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  • Victoria

    Great advice. I’m going to go to my girls school tomorrow morning to see what security they have in place. I’m scared and it wouldn’t hurt to have added police presence.


      QUESTION; WHAT makes a policeman or security guard any MORE qualified to carry and use a firearm than any other competent, intelligent school staff member that has gone through proper training and becomes licensed to carry a firearm???!

      • bob

        Nothing, but liberals don’t think private citizens are capable of protecting themselves and others, though that’s been disproven many times through studies and real life events.

  • Benjamin

    Amen, Mary. If parents are going to place the kids into the public school or private school system they must know how they will be protected.

  • Chad

    She’s insane. Guns will lead to more deaths. What if the students decided to tackle the armed guards and take his gun? Ridiculous advise. All guns should be banned.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allan-Erickson/1105852120 Allan Erickson

      Please think it through and do some research. In areas where guns are banned, guess what happens. The bad guys still have access to guns. Do you think they obey the law voluntarily? Law abiding folks are left defenseless. Guess what happens? Innocent people get killed, crime skyrockets, and police are overwhelmed. Research how many times law abiding gun owners with concealed weapons stop crime and save lives. You are on the wrong side of this one friend.

    • Nunya

      Wow Chad…you might get a paper cut and die of infection, Chad. Or you don’t seem too smart so maybe you will get a Darwin award someday. Those zombie kids might take a pencil and go after the teacher too, Chad. What do you think, Chad? Maybe we should just use you as a human shield to get to the next shooter. You don’t mind do you, Chad?

    • cdoc

      Sounds all warm and fuzzy. More guns = more death. So let’s get rid of all guns and then we can sit around the campfire, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya. Sounds good huh? Unfortunately, that’s NOT reality, Chad.

    • KJQ

      Chad, it’s time to get a grip and come back to reality. In all countries that have outright bans on all firearms, the violent crime and murder rates have gone up. Criminals will get and use guns if they want them. Yes, we should make it hard for them to get them legally (e.g. criminal records checks), but get them they will. The question is, at the moment they start using them, how can they be stopped. The only effective means is to have adults present with firearms, preferably concealed (so they don’t get shot first). It’s time to stop talking about an altruistic world where there are no firearms and no people who want to commit violent crimes.

    • agbjr

      Joseph Goebbels would have loved you … such a pliant mind.

      “A government that does not trust it’s law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust.”

      James Madison

    • BigUgly666

      Good Little Sheep, Chad – Call Obama, he’s looking for people just like you.

    • tim

      Getting rid of all guns will lead to 30 million dead Americans, just like the 30 million Chinese killed by Mao after he banned guns.

      • LadyforLiberty

        What a co-incidence….Mao was a Socialist too!! (Isn`t that what the Dems claim to be???

    • http://www.facebook.com/fritz.schmidt.7 Fritz Schmidt

      Chad, good idea… since school is where the most of school shootings take place. let ban school. and drugs should be banned as well. If drugs were banned then they would not be on the streets.

  • Christina S

    Well said…will be writing an email to principle.

  • Niggishzidda

    Just to let you know about parents who do not agree with you and will not take responsibility of their kids. Oct 09 in Myrtle Beach school a 16 year old Asperger brought into the school a WWII bayonet bought for him by his father tricking the SRO/police officer then began stabbing him which resulted in the officer first trying to stopping him when eventually the young man was shot several time with one final shot that killed him. Investigation should he left a suicide note on his computer that they thought was death by cop. but if he had succeeded and put the officer down got his gun then what. Guess what the parents sued the Police, the School system and officer saying the officer wasn’t properly trained to handle their special child in a public school. This just settled out of court two weeks before this happened in CT.

    • Nunya

      He shot and killed the kid. Good. I’m glad he was there. Stopped him before he slashed up his classmates. Funny though, couldn’t find this story in the news

      • don m.

        There is many stories like this out there that you wont find on the main street street news media

  • http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ Ted R. Weiland

    “All of our mass murders in the last 20 years have occurred in Gun Free Zones [even Fort Hood, Texas was, for the most part, a gun-free zone]…. Hopefully the Connecticut tragedy will be the tipping point after which a rising chorus of Americans will demand elimination of the Gun Free Zone laws that are in fact Criminal Safe Zones…. Gun Free Zones are a lethal insanity….” (Larry Pratt, “They Have Blood on Their Hands,” 15 December 2012, http://gunowners.org/a12152012.htm)

    One place mass murders will never happen–at a gun show!

