• Todd

    This is good. Some rednecks are getting out of line and not going along with the rest of the nation.

    • $22091572

      that sounds like a good thing too.. maybe some rednecks is whats going to keep this country from falling into communism or socalism..

    • bustercap

      nuttt fn libs like dingle-barry should have a classification in the DSM4TR Manuel of mental illenss

    • vicki

      And when the President decides that YOU are “some” redneck what are you going to say? (Note: Todd might have been being sarcastic)

      • charlie

        no, todd is an obummer idiot

      • jeepdude911

        No, Todd is a libtard troller. I’ve been watching him.

    • AClearThought

      Rednecks are survival experts from birth and though there might be a few flair-ups I don’t believe the Obama dogs will be able to flush them out of the brush that easily. They know how to stay quiet and hunker down until it’s time….

      However, the city folks are a different story. When the trough is empty…. it’s going to be interesting.

      • 1Clara2

        I hope someone has had the forethought to begin organizing instead of just venting. United we stand, divided we fall.

      • $39132868

        Exactly. Todd will fall to the mob.

      • $3846549

        Exactly, if a syria insugency is effective, the Americans have efficiency, exactitude, energy and two century history of freedom, that means they won’t go easily into that long goodnight. And our troops will not take illegal orders and make a campaign against citizens exercising their constitutional rights. The civilian goon squads that Obama is arming, are too fat a$$ed to be effective.
        And by the way, wish Americans were still manufacturing. I had to buy some European stuff to renovate bathrooms, nothing was exact and it was a beatch for my American workmen to install. Of course, these good old boys with their trucks and tools, made it work. I wouldn’t want to try to take their guns away. You would be lights-out so quick, you wouldn’t know what happened.

      • $3846549

        According to Paramhansa Yogananda’s predictions, the cities will be nightmares of violence.

    • fliteking

      Yo, “Todd” – – – I hope they come for you and your family first.

      Don’t call for help.

    • cimiron

      you must be a bama supporter, what a fool you are. Have you ever read the fifth ammendment or the constitution at all

    • ken

      Todd, Paint a BIG bullseye on your ass and stick it up toward the sky!!

    • $3846549

      Well, that’s a backhanded compliment. My guess, a good many of the poster here are highly educated. At least they know history and the law.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1469631007 Steve Curley


    ** It was then that Gandhi realized that the right to bear arms was a fundamental right of free people because despite constitutional provisions and non-violent methods of protest, it sometimes becomes necessary to resist tyranny with force. He made it a part of his program first in South Africa and later in India—both under British rule.

    During World War I, Gandhi called for a repeal of the unpopular Indian Arms Act of 1878 that granted the government extensive powers to restrict the possession of arms. In his autobiography, Gandhi condemned this act in the strongest of words: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

    Right to bear arms was also listed among Gandhi’s 11 demands presented to Lord Irwin before the famous Salt March of 1930. In his letter addressed to the Viceroy of India dated March 2, 1930 just before the commencement of mass civil disobedience, Gandhi, among other things, argued passionately for the right of citizens to bear arms:

    “And why do I regard the British rule as a curse?…It has reduced us politically to serfdom. It has sapped the foundations of our culture, and, by the policy of disarmament, it has degraded us spiritually. Lacking inward strength, we have been reduced by universal disarmament to a state bordering on cowardly helplessness.” **


    • $3846549

      Yes, the left tries to commandeer these Mahatmas (great souls) saints and prophets. Nothing more disgusting that watching humanist/leftist/atheists trying to use the words of holy men. Jesus has been turned into a wimpy hippie. Nothing could be further from the truth. My own guru, Paramhansa Yogananda was against pacifism, (read the Bhagavid Gita) and said that FDR was a Benedict Arnold to the USA, bringing in big government and coddling communists. He also said the communism was the greatest evil the world would face in this century. Ghandi took kriya initiation from Paramhansa.

  • Joe Roman
  • thinblueline

    fall back on military training!

    • LEL

      Worthless without leadership and organization.

      • 1_Eddie_1

        I do not think that some retired military officers will sit on their haunches. It is their duty to their country, they have sworn to an oath to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, and that oath has no expiration date.

