who’s blind and deaf you seem to have no problem hearing yourself. I almost feel sorry for you. The lessons you have yet to learn will be substantially harder than the trials Christian conservatives face over the coming years. The funny thing about “knowing” how smart you are is that you never realize that you’re actually quite exceedingly stupid, and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt every time you speak. You can come in here and defame us as much as you like, but know the only person you’ve impressed is yourself.

          • KarenWI

            I’m very educated, I voted for Mitt. I am a single woman. What the hell do your statistics say about that?

          • $3846549

            Yeah, what are you talking about with this anti-intellectural garbage? I have a nephew who have masters in microbiology that was attained at 17, I have a sister in law who has two degrees from columbia and works over seas in the North Atlantic oil fields. A brother in law who is a professor. Another (a woman)who is a director over a Hong Kong division of an international company. The uneducated in the family are all democrats except for one attorney (and what can you do about attorneys, as it has been said, first kill all the attorneys)Have fun burning that straw man.

        • Ron

          Patriot3. You have now acknowledge that you have given to the very same people who voted for obama. They never get enough free stuff and they have done nothing to earn the free stuff. Take care of your family. Let the so called poor turn to obama for help.

          • jimshaw54

            Be careful when you say these things. A lot of people NEED charity. Pick where you donate carefully, but don’t cut off donations to the truly needy. Remember, not everyone who needs assistance is on the dole, nor did they vote for Obama. Just be careful in your giving.

          • KarenWI

            NO I disagree…..we need to take care of ourselves and our families now. There’s plenty of freebies to get from the govenrment now. Conservatives are generally caring and generous people, but it stops NOW.

          • http://www.facebook.com/PRESVIEWLADY Mercy Clark

            Let Obama takes care all people who voted for him…They can have all their freebies until when it runs out…we conservative let’s be frugal with our money , spend wisely our hard earnings and be careful with our generousity .We’ll find out who will be starving to death in coming days when there’s nothing left anymore Obama can giveaway. Goerge Soros a very wealthy friend of Obama maybe will come to rescue.

        • Karen

          Elizabeth I so agree with you, I have always given to charities, but that will stop, because I am going to need every penny I have. There will be very little charitable giving in the next several years, Mitt was planning on giving his salary to charities because he didn’t need the money, how much do you all think Obama is going to give?

          • $3846549

            Yep, charity begins at home, and helping your own family is your first duty.

          • pdh42

            I agree that we need to take care of our own, but we have a duty to take care of the truly sick and elderly

        • Neal Avery

          That is what you should do. Save your money for your family. Let the Obamites take care of all the other needy. If you give your money the Obamites will get the credit. Let the people that voted for him turn on him.

        • KarenWI

          Patriot3 — I don’t remember feeling such fury and anger. Remember depression is anger directed inwards so let your rage out. I do not display my kind self to my coworkers anymore, I find myself hating them. They were calling us haters…..and I was always opened minded and fair, well, now I do hate them…….for what they’ve done for my son’s future. He worked so hard to overcome some obstacles when he was young and is now working so hard in college FOR WHAT KIND OFLIFE?

          • TexasJester

            My daughter recently graduated nursing school in the panhandle of Texas – and hasn’t been able to get a decent job nursing since. She has a 3-year-old little girl (come back! I want to show pictures of my granddaughter!!) and one on the way…

            I can only pray that my grandkids will have an America to enjoy…

          • $3846549

            My daughter graduated last december with a politcal science degree and is working for temp companies. At some of the jobs she applied they only require a high school diploma and she was beat out by people who have master’s degrees. This is a self induced depression, just like FDR’s depression. Economies are organic, they flourish on their own. In all the countries around the world who struggle, it is because of their governments. We have not known what it is like to be fettered. Now we will.

          • pdh42

            Send her down south towards the Houston area as good nurses are in short supply.

        • $3846549

          I stopped giving to emotion-manipulating charities a long time ago. As Jesus said the poor are always with you. It is ok to help friends TEMPORARILY down on their luck. Watching some people over their lifetimes, they have taken to making their way through life, by taking. I only give to wounded warrior funds or charities like Ty Woods widow and baby, and animal charities.
          As Ghandi said, a nation will be judged by how they treat their animals.

        • pdh42

          If you have been blessed, then aren’t we taught to bless others with our extra?

      • Kristin

        Me and my husband were on our knees crying together last night.

      • Helen

        I cried right along with you. Hate to see the way our country is going.

        • KarenWI

          I did not cry – I was RAGING with anger and hatred for the stupid masses who do not know obama — what he stands for, even what he does behind their backs and voted him in. WE KNOW because we are thinkers and pay attention to what politicians do to our country. I am finding it very difficult to be at all my normal ‘friendly, kind and fair’ self to my coworkers who mostly voted for this fool. My boss even told me I was drinking the koolaid for voting for Mitt. This is NOT OVER, we ae regrouping replanning. In WI it was discovered that if our state does NOT create a STATE health insurance exchange that the obamacare mandates will not apply to businesses — too longe to write about here but we may have won our first obamacare victory. LOOK for the small battles!

      • col

        So did I.

      • TexasJester

        At 2:00, Nov 7, I woke up – couldn’t wait. Pulled up Fox News online – and wept. I almost couldn’t eat breakfast. It’s now Friday – my stomach is still upset. I am STILL in shock..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FTGGP6OJORXGESZY7LPDY5ZSX4 Loran

      I agree. At first, last evening I was of the opinion that God had abandoned our fair nation. After a night of reflecting on how we could be so wrong, I am now of the opinion that maybe this is not so. He is still here with us.

      • jimbo999

        God didn’t abandon our nation.

        Our nation abandoned God.

        Why do we blame God?

        We took prayer out of our schools, telling God that we don’t want to talk to Him.
        We took the Ten Commandments out of our public places, telling Him that we don’t like His rules.
        We took the right to have a Bible out of our public places, telling Him we don’t want to read anything about Him.
        We took crosses and the Star Of David out of cemeteries and memorials, telling Him we don’t want to be reminded of what His people died for.
        We allowed Television, Movies, books, magazines, and children on the street to use His name as a curse word.
        We allowed our schools to reject His wonderful Creation and let them teach that it just happened and we somehow appeared out of some chemical reaction as some slime.
        We allowed all kinds of sexual perversions to become the norm, in spite of His prohibition against them.
        We encourage young men to have sex with as many girls as they can handle, and for the girls to get pregnant and have lots of illegitimate babies. We pay them more welfare for each one they have.
        If the babies are inconvenient for them, we encourage them to have the baby ripped from their bodies and discarded with the trash.

        In other words, we told God to get out of our lives and leave us alone…so maybe He did.

        • respectlife

          You are so right. God never causes evil. We cause our own evil. God only makes good come out of bad things that happen Not sure how this will transpire but expect big things to happen. Just remember God wins the battle with Satan.

          • $3846549

            You are right, the one thing I am sure of, is that God walks with me through this dream of tribulations and trials. When I go home, I wish to hear. “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Love God, all the rest is ephemeral.

    • http://www.facebook.com/don.lowe.505 Don Lowe


    • Jean McKinney

      Our focus now should only be on leading those who will listen to Christ. I give up on the fight for America. I’m done. It is what it chooses to be and the only thing left is our short wait for the Lord’s return. The people choose to be blind and choose to turn away from God. There is nothing left here for those of us who belong to Yaweh, so now we focus on there.

  • straightline

    So America really is more interested in network sitcoms with gay themes than the future of our country. Apathy has become complacency and the public at large mere cattle.

    • americanoide

      Good Morning anyways!
      In such a sad day there is a new challenge that will proof without a doubt that B.H.OBAMA is a failed president.

      There is no peace to the wicked, saith the Lord in Isaiah 48:22, Isaiah 49:1; Isaiah 57:21; Job 15:20-24 Lu 19:42 Ro 3:17.