    • http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ Ted R. Weiland

      Hear Mr. Pratt’s views regarding Constitutional versus Biblical Self-Defense at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/tapelist.html#goa. I think you’ll be surprised and hopefully blessed.


      I’ve come to the conclusion that we have people within our government that actually WANT these tragedies to happen so that they can have REASON to muster public support for stricter gun control! ~ These people are not stupid, as they know that other countries like Israel have better methods that get positive results, but it goes against the grain of their end-goal of disarming the American citizenry!

    • BigUgly666

      Or a bar frequented by off duty cops.

      • msueh

        Not necessarily. Four off-duty officers were gunned down in a WA state coffee shop in 2009, thanks to the commutation of felon Maurice Clemmons’ 95-year sentence by former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee. Thanks, Huck; we’re still angry about that. (And I didn’t vote for him for that reason!)

    • bungicord

      Another place they wont happen is my home.

  • Vigilant2

    This will be ironic. The logical outcome of this thesis is that our schools will look like and function like high security federal prisons, making our insulated inmate students completely safe, made and kept so by hired strangers. Safe from all intruders, except that their teachers will continue to indoctrinate them daily in the amoral views of man and the world, the very public school indoctrination that helped create monsters like the Newtown shooter. There is much more to this problem than just replicating another obscene TSA-like atmosphere in our schools. As much as you want assurances that your children will be secure from physical dangers, we need to work on the toxic, insidious assaults of the Progressive culture.

    Some Stats to ponder:

    – According to the National Transportation Safety Administration, 90+ Americans died ‘innocently’ on our highways the same day as the Newtown tragedy, and have done so each day on average since. No national / politicized grieving is in progress for those several hundred dead.

    – According to the Gutmacher Institute, on average 3000+ children were summarily, and under state sanction, executed in the womb on the same day as the Newtown tragedy, and have done so each day since, via abortion, be it late term, or even via infanticide due to botched abortion … all the preceding supported by Obama in his one and only vote in the US Senate in his two years there … Yet, no national / politicized grieving is in progress for those many thousands dead.

    Let’s think hard about where we have been, where we are, and where we truly want to go as the United States of America. Continuing down the track of secular Progressivism … where good = bad and vice versa … is the hair of the dog … the belief that more of what makes you throw up, will make you better.

  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

    Great, I think the schools should have armed guards. After all, most nuts will not go where there are armed gaurds.

  • randice

    For the most part I agree here but we need to start using some common sense. We should allow the personnel at schools who have a CPL/CCW to carry on school grounds. In instances at schools where the law was defied and individuals brought their weapon anyway the victims were lower than what would have been otherwise, however in both instances the weapon was in their vehicle which wasted precious time. We will never stop insane individuals who are hellbent in causing chaos. Must we make it easy for them by being sitting ducks also known as a “weapon free zone”? Also known as “shoot here first”. Allow the carriers to defend themselves and those that surround them.

  • Morgan23

    Add a proximity alarm on every sidewalk and to all access points to the school at least 40 feet from the door, a camera to monitor the doors, locked double door vestibules at all entrances that auto-lock, a double “buzz-in” at the fromt door, a buzzer to admit people to the vestibule and a second to enter the building. There should be a panic button next to the buzz-in connected directly to the nearest police station that does double duty to lockdown the school and actuate a specially formulated alarm designed to confuse and distract anyone trapped in the vestibule. That will slow them down. Redesign and reinforce the doors so the glass cannot just be shot out…..wire glass will work. Total cost: bet it’s less than $25,000 per door. Heck, I’ll start a business to do it. Add a police presence during the opening and closing of the school day as well.

    • BigUgly666

      My, God, did you actually read what you have written?
      Shame on you!

    • msueh

      Sounds good; you’ve thought a lot about this. Too bad the taxpayers who want more protection for their kids won’t want to ante up the extra half-penny per thousand property tax…

    • LadyforLiberty

      MichaelMorgan:Good point you made.
      However, many companies sell cheap, rapid response alarms.
      If parents in schools demanded, (or supplied themselves) a simple system linked to Fire Department/Police Department… and ALSO to siren alarms at all corners of the school s our edges. at any sign of trouble these alarms could trigger immediate response from emergency services.
      As an added extra, any gun owning citizen hearing an alarm from his/her school could immediately get to the school if they lived close.
      Extra firepower in extreme emergency cannot but help!!