        • moonwinx

          I think you are right. I took the oath and served 22 years and as far as I am concerned that oath is still in effect!

      • txlady706

        The people are the leadership. If you choose to abdicate the responsibility of leadership, then you will be the LEAD

      • FLBuck

        Leadership is the ability to influence others to follow you in accomplishing an specific objective or task. If you believe in your rights and freedoms, you’ll have little difficulty to being an effective leader in order to influence subordinates to follow you. The first lesson of leadership is to have the initiative to resist those who will attempt to subjugate and oppress you. The role of a leader is to set the proper example. There are many examples of the civilian populance throughout the annals of history that resisted and later prevailed. That was the result of those who became effective leaders among their people. Like I said in my prior posts, tyranny wins when good people stand by and do nothing.

  • festus

    The arrogant apostles of utopian secular socialism have no boundaries…they have failed all over the globe, rotted nations and here we are with a crew of moronic egos. They believe in gov-meant/monster debt/high borrowing/buying votes/millions of control freak regulations and live in a fantasy-based world. Being fantasy-based they MUST use bold lies/distractions/smears and demons…they love demons to blame for the naturally toxic results of their policies. Adolf and Fidel are so very very proud of Barackaclaus, the boldest liar ever. The fly in the soup is the socialists run out of demons/$$$ and excuses as a nation rots. Greece should tell them something but they are dimdems for a reason.

  • Meeha

    Incredible! Why has American Dialog taken such a slide downhill, besides the fact that the O’man Hussein is still president, where are these smart ass attorneys that espouse the law hiding or our Professors of law hiding, what the hell is going on? i feel as if i have just returned from the Planet of the Apes, and possibly returned to another wrong planet.

    • $3846549

      Personally, I have decided I am living and a foreign country and will act accordingly.

      • BUD


        • moonwinx

          He could be replaced by a trained monkey!

    • jerrycollie

      This is the Planet of the Apes. Good luck on returning to planet Earth!

    • Ginger

      Because the masses , unenlighened, ignorant voters don’t care…they cannot say the pledge of allegience but know every word of every vile rap “song” and the name of every “star” and who is having a baby out of wedlock and all the other “popular culture” garbage out there.Evil rules this place.

    • polmutant

      yep planet of the apes, but remember the ape feeds and shelters itself, the obamamloid cannot. ” I am a man, a proud American man, can i have a food stamp to feed myself?? how about help with power, housing? can you murder my baby for me? can you pay for my STD? Obamaloids are less than apes.

      • BUD


        • polmutant

          stop paying taxes and defend yourself. it is the peacefull revolution. because EVERYONE voted for obama, if you paid tax to support unconstitutional policy for decades, you think a minute or two selecting a button with a name on it is a vote?????? now you got what you paid for. stop paying tax and the sham collapses OR the federal government starts the physical revolution.

        • moonwinx

          They are like the dumbest of all animals, the Lemming. The leader runs off a cliff and the rest follow and don’t even know why!

  • David Taylor

    We are transiting from the Rule of Law to the Rule of Man. It doesn’t matter what Man, but the person pushing this transition is Barrack Obama.

    • txlady706

      I disagree that it is BO. These issues began, for today’s generation, during the Bush administration – junior. This was the new push. I really don’t think that it’s Rep or Dem thing, because the Patriot Act was the beginning of this push. It really doesn’t matter which people are in “power,” because the power has already been transferred from the people. It happened a long long time ago, almost 100 years ago. This is just another anchoring nail. Democrats are the part (have always been) the party of Government Control. The Republicans have been the party of the STATE and Business. The party of the people doesn’t exist anymore at all. The Republicans WERE for the individual at one time, BECAUSE each person was considered FREE. Ask yourself if you are FREE. Can you own property? You will likely jump to answer, “yes” – but DO YOU? The real answer is NO. If you do not pay your property taxes, you will be removed from “your?” property. If you die, and your kids want to keep your property. Can they? You will jump and say, “sure” – BUT — they have to pay “estate” tax. Didn’t you already pay that tax? How many times is “your” property taxed? That only the beginning. You should do some research as to what INCOME means. It is redefined over and over. You ask, what is the difference between on word and the next. Look these things up, as to what they meant AT THE TIME that the Constitution was written and then ask yourself if they MEAN the same thing today. Then, ask yourself if you are FREE.

