• Victoria

    … hellish.

  • Electra

    I’d like to see a recount of Ohio, PA, VA and FL regarding the Presidential Election. Philadelphia reported 99% of the residents voted! That’s impossible. I believe BO won using “early voting” fraud. You know what they say: “vote early and vote often”.

    • slickzip

      YEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rulken

      Have you noticed they are so stupid they don’t even cover their tracks! All,,, of the fraudulent votes cast, were for Obama!

      • Amfer Ferg

        I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘stupidity’….thier attitude is, “So what – what are you going to do about it? Nothing!”

        • AmericaAwakens

          How about writing to your State’s Senator and Governor demanding VOTER REFORM to KEEP America from festering into a Banana Republic!

          • ALL AMERICAN


          • ALL AMERICAN

            I read the other day somewhere that our Military, GOD BLESS ‘EM, the only ones with balls, were formally and criminally charging the Borat w TREASON !!! AMEN, I HOPE SO.

          • ALL AMERICAN

            Get the Military back on our soil to start the clean-up. OPERATION SCUM-ABATE.

          • AmericaAwakens

            You got me there! I grew up in CA and taxes/politics is exactly why I left! We still need to come up with ideas how to get things back to Constitutional levels. Here are some people trying to make substantive changes…. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions . And there is also this link that may lend some comfort with respect to our country… http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/ Keep the Faith All American!

        • Robin Smith

          Some of both, for sure.

      • AmericaAwakens

        Duh…I believe other dimocRATS were also elected by fraud. Since the Al Franken and ACORN debacles, these dimwits cannot win unless they cheat!

      • Robin Smith

        Public Schools and street rules do not a wise thug make!

    • Marlin Covert

      Why not a recount? There are way too many suspicious actions to let this go uncovered. We must not roll over and accept this as done. I read somewhere that Soros ran the organization that counts votes…..anyone else hear that?

    • auhunter

      Ohio was the same 100,000 more voted than the total population of the state, the exact number of votes Obama won the state by. And we’re stuck with it.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    And to think that this kind of stupidity and fraud occurred in every precinct ALL OVER this country. Republicans, if you want your country BACK, you better get to the bottom of this fraud or we will never have another true ‘election’.

    • slickzip

      AMEN well said ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • rivahmitch

    The Lame Stream Media will NEVER report that their boy cheated. How many even remember JFK and Cook County? Where were the UN observers (studiously looking elsewhere)? The ballot box is now irrelevant. Lock and load.

    • slickzip

      Good memory ,,,,,

    • http://www.facebook.com/keenan.fletcher Keenan Fletcher

      Lock and load is the relevant term , great post.

      • Robin Smith

        Aye, it were a grand post, lad –have ye seen the weather report? Looks like the moon be rising. Slain te!

  • VeeDub57
    • rulken

      You don’t run away from a problem such as this by seceding from the USA. We stay and fight, that’s just the way it is. Those in political offices, that are guilty of treasonous acts against the Constitution, are removed from office, and HUNG! That’s the way it is!

      • VeeDub57

        An intelligent person doesn’t get in a fight there is no hope of winning. Please explain how you can ever hope to win a battle when a full half of America is on the dole and will always vote to keep their money flowing? How can you win a battle where vote fraud is rampant? How can you win a battle when those you have elected to fight for you (CONgress) are complicit in the destruction of the
        Constitution and lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up to ANYBODY on ANYTHING? You can’t!!! Time to face the facts, that CONgress has willfully led us to this point for years. BOTH PARTIES! That’s just like throwing away your vote on Ron Paul. There is no hope of him winning, but some people are stupid enough to do it every election.

        • rulken

          Where two ideologies are so opposite, there will be a fight, it is coming, and there is no escaping it!

          If states decide to secede, and form their own governing bodies, they will be “individual” countries. Some will have military bases, ( that now exist within the states) others won’t, or they will be minuscule.

          Now consider this, those states that stay in the union, will soon run out of money, and will have the propaganda networks to do Obama’s bidding for him. Blaming everything on those states that left the union, even lying about how they were the direct result, for the remaining states that stayed with the union, for their misfortune. Obama (now propelled to dictatorship) will swoop in and take back those “easy states” to the union. One, by one, they will all cecum to the power of the military that Obama will wield.