      Just sit back and watch his fall, be prepared to see what is coming upon the annointed president, his allies and his enemies. ‘their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time’.

      Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time Daniel 11:35.

      We are living the last days of human politics as we know it.
      Nothing done will succeed!



      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K3FDRAKONDEDXUGYCOSLUR452U Buyerbwear

        You are wise, Teresa, and rich in the knowledge of scripture. Thank you for these and may God have mercy on all of us.

      • jimbo999

        ACTS 12:21-23 King James Version

        21 And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them.
        22 And the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god, and not of a man.
        23 And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.

        An angel filled Herod’s body with worms, which consumed him from the inside out until he died. He allowed the people to say he was a god because his oratory was so wonderful.

        Obama should have corrected the MSM when they said he was god and when Calypso Louie said Obama was the Messiah. Perhaps Rev. Wright never read these words from Acts while Obama was in his congregation.

      • Lisa

        Add to the list what the prophet Habbaccuk recorded. Too much to quote here, but is only three chapters. An appropriate devotional read at this time.

        • Sunrise2

          you mean Habakkuk?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-O-Williams-Jr/100000755018030 Robert O. Williams Jr

        Well said…thank you…

      • http://twitter.com/MacdonaldCory Macdonald Cory

        Obama is demonically protected. As long as American welcomes evil, nothing will save us. By the time God answers our prayers, America will be lost and unrepairable.

        • col

          Obama is protected by George Soros’s money, Biden the insurance policy and the lame stream media.

          • Sunrise2

            yep, Obama already had it in the bag before we voted.

    • Mark Kuykendall

      Seems sadly apparent,

    • chet

      Straightline, you got that exactly right.The media, both print and tube, were so far up Obama’s butt you couldn’t get the truth with a shovel.Thanks liberal America, you really screwed up.

      • KarenWI

        There is no such thing as media anymore – it is a propaganda machine for left wing socialist communist politicians


      we are being over run and governed by adolescents.. and with an IQ of a pencil eraser.

      • jbaviera

        Do you really think they’re that smart?

  • Bill T Smith

    so true they buy the bull and will not want the crap to come with it let them see their new taxes they wil get soon

    • omg

      AND the taxes will be coming sooner than they think!

      • $3846549

        Think the housing market is bad now, wait til people realize they have to pay 3.8% tax on the sale for Obamacare. No more house sales.

      • metheoldsarge

        On January 1, 2013 the Bush tax cuts will expire again and our tax will go up.

      • Amfer Ferg

        I just heard it on the news (radio)…o is asking (?) for a tax increase as I write this!!

  • Jeff H

    Nice retelling of the last 150 years of European history. Unfortunately, when the left is shown to be wrong, and socialism fails (again,) the result will not be a place where we will “finally get true change.” Instead, we – our decedents that is – will have to live through a generation or three of tyranny and slavery, then bloody revolution, before any semblance of liberty is regained. It’s a cycle that repeats itself. Socialism never leads back to liberty, it always leads to tyranny. Always.

    • bobalo59

      Then its time to cut it short and get straight to the revolution. I don’t want to leave this country a screwed up mess for my kids, or their kids. Lock and load folks, its closer than we think.

      • Husqbo

        Amen brother I’m as well sick of waiting for the inevitable….lets get r done

        • nortexman

          I agree with that, get r done but then no one does anything

      • James W.

        well unless you can change it, thats what the kids and grand kids will be getting. the people who voted for this president last night will never understand that the freebies they think are good now will hurt the future because they dont get it, dont care and never will

        • metheoldsarge

          They will be in for a rude awakening when there is no one left to pay the taxes to provide them their freebies. All these people who voted Democrat are among the useful idiots Lenin talked about a century ago. As soon as they are not needed any more they will join the rest of us under the bus.

          • $3846549

            When the people making over $250, leave, change their behavior or drop out to find fulfillment in less worldly things, the federal revenue will be 800 billion. The collapse could come in the next four years.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FTGGP6OJORXGESZY7LPDY5ZSX4 Loran

      I am 60 years young now. I do not believe that I shall ever see my country as it was again in my lifetime. Shed no tears. Believe and pray to our God to restore freedom and liberty. In the meantime, I shall save books and study courses on our Constitution and our founding for my future family members.

      • $3846549

        There is a book titled The Road Ahead, of the prophesies of Paramhansa Yogananda, he absolutely predicted all these things and on time too. He also advises people what to do during this time. Also, in the end 70-100 years? He didn’t say, the US will prevail because their rights come from God, men have not taken them away, we have given them away and denied God. We will wander in the wilderness until we are cleansed. We are a profligate nation now, it cannot be denied.

    • Hilarious

      You’re fighting something that just is not. You claim that the left has been proven wrong…based on socialism. Liberals in this country simply do NOT want socialism. I wish you all would stop demonizing the educated just because you are allergic to learning.

      • Ron

        What do liberals what? They voted for obama and he is very liberal. So tell us, what do liberals want?

      • Robert Landis

        What’s with you acting like the liberals are the educated? Educated beyond the ability to think rationally is not a good thing. Yes, liberals do want “other peoples money” to give to people who sometimes do not deserve it. They are under the thumb of the unions who force everyone to give in to their demands or face the union violence. I am convinced that the ones who are allergic to learning are simply put – people like you.

      • jimshaw54

        Liberals might not WANT socialism, but they voted to put this country on the path that will inevitably lead to socialism. History is behind that, and you tell us that liberals are educated. Yes, they have been educated, by other liberals, socialists and outright communists. You can take that to the bank.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N3PIXK5VUBWB3MXYGQOJMM5GCU Whats It

        What’s so funny about you is your complete inability to distinguish the difference between “educated” and “indoctrinated”. While you fall back on the beliefs instilled in you via indoctrination you NEVER LEARNED much of anything, and are therefore, incredibly stupid. If you are a liberal, and you voted for BO, you are 1)a fool and 2)a socialist, commie pig. The second point is that you cannot actually substantiate much of anything you’re trying to argue so you resort to a kind of pseudo class warfare insisting that we’re all demonizing the “indoctrinated”. If you had in fact educated yourself to any degree you’d be able to see that Liberal/Progress/Socialist/Marxist/Communist all are the same thing and end the same way (MILLIONS DEAD). The name just changes in order to try and hide what it is. You sir…. sound like a RACIST to me.

  • Bulldog74

    Now is the time to invest in companies that market “Don’t blame me, I voted for Romney” bumper stickers.

    • metheoldsarge

      Not a good idea. we will not be allowed to display them because that will hurt their feelings and that is considered a hate crime. You can go to jail for that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DTILR6OES3KCXKZRKNRAN6PKXA victoria

    render unto caesar…

  • mishkacoats

    Looking back through U.S. history you will find that EVERYTHING these DemocRATS are pushing for or pushing against, they will blame the NAZI Republicans for when they find out that what they themselves originally pined for they got and it didn’t work out so well. Our MSM will continue to rue the public with words of negativity towards all conservatives and push the blame on the Republicans shoulders. Even though each and every regulation the DemocRats wanted they got.
    Be careful….we conservative republicans will take the blame for something WE actually have been fighting against for a century.

  • DeborahCats

    Sadly, it appears we will not learn wisely nor quickly — is this our 40 years wandering in a wilderness, even though the destination is so very close at hand? As many of us wrote in the last few weeks before the campaign: God help us.

  • sagebrush6

    Screw that. I am not a sheep. I believe in personal responsibility. The growing government will run out of your & my money shortly that’s needed to support all the trivial people (welfare types) and then what ?

    • cimiron

      I guess then the way we go is like Greece, or in two years maybe we could win the senate and stop all this bull

      • Willi

        You’re presuming a big increase in the IQ numbers of the average presently ignorant American……as well as the appearance of …some HONESTY and COMMON SENSE.

        As long as liberalism is around, tyranny is just around the corner.