  • David J. Stuehr

    The head master at my kids school was standing outside and made some comment about “our leaders” finally doing something to protect school kids. WTF?? our leaders cannot run the post office or social security, stay outta scandals, balance a budget, get along amonst themselves or really do anything. The new gun ban schemes will not work. So what now? Defering to Obama and his minions is a sell out.


      WE ENTRUST the safety of our kids to our school’s principal and teachers while THEY have custody of them thus it is THEIR DUTY to insure that safety by having THE MEANS TO DEFEND AND PROTECT OUR KIDS….other than a telephone!!!

  • Graywolf12

    WE need educated teachers and staff. One school in our area has told the students to huddle in the corner of the class room. Great idea, the shooter can kill more than one with each shot and save ammo to kill more and break persent record. NO one is going to talk the killer out of killing students. The only talk that will stop them is from the end of a gun!!!

    • BigUgly666

      All that “cowering like little bunnies” does is create a “target rich environment”

  • Marikya

    This was sent to me from a friend and seems to be a common sense solution.

    To: dtiquips@clouds.com
    Subject: [Dtiquips] School Solution!

    16 Dec 12

    School Solution, from a friend on the East Coast:

    “We are a Jewish family, and all our minor children attend a Jewish elementary
    school. The school itself does its best to maintain a low profile, but, due to
    its academic excellence, its appearance and location are well known in the

    We Jews, whether in Israel or here, are acutely aware of the continuing threat
    to us and our children, no matter where we live. It is not paranoia, as I’m
    not talking about ‘imagined’ threats, am I?

    Because of our community’s ability to accurately comprehend threats and
    threat-levels, we have elected not to do what is currently common in this
    civilization: (1) pretend threats don’t exist, and (2) wager our lives on police
    arriving sometime before the last shot is fired.

    So, this is what we’ve all agreed upon and instituted:

    Each father, including me, is on a mandatory, rotating duty-schedule.
    Each of us is thus ‘on-duty’ several days each month, all day. Yes, we have to
    take days off from work. We are posted in the back of each classroom, visibly
    armed with both an AR and a pistol. All our weapons are constantly loaded and
    ready, and can be plainly seen as such. Each child thus knows and understands
    that there is always a father, their own or that of one of one of their
    schoolmates, there with them in the classroom all the time, and he is able,
    willing, and committed to defending them with his life.

    We consider this system the only logical and effective solution to our security

    Again, it is as low-profile as we can reasonably make it, and from the outside,
    a casual observer can’t see any of this, but all of us, children, parents,
    teachers, and administrators know, and are thankful for, what we have put in

    And, as you might say, we don’t care who likes it!”

    Comment: Americans are responding to the latest mass-murder incident, not with
    cries for additional restrictions on our freedom, but by going out and buying
    guns! ARs, XCRs, PTRs, SIG/556s, Kalashnikovs, M1As, et al, as well as
    magazines and ammunition, are currently being bought-up so quickly, dealers
    can’t keep them in stock.

    Even requiem anti-gun editorials are currently muted, as Americans are in no
    mood to be piously lectured, by media elitists and political gas-bags alike,
    that we are too stupid to own guns!

    The Jewish Community, at least in the case described above, is smart enough to
    perceive real problems and come up with real solutions, not just the same old
    tired, fictitious, worthless fluff suggested by most politicians.

    Good show, guys!


    John S. Farnam

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    Copyright 2012 by DTI, Inc. All rights reserved.

    • msueh

      um, perhaps you should have removed the email addy prior to posting… next time, perhaps?

  • agbjr

    When was the last time you heard of a shooting in a New York City public school? Is it because that bastion of liberalism has declared gun and drug free zones? NO! It is because when he was mayor Rudi Guiliani put ARMED security guards in every NYC school over the vehement objections of liberal politicians, educators, and the teachers’ union. Those guards are still there and everyone knows they’re armed.

  • KJQ

    Mary. Thank you for writing the article. As a father whose wife has home educated our twin sons (now finishing off) I want to strongly urge you to do the same. You will not believe how strong your relationship with your children will stay (become?) if you do so. It is also a lot easier to keep them safe when they are at home, and not just from weapons violence. Bullying, negative peer pressure, exposure to immorality can all be avoided.