          No, I am afraid that the best strategy, is for those states that take the first steps in fighting back against Obama, form a plan in advance to ban together as one. Aggressively protecting one another against any advances of Obama.

          • VeeDub57

            You’re first 3 paragraphs sound familiar. I’ve read about them somewhere. Oh yeah! Lincoln’s first year! But, unlike then, the South won’t be trading food to the North for weapons (most folks didn’t know that).. This time, we’ll starve ‘em out! This time we’ll freeze them out. This time their gasoline and diesel powered engines won’t be getting very far. Take a look at who mans the bulk of the military. More Veterans are Southerners! Most Veterans do not support obama, that are still patriotic Americans defending our freedoms. He won’t command squat!

          • http://www.facebook.com/richardearl.smith Richard Earl Smith

            A number of the states that would stay in the union, i.e., California, Illinois, New York and others have already run out of money due to the freebie programs that exist in the various states ! The states that should and will eventually leave the union should ban together possibly as the Confederacy of the Constitutional States of America !

      • AmericaAwakens

        Does not sound like anyone is “running away” to me. It seems to me that there is a strategy here, divide and conquer! Out of the Dimo’s playbook where they divided people by class, race, gender, religion…These states are inclusive to maintaining the Constitution and our God-given freedom without prejudice.

      • http://www.facebook.com/richardearl.smith Richard Earl Smith

        Seceding from the USA is not running away ! See ” Circa 1861 “. I am quite sure that these Patriots would be more than willing to fight for their rights if driven to it !

  • slickzip

    Dumbocrats allways cheat ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • undunder

    Democrats likely cannot win without cheating and breaking the law. Why else would they resort to such tactics? The law appears to be in place for conservative citizens, but they pose merely an inconvenience for liberals nut jobs. When you have Chicago corruption sitting in the oval office, what other path is ou country likely to trod? Corruption breeds corruption. Hence the pus pocket that is the democratic party leadership. I believe there are willing dupes in the herds of democrats. but the leaderships smells to high heaven.

    • rulken

      There are no more “Democrats”, running for office, they are all communist and socialist calling themselves “Democrats”!

    • AmericaAwakens

      The most pathetic of all this is that the voters who freely & legitimately marked their vote were clearly pleased about being [becoming] slaves of the WH plantation.

  • arvars

    I for one would not like to see the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD dismissed and allowed to go away. Would it be best to contact our senators and congressmen or some local elected officials or both. I will kee contacting both and not let up until this issue is corrected.

    • Robin Smith

      Even if Congress was 100% honest and forthright (and we know that ain’t true) and they had 100% PROOF –where would they go? The DOJ allowed voter intimidation openly in Philly 2008 and 2012. The DOJ is selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels, Hezbollah in Mexico, and Al Qaida in Libya and Syria. Uh, in case you lost your Program, those are our ENEMIES in the wars on drugs and terror. Since we have thugs and crooks running the Bakery, it’s kind of hard to call the police to report the cake has been stolen.

  • bluealiendevil

    Ohio found the same thing with the Obama votes, they have gone through by counties and found more registered voters than there are living there! Obama is not sworn in till January, time to get ahold of SENAYORS and DEMAND recounts of Ohio, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida, we may have a new President! We cannot sit by klnowing this fraud has occurred and do nothing about it! Our children are watching!

    • Amfer Ferg

      The Senate majority are obama’s people, Democrats. They will not do a thing about it. We need to fire up Congress where the majority are Repubs….whoops, same thing!

      • Robin Smith

        Just FYI with all respect: Congress is composed of the Senate and House. The House is where Republicans are the Majority, not Congress, that is the entire body of Senators and Representatives. However, remember it was the GOP who ONCE AGAIN failed to run a strong conservative candidate, opting for someone many voters considered Obama-Lite. So, you are correct, they (DEMS and REPS) are largely two sides of the same corroded coin.

  • Yellowjacket2

    I’m sick and tired of the wimpish tolerance of Republican party for the continuous and flagrant voter fraud that goes on in our election process. In this election voting fraud has risen to the point of being literally In Your Face.

