• http://www.facebook.com/Mainesshredder Nikolas Arsenault

    Haha that was hilarious! Michelle looks like a Muppet.

    • barbiecakes

      Looks like Mrs. Shrek.

    • MARYANN33

      Looks like Morticia

  • Todd

    Typical racist post by white teabaggers.

    • fliteking

      I hope you had help with your post so you can blame the ‘simplicity factor’ on someone else.

      Looks like you excel at ‘blaming’ anyway . . . and projecting.

      Can we call you ‘bagmaster todd’ ?

    • http://TedSlater.com/ Ted Slater

      Todd, I know your IP address and the email address you’ve been using to post comments on ClashDaily.com. As a moderator of this site, I could easily ban you because of your numerous antagonistic/vulgar hit-and-run comments, but will keep you around for laughs.

      • Daniel Gray

        Just do this…give him a chance to change. If not then post his email address so the rest of us can show our appreciation of his posts.

    • Bambam

      I wonder if you ever laughed at a bush joke?Have you ever wondered if you are a racist ? We all just think your a dumb ass and that has nothin to do with color.

    • Daniel Gray

      typical response from the left wing. Whats the matter? You’re funny bone been removed?

    • Herbert

      Typical black carpet bagger comment

    • panors77

      Typical hit/run post by racist anti constitutional communist who doesn’t know the history of the racist dem party whose southern members started the KKK, and whose governors instituted “Jim Crow”.

    • carlenefrazierwendel

      You are so ignorant about the Tea Party. They are not racist, nor are the bad people. They are just ordinary folks that live in every town. There are always some bad apples in every bag, but the majority of Tea Party people are Patriots that are concerned for the middle class and high taxes on all of us. If you can prove that the Tea Party are bad, go to it…

  • johnnygeneric

    I saw this yesterday after watching the NFL Bad Lip Reading. So funny!!

  • phunyfarm

    Makes total sense, I take it as seriously as I do every other thing that falls out of his mouth. Somebody should just go ahead and muzzle Beyoncé or fix whatever is hurting so badly she has to scream and whine so….

    • James Maxwell

      A long time ago a singer said those that can sing do with great delight, those
      that cain’t vocalize to cover up lack of ability. With the so called music today.
      like politicans, there is a lot of vocalizing going on.

      • lokiswife

        Vocalizing – like an old tom cat sitting on the fence at midnight?

    • Herbert

      It’s her butt

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    That was GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Maxwell

    That probably was more accurate than what was broadcast. After all the media so loves
    osocialist they would clean it up for the public.

    • LadyforLiberty

      Er, I did not watche the Inauguration so missed the point.
      An inauguration that becomes razzmatazz shoebiz event lets down the Democracy of the USA!

      • jamohio

        I know your hearts in the right place but The United States is a Republic!! Please dont use the demoncrats misinformation!!

        • mountaine

          How is it that “some” Americans ( even teachers ) don’t know we are a Republic ?!?!?!!??! Dumbing down of America big time !

          • polmutant

            they are not Americans.they are infiltrators from satan

        • LadyforLiberty

          I truly did not watch the Inauguration.
          And am aware that US is a Republic.
          It also has a Constitution which declares what Politicians may not do, but this doues not seem to bother leaders at federal or state level. For the record I am not affiliated to any party and have a mind of my own Without politicians the world would probably be a little better mebbee! —– Original Message —–
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          jamohio wrote, in response to LadyforLiberty:

          I know your hearts in the right place but The United States is a Republic!! Please dont use the demoncrats misinformation!!
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  • rowleya

    Laughter is the best medicine not Obamacare.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Rogers/100000543576885 Barbara Rogers

    I haven’t laughed this much in a long time…

  • Stealth

    Ahhh…the REAL OBUMMA’s brain patterns exposed!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    Prefer this speech and screeching singing to what was said that day. Thanks for the dose of reality

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    This is the only ‘funny’ thing about this inauguration; everything else about it has made me cry…so much so that I had to buy more ammo.

    • mountaine

      You’re not alone !!!!!

  • john4637

    Are you kidding me?!? The Director of the FBI cannot answer that question! The newest of rookie street cop in the country can properly answer that ridiculous question. Well I guess that is what you get when you deal with politically appointed law enforcement officers. Remember, Herbert Hoover never made a physical arrest during his entire career!!

    • agbjr

      You mean J. Edgar Hoover. Herbert Hoover was President of the United States, 1929-1933.

      • john4637

        Thanks agbjr, that was not one of my more lucid moments. Losing my mind along with my temper!!!

  • noweareman

    Video now unavailable?
    The thought police are at it again!

  • Topazinator

    Is bad behavior one of the components of American Negro culture? If so, I guess my disapproval can be call “racism”.

  • agbjr

    Go to YouTube, “Bad Lip Reading”, for more politically – and socially – incorrect videos. These things are hysterical!

  • polmutant

    wow, i finally understood something said. more sense in this few minutes than last for yours of the jibberish, just make sure teleprompter plugged. does anyone know why your commander in chief wears a hat while sitting on the toilet??? Simply to remember which end to wipe. buhahahaa. and the sheoples says take our wool, eat our children. only give me grass to chew.

  • nightlight

    I just couldn’t stand listening to Beyonce slaughter the English language as she sang (?) by n*gger*z*ng the words to death.

  • Herbert

    Is this to conceal the obvious message that President Obama chattered to those about him when he reviewed the troops and Revolutionary War guards passed by (i.e., ‘these morons think they’re still running around llke these guys.’)

  • Human

    Everytime I see or hear him he makes me feel sick. God help us all.


    I really hate all the vocalizing…We used to have real singers. Heard Van Monroe this morning on TCM..That was a voice as were so many others…and real singers not fake stars with no class or morals. We need to ban Hollywood….

    • carlenefrazierwendel

      Are you sure that wasn’t Vaughn Monroe?


    Ops I meant Vaughn Monroe.

    • carlenefrazierwendel

      Were showing our age.. ha


    Many white people can sing….They do not have to be black,

  • jeshua

    I’m a liberal atheist who enjoys reading the column nevertheless. Sometimes i even agree with the viewpoints expressed in the article, such as in this case. Beyonce may be beautiful, but she’s not much of a singer. There are much better singers around, both black and white.

  • miatara

    Its so funny because the true facts are that even if this is what they really were saying the crazy liberals would sit there and swoon over him and just accept it all as truth-blinded by deception, evil……….

  • Terry_Jim

    Oh .My Cow.
    That’s funny.

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