    • beebee

      David Taylor, we are transiting from the Rule of Law to the Rule of Maniac……

  • $39132868

    Still think we are going to vote our way out of this? The gang of hostile, anti-American aliens that are destroying this country are deeply deeply psychotic. Iran is not our enemy. The Controlled Media is now trying to demonize Russia, and Russians. Russia is NOT OUR ENEMY. The THINGS that infest DC, and other seats of power, are the ones slavering over the thought of killing at will, for no reason at all. Look up “The King’s Torah” folks. That’s what’s at play, here.

    • LEL

      I’ve been saying for four years America’s only chance is for at least three good generals (and their commands) to step forward and honor their oath.

      • Hagar

        les_lovett, with great respect to you, Where will you find Three good generals today. The Generals of today are Political generals. They will do what ever is politically expedient for them. Americans need to wake up to reality. Unless the people organize and act , nothing will be done positive for the nation. Keep in mind the constitution and who is responsible for it.

        I have said for many years that the worse enemy of the US is it own govt. not some foreign nation. I was called names because of it. Now people are seeing the results of a corrupt govt. I said this in 1968 after returning from another little excursion by the US military. Keep in mind the legislation since 1964, and come forth.

        • DrZarkov99

          A good example of the kind of political idiots that occupy the upper ranks is General Casey. His recent statement that now that we will have women in the combat positions, we should look to see if the requirements for those positions are unnecessarily high is concrete evidence the man is an imbecile, seeking to ingratiate himself to the brainless “angry female” activists of NOW and NARAL. I suspect he’s looking forward to a political career of his own, and expect him to declare as a Democrat.

        • LEL

          Then all is lost.

        • joanc

          The king in the White House just got rid of a good General without ever notifying him. General “Mad Dog” Mattis is reported to be a great leader and was unaware he was being replaced until an aide read it in a Congressional report. What an insult to a man, who served our country and his men in times of war, only to be summarily dismissed by a guy who fudged his own draft paperwork.

          • moonwinx

            The Messiah in OUR White House is getting rid of Generals who wouldn’t think of killing Americans and replaceing them with idiots that would kill their own people. That’s the type of nitwit the liberals got voted in by massive fraus!

          • gailfilerino0403

            Gen Mattis probably would not committ to killing Americans. Obama already has his secret police & recently passed a law that allows the government to arrest you without any reason and haul you away to a secret place never to be heard of again. It’s under a law to do with national security but vaguely worded. Now we have these communist dems trying to disarm us and the FBI doesn’t know whether they can kill Americans without due process.

          • panors77

            NDAA=National Detention Authorization Act

        • $26222150

          I’d “enlist” the generals that obama is dumping because they won’t fire on American citizens.

      • FLBuck

        There were a large number of retired high ranking generals and admirals during the election that sided against Obama. So the pool of leadership is there and very much aware of the situation.

      • CaptTurbo

        Actually, O’brozo has been purging the military of leaders who would refuse to fire on American citizens. Oh, and he wants us to turn our guns in.

        • moonwinx

          Sorry, I didn’t get as far as your post or I wouldn’t have said the same thing. But at lease we think alike!

          • CaptTurbo

            You know what they say: Sharp minds … ;) And besides that, I think you said it better.

          • Colt 351

            I’m with you CapTurbo, but i think its like minds

          • CaptTurbo

            Like minds could be two or more morons like Pelousy Galore, Dingy Harry, Dianne Frankenstein, or UpChuck Schumer. Sharp minds just seems more like what we need here. ;)

        • $26222150

          And our elected officials and their bodyguards are exempt from the new proposals. Yes they are.

        • tony irish

          you sir hit the nail on the head!

      • gary

        Sadly, those generals who would likely do so are being dismissed faster then Taco Bell through your digestive tract! Coincidence? I think not!