    As for public schools, having armed guards may help, but Israel’s experience shows that these personnel just get killed first, then the innocents. The major advantage an attacker has is the element of surprise (i.e. no one knows where or when or how he will attack). Defenders need the element of surprise as well (i.e. attacker can’t tell who is armed or where they are). Allowing school personnel (who want to) to get trained and to carry concealed is the best short-term solution. Long term we need to really address the root causes that make so many of our youth want to kill themselves and/or others.

    • kathin9

      In Israel you will see all the teachers carrying weapons now, you will see them marching the children into class with an automatic weapon slung over their shoulders, seems to work pretty well.


    COMMON SENSE dictates that WHY hire security guards, when school STAFF can voluntarily apply for training and concealed carry permits as is done in Israel???!!!

    Israel had ONE attack on their school kids and immediately solved their problem while here in America our “leaders” have YET to learn that CRIMINALS LOVE GUN-FREE ZONES!!!

  • FLChristyB

    A police presence at all times would probably not be practical. An armed security guard may make you feel safer, but just who is the first person some madman is going to target?? You got it, the armed guard, leaving the rest of the school as a shooting gallery! The answer is to stop this crazy ‘no gun zone’ crap and allow teachers, administrators and/ or custodians to be armed!! You trust these people with your childrens safety every day, but you don’t trust them with a gun? Let them keep your kids safe by giving them the tools necessary to do so!!

    That being said, homeschooling is the best option by far. I run a small business and was able to homeschool both my children for much less than the cost for private school. I believe it is our duty as parents to raise and train our own children rather than sending them to schools where they may be learning questionable values and re-written history…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    I will not shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods and others any longer for taking such a negative position on firearms due to the Sandy Hook School tragedy before all the facts were in. Here is the real issue.This kids doomsday mother was taking her mentally ill kid to a gun range to learn about and shoot guns when she should have taken him to see a doctor and then lets him play (Violent) video games. Was she also a nut case ? and why is the father in hiding? Because of this disfuctional family now we all lose more of our freedoms. AOL, Huff Post, Face Book and others will not post this comment

    • sargeant rock

      OOPs wrong person.. intended for ChristyB

  • sargeant rock

    Here is just a thought… Most police dept’s are stretched thin as it is. Take notice it took the police 20 minutes to respond.. In most towns there are any number of “retired” police or military personel. Suppose they were to obtain their concealed carry permits and training and either be hired by the school or even volunteer as security? I am a 22 yr veteran of the armed forces. I have a concealed carry permit, i am will trained in the use of firearms, obtained a 100% accuracy with a 45 in my training. I would willingly volunteer my time to protect the children of our school and i would bet that you could find some in your town who would also…. sargent rock.

  • TeaParty Patriot

    I’m reading an awful lot of firearms enthusiasts saying that the incident would not have happened if the teachers had access to firearms. That may or may not be true. It is just as important or maybe even more so, to have the guns in the hands of someone knowledgeable and psychologically capable/willing to use it for defense. It would be pointless to have firearms in schools unless the individuals who have control of them are willing and able to use them, otherwise they might just be another source to obtain another weapon for the perpetrator of crimes and mayhem .
    I don’t like the Idea of having a cop/security guard, retired or not, in the schools. Other than the fact that it would be know that this person is supposedly guarding the school and for a trouble maker, this person is the ONE to eliminate or avoid, is the intimidation factor of having a student with an armed guard there all the time. A better solution would be to have those teachers who are so inclined trained in police tactics and to carry weapons provided with a pay package to cover their weapon and training. And a stipend to keep the training current. We pay teachers to gain further knowledge and training in other subjects why not self defense? It would be cheaper than having an armed guard posted and it would probably be more effective. Right now in many states CCW is the law and many muggings/robberies are prevented because the perpetrator never knows who is packing. With this system every teacher may be carrying so the thug does not know who to pick on or who to avoid. Store security (rent a cops) are effectively camouflaged by dressing as customers so that the shoplifter has no idea who is watching him or her.
    There would also be the problem of security when the building is “unoccupied” or during auxiliary school functions such as meetings or after hours school events.. Does the auuthorized defender of students take the firearm home or store it in a locked vault in the vacant school?