        • $3846549

          We also forget that we have 50 million legal and illegal aliens in this country. They think they have washed up on the shores of milk and honey, they do not understand how this country was built. They have brought their consciousness from those other countries to us. They are on the dole all over the country, some of them have to be babysat by social welfare people. The shining city on the hill is a squalid third world banana dictatorship now, and will be.

    • ChrisinOregon

      You ask then what? Look at GREECE…..when we run out of money and tell those getting it free that there is no more, then they take to the streets…..

    • a

      Don’t forget the witch in the WH and her flock of servants! She will drain what money and blood we have left. The time has come for change…

    • http://twitter.com/jude83268949 jude

      They will be rioting in the streets because Their Government Promised them cradle to grave fair share, take from the rich to give to the poor, they will dance in the streets and rejoice, until they realize the Government is taking a bigger share and becoming richer, and not sharing enough with the poor.

    • James W.

      the growing government will take your money without your okay.

  • Gretagarbo123

    I agree – Let these stupid people suffer. We’ll all suffer, but I’m tired of talking to a brick wall. Most of all, I hope the mainstream media suffers. They will become the state media and may be sorry they didn’t exercise good journalism when they were allowed to. Give them everything they want! What’s the use? I also can’t see a point in waiting in line at the polls anymore when the electoral system seems to be so stacked against conservatism. Maybe it was a good idea at one time, but now, it’s a complete scam. God bless all the commentators who worked so hard the past 4 yrs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      Even if the stupid people also suffer, they will blame it on us Conservatives. Look at obama, he is still blaming it on Bush, and will continue to do so. When the stupid people also suffer they will be looking for scapegoats. Guess who the scapegoats will be. It will not be obama, or the democrats, or their ilk. I am afraid America, and its freedom are doomed. The ignorant people now rule, and there are more of them each year.

  • Jim

    Hopefully the Republican party will take a long hard look at this election. I think that the majority of the US voters are in favor of fiscal conservativism, but not in favor of some of the more conservative social issues. Republicans need to get over the opposition to gay marriage. The majority of American voters have no problem with it. Also, we must stop our attacks on women. Being pro-choice is what most people want. If a person is opposed to abortion, don’t get one, but telling a woman what she can or cannot do with her body is a no win situation. Obama was able to attract a huge percentage of the gay and also female voters. We need to come back to the main priorities of our party. Lower taxes, a strong economy, a strong military, and cutting spending drastically. IF we run future campaigns on these principles, we will win.

    • JL

      It’s not about a woman’s body (I say this as a woman), it’s about the life in it. Do you want to face the souls of all the aborted children on judgement day and say that you allowed their murder to regain the white house? Will you sacrifice millions of them for the sake of your children? Or will you teach your children to stand up for what’s right even if it’s not popular?

      • Jim

        Then you’d better get used to the Democrats winning. I spoke with my niece about these issues. She’s straight, anti-abortion and a fiscal conservative, but she said that as long as the Republican party tries to tell people who they can or cannt marry as well as telling a woman what to do with her own body, she will vote Democrat. Also, keep in mind that your Christian beliefs are yours, but not the majority of our nation’s population. When one uses your religion as an argueing point, you will only convince people who already agree with you.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

          Then your daughter is not a true conservative, nor or you. You cannot be just fiscal conservative. Being Conservative does not work that way.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        Jim claims to be a conservative, yet sees no problem with on demand abortion and is advising the rest of us to get with the program.

    • mishkacoats

      Two problems with this actually happening, although good suggestions. 1. Abortions should not be given using taxpayer money. (This is what Planned Parenthood does). 2. Lower taxes is NOT what Obama Hussein wants he wants more taxes, more government and DEFINITELY LOWER Military.

    • cimiron

      it is hard to see the things that we know are wrong, but I believe they should get off there platform and just let it be, God in heaven will take care of it on judgement, it is not up to us to do so

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        If we are going to let God handle everything, then why don’t we just put up candidates that mirror the Democrats candidates.The Democrats want someone else to do it for them and to support them. You are asking God to do it all, Elizabeth. What is the difference?

    • glass

      This. They need to vet the men folk so they won’t say stupid things.

    • http://twitter.com/gunslingr45 Doc

      Why would they? I am leaving the GOP because I am so tired of giving money to “socalist lite.” I voted for McCain, then Mitt and now I am done. They own it, let them eat it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        Jim, and others are saying we have to become more like the Democrats, cater to the gays and vagina’s, give in to the dope smokers and those who favor free instant abortions.

        Elizabeth, says don’t worry about it, let God handle it.

        Isn’t what is wrong with this country today. Either be just like those we despise, or let someone else handle it?

        Doesn’t that make us just as bad as obama, and his ilk?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        Incidently, I too want nothing more to do with Conservative lite.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DennisCHP Dennis Janson

      Jim, the problem is we have lost our moral compass. The rule of law guides and normally protects us. We were a God fearing nation once and didn’t even need to lock our doors. We have allowed ourselves to waterdown our values and laws to placate the minority who are too lazy to work and have no pride in themselves. No one in my poor family expected to get free government handouts. We all worked for a living and finally could be considered middle class. Now the majority of the middle class want to sit in front of the boobtube and let you work so they can eat bonbon’s.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      The more Conservative people and their issues are the ones who voted third party candidates and cost us the election. The Republican party moving to the center on issues and giving us a diluted middle of the road candidate like Romney trying to appeal to the middle of the electorate is what cost us the election. The Republican establishment, as well as you Jim should be able to see and understand that now. Doing what you suggest is even more political suicide. If we cater to the Gays, as you suggest, give in to the dope smokers, and agree to instant on demand abortion, then we are no better than the other side. By the way, Jim are you a Democrat.? If not, it surely sounds as if you want to be. Basically, Jim you are doing what the Democrats do, you are advocating for no principles, or morals.

  • sicntired

    it is time these useless dreggs reap what they have sown.

  • New Slave

    Only problem with your argument is that facts don’t matter and the Democrats would find a way to blame the Republicans for the failure too. The idiots would believe them. And….it would result in a lot of pain for the average responsible individual.

  • bobalo59

    WE can not stand by and just give it to them. What happens after that? Total breakdown and anarchy, We have to stand and fight these little pricks every chance we get. Scew bipartisanship, FIGHT HIM. Don’t give the little goatfornicator anything, make him bleed, make the democraps come crawling begging for our help after they screw everything up. MAKE THEM BLEED>

    • Nurse56

      It is in God’s hands now. We the people do not have a voice or any way to push for right. Satan rules the US now and unless there are sufficient righteous people to rise up we are doomed to reap what we have sown.”Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in
      the name of the LORD our God.” Psalm 20:7 NIV

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        Nurse, you are so right, and we are outnumbered. When God decides to act, it may be too late for many of us. I pray for my poor nation. It will never again be what it once was, nor will it ever be what it could have been.

      • $3846549

        Doesvesky’s book on the argument between Jesus and Satan. Satan said that he had mankind, because time and again they sold themselves into SLAVERLY for the “promise” of food and shelter, of which they recieved neither. The Great Deceiver has won the battle over this once God fearing country.

      • metheoldsarge

        People need to start following the will of God. As long as you are alive it is never too late. God is a guide and not a storm trooper. Too many forget that. Hypocrites like Jackson, Sharpton and Wright are busy spreading the word. God”s word. Only God’s words they ran out of a long time ago. If they think their actions will get them to Heaven, they better have their Heaven on Earth. There will be very trying times ahead and Christians and Jews will be prime targets for the evil to come. God expects us to follow his guidance and be prepared to suffer anything. Your only alternative will be to spend eternal damnation with them. Not something I would look forward to. The day will eventually come when Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Wright and Soros will have to answer for their actions. On that day all the money and power they enjoy on earth isn’t going to be there to help them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      They will be the one’s who make us bleed.

  • das boots

    Amen. +2. Give America what she wants. I’ll try to just ride out the storm. Try to take care of my family and whatever I got left.

