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Benghazi, etc. — We Just Don’t Care???

MH900431683I guess we just don’t give a damn any more, is that right folks?

You wanna kill our people? Have at it. Invade us? No problem. Witness the Executive Branch engage in criminal activity? All the better. Distribute lethal weaponry to terrorists and drug dealers? Fabulous.

Hold anybody accountable? Not on your life.

Muslim murderers destroy a consulate, kill our people, invade our sovereign territory, rip down our flag, replace it with the Al Qaeda flag, and what is the response from the dear leader and his comrades?

They whimper and whine and come up with stories out of thin air. They blame it on a video three people have seen, arrest and jail the filmmaker, enlist surrogates to propagandize, including the slobbering Chris Matthews and the hysterical Ed Schultz.

Obama lies, urges us to fall on our swords, rips the 1st Amendment, and kisses the feet of our enemies, which of course only encourages them.

Four months since the atrocity in Benghazi on 9/11. Four months: no answers. Last Wednesday, nominated for her role as a reliable witness, Hillary simply read the script, sidestepped the few pointed questions raised, and headed home to hoist a few with Bill.

Had Benghazi occurred on Bush’s watch, the media frenzy would have been fast and furious. Democrats would have stormed the Capitol with torches and pitch forks. People would have flogged themselves into a delirium of bloodletting. Chants of ‘Impeachment’ would have echoed across the wires for weeks, and the hearings would have made the Spanish Inquisition look like a weekend with the Waltons.

What did we hear Wednesday during the so-called hearings to investigate?

What difference does it make if a protest caused the killings or if some guys walking around just decided to kill a few Americans? Really Hillary? That’s the way you sum this up?

Notice, when the question of a conspiracy to ship arms to Turkey or Syria was raised, she feigned incredulity, saying she’s never heard of such a ridiculous explanation.
Never mind that serious security and military sources have indicated Benghazi was either a botched Obama operation to funnel Libyan weapons to insurgents in Syria, or a staged hostage crisis to make him look good before the election.

What difference does it make Hillary?

Only the difference between an anomaly, an institutionalized murder and cover up by this Administration, or worse, treasonous activity involving aid to our enemies and felonious behavior. It makes a big difference Hillary, but not to people who insist we ignore the lies and the cover up.

Hillary and Barry would rather we move along, move along. We’d be less than patriotic demanding answers and accountability, you see. It’s all very divisive.

All of a sudden that’s playing politics, mere partisanship. Didn’t Barry say something about “individual responsibility” in his speech on Monday?

Since we hear no outcry, we must conclude the American people just don’t give a damn, and that’s is precisely Barry’s assurance and Hillary’s salvation.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.