  • kds

    Why did Obama and his far left let the monies for security at schools lapse in 2010? All part of his propaganda for a socialist takeover of OUR COUNTRY

  • Bill

    A police presence is nothing new in schools. As a high school senior in Billings, Montana, (1972, ages ago) I recall the school having a police officer present on campus throughout the school year. It was not a violent school, but there was a drug presence and the school was proactive in it’s attempts to keep drugs off campus. Incidentally, hospitals are “Gun Free” zones as well, and many hospitals will not allow armed police officers on campus, particularly in emergency rooms where they most often have to go, for one reason or another

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

      in NC at some hospitals they hire off duty cops with handguns to guard the emergency dept ,they have a metal detector there to

  • noweareman

    A security guard would just be the first victim!
    A few teachers with an access to a firearm would be the best deterent!
    “GUN FREE ZONES” are just an invitation to some lunatic!

  • conservative

    Lanza did not obtain an illegal weapon. He illegally obtained a weapon.

  • tim

    I don’t have to worry about this, my daughter goes to school on a military base with Air Police armed with full auto M-16’s right across the street.

    • msueh

      :-) Go, USAF!

    • LadyforLiberty

      tim: is that M16 thetype of weapon the president is talking about banning???
      Soundslike an assault rifle with a big magazine to me!

  • $29077531

    All school security should include an armed presence. Be it primary, secondary, high school or even university level. An armed presence is a basic deterrence to possible violence against the students enrolled in these institutions.
    Its ist the publics right to as tax payers to have the right to have armed guard at their schools if they so deem necessary.. Gun Free Zones only give the criminal the advance notice that it will be easier for their action to take place.
    Free people remain free when they are able to protect themselves and their loved ones.. Police and other law enforcement cannot always be there when required. Its up to the individual to protect himself and his family from the crazies out there.

  • davienne

    another attempt at another mass shooting at fort hood yesterday.. but this time the shooter got killed… not a word from the limpdick media

  • msueh

    I substitute teach full-time. As such, I see a lot. An armed Resource Officer on campus is mostly to deter malicious behavior on the part of some students, and it works, but will not necessarily stop a crazed shooter – a uniformed officer would be the first target. And if it were a known fact that all or many teachers carried, they also would be primary targets.

    However, if unknown, unmarked-by-“official”-clothing personnel – maintenance crew? SOME teachers? secretaries? – carried, that might be different, because the perps wouldn’t know from whence danger could present itself and might therefore be wary.

    Also, with the way most schools are designed these days, there is very little to none at all, “safe” place in the buildings; there’s simply too much glass – at a height where said shooter easily can peer into classrooms. Gym shower rooms are usually pretty secure, but how can we fit hundreds of students in rooms built for dozens or scores of kids? Only the current PE class would be safe in a shooting emergency. Plus, elementary schools lack these facilities. Exterior doors (glass) are NOT locked, but there’s a very scary “All Visitors Must Register At The Office” sign on said exterior doors. Big Whoop.

    My classroom doors are always locked; one must either knock or have a key to gain entrance. Students find this a nuisance and complain, because most classrooms are not, but it keeps out all unauthorized persons, especially wandering kids trying to pull one over on the Sub: “I’m a teacher assistant, Miss.” (My stated reason; they don’t realize I’m being proactive – my main degree is Law Enforcement.) I look around each room I work in; and other than the showers already mentioned, there is virtually NO safe place in ANY classroom. None. No wall, no corner is not visible from either outside or the hall.

    What’s the answer? No single one, but outlawing guns for all citizens is not going to be effective, especially since all schools have that stupid advertisement, “This is a Gun Free Zone.” Duh – that tells all that “We’ve already surrendered, gone belly up, come shoot us; you’ll find no resistance. You’ll be safe, but WE won’t!” Get rid of the darned invitation!

    • Graywolf12

      We went to pick up our grandchildren and encountered the dreaded “All Visitors Must Register At The Office” sign. We followed the arrow to an empty room, then a room with 2 women in it, but since they turned their back on us we figured they were not the correct ones to sign in with. In the next hall we met our granddaughter, so we just left. They never missed her. With security like that and the orders to the children to huddle in the corner if attacked we can be sure all children are 100% safe in the free fire zone labeled “gun free zone”.