  • Dorothy

    Excellently said…as for me…I’m sticking with God..not the faker’s in the White House…

  • Fed Up

    I feel the same way, but the only problem is once they get it all and we become like Communist Russia or China, there to no way to return to democracy. Gave over! So, I think a better approach is to ask the House of Rep to not increase the debt ceiling. Shut the government down for several months if necessary. Tell everyone you know to save up for this shut down. Let the Dems sqrirm and Obama park his jet. Then, make he and Obama be responislbe. It is better to do this now. There is no way to tax or spend ourselves out of this mess. Only serious cuts in entitlements will work. Also, while we have a majority of states that are still red, we need to pass some admendments to the constitution to stop spending without a yearly budget, put some controls on the supreme court, and set up a process where the states can impeach the President or Supreme court member if congress is divided and cannot act on abuse of power by the executive or judicial branches,

    • glass

      I like this idea, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    • chet

      Fed up, you’re right. Maybe it’s time to start a letter writing, e-mail overload to our Congressmen with this very idea. If they don’t cooperate, out in the next election. Put the screws to Obama.

  • Mark

    I disagree. Don’t give them everything. When their policies fail, their answer will be to spend more money!

    • glass

      Let them spend. Spend so much that we cannot help anyone else and the whole liberal world will collapse and we will be taken over by the capitalist chinese.

  • rick0857

    The election is now over…..and the future of America is to say the least dim. We enter a new era today.

    An era of the unknown , we don’t know yet what the next four years will bring. I have a pretty good idea what will happen but they are just my estimates of what lies ahead.

    Obamacare is now and will be the single most ruinous piece of legislation passed in the last 100 years. It will completely kill the commercial insurance industry. All your health care will come from snot nosed bureaucrats that will have a degree in economics instead of medicine, and that snot nosed kid will decide whether or not you or your loved ones will receive the medical attention they need. Automobile accidents now will be “herd thinning” exercises whereby Doctors and paramedics will treat only those that are under 70 but older than three. Those figures seem to fit Dr. Emmanuel’s plan for how healthcare will be distributed. Unless of course the 70 years old is a wealthy obaMAO donor.

    We have entered an era that will continue to be divisive and bitter. We won’t be as tolerant of each other as we should be. I see a future in this new AMERIKA where our freedoms fall by the wayside on a daily basis, Obama has already stood in front of the U.N. General Assembly and told the world that in Barrack Hussein Obama’s NEW AMERIKA insults of the prophet mu-ham-med will not be tolerated, where the U.N. Agenda 21 will become the law of the land. New and freedom limiting moves by our own Senate will give Obama the authority to sign and negotiate international treaties, including the most recently rejected LOST treaty and more importantly the U.N. Gun grab. There will be a slow movement to confiscate all guns in our NEW AMERIKA the legal ones that is, criminals will continue to be unaffected by the policies of this thug President and the thugs he surrounds himself with.

    We have to now contend with things like this in the near future:

    “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”
    Those words are courtesy of Valerie Jarrett the Iranian who’s really been running the White House for the last four years.

    There is a lot more wrong right now than we have ever seen before. Election FRAUD is now the rule of the day. I doubt we’ll see a republican in the White House ever again.

    The democrats have perfected cheating to a science, the unions will continue to rig voting machines, bag up votes and store them away for counting at a latter date. I’m sure right now unions and the democratic party in various battle ground States are at this very instant still in the process of sequestering their fraudulent ballots, and hoping that no-one will notice the fires when they start burning and destroying the remaining evidence of their fraud.

    It seems we are the minority now, those of us who Love our Constitution, the Country as founded no longer exists. We have only a couple of choices as I see it right now. We can try and fit into this upside down society where freak behavior and lasciviousness will be the norm. Where little children will be FORCED TO SING PRAISE TO A POLITICIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will no longer be even the smallest semblance of education in our schools they will become complete indoctrination centers. Your children and grandchildren will be brain washed. They will be taught to turn against their families and in particular their parents if they don’t support obaMAO. Or we can result to choice number two; and that is to form a coalition government with whatever States we can muster together and secede from this once great Union. Form a new government and split the Country in two. Not a very pleasant choice but one that I believe may well happen. God help us if it does.

    We are NO LONGER THE HOME OF THE FREE. Today we became a very large European style welfare system.

    For those who think that taxing the rich will solve your problems all I can say is who will you tax when you run out of rich people?
    When the people with money leave this place and they will they will take with them 60% of the money the federal government takes in. How will obaMAO pay for his healthcare and welfare programs without that 60%?

    Obama has spent 3.2 trillion dollars a years on nothing with a budget of roughly 2.2 trillion dollars coming in this leaves 1 trillion dollars of borrowed spending. So in closing I ask you obaMAO supporters if the rich all leave taking with them their 60% of all taxes, how is it that obama is going to run his 3+ trillion dollar government on 880 billion dollars a year? 880 billion dollars won’t even pay for last years welfare spending which came in at one trillion, or 120 billion shy of covering the moochers.

    Buckle up AMERIKA it’s going to be a very rough four years, if we make it to the other side obama will have won, AMERIKA is GOING TO BE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. The democrats dream has been received whole heartedly by a naive public, an ignorant public that lives on the outcomes of Amerikan idol and dancing with dumb as ses. The importing of third world illiterates will continue at breakneck speed. The more immigrants from third world countries the democrats can get here the better for them. That has been the dream of Ted Kennedy all along.

    You might as well go out and buy your Rosetta Stone while you still can and learn some mandarin Chinese before they get here.

    • cimiron

      we can vote again in two years and win the senate and the house

      • a

        That may not be soon enough. obamy is here to destroy!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        What good will that do? We have control of the House, and they refuse to do anything, or are too scared to do anything.. Boehner is already talking about compromising with the Democrats as the way to go.

      • metheoldsarge

        What good is that going to do? Obamacare will be firmly set and he will veto any attempt to repeal it. The chances of voting in a veto proof congress will be slim to none and Slim left town. The voters blew our last chance to correct things yesterday. If you think these last four years were destructive, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

    • glass

      yep- learn Chinese, and buy food.

      • metheoldsarge

        According to Janet Napolitono, only a terrorist needs to buy more than seven days supply of food.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      Rick, you said it well.

  • RayOne

    No choice now. Congress is assembled like the king’s posse.
    None to speak against the master now.
    There is still uncertainty as to who that person or group of people are.

  • Marilyn Assenheim

    I truly believed that the left had overplayed their hand by a generation; that this country wasn’t sufficiently dumbed down yet to give this criminal another term. I was dead wrong. There is no coming back from this that I can see. Amen, Mr. Podhajser, as James Taylor said in his song, “Let it fall down, let it fall down, let it all fall down”.

  • wdcraftr

    Higher taxes, higher obama care taxes on business, more regulations, will lead to Many businesses going under, small farmers going under, therefore corrupt govt can award business to their friends. Either govt owned business, or corrupt owners will control americas needs. oil, food, energy, banks, water, etc.. America just voted to give away the peoples power over govt, to the govt power over people. God Help Us !

  • phunyfarm

    I’m still looking for the impeachment ‘re Benghazi. The Biden factor really adds to the mess. Treason still needs to be addressed. What a terrible day this is – my head just reels….& my heart is broken.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000211756736 Cindy Miller Fryday

      Impeachment will never happen. We all know that impeachment of our first black/white president would be an abomination. The UN will probably be involved with the investigation.

      • James W.

        harry reid will not allow anything that will harm this president come up for consideration in the Senate

  • randellmd

    Let’s give them abortion on demand like never before, then they will become extinct before we utterly collapse.

  • robert

    remember you Satanic Hipacrets remember this is your choice and not the choice of the True Christians.all i can say to you now is i pray to god you Get all the Un Agenda 21 you all voted for se some of you in the Obama Consentration Camps they will start out Known as Sastainable Living comunities Good luck with your Obmanation Choice But as for me and Mi Familey We will Follow the God of the Holey Bible.

