• horseridingplains

    I want to stand up for my Constitutional Right to own guns. What is the difference between voter ID(resisted to the most by libs) and gun registration(pushed by the Libs). Bama is going after law abiding citizens —those who may have a thought process that he may not agree with. Object of tyranny- disarm citizenry.

    • Abby

      Great point…no difference at all…except it makes it easier to find the one they want to eliminate from their ideal mythological world.

    • 2bvictorius

      Hiyo, horseridingplains, I agree with you, however I will make a clarifying comment.
      The voter ID is Constitutional and not prohibited by the U.S. Cosnstitition or any of the specific States Constitutions, but, forced registration of firearms owned by private citizens is not Constitutional and is a direct infringement of their rights. Gun registration laws are intended to deter gun ownership, and is by that fact, a threat by the federal government to fine and inprison anyone they wish, at any time they wish. While it may be true, the defendant may not go to federal prison, he will most likely spend several days or weeks in jail, and spend thousands of dollars before regaining his freedom, but he will always be “on the record” as a potential criminal and will be subject to every police dragnet the rest of his life.
      Government laws, regualtions, and executive decree’s are meant to intimidate and restrict individual freedom of certain classes , and do not enhance either individual freedom or personal happiness of any citizen.
      One other very important point is this, we must all stand together and oppose any effort by the congress and the federal government to enact legislation to either fund or provide armed security services to the education system , whether it be for K through college. If local school boards want to provide armed security for the schools in their district that is well within their right to do so and they do not need any authorization from the federal government to implement such a program. They have a choice of training and arming current school personnel or hiring private security firms. I am strongly opposed to the state government supplying armed guards, state police, or anyother type of armed security, because it will soon become another bureau or branch of state government. Local decisions should be kept local and paid for by the citizens of the community and not by citizens of other counties, or cities. The primary goal of every sate should be to expel the federal government from their state and keep them and their money out. If state legislators and governors would refuse federal dollars it would neuter the government,and force it back within the confines of the Constitutional corral as intended by the wiser of all men, our Founding Fathers.

    • gypsy314

      They do not want voter ID but want gun owners to show ID whats up I do not think they can have it there way and think Americans are going to fall for the lies liberals are passing off.

  • jeepdude911

    Be heard!

  • ADM

    @ “horseridingplains”— I believe that Voter registration and gun registration are both good ideas, if combined with ID…. that way there is far less chance of fake votes, and far lees likelihood of criminals getting away with commin gang or other murders (providing breech and barrel score lines of each such weapon is registered as well). I know you guys don’t like Govt interference in your lives, but some things like DNA and Fingerprints are already on file for most citizens anyhow. But there must be some concessions without removing your rights under the Constitution to actually bear arms as a member of a well trained and responsible militia… I support you keeping your weapons, but reject the idea that Government may offer a TAX credit! – WHY? – Well, tax credits can be manipulated, especially when the Nation is almost BANKRUPTED by a crazy Muslim…

    • Mark

      I’m not for gun registration since that is what terrorist government have done in the past… Hmm.. we need to disarm the citizens with guns. Well, how do we find them? Oh, look at this nice little list we have right here – target these guys!

  • David Weakland

    @ ADM, Weapons registrations will not prevent the “less likelihood of criminal getting away with commin gang or other murders (providing breech and
    barrel score lines of each such weapon is registered as well)”. It does provide for a tyrannical government a greater opportunity to seize said weapons. History has shown/proven this to be the case.

  • a_browning

    I will not be at any state capital for the event, but I will be at an event in front of a local gun range where the sheriff, state senator and state representative will address the crowd. After the event concludes in front of the range people will be encouraged to go to the gun show in town. I am taking my 11 y.o. daughter and the 9 y.o. neighbor.

  • zagozana

    Wow, you guys are sure obvious about your real agenda.
    What a surprise that you choose to celebrate your paranoia
    one day before “Martin Luther King’s birthday”.
    There are 354 other days you could have applied for why this particulate day?

    Ya know he was killed by a crazy lunatic with a gun.

    People that sound a lot like you guys.

    Another thing… What about the majority of Americans who disagree with you?
    What about our rights to life, liberty and security?
    We feel less secure because you feel more threatened by

    some real and imaginary threats blown up by the NRA.
    The right-wing of the gun industries who created it…

    • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

      They have a car show every year on the same day as my son was killed by a drunk driver, so what are you saying, my son was less important then King was?

