Conservatives Win White House with Electoral College Congressional District Vote

800px-2010_United_States_Senate_election_map_by_county.svg (1)By Kevin Fobbs
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

There is a movement in motion in several key presidential electoral battle ground states to return constitutional selection of the president to the voters by using congressional district selection of Electoral College electors. This move would even the playing field in presidential campaigns, to be more reflective of the true will of the people of a state, instead of voters being held hostage by the large urban population centers.

Large urban centers typically out vote the majority of congressional district by stealing votes in cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Chicago. This results in state winner-take all electoral votes swinging unfairly and even illegally to a candidate like Barack Obama. In 2008 and 2012, Obama’s Chicago-style thuggish election machine worked to intimidate, manipulate and otherwise steal a presidential election in dozens of precincts in urban areas with impunity.

This process has created a false narrative that America has chosen a left-leaning socialist agenda that gives permission for citizens to be stripped of their Second Amendment gun rights, or states being forced to stand down against illegal aliens taking their health care, jobs and now their rights.

The solution has been clear for many years, and states like Nevada and Maine have already set the pathway toward a more balanced, true representation of a state. They have initiated congressional district selection of presidential electors. In these states citizens can select their presidential candidate of choice, without being held hostage to the will of another congressional district or districts.

Currently, there are several states that have launched efforts to create a more fair and balanced Electoral College initiative. Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Florida are some that are entertaining the idea. Yet their governors are showing timidity in fully embracing this patriotic concept.

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder who is up for re-election in 2014, had previously suggested his consideration for the move for voting fairness. Now, according to TPM, he is backing away.

If Snyder and a few other Republican governors are appearing weak in the knees about restoring electoral power to the state voters, this is probably the best time to know this. It gives the conservatives, the Tea Party and other like-minded voters the opportunity to put them on notice: No support for voter rights – No re-election!

Why is this crucial? Think about how the presidential election would have been turned on its head. Obama would have been shown the White House door, if the will of the people had been truly expressed by each congressional district!

In Virginia, Mitt Romney would have beaten Obama 2 to 1, with Romney picky up 9 electoral votes to Obama’s 4 electoral votes. A similar result would have occurred in Ohio, and other key battle ground states. Obama would have had his lease terminated by the true representative vote of America.

In a Romney administration, there would be discussion about creating jobs and improving the economy and cutting the massive $16 plus trillion national debt. Instead, America is subjected to Obama stripping gun rights, state’s rights and giving illegal aliens citizenship rights!

Conservatives have to stop playing defense against a president and a mainstream media that continues to stack the political deck against them. Stop playing by their rules and begin organizing around the strengths that are part and parcel to Americans.

Americans win every time when the issues which are local to them and important to their life and their family are dealt with and are advocated. First, turn off the mainstream media news and turn onto your own social media networks and outlets. Identify those governors that are trying to walk the fence and who refuse to stand up to the reactionary liberals and mainstream media brainwashing.

Your congressional district is your turf. Your state house and senate seats and elected officials represent you, and not CBS, ABC, NBC or any other alphabet soup media outlet. Lastly, and most importantly, Obama has no say in your matters and his interest and his executive edicts have no legitimacy in your local lives.

Tea Party Patriots, can make a difference even larger and with far more impact in 2014 than 2010. This fight to reclaim America is more than just winning a majority in the House of Representatives in Congress! This electoral fight is to win back an election process that will strip the liberal elite and its mainstream media cohorts of the power to steal a presidential election.

For those in Florida, put pressure on the governor’s office and the Speaker of the House Will Weatherford, who is voicing opposition. In Wisconsin, give Governor Scott Walker (R) the support he needs as well as Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Corbett (R).

On President’s Day let this be a true celebration of the will of the American people. Let the voices of patriotism be heard by voters who are no longer willing to witness or permit the undoing of the citizen’s constitutional rights.

Send direct messages to all the socialist-minded candidates like Obama who are oiling up their presidential election campaign machinery for 2016 – You’ve been served!

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Kevin_FobbsKevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.

  • Eddie G.

    About time. With his record,there was no way Obama could’ve been re-elected. With precincts such as in Philadelphia where the Obama vote was 100%,smells to high heaven. Part of Ohio is coal mining country. Miners would not have voted for a stooge who wants to shut down their industry but Ohio went Obama which has to bespeak of fraud. A Spanish company owned by George Soros tallying the votes should have been denied their allowance to do so. This is America,not Spain and Soros should have his citizenship revoked then his sorry ass deported back to Hungary but they probably don’t want him neither. The whole election was a farce and Obama still has yet to be vetted. Meanwhile congress fiddles while the country burns under the reign of a maniacal socialist fraud.

    • $22091572

      well said!!!

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      In one precinct in Florida, Obama won 140% of the vote!!! HTF does that happen?

  • Neilva

    So are you advocating that red states also do this? Would love to see some democratic electors from Alabama or Texas.

  • Harry Jismsm

    Okay, I know I am delusional for thinking this, let alone suggesting it, thinking it would make a difference. But, why do these black conservatives like Kevin Fobbs, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Tim Scott, and so on, there are actually so many others that are successful and have great values and concepts of American values, why do they keep preaching to the choirs. They really, really, need to get down in the trenches, so to speak, and get personally involved in the urban ghettos, donate some of their time to hold neighborhood group meetings, town hall type meetings, and attempt to teach the people that really need to be taught, how capitalism and the free enterprise system works, and how it could/would help them out of their current poor situations if they would put it to use. And then help the ones that show the initiative to start a small business in the area, train and hire workers in the area, using some type of local funding medium. The people in those areas are much more likely to attend and listen to successful black business leaders than white people trying to inspire them. I think that is where the action needs to be taken, little by little, to make a difference in the attitude of all those poor people with no hope.

  • Freedom Lover

    Let’s face it – it is plausibly IMPOSSIBLE for ANY candidate to obtain a 90% of the votes in an area, let alone 100%. And – absolutely NO WAY ANY candidate could rack in 100+%. Must be the inhabitants of the cemeteries are not only voting, but using their powers to vote multiple times.

  • agbjr

    New Jersey has twenty-one counties of which four are firmly controlled by the century-old corrupt Democrat Machine. These four counties – Hudson, Essex, Passaic, Camden – are the main population centers heavy with welfare receivers and crime. The remaining seventeen counties are largely rural and suburban … and lean Republican. On November 6 the overwhelming majority of New Jersey counties voted solid Republican – including three of the four coastal counties hardest hit by Sandy – but the state’s electoral votes went to Obama.

  • bhudda

    Let’s just do it and talk about it later . At least in reual America if some one starts looking through the voters list ,if he isn’t local; they can pick his face out of a line up .

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