  • pilot2337

    Welcome to the new USS Of A United Socialist States of Amerika

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000211756736 Cindy Miller Fryday

      I am upset over the outcome of this election. At least I can sleep at night knowing I did not vote for the guy who wants to destroy America. Our country will go the way of the EU, Russia and China and the Arab Nations. When It does I will laugh my behind off watching the socialist dems lose everything that was promised to them by the guy who wants to destroy our country.

  • glass

    Yes, give them what they want. All of it. Let the Fed print even more money via QE 4,5,6,7…..etc. Also, let us pull our military from Europe and the Middle East, since we are cutting that budget. Let China have Taiwan back and let Isreal and Japan go it alone. All hail our commander in cheif! Finally, we also have to allow an open southern border, and issue automatic amnesty to those coming from the south.

  • Nurse56

    I totally agree. I will sit in my house and laugh as it all falls apart. I had hoped for a nice, middle class retirement but that hope is gone. Now my husband and I will live as frugally as possible. We may have to give up our internet but I am ok with that now. We will focus on each other and maintaining our dignity. But don’t ask me for one donation to any cause ever again. The country wants big government, they are welcome to it but don’t raise taxes to outrageous rates and still expect any charity. It is gone the way of the dodo bird.


    WHAT REASON is there to have any more New Year’s Eve celebrations….unless you are a Liberal, Progressive Social Democrat?! ~ When THEY hit the bottom of the money barrel then they too will no longer have anything to celebrate about!!!

  • $41808635

    They’ll just blame the Republican House again and get away with it again.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FTGGP6OJORXGESZY7LPDY5ZSX4 Loran


    I pretty much agree with all you say. At present I’m not depressed or even greatly disappointed. I’m pissed that the American people could be so stupid. So yes, give Obama everything he wants and then ;

    1) Iran will get the bomb.

    2) Putin and Russia will become a real threat, Europe will fall.

    3) China will become the masters of America.

    4) Unemployment will skyrocket.

    5) Religion and the American family will be destroyed.

    6) Never ending recessions will reign. Wall street will never recover.
    Yes, give Obama everything that he wants. He is, after all, the one we’ve been waiting for, correct?

  • John Kirkwood

    The problem with your premise is that Liberals never repent; being a liberal means never having to say your sorry. They will always cast blame on others for that is their character … they are the scorpion and you just asked me to be the frog.

  • Marlin208

    The good thing is, after the Lord comes they will be here in their little utopia and they can have it. It is hell on earth for me right now but it is only temporary. On the other hand, they win right now but boy do they lose in the end.

  • $23988033

    Well said…BRAVO!!!!!

    I said last night it is time to give the Dems everything they want. My friends and I just accepted jobs in Red States to get the heck out of MI. I will no longer enable the Dems by working hard to pay for their welfare. Screw America!

    I burned my first flag last night and today I am apologizing to everyone for the US…being a traitor is fun!

    Go Galt!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      Go Galt!

  • Rich

    America- RIP, Amerika-open as the fleas suck the cow dry.

  • http://twitter.com/gunslingr45 Doc

    where is john galt when you need him?

  • Rich

    Today through this weekend will set a record for firearm sales. Sandy results and the election should be a wake up call for all but the fleas sucking the cow dry.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FTGGP6OJORXGESZY7LPDY5ZSX4 Loran

    You watch carefully now. The progressive libs will reinstate the fairness doctrine. Rush, Sean, Mark, Laura and all the rest will be gone from the airwaves. Thank God for Sirius/XM.

  • Rich

    The military and Israel are all alone in a country ruled by a egomaniac boy.

  • dogmop

    I agree 100 percent, give the what they want. When the unemployment is 20 percent, then will the rest of the country wake up?

  • Blondie

    Thanks for all these wonderful, heartfelt comments! If I didn’t cry last night I am crying now….but only because I appreciate the many Americans who love God and country.

    • chet

      Blondie, where were the others?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmacedophoto John Macedo

    This Nation was built and has prospered by the Grace of God. Many have strayed and our Garden/Gift from God is decaying. Many issues are in play and the most important is and will remain our distance from our Creator. Our people have constructed a societal reality for our country, over some time, which has increasingly diminished our connection to God and our Faith. For our people, another structured reality has now taken hold and is controlling the mindset of many who have now willing have placed our destiny in the hands of a man/group which appears will only lead us even further along the path which has been collective chosen. It will be painful for all. Life, absent God, is and will continue to be painful for those who follow this course. For those remaining faithful, trusting, and are guided by the Lord will be nourished and endure.

    Many need the lesson and the course had begun awhile ago. I pray that the path to learning will be a short one for the sake of all..

    May God help all Countries and people. We, as Christian Americans, must attend to our Garden.

    May God bless all.

    • Jeri

      Yes, the people who are called by His name need to seek his face, pray, and repent of our own wicked ways.

  • Meshuggahboy

    “a more secular society that is more hostile towards religion”

    Don’t you mean “more hostile towards religion (except Islam)”?

  • hookemowls

    Straightline, you’re missing the big picture. This president is cool, man. He smoked pot in school…so what if he skips his morning intelligent briefings…so what? He’s cool…he parties with Beyonce and is on Letterman, so what if he doesn’t meet with his jobs council?? so what, he’s cool, he’s on the View and parties with Springstein, man…he’s cool. So what that he hadn’t passed a budget or met with Netanyahu….so what, man the brutha is cool. So what if he lied repeatedly about our American Diplomat and 4 others murdered in Libya….so what????? He snorted cocaine in school, man! He’s so hip…..so what that he’s never run a business or insists that “work place violence” be the definition when an Islamic guns down 13 of our servicemen and women……so what???? He’s cool, he parties with Clooney, man. So what if Chavez and Putin endorse him, man….he’s cool, come on man, he was endorsed by Madonna, Sean Penn, Ted Turner……..

    Now you behave, take your meds, watch MTV and Hollyweird and trust him…cause he’s so cool!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      That just about sums up their way of non thinking.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      I am going to borrow this. I hope you do not mind.

      • hookemowls

        Of course not, flattered.

  • jktnyc

    We lost the liberal agenda won, so yes I agree give it to them in all their glory…do not fight be “Bi-partisan” give them all the freebees, give the illegals amnesty…then sit back and watch

  • DaveNTejas

    The real problem with this country is that our youth does not know Christ, and they know not what they do.

  • MikeinConcan

    We have been out populated by the “takers” with the help of the
    manipulating MSM; it was evident last night. I thought it would take a
    lot longer but I was wrong. Minorities, ignorant young humans (not
    adults) and foolish women (sorry) voted with their hearts and not
    their minds.

    I was actually gleeful when voting yesterday in
    our small Conservative community. I had so much faith in the
    “American” people knowing that they knew they were doing the right
    thing. Maybe this is just part of getting old by thinking old but I
    would not have it any other way.

    The “have nots” won last
    night…again. What they refuse to acknowledge is that you need “haves”
    to elevate themselves to a more gratifying, better life.

  • BM

    There are millions of people that are now thinking the same thing as many of you here. You have to wonder what the impact will be when these millions of individuals, individuals like you and me, resign themselves to the fact that decline is inevitable. They will “mentally” cash out- and perhaps financially cash out as well. I have already determined that when and if we have onerous taxes on investments and earned income I will stop producing income by scaling back my income-producing activities. I will apply for my entitlements and begin drawing down my savings. I now contribute thousands of dollars per year to the state government and many times more than that to the federal government. That will no longer be. Multiply this by the millions who will make the same decisions.

    So, let them destroy the geese laying the golden eggs. When they wake up it will be too late to turn around. Complete Greece-like chaos will ensue. We will be okay because we will have prepared. It is what we do- prepare for the future. They, on the other hand, will be taken by surprise and be woefully unprepared- because that is what they do.