        • JRJ

          No accident. Obamaniac has to purge the military of loyal Americans who would defend the Constitution. He needs generals who will posture to him. He has already weakened the military with the gay position, now adding women to the front lines will descimate it. A real man will be concerned with the safety of women and try to defend her if possible; thus, putting any kind of military action in jeopardy. Our enemies will just fight harder if they think they are being whipped by women, and when they take women prisoners…no further information is needed. The Israelis tried this and stopped it. It truly astounds me that one single military person supported obamaniac.

        • $26222150

          So those generals are now out in the private sector? Free to help the citizens organize and fight back?

      • polmutant

        never happen, JCOF eat at the same muslim trough as obama, senate, congress and scotus. otherwise there would be no illegal kenyan anti christ, anti American kenyan, enslaving free men. but are there any free men left? perhaps only sheople obamaloids.

      • moonwinx

        Right now our so called Generals are doint the CYA bit. They’re so afraid of losing their jobs that they will go along with this traitor in the White House.

      • Swaff

        Been saying the same thing,well kind of, I don’t think it is our only chance.But it may come to that but even so there would be mass riots everywhere by his followers, The low IQ leftist/liberals, though I don’t think that they would last very long. They really can’t think for themselves.

    • Bill

      In 08, Obama ran on a paltform wherein he promised to destroy (fundamentaly transform) the U.S. government. He has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and the majority of the voters like it so well they reelected him. With more than 100,000,000 now dependent upon the government for support, it appears that a new age of socialism is upon us and will continue far into the future. Sad.

      • loone

        The Election was fixed so the O won. It was plain as day, and nothing has been done about it !!

        • JRJ

          This last election was bought an paid for four years ago.

        • moonwinx

          That’s the part that sucks. No one has done a damn thing about it. Romney is just sitting on his butt and our “Elected Officials” that we sent to DC to help clean this up has changed sides and sold us out.

        • tony irish

          People should read his books…B.O. said it all and in print!

      • GramE

        Just curious, Bill – who is counted in the 1 mil dependent upon the government? Do you include those of us who “saved” through paying into Social Security? (That the government is borrowing from to support every other group, e.g. those who won’t work. People who are cared for because of illness, or inability to work, etc., should be helped from souces other than SocSec)

        • KATE

          Bill is right and from what I’ve read and understand social security, medicare and unemployment compensation are not included in those figures. So we have 148 million receiving some type of entitlement subsidy. The article I found is a year old so you could probably safely increase these figures by 10% or so.


          • joanc

            I read, those who ran out of unemployment benefits, were advised to apply for disability payments. Now the word is the program will be broke by 2016 . If you watch Judge Judy, you will see what I mean. Judge Judy asks those appearing before her court, where they work, and you would be shocked at the number of able bodied looking people who claim they are on disability or welfare, because they have suffer with migraines, a pinched nerve or a pain in the ### and are unable to work. It has become a way of life to some, and this administration is determined to have a Government dependent population.

          • moonwinx

            Social security was fine until the Democrats decided that they would like to spend that money. Same goes for every other program what we ever paid into. The Democrats decided it would be better in the General fund. That way they get to spend it.

          • Swaff

            True, but these will be the first to lose their heads, begin to riot and rob when things begin to break down and they will, they are so dependent on the government that they can’t think for themselves. They are not independent, self sufficient, self reliant people. but survivors are.

      • peb737

        “And the majority of the voters like it so well they Re-elected him” ?? I dont believe for a minute that he won FAIRLY at all!! They STOLE THE ELECTION!! The people of this country were waking up and I believe if it weren’t for the sneaky snakes in the WH [and his minnions] CHEATING that we would have Romney as president now! Ck it out for yourself…search for articles on FRAUD at the Polls!

    • polmutant

      Russia, is anti abortion, they know what comes from the plague of foreigners that do not respect their constitution. Russia is against homosexuality. Russia has flat 19% tax. Russia has greater internal economy than USA {pricate sector}. it is called the pendulum effect, that which was free is now enslaved, that which was enslaved has become free.