    • mark

      Yea MLK was killed by a Democrat stupid. All those mass murders were done by Democrats or there children. Republicans freed the Blacks, struck the democrats Jim crow laws and championed the civil rights movement. The Second amendment was written to protect our GOD/Creator/Natural rights to protect ourselves from an overbearing, intrusive, totalitarian government. That is what Obama is trying to do. he wants to make us subjects not free citizens.

    • GA Patriot

      Our rights do not depend and will not be determined by your fear.

    • RacerJim

      Wow, you sure are obvious about your Kool-Aid adiction.
      We picked this particular day because it’s the same day the Marxist usurper who believes the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States are irrelevent gets sworn in again.

    • Lucky3511

      This day was chosen by another lying toad who looks and sounds very like MLK. He chose the date, he chose to lie to all of America and idiots like zagazona chose to vote for him, which along with the voting machines which vote democrat regardless of voter actions and millions of illegals he has voting for him. That is why we cry out in desperation

    • big wyo

      Nobody mentioned the great man here so take your
      racist crap elsewhere.

      Dip stick – the majority of Americans
      are gun owners and that only goes way up in the west and south.

      You find the way to keep the guns out of hands of the bangers and dealers which is 85 % of the gun crime in the US and remove all the government guns and security’s guns and then we will talk.
      Till then we have the right to self defense weather you are afraid or

    • http://www.facebook.com/grant.halverson.1 Grant Halverson

      Ziggy, We are a constitutional republic (if you understand our form of government you would know this) and the constitution protects the right to bear arms and shall not be infringed. So whether you and other people like it or not, it is the constitution. Any maybe you will need one of us MILLIONS of safe gun owners — maybe someday you will be thanking one of us because we happened to be carrying near you when one of the evil people in the world tries to harm you. What you SHOULD fear is that there will ALWAYS be EVIL people in the world and no amount of laws will stop evil people from trying to harm others. KarenWI

    • WASP

      Smooch, smooch, smooch. Can you talk at all now that your lips are permanently fused to Obumbler’s butt? You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

  • Born in America

    Clinton had impeachment charges brought on by the House of Representitives for lying to Congress. Obama lies to the American People, to Congress and spits on the Constitution and the Senate and House of Representitives do nothing. He hides any and all information which would prove or disprove his citizenship and the right to be President. He should be impeached by the House of Representitives and charges of TREASON should be brought against him. This man who pretends to be President is a Traitor. The 2nd Amendment is a right of the people given by the Founding Fathers to protect themselves against a take over from an illegal government.

    • Lee Baldwin

      Hello Born in America! ~I too have the same questions because the ONLY truth I have heard come from ‘purple-lips’ is when he said, “If you want to blame somebody for Banghazi, blame me” -That was true. THAT attack was probably planned by our chief to cover-up an arms deal where he was getting arms to Al Queda through Turkey and that guy Stevens knew about it. dead men don’t talk. Now I have finally found what may be the answer about why all the lies. here is a link to check out that might help explain it all. ~God Bless America! link ~ http://unitedtruthseekers.com/photo/one-evil-human-by-steve-kroft

  • Lucky3511

    Our constitutional right is to own and bear arms. 2nd Amendment. I believe. On Monday a lying fraudulent man, will stand up before all of America and swear to uphold the constitution. IIn the very beginning of his first term, a congressman was rebuked for calling him out on what he does best. He called him a liar. On Monday, he will stand up and lie again. He will lie under oath. Yet we let it go, maybe it is time we showed him, why we need to keep those guns. Time is now to deny this lying toad the inaugeration to this countries highest office

  • Bill Weston

    The rhetoric regarding the rights to self protection (gun ownership) is not a “fait accompli”. Though the example I’m suggesting might seem a little extreme to some, please consider it. You’re alone on a quiet street and a “mugger” displays a knife, or perhaps a gun, and demands money and your valuables. You respond by exposing a gun. How do you think the “mugger” will respond? If given the chance, would you restrain him and call the polilce? The officer, unwilling to take time with this issue suggests “since no damage was done, why not let it pass?. Worse yet, you are challenged by the officer because you have a superior weapon (gun). Resolving this situation will cost time and resources so “letting it pass” might seem attractive. What would the “mugger” and the officer conclude from the experience? NO! We are obliged to stand and speak up for priciples and legitimate laws every time the occasion arises. Therefore, demonstrate your legitimte rights loud and clear, then let the results be what they may.