  • Jerry

    Amos 3:12 ¶ Thus saith the LORD; As the shepherd taketh out of the mouth of the lion two legs, or a piece of an ear;
    While I understand the reaction to let them have what they want, our country is ours to guard and protect, even if those pieces remaining are only shadow of what it was in the past. IMO the lack of willingness to stand for what is right; go-along-to-get-along; compromise and working with the other side is what has landed us here.

  • Youth Culture Report

    Irwin you hit a home run with this one, Doug thanks for posting it.
    Mike Liebler (from Knox)

  • Dark_Archer

    amerika got exactly what we deserved , we are our own worst enemies , obama will give the 20 million illegals amnesty and everything else they want and that should just about do it for the middle class we will all be of one class …the poor,

  • BM

    DaveNTejas: I believe the best way to defeat them is to give them what they want. The sooner the system crashes the sooner we can rebuild anew. Why suffer a long and painful death?

  • 1waco64

    i say shoot the tratiors.

  • hookemowls

    You’re missing the big picture. This president is cool, man. He
    smoked pot in school…so what if he skips his morning intelligent
    briefings…so what? He’s cool…he parties with Beyonce and is on
    Letterman, so what if he doesn’t meet with his jobs council?? so what,
    he’s cool, he’s on the View and parties with Springstein, man…he’s
    cool. So what that he hadn’t passed a budget or met with
    Netanyahu….so what, man the brutha is cool. So what if he lied
    repeatedly about our American Diplomat and 4 others murdered in
    Libya….so what????? He snorted cocaine in school, man! He’s so
    hip…..so what that he’s never run a business or insists that “work
    place violence” be the definition used when an Islamic murderer guns down 13 of our
    servicemen and women……so what???? He’s cool, he parties with
    Clooney, man. So what if Chavez and Putin endorse him, man….he’s
    cool, come on man, he was endorsed by Madonna, Sean Penn, Ted

    Now you behave, take your meds, watch MTV and Hollyweird and trust him…cause he’s so cool!

  • hookemowls

    You’re missing the big picture. This president is cool, man. He
    smoked pot in school…so what if he skips his morning intelligent
    briefings…so what? He’s cool…he parties with Beyonce and is on
    Letterman, so what if he doesn’t meet with his jobs council?? so what,
    he’s cool, he’s on the View and parties with Springstein, man…he’s
    cool. So what that he hadn’t passed a budget or met with
    Netanyahu….so what, man the brutha is cool. So what if he lied
    repeatedly about our American Diplomat and 4 others murdered in
    Libya….so what????? He snorted cocaine in school, man! He’s so
    hip…..so what that he’s never run a business or insists that “work
    place violence” be the definition when an Islamic guns down 13 of our
    servicemen and women……so what???? He’s cool, he parties with
    Clooney, man. So what if Chavez and Putin endorse him, man….he’s
    cool, come on man, he was endorsed by Madonna, Sean Penn, Ted

    Now you behave, take your meds, watch MTV and Hollyweird and trust him…cause he’s so cool!

  • MAR

    Well, I was praying that Obama would not win a second term, right now I feel God has failed me. I questioned if there is even a God for the past 15 years, my answer became crystal clear last night. :-(

    • Jeri

      This side of eternity is for our refinement. The wicked will be destroyed in the end. You must be strong and in patience possess your soul. Luk 21:19 In your patience possess ye your souls.

  • Octavious

    Pick up your rifle, organize and take the offensive. The country needs to be split and new nations formed out of the remains.

  • Winghunter

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace”-Thomas Paine

  • Tom Harmon

    The only problem with that is they’ll just say it was Bush’s fault. This election was won on Perception not reality anyway.

    • ce

      I agree partially…I don’t think they blamed Obama for the current state of the economy, they blamed Bush…so they gave him another four years.

  • vocalpatriot

    Very stupid idea. they have steadily ratchetted this country to the left and when a “conservative” majority is in power we can’t seem to get it moved back to center or even rightward…dont give another inch. we are at war, accept it or not.

  • Bill Williams

    The Lord has spoken I guess. Only He knows. Maybe He allows us all to collapse as America surely will.

  • WhiteFalcon

    If we do all that, the economy will collapse, which it is no doubt destined to do anyway. This do nothing and get everything given to you mindset of this country will lead to the failing of everything. I suppose that is what is deserved. I expect something like the Wild West to return, which has its good points as well as its bad ones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mitchell/100000126962566 Fred Mitchell

    America will on her kneels , long before Obama leaves office., but what the hell, we have some happy voters.

  • tim

    The Republican party has failed our nation. It is time to consider it’s replacement

  • vocalpatriot

    Stop the blubbering and crying talk! George soros did this to us he needs to die. obama broke too many laws to remain free..I believe he will face the firing squad or hang for his treasons. all the muslims in our government need to be removed, and ALLL DEMOCRATS need to get their asses kicked.

  • september

    Buckle up…we are in for one hell of a ride.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4T74Z22EI6YP6HRUDBMFKLFOJU JonInVa

    The author read my mind completely. I’ve been saying the same thing, and even spoke with Rush Limbaugh about just that issue. Of course, like most conservatives he felt that fighting it out was the better way. And it didn’t work.

    Why die by a thousand cuts when we can jump off the roof and see if we survive or not? What’s the worst that can happen? A quicker dive into bankruptcy and anarchy, and whatever happens afterwards? Or perhaps everything will work out and it will prove that in these new times, traditional conservatism truly is outdated and liberal progressive policies work for a one world government.

    I’d rather find out quickly than go the next 20 years watching things go up, go down, stay stagnant, over and over again. And of course, not to mention the bickering and B.S. from both sides each election cycle. Let’s let the Dems do their best (or worst) and just make sure we do this out of a spirit of not being blockers only – but that we also do not agree it will work and hope that if things go sour even more, the American people will give us a chance to try something else. Again, what have we got to lose?

  • Paladin67

    Where duz I go to get me my obamaphone?!!? and free housing?? and mo’ money fo my kidz?!??
    Sadly, that is where this country has been headed….for far too long…JFK is rolling in his grave…
    It is now “Ask not what you can do for your Country, Ask what your country can do for you”
    Makes me sick…

  • mom58

    I am for this, the only problem we will suffer too

  • http://twitter.com/PatriotBarter PatriotBarter

    No they’ll blame us for letting it happen.

  • mom58

    well I guess we all will be paying for Flukes contraception

    • ce

      Not me..my money is not going for contraception, abortion or anything else they want the federal government to pay for!

  • $3846549

    When the Democrats denied God three times at their convention and the people gave them power anyway, then the country is dead and all shall suffer. It will be 70 years of declines, squalor and more hatred of God. The rest of my days will be under tyranny of the worst kind, tyranny of the ignorant masses, tyranny of the thugs, the Godless and the morally crippled. I am sorry for my two granddaughters but expect them to be part of the American diaspora. The have one aunt who has is in Hong Hong and one who is in Scotland. They are highly educated engineers and far above the glass ceiling. I trust they will help my granddaughter get out of the country to brighter futures. NASA is dead, our expat physicists are over in Switzerland working on the Hadron Collider. And I am cancelling all of these emails, I don’t need their prognostication. I know what is going to happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Garrett-Fricke/1585332955 Garrett Fricke

    I agree and tax everyone silly. How many on our side didn’t bother to show up?

  • Winghunter

    1.) Obamacare will be 100% implemented.

    2.) “Card Check” will be passed by fiat.

    3.) “Amnesty” will be further done by executive order.

    4.) Two liberal supreme Court Justices will be appointed – Gay Marriage will be affirmed into law and the Bill of Rights will be open season for the traitors.

    5.) Taxes will increase ON EVERYONE who pays them.

    6.) The National Debt will Increase beyond $20 Trillion

    7.) The Dollar will further devalue.

    8.) Gold prices will necessarily skyrocket.

    9.) Stock Market will tumble beginning today.