    • U.S.Cavalry

      Wow! You are awake! And correct! I have been in 2 of our armed services in the cold war and in combat in Iraq. Have been to 7 other countrys. The last was Russia 2008. The people in Russian are warm welcomming people , that have more freedom there then we have here. And a 13% flat tax. Their social medicine “SUCKS”, but then again Gaybamacare will be worst. “Yes” their media is controlled ,But so is ours. The Russians have become the “Good Guys” and Amerika has become the “Old Soviet Union”.Thanks to American communist loving “Traitors, any many under-educated morons called Liberals Proggresives , which is code for “Socialcommunist. They are using the same “Tactics as Moa,Stalin, Hitler which will lead to millions dead and murdered. History confirms this. If people giveup their arms(guns) it is game over.

  • BobM001

    Maybe this is why on the “FINESWINE LIST” are BOTH Barrett 50 BMG autoloaders. “Drone Demolishers”. The ORIGINAL purpose for the M82A1 was “anti material”. A bolt gun will do the same. Raise hell with a human target too! “BOO VAH!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    The only right ODUMBA has is to shove a baseball bat up his anus ,,,,,

  • CaptTurbo

    The citizens can kill government officials when they become tyrannical. The Constitution states so. Not only a right but a duty. The other way around? Not so much.

    • gdoggerz

      Amen brother.

    • patches64

      Do you think that we have the GUTS to pull that off? Seems to me that,to date,we just sit back and let the government do what it wants.

      • CaptTurbo

        Oh this pot is just startin’ to bubble. They are picking a fight with the wrong group this time. That is what over confidence can do to a narcissist.

        • moonwinx

          The pot is just now starting to boil??? What happened to the last 4 years? Did the fire go out?? We should impeach him so fast his ears would flap!

          • Swaff

            Maybe we could get his ears to flapping and he could just fly away and save us some trouble. He could always crash land somewhere in Kenya.

          • CaptTurbo

            The way I see it he can’t be Impeached because he was never eligible for office. He has been pissing on the Constitution and Christians daily but he finally picked a fight with the Patriots of the country. Am I wrong here? I don’t think so.

          • 63Marine

            You are right on! He is NOT eligible to be POTUS. When is Washington DC gonna wake up and demand to see his “Papers”? Maybe it will take going to Hawaii and “Storm” the capital and physically remove them for examination. Either way, something needs to be done.

          • mike88

            The problem as I see it is just what you said “When is Washington D.C. going to wake up and demand to see his papers” why should the Politicians in Washington D.C. care about seeing his papers, it is We The People that are being harmed by Obama the Fraud President being in the White House, the Washington D.C. Politicians could care less about Obama being in the White house because they all have their cushy jobs and claim they are fighting for us, their constituents, but in reality nothing changes, They still continue to draw their under-earned pay, and we still suffer no matter what they do.

            It is we that should demand to see the proof that he is eligible to sit in the White House or We The People should be able to oust him by ourselves, as We The People are the only ones being harmed by this Fraud in the White House.

            We The People need to learn to band together for the common cause of forcing Obama’s hand at proving he is either eligible to be in the White House or go to Prison for committing fraud, We The People should not depend or have to depend on the Government to put a check on themselves and their power because that will never happen.

          • victorbarney

            mike88, about 74% of our population, including all the non-Anglo-Saxons are women & blacks, both “gatherer’s”(natural inclination towards Marxist philosophy by the way) by biology, women via their biology & blacks through a combination of biology & “choice!” Furthermore, due to their child-making(destroying) chemistry, women out number males in percentage, which is how we get “women alone” elect first non-Anglo-Saxon leader of Anglo-Saxons in 6,000 years and by our own accord! I call it the final completion of the very FIRST, first-born blood covenant of DEATH made between our 1st mother, our first born son Cain & Lucifer, still the Angel that rules over this world unless “you” personally are taken out of it. Just saying what’s actually written and not what people say in written & is not written!

          • mensa141

            It may be because both the repubs and the demons are playing us. None of the politicians need to be kept in office.