    The New Black Panther Party was back at the polls again this election cycle with even brasher threats and voter intimidation after Eric Holder and Barack Obama endorsed them by dropping all charges for doing the same thing during the 2008 election.
    Why is it that the press and the Republican Party have chosen to ignore the obvious
    connection between the fact that Obama lost in every single state that has a photo id requirement to vote. And his biggest upset wins came in states with timid or no monitoring for voter fraud? Wisconsin was considered a Romney win until the Democrats sent bus loads of “campaign workers” from Chicago to take advantage of the loose voter registration laws in Wisconsin, which allow for undocumented voters to register on election day a cast a vote the same day. Shall we assume that these “campaign workers” didn’t vote in their home state of Illinois? And that, since it was so easy to do, that they didn’t register multiple times and vote accordingly? And what about all the reports of computerized voting machines that converted Romney votes into Obama votes? And isn’t it cause for concern when more votes were cast than the entire
    population of cities and counties across the nation? And after flagrant violation of the laws that make it possible for our military personnel to vote, what happened to all of the military votes that did get cast and then just seemed
    to vanish in thin air?
    The obvious questions are: Was this election won by the worst case of voter fraud in the history of America? There are strong indications that the answer is probably yes.

    Is anything going to be done about it? Probably not.
    And that leads me to the final question: How can this wonderful nation survive when our government refuses to do what we hired them to do and then they turn a blind eye to volumes of evidence of major corruption in our Whitehouse?

    • Robin Smith

      It cannot, nor does the current power structure intend for it to survive. Google or YouTube: “Christians Stoned in Dearborn” — “Hezbollah in Mexico” — “mexican protests” — “Eugenics” — “margaret sanger” — “Population reduction” —

      • terryt

        just playing devils advocate here, but the “stoning” in Dearborn, MI was a minor riot because the Christians in question were inciting with inflammatory scripture versus at an Islamic “fair”. i have no problem with putting forth your faith, but even i thought it was in poor taste and offensive. this was a family event, and many of the adults and young adults were throwing bottles, rocks even a concrete block if i remember correctly. was that right? no, but the people involved were not “innocent” in this either. they were inside the event and the police on site basically told them they could not protect them if they persisted with the track they were on in their demonstration. free speech yes, but it was the worst parts of the bible.

  • Susitna

    I said this one year ago……if we have more than 300 000 000 casted ballots, then something is fishy……The Republicans should ask for a recount instead of losing time eating themselves….

  • lokiswife

    Go to Allen West’s site and support him. He is fighting the fraud in St. Lucie county, don’t let him down. https://www.allenwestforcongress.com/contribute/?source=CampaignEmail111112HelpProtectTheVotes

  • AmericaAwakens

    If one state, especially “battle state” such as FL, stinks of potential fraud, ALL the other state probably do too! (PA, OH, CO, WI). I say recount them ALL and include the military absent votes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/RoBoWang Robert Courtney

    EVERY Rec state needs to do a recount.
    When the Democrats in those PA wards chased Conservative poll watchers out on election day morning (over 80), the polls should have been closed, RIGHT THEN, and votes counted. THEN if vote fraud was detected, JAIL immediately for the perps.
    And we know fraud was perpetrated because 130 to 160 % MORE votes than registered voters in those wards!
    I predict that if Florida comes up with vote fraud, ALL swing states will be recounted and checked for fraud.
    we already know PA was over the line.
    Watch and see.

  • Robin Smith

    Any one found connected to Voter Fraud should be met with the full penalty of law…oh wait…the Dept of Justice is with them, not justice.


    Call, write, fax, email your representative and senators, tell them you want an end to this FRAUD, TREASON ACT, CRIMINAL ACT ONCE AN FOR ALL, this is still the UNITED STATES the last I heard, not a THIRD WORLD COMMUNIST COUNTRY yet!

  • seresmary

    Ditto… there is a petition on line to sign to ask for a recount in the battleground states…
    we signed it… marys, ca

  • hdeddie59

    This is a nationwide situation and you even have areas that had hundred of thousands of votes cast for obozo only, not a single vote for anyone other than him and if this doesn’t scream fraud to you you are brain dead!!! We have been screwed and if we don’t stand up and demand a complete recount and inspection of all voting machines for evidence of being rigged our elections are nothing more than an exercise in futility when the winner is predetermined!!!

  • MarxistTwilightZone

    I stand with you Alan West!

  • freedomringsforall

    Praise God
    I hope they do go to war
    Maybe it will pull long enough and hard enoung on that string to start to expose all the voter fraud that went on.

  • Snotty_Waitperson

    In a nation of children, it’s hard to vote against Barrackoclause

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