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  • erica

    Amen! Thank You Doug! Sharing!

  • MikeP.

    Smart stuff. Should be read aloud in homes, schools and in houses of worship.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Poison to the Left, are Light and Testosterone. PEE_CEE is the Antidote.
    The danger is not the absurdities of its extremists, whom few now regard, but the steady erosion of social cohesion, civic freedom, and above all privacy, as well as the politicization of personal life by a SEXUAL IDEOLOGY THAT HAS SO MESMERIZED US ALL THAT WE ARE LARGELY IMMUNE TO REALIZING IT {emphasis added}. Perhaps the greatest danger is the absence of coherent opposition. For more than any other political movement, feminism neuters, literally emasculates its opposition.

  • Benjamin


  • Reelman1946

    After watching hundreds of hours of TV programs in recent years I have learned:

    1…If an actor is wearing a cross, he or she is the villain or a sicko about 90% of the time
    2…If an actor is a minority the chances of being a noble or misunderstood victim are about 90%
    3…If an actor is a non-minority male his chances of being a criminal (despite crime stats) are about 90%
    4…If an actor is a single female her chances of being a noble misunderstood abused saint are about 90%
    5…If an actor portrays a homosexual his/her chances of being anything but wrong, criminal or sicko are about 90%
    6…If an actor portrays a member of a clergy the chances of being at least wrong and biased are about 90%
    7…If an actor is/was happily married the male chance of being a dufus or worse is about 90%
    8…If there is a family (intact or not) the chances of child disrespect and profanity are about 90%
    9…If the actor is an immoral teen the chances of framing that as “not their bad” is about 90%
    10..If the plot involves a moslem the chances of he/she being shamed or wrong is about 10%
    11..If adultery is not in the plot then fornication will be about 90% of the time (as expected behavior of course)
    12..If its a cartoonish comedy the married non-minority husband can barely tie his shoes about 90% of the time
    13..If the plot involves conservatives, an intact family, prayer or strong parental morality (a spine) those will eventually be trashed about 90% of the time.
    14..The vast majority of under 25 boys appear very girlish (unless the baddy) and the women lead police charges, go figure.
    15..If a viewer looks for “the least likely in the real world” they will find it about 90% of the time
    16..If a viewer thinks just a tad they realize Hollyweird culture rot is peddled as if its some higher desired norm.
    17..If the TV of 1960 and the TV of 2012 were side-by-side we know 100% of the time which prefers secular fantasy plus profanity and which can be viewed for decades by all ages.

    If you watch TV you can easily realize the (liberal/secular socialist) agenda and the systematic daily attempts to do far more than educate or entertain. Repetition does not mean validation or truth.

    Just keep in mind its all on purpose and you have choices.

    a post on my Blog 6.6.2012…(yes, secularism/liberalism is winning on many fronts) theconservativecrawfish

    • believe

      You are 100 percent correct.
      Go ahead of the class.

    • giant33

      You put into words what goes through my mind with every show I watch on tv. The one thing that trumps just about everything is big tits.

    • Endgame

      You make me glad that I do not watch (or even own) a “stupid tube”, nor support the un-Holywood entertainment industry scam and their deceptively corrupt pre-conditioning and propaganda by going to movies or buying DVDs. The downside is that I do get a lot of “did you see that one episode of” or “did you hear about what happened to so and so” and worst of all, people assume that I’m even familiar with these programs and the names of the celebrities they talk about, and when they realize that I am not, they’re literally shocked, but it doesn’t really bother me one bit being viewed as though I just crawled out from under a rock because the truth, THEY are the ones who are truly un-informed as a result of choosing fantasy over reality, hypnosis of clarity and vice over virtue. It’s a bit like the old vice versa party phrase : I’d rather have a bottle in front of me (that I know is real) then a frontal lobotomy(what TV basically does to you)

    • http://www.facebook.com/dfarrow2 David Farrow
    • Bimbam

      But you forgot about negro portrayal.

      Starting with I SPY, whites and negroes were portrayed to get along.

      Then later negroes are portrayed as having emotions, just like real humans!

      Then later negroes are shown to be family and live in picket fenced houses just like us!

      Then later negroes are shown to have greater calm intelligence than Mr. “screaming” Whiteguy.

      Then later negroes are shown to be is command as normal, even telling Mr. Whiteguy what to do.

      Why the recent ones show them as computer GENUISES and INVENTORS!!! Using two of the most unconvincing looking negroes no less! (Was Hollywood making fun of them?)

      Which brings us to the point of how a shameless, bumbling, unqualified negro came to be president. Hollywood did a good brainwashing job on all of U.S.

      • cottagemist

        I lived in a large metropolitan city for awhile..unfortunately…all the Negro men ..I saw, heard were drug slingers, pimps, and abusers.of.childrenand women..Beat their asses if they didn,t work ..prostitute strip, and bring in money…while they and their buddies bet video games..pigs.