          • Alex1956

            A grand jury should be formed to check out this man’s qualifications. Forget impeachment, indict him in Federal Court and let 12 citizens try and convict him for fraud. His father was never an American, therefore he can’t be a natural born citizen. His papers mean nothing. He’s a usurper!

          • Fred Gottshalk

            The last I heard is the SCOTUS is going to hear Orly Taitz’s case against O in Feb.

          • Alex1956

            I sure hope youre’ right! I’ve found her arguments sound. The man isn’t qualified under the natural-born citizen clause, to the best of my knowledge, as his father was a British subject, not an American citizen! Why the congress hasn’t pursued this, God only knows!

          • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gresham.77 Tom Gresham

            Good luck finding a grand jury that is not loaded with GLBT, illegals or people who only voted for the Fuhrer, I mean Messiah because he is half-black or because he promised them special favors…Sure as heck will not get any help from the Stupidreme Court…Hell, we couldn’t even get rid of Clinton…

          • Alex1956

            Dear Tom,
            My best friend happens to have been born intersexed which is somewhat different than LGBT. She’s the most conservative person I’ve ever known and she was a police officer many years ago. She’d convict anyone charged with crimes against the constitution or crimes against humanity if the facts proved them out. Don’t sell those out who are born differently. Many of the intersexed and “trans” people are true geniuses and think for themselves the same way as you. Regards.

          • Barryjohn7714
          • victorbarney

            And, his sponsor, our CIA KNOWS IT! Just saying…

          • patches64

            It’s past time for impeachment!

          • $18476877

            He should get the Mussolini treatment.

          • Alex1956

            Yes, Patches. I agree, let’s throw peaches at him! Tar and feathers, too!

          • $18476877

            If we could get our gutless congressmen and senators to step up to the plate and do their jobs we might have a chance with out having to take matters to the brink. Hell, they haven’t seen his sealed school records, There’s a bunch of gutless worms running the show. We are being jacked off here.

          • Glenda

            he only way to get our Gutless congressman and senators to step up is to vote them out and get someone in there that will do the job. BTW WE the people are the ones that put him in office without checking him out to start with so WE are the ones to get him out of there before he kills us

          • WASP

            The hell with impeaching him. Come Civil War II, we’ll do what the spineless crooks in congress won’t. The people will try, convict, and hang him, along with a LOT of other traitors.

          • BevM

            WE can’t impeach him. Impeachment proceedings must start in the Senate. Do you think Harry Reid’s going to start impeachment proceedings?

        • mensa141

          See what 1100 Special Forces men and women have to say to our government regarding thier attempt at gun control.

      • Sandy

        The government isn’t really doing what it wants. There are just as many corrupt people in this country asking for their rights to be taken away. It is the beginning of how any dictator takes over… Make the citizens fearful then they ask for the government to take their rights.

        • mike88

          People need to learn to depend on themselves and not ask for Government Protection, as the Government does not and cannot protect We The People Government can only Enslave We the People with a false sense of Security and that is only if We The People allow them to do so. n Look for example at the TSA at Airports, We Travelers are no more Secure now than we were before (/11, it is a false sense of so-called Security that we allowed the4 TSA to be set up in the 1st place. The TSA doesn’t offer Security, they only offer Control over We the people and that is because We the people have became way to compliant and Obey the Government way too much. Resistance is Not Futile.

        • CaptTurbo

          Sadly, there is a lot of truth to that.

    • msueh

      sure they can – with an UNloaded gun, no less! just ask california’s sandy sheedy ;-D

    • disqus_lOxu4l2Nap

      It is not the Constitution, it is the Declaration of Independence that says so! But we are just about there, and I pray for devine intervention before we reach that point!

      • CaptTurbo

        Thanks, and the Bill of Rights that re-affirms the natural rights granted by our Creator.

        • IllinoisHostage

          Which is why the statism needs to demonize religon.

          • BevM

            Why demonize religion? We were founded as One Nation Under God. The Founders had a deep belief in God. Maybe I misunderstand your post. I hope so. If so, I apologize for the thumb down.