    10) Inflation will hit everyone directly – energy costs which are tied to ALL other products will massively jump.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      The only event you left out: Public burning and shredding of our US Constitution on the East lawn. God help us.

  • $3846549

    The democrats denied God three times at their convention. The populace put them in power, the rain will fall on the just and the unjust. The hair stood up on my neck when they did that.

  • zomb

    You will see who is right. It’s not enough to live, you have to deserve to live and being a nation of equal rights and clean energy is how we start. You gun toting madmen will never understand and will therefore losing will always be a huge blow. Your “god” has abandoned you, just move away and leave it to us.

  • kate4America

    I walked through the grocery store this morning and saw people laughing and smiling and I thought to myself, how can they???? Don’t they know what just happened to our country???? How could anyone be happy today? I feel like it’s the day after “D-DAY” and I’m walking in a fog. A fog of disbelief!! How did our country get here? How did it come to this? How could a nation vote for a man who LIED to us about Benghazi? Who believes in Partial Birth Abortion, who lifted the ban on beastality in the military? A man who wants to take away our rights and give them to the UN!!!! Where did my beloved America go? I feel like an orphan in another country! I know that God is in control and I must trust in Him, but I can’t help feeling sad! I think that God is giving us (America) what we deserve. We have turned our backs on Him!!! Lord have mercy on us!!!! I fear for my right to continue to homeschool my children and keep them out of the “Government-Run-Schools!” I will NEVER surrender my children to the government, NEVER!!!!

  • Ron

    Once we give them all you say, it will be far too late to turn America around. As for me, I will stand with God.

  • Ciaran

    The ONLY religion that is verboten is Christianity. Everything else is allowed.

  • Stealth

    Bravo! Well said!! Yeah…..LET THEM HAVE IT, ( the mind controlled, ignorant masses )!

  • RetiredAirman

    They will still blame conservatives and in particular Republicans, even wit their hands dripping blood and semen on the front of their pants.

  • JayKay4

    The problem is that after giving them everything they want and the inevitable disaster occurs, it will be declared as a joint failure by both the Democrats and Republicans. We will have lost everything and gained nothing but grief and failure.

  • pearl87

    All we ( the working, Christian Constitutionalists) want, is the right to govern ourselves. We do not want to tell the godless materialists that they must live under our rule. Why can’t we find one corner of the earth to maintain the American dream? It could be Texas or Oklahoma or Alabama, anyplace where we can praise God and keep His law and live and work in peace. But they will never leave us alone, trying always to corrupt every good thing. It is Satanic and that is why we can’t give up.

  • blaze07

    There is one way and that is play their own game , all the republicans should become democrats and it’s guaranteed the uneducated liberals wont have a clue who their voting for then maybe we’ll have a chance.

  • darkcyder

    Nice thought, but- That which is given will never be able to be taken back. That is the problem with government control- once ceded it is lost forever.

  • Dave Erhardt

    All we can do is pray for this country and our leaders, for their conversion. That’s all we have left.

  • Judie W.

    If you want to learn how God is dealing with us the same way He dealt with Israel more than 2000 years ago, read the book “The Harbinger” by Jonathon Cahn. A contemporary book with biblical reference, it will blow your mind with it’s accuracy! His message is ….

    • Jeri

      Yes, ma’am. Repentance for Laodicea.

  • LarryFrom10EC

    I’ve been thinking this myself since the election. It is sort using Cloward and Pivens against them. Let them get everything they want and then watch them blame the Republicans (which will believe it or not work for them on some. I speak from experience) Quit trying to fight the inevitable, which is only keeping them from having to answer for their policiies’ failure. The only thing I would change is trade all the economic policies for school vouchers, so we can educate some of our children to be the core to pick up the pieces.

  • LarryFrom10EC

    Some will still blame the Republican’s. I once was talking to a union brother and he gave me the old “Democrat for the workin’ man” routine about Clinton, and I replied that Clinton passed NAFTA. He came back with, “Oh, the Republicans made him do that.” I said, “The Democrats has control of both Houses of Congress and the White House and they made Clinton sign NAFTA?” He nodded in agreement and I changed the subject. No use arquing with an idiot.


    you know what I think you have it right;; the idiots elected the dumba66 so let them go wild;;………………….

  • Angela Bell

    Wow…this is the scariest forum full of insanity I have ever accidentally stumbled into. You cried all night long for the nation? *claps hands* Bravo, fabulous performance, outstanding!!
    What a bunch of kooks, freaks, fanatics and melodrama queens…

  • http://www.facebook.com/miriam.gumpenberger Miriam Gumpenberger

    Thank you Lord for this great nation. We know you are in control and have been since the begining of time. We know your will be done and that’s the reason obmama is still president. We also know you are our hope and that we are one day closer to your coming. Help us to be ready and to share the good news to everyone so they can have the opportunity to join us in the air. Help us to fight the good fight and have the strength to run the race for your glory. Keep pressing on….

  • Loyal Patriot

    Don’t be worried my friends. I was praying as I drove home this afternoon. God has always answered my prayer,and sometimes that inner voice seems to penetrate my thick brain and hearing. HE told me that he was doing this to get HIS PEOPLE back to the alter of prayer. I am disappointed, but I am not worried. JESUS IS STILL IN CONTROL>>>>>

    • Jeri

      That’s right Loyal. I think this is for the Laodicean church.

  • johnnywoods

    Actually they will figure out how to blame Bush for their failure.

  • adamenochnoah


  • LLinLa

    You know, Irwin, I was thinking the same thing as I was putting the cyanide pill back in the bottle this morning. What’s wrong with giving them enough rope to hang themselves? Why not capitulate and wash our hands of any more blame? We’ll just stand back and watch the Blue States drown in their debauchery with no more valid excuses that WE were obstructionists. Give ‘em what they want . . . Big Bird . . . Abortions . . . Drugs . . . Idiocracy!

  • http://twitter.com/MacdonaldCory Macdonald Cory

    I agree; let the Democrats have what ever they want. The idiots who reelected Obama deserve it. I don’t agree that it is going to be fixable afterwards, but let the idiots have their socialist utopia. When American goes broke and is unrepairable, don’t cry.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AL5AC3WLETZYQAIHKA6HD64S4E G

    I was very upset with the election results last night. When I finally realized this is part of God’s plan, I became calm. I am at peace. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up; it just means I have faith that God knows what he’s doing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherry.cesnajke Sherry Cesnajke

    Thing is, if it fails, the repubs will get blamed from both parties.

  • sovereigntyofone

    I woke up this morning feeling a less free man than yesterday. The sun still shined and birds still sang, but some how I felt a great loss. We all know what Obama has done the last 4 years, trashed and bypassed the Constitution and congress when it suits him, dug us deeper in debt, and put more Americans on food stamps and out of work than ever before. Yet the logic escapes me how this man could have been re-elected to complete his distruction of our nation. There are dark storm clouds looming on the horizon of the future of this nation, like the calm before the storm. This storm is called Obama and it will do more damage to the United States and this nations citizens than any hurricane we’ve ever had. I use to look foreward to the future, a new day, but no longer because I know what this coming storm is bringing into our lives. (Communism).

  • col

    We had a real Rep choice. Romney and Ryan would have turned this country around. They never had a chance because the winner was decided before the campainging got a serious start. The day Obama told the outgoing Russian president that he would have more flexibility after HIS election. Not the election, he said HIS election. His group of corrupt cronies and his money man Soros had it all planned out. All the money spent on campainging was such a waste because they knew what the outcome was going to be. All I can say is this, all who voted for Obama will be just as responsible for whatever happens to this country as their lying, corrupt, muslim communist President Obama. I hope they all rot in hell for what they did and are going to do to the country that I have always loved.

  • patriot54

    Got to agree with this article. It appears it is impossible to convince people with common sense and logic. They must be hit over the head with reality.