  • David Gray

    Gun Free Zones Don’t Work. Here’s some stats for you.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    It would help if the people were going at this in the right direction; and at the right TARGETS, but the real monsters are so well hidden and so deeply ingrained in our society that weeding them out and making this a safe place for children, or anyone else, is, at this point in time, not a realistic possibility; neither is sending in MORE money and armed guards the step needed. “Open-minded” people have brought this down on ALL of us! Tolerance for amorality, and all the attendant evil is the CAUSE of this; and until we start taking RESPONSIBILITY for our actions, TEACHING MORALITY and ETHICS, as well as practicing them ourselves, and NOT tolerating EVIL in all its subtle forms, THIS is what we can expect, and NOTHING better!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6IOTQYHCGTJDTL6RFJIJ66VLOA xyz

    If we were to give up our guns, how long do you think it would be before obama took total control of our country. There will be a core group of people who would not give up their guns and a revolution would soon start. For the betterment of our country I say pressure your reps in congress to follow the constitution and impeach obama before he totally destroys it.

  • Uncle Sam’s Misguided Child

    My personnel belief is that our government is behind these shootings. They are working hard on the U.N.’s Agenda 21. Remember they only want 500,000 people on the planet.

  • awkingsley

    When China says the U.S. needs gun control, that is like an unchained maniac telling someone he wants to shoot at young school children, a very “soft target”. At the beginning of World War II, prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a suggestion was made to invade the U.S.; General Yamamoto of Japan responded, “No, there is a gun behind every door in the U.S.” Keeping Semi-Automatic Assault rifles and magazine clips behind as many doors in the U.S. as possible is a strong deterrent. We do not need to present the U.S. as a “soft target” to every tough country out there in the world who would like to run over us, especially those countries to whom we owe a lot of money.

    All but one of the mass shootings was in a Gun Free Zone.
    Shooters look for soft targets and prefer to be unopposed. We can engage in a
    do-it-yourself program by arming teachers, or we can spend ourselves silly on
    Security Guards, and still not do an adequate job. Buses must be guarded…entrances
    and exits…children approaching or leaving school…

    Israel has 4.7 murders per 100,000, and the
    U.S. has 5.9 murders per 100,000.

    The Israelis are very cost-conscious, and arming teachers with assault rifles
    slung over their shoulders was an easy decision because every person in Israel
    must do military service. The Israeli people did not even want to pay for the
    defense systems they have. Because not every person in the U.S. serves in the
    military, arming teachers seems like an outrageous solution, but in order to adequately
    protect people, keep our freedoms and prevent outrageous costs to tax payers,
    arming teachers is the most sensible solution. People in the U.S. must start
    taking personal responsibility. Why would Americans be stupid enough to pay for
    Security Guards for schools when Israelis do not? Are Israelis actually smarter than Americans?
    The truth is: Americans do not really want to admit we have a problem, and they
    will pay any amount of money to try cover up our problem, while the Israelis
    are totally realistic. Any time we leave anything up to the government, we get
    an inferior job for an enormous amount of money spent. We can keep building our
    Police State, or citizens can take responsibility. Which is it going to be?

    School model in Texas already has armed teachers.

  • Robert Alexander

    May Yahweh, the Christ Jesus of the Bible, OPEN healing into the hearts of his people, O Germinate the healing Growth in your people Sweet savior Jesus, heal our flesh and our spiritual strength… ALLOW your people to be cleansed, may your people have a surgically sharp and battle tested worthy steel of fire proceeding from their heart through their lips O Master, allow your people to strongly defend your word as an elegant and balanced whole without pretext in context MOVE your Spirit Dear Yah, Stretch out that Plumb-line and draw back thine hands Dear Christ and strengthen your Virgins those daughters of ZION who can draw up thy law dear Love. ÅΩ Grant our request, allowing us to be renewed, rejuevinated, allow us both to remain repentant, and speak very clearly to those elect whom you know, allow them to walk in open understanding. Speak to your witness O God Almighty from everlasting the First Only & Last the true ÅΩ. Give that word which remains unseen & Open that which has
    been a dark secret.

  • Don Schanzenbach

    As the author alluded, the most important question here is whether Christians ought to have their kids in these schools at all. Scripture is clear, “parents teach your childrn as you rise up, as you sit down, as you sit in your house, as you walk by the way” Deut 6. Hence, pretty much all the time as far as I can tell. Get you kids out of the officially Godless schools. Public schools teach every subject from the perspective that God is irrelevant to all learning. That is a deadly message. Christians ought to be getting their kids out of these gun free, God free zones and start obeying God.

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