The Champagne is Flat and the Party is Over

I still have not completely come to terms with the events of the past week. All I can really say is that I am genuinely stunned at what has transpired. But this week has also showed me a few things that I hadn’t previously understood. These things are now very clear and very alarming. Aside from just being alarming, they are quite telling. It is only now after the election that I can see where we are going and how we are going to get there. America has officially chosen socialism, we have decided that we should go the way of Western Europe and that we no longer will value work and individualism.

One major factor came into play this election that showed me there was another ominous sign of the changing times, more minorities than ever before came out to vote for President Barak Obama. The “browning” of our society has been slowly happening and up until maybe a year ago, the media would not even admit its existence. What you have is that immigrants and minorities in general prefer a bigger government and they are more likely to be on entitlements. So they naturally vote for the candidate who promises them free stuff and a more comfortable life.

One particular group of voters also spelled doom for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. This group of voters were Ron Paul supporters. In the election, Gary Johnson took exactly one percent of the vote, which equaled just over one million votes. This writer warned these Paul and Johnson supporters about where we were heading if they chose to vote Johnson or write in Paul.

Now the Republican Party has real problems. The first of which is that the majority of America is now turning socialist and increased immigration, both legal and illegal, are tipping swing states in favor of the candidates bearing gifts and claiming to be soft on illegal immigration. The final problem that is spelling the end of the party are Ron Paul voters. This group was determined to vote for either Johnson or Paul out of “principle”. Now I must ask, “Are you better off now, libertarians?”

There is nothing that conservatives can do to stop this tidal wave of socialism that is sweeping the nation. Unfortunately, we are going to have to learn a very expensive lesson and it will be to all of our detriment. What I mean is that we will all reap the consequences of run away government spending and the eventual downgrading of our credit and currency. Socialism goes hand in hand with ignorance in the aspect that those who demand the most often produce the least. This is a system that will only last for so long.

The more immigrants that pour into the United States the more we lose traction and the more the white vote becomes irrelevant. This is far from a racist issue, more like a numbers game. In this election Hispanics went for Obama 3-1, three out of four Asians went for Obama and Blacks went to Obama 9-1. This is why the race was close but it was never really that close at all. When you combine such a massive minority advantage with a good amount of whites and single women, you have a safe bet. This will be the new status quo for American elections unfortunately. There is a popular theory that floats the idea that as Texas fills up with immigrants and minorities they will inevitably move to a blue state. Once Texas rolls over to a blue state the Republican Party is extinct. You will have a situation where Democrats will win California, Texas and New York instantly. That is a base lead you cannot over come.

Finally the fracturing of the Republican Party through various third party candidates is nothing new. Ron Paul, Ross Perot and Gary Johnson are all examples of this fracturing. This is something that I fear will continue and Republicans will no longer be able to back just one candidate across the whole party. Because of this the party is destined to split their vote.

Although I hate to be a downer or a doomsday writer, I can’t change what the facts are. We lost this election but we have also lost much more than that. Even our conservative new reporters are saying we need to capitulate to the demands of liberals and minorities in the name of race relations. I say no, we must never sacrifice our belief lest we become part of the problem. It’s very similar to the idea that it’s better to die for a cause than to live without one.

We have Obama for the next four years and we still hold on to the House for the time being. I say we use it to block him at every turn. We may be on the way down but what liberals are soon to learn is that we will all burn together on this one.

About the author: Mark Mayberry

Mark Mayberry lives in Tennessee and is pursuing a Law Degree. He hopes to work in politics and law after graduating. He is also a staff writer at and is the operator of Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing as well as with his family. You can reach Mark on Facebook and Twitter as well as his website

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  • 9thID

    I’m no Paubot, and even believe that he would have been worse than Obama due to his radical views on social issues and national security. After I held my nose for the 2008 McCain Redux, I saw the writing on the wall, left the GOP, and registered as an independent.

    The real problem is that the G.H.W. Bush/Dole/McCain/RomneyCare RINOs can’t even get their base out, but Obama did. RomneyCare got even less base turnout than Johnny McShame did. Add to that the GOP RINO Establishment has treated the Tea Party as heretics since 2010, shotdown the likes of anti-establishment types Mourdock and Akin, and you have the party of self-assisted suicide.

    Since the GOP refuses to reform itself into something more Reaganesque, it is destined to go the way of the Whig Party it replaced. I just hope our Republic can survive another 4 of Comrade Barry, but it may take such massive trauma to show Americans just how bad RINOism & Socialism/neo-Marxism can be…

  • Paul

    Unfortunatly, he has proven that he will go around any block he doesn’t like, legal or not does not matter to him.

  • GenEarly

    I did not support the Libertarians and Ron Paul, I voted for Romney like I voted for McLame and GW Bush twice.

    But the Repubiclans that control Der Party hate the Tea Party, Ron Paul, Libertarians, Christians, Constitutionalists and Right to Lifers. As an example look at the Exclusion Tactics that caused a Walk Out at the Repub Convention in Tampa.

    I am DONE with these worthless Whigs, I meant Extinct RINO’s after this lame election.

    Repubs plan on becoming even more “moderate” as a means of winning.

    Winning What?

    Nothing I want.

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