        • $9913635

          Wow! I’m fortunate enough to live where there are rarely any negroes. But I’m unfortunately in a country large enough to be under house rule by a negro.

          This country is now called “obamanation”, and is aptly described in the dictionary as:

          An action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence. Hate coupled with disgust. A person who is loathsome or disgusting.

  • beachmom H

    Public schools are run by mostly liberal women who want to form the boys into nice, compliant little metrosexuals. They also want to form girls into compliant victims of those nasty, evil men.
    Parents can and have fought it successfully.
    I did.

    • felix1999

      Liberals want it both ways. They want girls to be men but when something goes awry, then they are VICTIMS of men.

    • felix1999

      Then these same liberal women wonder why normal men don’t want them. Many would LOVE to get married but who needs THAT to come home to?

  • copakeman

    it’s mostly caucasiam males that are portrayed as weak, brainless, useless things in 99% of television commercials and movies. this has been happening for a number of years.
    the oddity is the caucasian male usually has a job and supports his family.

    • Burlington

      I make a mental note and boycott the advertised product.

    • Rhonda Thompson

      i cant stand it when children are pretrayed as smarter then there parents

      • Brian Heagney

        I agree with you there, especially when they’re correcting their parents’ spelling.

    • $18476877

      Ya. That PC BS chaps my hide. Completely inept huh. I guess the fellas that designed and built all of the modern conveiances we are accustomed to can’t figure out how to make a meatloaf. Never mind the Jumbo Jet to Disney world, built by who?

  • DaveO

    If you turn men into a wuss, that makes him a liberal democrat. No thanks I’m happy, burpppping and farting and thinking on my own.

  • VeeDub57

    OK, I watched the video of the creature posted above as he whined about his Deal Leader. Let me be perfectly clear. THAT is NOT a man. It may have been born with male organs and/or DNA, but by no stretch of any imagination can that thing be claissified as a man!
    It’s parents are probably not much, if any, better. To have allowed that to develop the way it did, says a whole lot about them!

  • Allamerican

    Todays male needs to spend more time in church and with their families. He is real macho playing video games, spending time on weekends with his buddies hunting and fishing leaving wife and kids at home. I know, I see it all the time where I live. Todays male is too egotistical. This coming from a family man.

  • WFP

    Hollywood doesn’t know the difference between a girly boy and a man who is strong enough to be sensitive and understanding.
    Why? They live in the land of fruits and nuts and Socialism supported by unwilling tax payers. That’s why.

  • Dammit

    What a bunch of Girlie Men

    • believe

      O” are you behind If it weren’t for the Females you so called men would go around in dirty cloths, hungry, no children,and no S–, but not so with women, we can do without you, a lot more than you can do without a women.
      You Boys go from Mother that never taught to be self seficent so when you marry you expect the women to take over where Mother left off.( WITH EXCEPTION)
      There are men out there that appricate a wife,and NOT put her as a replacement of Mother, NOW THAT IS NOT A GIRLIE MAN.

      • cottagemist

        I raised a very masculine son, who can do all the above,except bear children..he could hardly find a women to surpass his abilities..through college, then married a lacking bride..for sex..a.misersble son..loves his son greatly though..they hunt, fish, bake..but his father is insisting he find a real woman..not just for sex.

  • melissasmom

    Yes, yes, yes. Love men that are still men..

  • Al

    Well it is the 1970’s again when they wanted all men to be like Alan Alda and the husband on Maude. Wondering who will be the new Arnold or Harrison Ford. We need to stand up to the liberal’s dumb down and wussification of America and show how imbecilic they are.
    First be a man not a jerk to the females in your life guys. Be able to defend them and teach them to defend themselves.
    Spend quality time with them away from TV and computers.
    Help them to be self reliant and if you hunt take them with you. They will get some exercise, learn about nature, and see where the best tasting food comes from. Happiness is a large gut pile.
    Pray with them, this bonding is one that cannot be broken once established.

  • believe

    And the really sad and scary part is there are a LOT of REPUBLICAN POLITITIONS that took the oath to” BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE” are truly a BUNCH OF WUSSIES.

    Stat with BOEHNER, he caves in to the side that he can profit from financially.

    WE Better start With the Young people on DECENCY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY Loyal to Family and Country.The POLITITIONS WAY IS NOT WORKING, and I am sorry for the children that are from any POLITITICAN family of late.

    Now let me add there are a few exception to that remark, VERY FEW but non the less we still have some politicians that stayed true to there beliefs.

    The White House Has lost all of this by whoever raised them sure didn’t make a good impact.

    ALL BUT BARACK HE LEARNED MARXISM from a CHILD TO NOW.and see how he is fighting trying to DISTROY our Beliefs and your setting back letting this all slide by.

    Look how long you have discussed HOLDER to be removed, DO you think were going to forget how you handled that???NO,NO, NO we wont.



    • cottagemist

      Well…well…hang on the rodeo,s coming..how fast can you reload?