  • FBA

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively or to the people. So where in the constitution does it say that the federal government can enact a law restricting gun ownership in any state that allows possession by it’s citizens? I seems to me that the governments of the separate states could strike down any executive orders by this radical tyrant not authorized by the constitution.

  • coastx

    Alleged Sandy Hook shooting victim, Allison Wyatt, does not exist. This
    Jane Doe’s photo was stolen from her mother Cathy Gaubert’s Flickr
    page. The girl in the picture alleged to be Allison Wyatt is actually
    Lily Gaubert, and she is alive and well. All provable. Gun control
    legislation is issuing on a psyop, the circumstances of which have been
    completely confabulated to defraud Americans of the 2nd Amendment.
    Obama’s gun control legislation is a racketeering scheme which may come
    under RICO: extortion, counterfeiting, terrorism, obscenity, etc.

  • txicare

    I agree with you, Kevin. What can we do on January 19th to show our support for the 2nd ammendment and our distain for the fraud in the WH? I will never use the term president in the same sentence as Ob. He is not the president and we need to get him where he belongs, in prison for treason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlie.white.5688476 Charlie White

    So, WHAT is going to happen tomorrow? WHERE is it going to happen?

  • Buck


  • dano8888

    Daniel W Oliver

    Please Read this in its entirety

    Idiots, with guns is foolish. If one needs an assault weapon to feel
    secure and can get one, then I feel I should be able to get a grenade or
    SAM missile so I can feel secure. Where will it all end. The right to
    bear arms wasn’t meant to give one the right to slaughter peaceful
    citizens and children.
    What we really need here is some
    responsible common sense gun owners. They need to come forward, and
    demand that idiots aren’t trained to kill on ranges with the blessings
    of the NRA . Background searches are a must now in this country where
    psychotics are allowed to walk the streets and be trusted to take their
    own medications. My neighbor just tried to kill his wife with a shotgun,
    but finally blew his own head off when she ran to the house next door.
    Thank God! I am told He was a registered an known Psychotic-Bipolar. Why
    was he allowed to own a house full of guns? Gun Show very lucrative
    sales happen daily, without same day background checks. This is as close to lunacy as it gets!

    Yes I know we do have the right to bare arms as guaranteed in the
    Constitution. I do however think this right ends with the lack of
    responsibility of convicts and the mentally unstable. As a gun owner I
    would be pushing this ticket, not just be making noise about my rights
    being infringed. Not addressing this problem will only lead to more
    cries for control. Gun owners need to help promote gun laws to police
    there own, to keep it safe for all.
    I feel that if your child or
    neighbors would take your unlocked gun from your home and kill or
    injure someone you should also be jailed. How many people would still
    want guns if they really had to be responsible for what is done with
    them. As you can see I feel very strongly about this and really don’t
    want to argue the point. I just wanted to fill you in on my feelings and
    would rather not receive any more emails promoting meetings, gun sales
    and ownership, till they include a call for responsible ownership and
    better control enforcement.

  • Hotnike

    Why are we gathering with our guns at the White House?

    • Hotnike

      I meant to say “Why aren’t we”

      • WASP

        We need to take our guns and converge on and surround Washington,DC and clean out that toxic dump. I dream of driving the beltway and seeing every light pole decorated with a politweasel or bureaurat dangling from a rope, including the Emperor Obumbler and Deputy Dog. And, don’t forget those traitorous fossils on the Supreme court. We can get the other federal judges later. Those self-serving, spineless crooks in gummint are not going to voluntarily walk away from the sweetest, most profitable scam on earth, so we need to “assist” them.

  • Sentry

    Kevin Fobbs, would have been the lackey in charge of other slaves on the plantation. I guess the foot wipe doesn’t faall far from the other GOP slaaves and their rich, elite masters.

  • Jack

    If this President really care’s about gun violence , why don’t he asked of the drug dealers , gangs , criminals and the people that sell the guns from the illegal black market . Why don’t this President asked those people to give up there guns or better yet, lets asked Homeland Security to give up there guns and all those bullets they bought.To be used on us the citizens .

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