          • IllinoisHostage

            If our rights come from a creator then the state cannot revoke them. That is a problem for the statist.

      • mensa141

        Yes we are almost there.

    • 63Marine

      WELL??? When are we gonna start reducing the number of the idiots in Washington DC? Lets start at the top and work down.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

      CT, yes, it’s called Due Process, and he doesnt have the authority to override it…and someone show me any place in the US Constitution, Judges are appointed for Life ?…….that is false, they are appointed for Periods of good behavior……Article III

    • Majorwrecks

      Double Amen

    • WASP

      Let’s get on with it. We’re going to have to, sooner or later. Why wait until they figure our other ways to kill us.

      • CaptTurbo

        I certainly don’t look forward to having to stand against tyranny. There is a very good chance that I would be killed. Personally, I have decided that there are lines that I will refuse to let them cross. I do believe in the saying that it is better to die on your feet then live on your knees but I think we all need to decide what it is that we hold dear.

        • KJQ

          Yes. They have APC’s, full auto weapons, RPG’s, tanks, flame throwers, grenades, Apache helicopters etc. etc. I think most of us will die, and the only successful ones will be those who fight a hit-and-run Afghan (or Red Dawn if you prefer) style war. I do hope that most/many of the police and military will be on our side, but who can say for certain. Despite all that, I’d rather die defending the truth. It helps that I know where I will go when I die as my savior is the Lord Jesus Christ.

          • Diz

            We have to march or protest in mass and get the message out. Then fight civil war. Seriously. If you look at the trend it is all right there. The time is now.

    • Cregger

      Hey CaptTurbo. I totally agree. This is what it may very well come to. It will be either them or us who will die. This is what they are doing in the Middle East right now. A Civil War I’m afraid is coming soon!

  • LEE lee4m@yahoo.com


    • Jumper82

      Just goes to show you what kind of morons we have in positions that they should not be in. Eric Holder a prime example knows nothing about the legal system, he is stupid. And yes that is why they want to take our guns.

      • metheoldsarge

        On the contrary. He and the President know our legal system and Constitution inside and out. They only way you can destroy or work around a system is to know everything about it. They know just how far they can bend the law without breaking it.

        • Jumper82

          Hey old sarge you are right but it just burns my tail the way they just throw it in our face.

        • BUD


          • BUD


        • beebee

          And I would add to that, to say they may know just how far they can bend the law without breaking it AND HOPING THAT WE ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO LET THEM!! I believe they have underestimated the average hardworking conservative American citizen……..

    • John Whittingon

      The Constitution does however say that the military can not be used against citizens of the United States!!!

      • Jumper82

        May be the reason they are ramping up FEMA. This little dictator wants absolute control.

        • moonwinx

          We should let him have his control in a grave yard!

      • Ginger

        And this garbage in the White House cares about the Constitution??????Please tell me when and where.

      • BUD


      • snowmaggedoned

        Since when has this administration followed the rule of law in the Constitution? I don’t think he will let the “stinkin’ Constitution” get in his way…….again.

    • moonwinx

      That’s exactly the reason that the filth in Washington want to shred the Constitution. It won’t let them play the game their way and they don’t like that!

  • ken locke

    The comment of a family and kids being killed on a desert highway struk a nerve!!!!!

    We experienced such an event our selfs!

    An F16 loaded with all the missile and junk, barrowed straight down the highway toward Our windshield and when it passed over us, it was so close we almost lost control of our car and camper trailer due to downdraft, myself, kids and wife were very shaken by the whole event!!!

    We watched for hours till we got out of the desrt for the jet to return!!!

  • Timur

    war is brewing in America, as it did in Syria

    • ginger

      And obama is purging any and all military leaders who say they will not fire on Americans.

    • moonwinx

      but ovomit is taking our guns and will supplly his beloved filthy muslims!