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I had a female boss one time that told me I needed to be more in touch with my ‘feminine side’.

    I looked her in the eye with a highly pissed off look and told her “This is my feminine side and it’s in terminal PMS mode. Do you want to deal with him? OR WITH ME?” with as much venom as I could put in my voice.

    She had a sweet disposition after that.

    She never should have been elevated to a job that put her in charge of a bunch of self reliant truck drivers in the first place.

  • gundog9mm

    I have a tee shirt that my daughter gave me that says “I just had the cat
    neutered and now he is a liberal” that says it all about liberal “men”,… sorry males.
    One problem today is even when we go to church our children are being taught much of
    the time by the standard ‘church lady” who is training them that Jesus was a
    nicer than nice bearded lady who never raised his voice and wore flowers in his
    hair. Many times we get the same rot from the pulpit also. .We need to teach them Jesus was a confrontational, rowdy man’s man. It’s high time we
    start teaching our children to be warriors. Young men of God that stands up to
    the filth and lies we are being forced fed by the government schools, main
    stream media and politicians and even our liberal sissified clergy. If we are ever to restore
    America to anything resembling what it used to be we MUST begin with our
    children. This generation is all but lost.

    • giant33

      Find a Roman Catholic Church that has the Traditional Latin Mass. Its wonderful.

      • cottagemist

        Really..alot of manly men ..haven,t been to my mass..I love men who are men..yet not cave men..Well read, intellectual,but all man.

  • AZWarrior

    This article just described pussified liberal men.

  • HadEnuf

    …can’t dispute that, as far as I am concerned, he had mentioned one of the more important reasons: the heathen, secular communists that now run everything want to eradicate Cristianity that they wage war against. In their subconcious, they know that they are reprobates headed for hell and would like to take as many as they can with them; also, these communists, a communist is essentially just somone that rebels against God and wants to rule that way and that is who is now in power in this country, don’t ever doubt that for one minute! They are illiminating competition to them by getting rid of the real men that would have the balls to wage war against them and sadly, this is what you are now experiencing. We have no real men in the fecless “Re-PUNK-lican” party or the conservative pundits! The only real exception to that is M. Savage and he pulls no punches in describing who these Godless communists are and that is why he is banned from sissified England! It is also the reason that the punk^ss effeminate two-bit dictator is purging the military – having the soldiers killed, even to the point of watching it happen, Benghazi, and setting up the military leadership in order to replace them with the girly-men that will remain loyal to him so that he will not have to face a military coup! The Muslim-Marxist is actually deceiving those sycophants and useful idiots around him so that he can wage jihadist against this Christian nation that he and his Muslim Brotherhood are are now doing so while the sheeple have been deceived, dumb-downed and “de-man-ized” by the Fifth Column, state-run media, “Hollowwood” and the adverising industry; and guess what, the sheeple have bought into this because LOOK WHERE WE ARE AS A NATION NOW! – abunch of whining, helpless, nonconfrontational weinies that remain transfixed as the TYRANNY continues to be ramped up! America, ” the home of the brave and the land of the free” has become ” the home of the AFRAID and the land of the ENSLAVED! You can take everything that I have just said to the bank, might as well because your and my money is about to become WORTHLESS as this communist regime is about to do!

  • Pat C

    Feminists are mostly to blame for the breakdown of society and the wussification of men. Odd, though, it is the feminist women who are the readers of the Harlequin novels, fantasizing about manly men while effective neutering generations of them. It’s about control…

  • David Stair


  • Stan

    Its getting to where you cant tell the girls from the boys any more! And its always whimper and whine time in between texting and tweets.

  • cottagemist

    There are a lot of real women that are not feminist.,And are counseling, mentoring women on the reasons to avoid these women. Education is key, they are in many venues to influence,and bring to bear quite a rhetoric.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

    Me and my brother has been saying this for years and everyboby thinks we are crazy ,it all started with sesame street,they brain washed our kids with this pc crap .there once was shows like leave it to beaver.father knows best little house on the prairie,where the dad was smart ane had good advice and had morals ,now you have shows like everybody loves raymond,king of queens,where the white men are dumb and scared of there wifes and screwed up all the time and are lazy,and have to have permission from there wife before they can do anything but the black man is hard working and has all the answers.All this is the work of agenda 21

  • John Kirkwood

    Awesome! Doug, this should be in a book. Will definitely share with my tribe!

  • Brian Heagney

    “Nowadays, especially via TV and Hollywood…”

    I hope you know this, but TV and Hollywood aren’t real. Being a feminist, I don’t see any evidence that feminism is helping to produce wussy men. Using stupid television sitcoms as your evidence doesn’t help build that case, and nothing in this article suggests that there’s any reason to think that feminism is bad for men and/or society. I look forward to reading more, to see if you ever try to make that point.

  • David Steele

    Absolutely agree. Men have recently been brow-beaten into finding their feminine side.

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