  • Storm

    I agree, GIVE IT TO THEM. Lets be done with this crap once and for all. Besides, we should all get ready, there’s too few republicans with the balls to say no anyway.


    I absolutely agree. But, in addition for every congressional vote, executive order, and other political decision there need to be press releases, full page newspaper adds, swamping of twitter and the internet, explaining who, when, where, why, and most of all how it will effect our country. Obama promised transparency in 2008, lets give America transparency post 2012.

  • db cooper

    france survived four years of nazi occupation; we can endure with a will to survive this miscreant man child and his toadies.

  • servant

    $2 Billion, and still the same old same old?
    I have oft said, the American voter have the IQ of a BOX OF ROCKS, and they proved it . . .again!
    Well now he can RE_SET the High Court, and begin the New World Order’s Sunday Law, and Fascist Government run by it’s creators!


  • Mike Mason

    Proof great minds think alike. I was just thinking the same.

  • Sunrise2

    You know, the more I think about it, the more this sounds like a GREAT idea. Obama has the young people against the older folks now too – another way of dividing the nation. I think I read in the Bible somewhere, where it said “the children would turn against their parents.” Give them what they want. When all the older veterans that fought for this country and our freedoms are gone from this, along with other elderly, they can all live in their own nasty little bed they made for themselves by voting for Obama.

  • Sunrise2

    The Dems is the party that stands for every evil under the sun. The repbubs need to be the party that stands against those evil abominations. To win an election, we need a candidate that is a sharp contrast to the leftist regime, and doesn’t back down from the God given principles for a good and happy life.

    Like Reagan said, “If you take God out of the country, then you become a country gone under.”

  • Twindad46

    I said that the night of the election. If 0bama wants to raise taxes on the rich by 10%, raise them by 50%. If he wants 20 weeks of unemployment benefit extensions, give him lifetime unemployment benefits. If he wants to raise food stamp eligibility to 4 times the poverty rate, just give food stamps to everyone. Replace 0bamacare with Medicaid and Medicare for all and completely eliminate the entire health insurance industry. If 0bama wants to force the Catholic Church to pay for birth control, force it to pay for abortions as well. Heck, force all OB/GYNs regardless of religion to perform abortions and make all abortions free. Speaking of free, make all medications free, not just birth control.

    In the next four years let’s turn this country into the socialist Nirvana that liberals have been dreaming of for decades. Then, when the whole rotten system crashes, the American people might finally listen to us.

    • LEL

      Maybe there won’t be another election.

      • snowcloud

        We’ll have illusions of elections.

  • KarenWI


  • guest

    Republicans sure are sore losers

  • http://www.facebook.com/ArchDeacon69 Jon Johnstone


  • Amfer Ferg

    “Give obama everything he wants”……..I AGREE! The faster this country collapses, the better. We can then re-build without too much damage. I give it one year.

    • LEL

      “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” ~ John Adams

    • me

      They say we only have weeks….waiting/preparing /praying and WATCHING!

  • stonemike

    I know I have no way of knowing, no way of telling for sure who voted for the “janitor turned dictator”, but I can swear one thing to the world, I will hate every single idiot, every state that helped put the half breed megalomaniac back in office until I die! You retards fu–ed with American freedom, and to me that is a capital offense , punishable by death!

  • daveveselenak

    Don’t worry, the “Re-PUNK-lican” traitors will bend over backwards – the effeminate dictator will relish that, in more ways than one – as they have been doing for so long! It is like this: as our forefathers were required to do in forming this nation, it will fall on the citizenry to do likewise in keeping it! I don’t understand how the sheeple do not see the writing on the “Wall of Communism.” You have two choices, bow to the State – as the Muslim-Marxist bows to all his Muslim brothers and world dictators or start uniting and form a national work stoppage and state militias; as Yogi Berra said: it’s getting late, early! The sheeple have just elected the last president as he will be a lifetime DICTATOR – you can bet on that, just like you can bet on forced euthanasia down the road of tyranny!

  • Ofcr_Friendly

    Right on, Irwin! Had this idea myself and tried it on a couple of my Dem family members. They looked at me like I have two heads but… they like it! We’re dying painfully anyway, may as well make it quick…

  • LEL

    But f they’re wrong (the socialists) the country and economy is ‘Left’ in shambles.

    “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” ~ John Adams

    “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” ~ John Adams

  • paco12348

    Obama’s spending will take us over the cliff anyway, so why give him more. He has no respect for the Constitution or the 3 branches of Government. He’s another Assad. Give him what he wants or pay the price. What else can one expect from the first Muslim President.
    Obama is more successful than you think. His first term was used in putting all the hooks in place and this second term will be hanging America out to dry. This is exactly what he and the other traitors have planned for years. Where was it all planned? Right inside the good ol’ USA, courtesy of the US Government allowing them to set up Organizations, staff Universities with Communist and Socialist Professors, and staff the public school system with Socialist Teachers.
    Even a Pravda Newspaper said America had been dumbing down their students for over 30 years.
    Our Founders are spinning in their graves.
    G. Washington DEDICATED America to God in the first Congress that met in that little chapel in NY. God is a jealous God. Unless we take His country back we could be facing 400 years of wandering in a desert.


  • King_of_the_Road

    Your theory might work IF the election was fair and legal BUT IT WASN’T Ohio, Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin and Florida that I know of have already admitted that they had over 100% of voter turnout. If the ‘rats are gonna commit “in your face” fraud in the 2012 pre-determined voting (I won’t even call it an election) what gives you any inkling that they will have an honest election if and when there is another election?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mitchell/100000126962566 Fred Mitchell

    Give every thing Obama wants,and you think this country is screwed up now,then you don’t really know what screwed -up is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mitchell/100000126962566 Fred Mitchell

    When Obam is done with us,there won’t be bread on the table, more than liky , there won’t be a table.

  • 56Survivor

    We are going over the fiscal cliff, no matter who is in office. So yes, let them have their way and burn the whole damn thing down. The leftists will be held responsible once and for all.

  • Mike Davis

    I feel that this is the only way to go. The idiotic electorate KNEW what they were voting for! And now they need to get everything that they ever wanted.

    Just make sure that every bill that is passed has the title President Obama’s ” XX Bill to XXXXX”. Do Massive press releases touting what the bill will do and state why Republicans DO NOT support the Bill, but since Americans voted for this, we just need to stay out of the way.

    Let President Obama and his cronies do Anything that is Constitutional and let’s let the chips fall where they may, we will all suffer, but at least these failed Socialist policies will play out in the public eye. And as people suffer they might just think about their choice.

    The only thing that will effect this electorate enough to get them to pay attention is PAIN!.

  • $7589507

    I had the same idea, then I woke up. Why vote for (or stand with) someone who stands for nothing?

    Be thankful that all the parents didn’t do what you suggested every time the kids whined. Like it or not, we are the adults in this country. At some point we need to realize it and act like it. No more personal attacks and acting like jerks. No more giving up our beliefs every time we loose an election. No more defending what is “self-evident.” We need salesmen and educators to re-establish our values and combat the false narrative coming from the media and other Democrats. We’re loosing this country because true believers on the left continues to fight for what they believe in regardless of the election, while our side questions the platform almost every day.

  • me


    • http://www.monster-island.net/ kushibo

      No, he wouldn’t. Just like during the debt crisis, blame tended to fall on the Republicans.

  • me

    I agree 100%
    With obamacare in place, the economy is going to dump no matter what. If the rebublicans fight him on even one thing, they(MSM, White house and all the hollywood leftist )will blame the economic collapse on the Republicans. The only way is to pass everything he wants so they cant keep blaming the right for everything.

  • http://www.monster-island.net/ kushibo

    I agree. Give it to them. Boehner and McConnell, just step back.

  • KarenWI

    This is what I have been saying………Let them HAVE IT, let the ignorant masses see what they voted for and feel the pain. Those of us who know better are feeling the pain in our hearts and souls (if not financially) for our country already anyways…

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