• Victoria

    O’Reilly’s one of the worse.

    • KarenWI

      I shut Bernie Goldberg and O’Reilly off the other night, O’Reilly is VERY uninformed about guns………talking about banning assault rifle and I’m thinking WHAT the heck to you THINK an assault riffle is?? Define it. O is losing me as an audience with his closed minded stupidity on this issue and I’ve watched him for years and read his books. And then there’s Goldberg who Ticked me off royally when he said that Americans who believe that they should be able to own ‘assault rifles’ in order to stop a tyrannical government – he called people like me PARANOID!! And I used to think this guy knew what he was talking about, he’s lost me big time.

      • R.G. Yoho

        Karen, I was also put off by the two of them. We are no more paranoid or fearful of the government than were the Founders.

        • 2War Abn Vet

          There’s a good reason for the increase in gun sales. People no longer wonder what government can do for them. They fear what government will do to them.

      • Reb Biker

        “WHAT the heck to you THINK an assault riffle is?? Define it.”

        I can give you the liberal definition of an assault rifle. An assault rifle is a rifle that looks mean.

        • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

          That’s definitely how they define it.

    • R.G. Yoho

      Right you are about O’Reilly. It’s a shame a man that smart has willingly chosen to be ignorant.

  • Bulldog74

    Welcome to my world — I’ve been in the oil business over 34 years, and the worst part has been that every time the industry makes the news (for better or worse), all of a sudden every hack newscaster or columnist thinks they’re a petroleum engineer.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      I’m with you, Bulldog. I don’t mind the ones who are ignorant, but are willing to be educated on the subject. However, some of these folks, when corrected, refuse to let the facts get in the way of their opinions.

      • jaxum

        There is an old saying, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts”.
        Having worked in the newspaper business when it was honest, it makes me sick to watch the media go into into orgasmatic delight to be able to point at this sort of tragidy and gloat “See I told you so”. I’m surprised that they are not throwing celebratory parties.

        • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

          They probably are throwing those parties in private.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZILT7FI37IEGIGZ47H34VLVAY skyhawk

    Other very informative information such as “the police reported that the shooter had several hundred bullets. What for? was he going to use them in a slingshot, or throw them?

    • Guest

      What’s your point? We’ve all determined this shooter was nothing more than evil, human vermin. He wanted to shoot and kill and bunch of people. Did you not get that? Those guns and ammo didn’t just hop in the car and drive to the school. It took a diseased and evil human to do this. That has nothing to do with the MILLIONS of law-abiding gun owners who killed nobody that tragic day.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thanks for reading this, Skyhawk

  • Bulldog74

    I’m not currently a gun owner (wish I was, but I live in one of those blue states); in fact, I haven’t fired a rifle since I was in Boy Scouts. But unlike O’Reilly and others, I try to educate myself where I can.
    One conclusion I came to even before I read this column was that considering the defenselessness of his targets and the amount of time it took the police to get to the school (although the cops performed very well), the shooter at Sandy Hook could have accomplished the same mayhem with a six-shot revolver or a bolt-action rifle. He wouldn’t have needed an “assault weapon.”
    (Actually, he could have killed those kids with a length of steel pipe to break the windows, and a couple of well-placed Molotov cocktails, but that’s another subject).
    And even a novice like me (unlike O’Reilly, apparently) knows the difference between a fully automatic and a semi-automatic weapon, and that there are few if any in the general public who actually own a working fully automatic weapon.
    Evidently for some people, ignorance is indeed bliss.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Those poor kids wouldn’t have stood a chance against a full-grown adult with a revolver, knife, or a ball bat.

  • deesposito1

    “A man convinced against his will; is of the same opinion still.”
    Robert Burns

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Great quote!

  • MontieR

    Spot on.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho


  • Skip Coryell

    Good article. It’s a shame people need something like this. Low information voters are killing our country.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Thanks, Skip. Yes, they are, killing us one white flag at time.

  • Gunny

    An assault weapon is semi-automatic rifle designed to take out multiple human targets on one magazine in a very short time. It is light, small, easy to carry and otherwise identical to the military’s fully automatic version. Fully automatic assault weapons are outlawed for private ownership.

    Hunting rifles, on the other hand, are more precise, longer-barreled rifles, usually fitted with a scope and are designed to drop an animal with a single shot. Hunters usually don’t get more than one shot and the thought of wounding an animal which then escapes to die is to be avoided at all costs , A hunter would never consider using an assault weapon and then emptying a 30 shot mag on a herd.

    Which brings us to sniper rifles. sniper rifles are special single shot rifles designed to be accurate at distances of 1,000 yards or even longer. In the hands to a trained military sniper, they are deadly anti-personnel weapons and essential in armed combat.

    Any of these rifles can be used for the purpose of any other, but in order to optimize performance, it is generally not done.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      You did see where I said it was “over-simplified,” didn’t you? I’m glad there are people like us who know the difference. It was designed to educate those who don’t know a wheel gun from a ferris wheel. This column wasn’t really written for anybody who would ever call himself “Gunny.” But I’m glad there are more people like you out there.

    • URKiddinMee

      Thanks for your comments. They were well presented and accurate in their definitions.

      However, let me correct you on ONE MINOR point; A private citizen currently CAN legally own a Class III (Fully Automatic) weapon. It takes being fingerprinted by a local law enforcement agency, a THOROUGH FBI background check and a Tax Stamp for each weapon owned which costs $ 200. (Or at least that was the fee the last time I purchased one) They are fun to shoot every now and then, but as you might imagine, it can be expensive when the military is not providing one’s ammo. Hours and hours of reloading to enjoy a few minutes of firing. Hope you don’t mind my addendum to your excellent post.

      Semper Fi!

  • http://www.facebook.com/F35FIGHTERMAN Bob Belcher

    My heart goes out to those Kids and their Familys. This has to stop .Washington is letting this KIDS get Killed to pass Gun Laws..It time to look at the facts.There is only one or two States that sells full auto. guns and they are not assault weapons. OBAMA put 2..7 trillion dollars in intitlements program he can take some of that money to protect the schools That could happen at any school in this Country. IT has too stop and gun laws will not stop it.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      That’s not all, Bob. There’s a school not far from me that has no outside facing windows to the classrooms. If they keep locking down these schools the way they’re doing, and an armed gunman breeches security, then the kids will be locked down and trapped inside the buildings with a crazed killer. They won’t be able to escape out a window and the body counts will skyrocket, all in the name of safety.

      • http://www.facebook.com/F35FIGHTERMAN Bob Belcher

        I have a school near me they have a wall builded around it look like a building.But did you ever hear of some one attacking a police station. There one thing bad guys fear that is good guys with guns.

  • Reasonable Thought

    Now, what we need is your permission to spread this mission by copying and pasting this article across the boards with posts. We have to be pro-active in getting our own voice heard.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      Please just include my name and go for it!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Number of murders committed with fully automatic weapons in the United States since 1934 – 2.

    • http://www.Facebook.com/R.G.Yoho R.G. Yoho

      I guarantee the average Obama voter thinks there were that many last night in New York.

      • Steve

        I don’t believe the average Obama votes thinks…..PERIOD !!

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