      • tony irish

        Look up the “DICK ACT OF 1902″ This is not a joke…

  • atmorefaye

    You must know by now Holder is a criminal and Obama is a criminal if we can just kill someone then they should be really worried Obama and Holder have committed fraud and treason I want them both impeached tried for these charges and put in prison with the death sentence just like Obama killed the 4 Americans in Libya and Holder let guns be sent to Mexico and Killed Americans and Mexicans Get rid of this trash in DC there is more to Obama’s rear kissers get rid of all NOW

  • RED1958

    This Administration is a Bunch of Dispicable Lowlifes!! If they want a War with the American People, it will be a War they will have to Win!! because if they Lose, their Real Intentions will be Out there. And there won’t be a Rock they’ll be able to Hide under!! They will be forced underground, and will have to live like Bin Laden did the Last few years of his Life!!
    Do they think that they are so much Different than Any other Dictator that has ever been? They need to remind themselves of what Happened to Ever other Dictator that Murdered their Own People!!! Like Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Saddam, and All the Others!! Having to Live in Fear of your Life is No life at All, Regardless of Who you are!!

    • 1Clara2

      Funny you should mention going underground. I heard just the other day that most of the elites in DC have been building underground bunkers to retreat to…just in case. Obama had his finished under the East Wing last year.

      • 1_Eddie_1

        Self imprisonment! I like it! Just gotta wait for them to open the door because he can’t stay in there forever.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    ….and now you know why they want American citizens unarmed!
    MOLON LABE…………….

  • tbonpc

    There’s a War a Brewing and it is not on Foreign soil. Be prepared to defend your family.

  • RGS48

    You will know when its time. We must stand strong and wait.

  • dc

    Thought I would never have to say this… time has come. We need to unite into one major force against this rodent and save our country. Make our voices heard. Arm up and prepare for the worst. That includes fighting with words and if need be weapons.

  • retvet

    Where is Gen Haigg?

    • capitalust

      He’s in charge. Just ask him.

  • John Whittingon

    Iran is the enemy of Israel, mainly because Iran says they are! Israel is our ally and has been so for many years! Russia is standing by waiting to attack what they will! They are Socialistic by their own admission, so why would anyone think that they are not against us and would upon capability attack us at will?

  • brandycreek

    Since the U.S. no longer has a war to fight, we’re fighting with ourselves. What does that tell you?????

    • $3846549

      “We have not yet begun to fight”

      • brandycreek


  • defender3

    I am equally disgusted with our Republican congressmen who have allowed Obama and his thugs to rule over this country unchallenged. They have had over 4 years now to charge the Usurper, Holder, and the rest of their communist supporters with high crimes against the citizens of this country. At this time for sure Obama should be sitting in prison awaiting execution instead of living it up in the Whitehouse!

  • halfbreed

    First and foremost the Liberals (communists) have to disarm the citizens.
    The Liberals are coming The liberals are coming!

    The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military
    engagements of the American Revolutionary War. The famous ride of Paul
    Revere was to warn the colonists that the British were coming, but what
    the British were coming for is lost in the story. Revere was riding to
    warn the colonists that the British were coming to take their weapons!

  • Josh

    http://www.biblicallawversususconstitution.com has the right idea on law as far as i am concerned, man’s law is getting out of hand and we should turn back to God’s law

  • fortuneteller43

    Actually, we are dealing with a criminal organization. It can be confronted legally. All we need are the right lawyers. We the people must demand it.

    • 1_Eddie_1

      The courts keep throwing everything out.

    • BigUgly666

      Since people like Obama and Holder are “in charge” of our “legal” system – no, it cannot be dealt with “legally” but it can be dealt with “LAWFULLY”.
      Yes, boys and girls, there is a difference!

  • jimmy john

    Folks It’s We The People, not him the ass hole, We have control over our own life, If Enough people get together he can be kicked out, remember HE WORKS FOR US he is not GOD

  • kyrunner

    At what point can the current administration not kill anyone anytime? These guys are so corrupt and have such little regard for the American citizen it appears we are heading toward a tyrannical government. Anyone thought you would ever hear the FBI Director would ever make such a statement.

  • Always_RIGHT2

    Thanks, democrats! You’re worse than the people who elected Hitler. Those people didn’t have information at their fingertips like we/you do. You elected a fraud socialist hellbent on destroying our country; one who has surrounded himself with socialists, communists, and evil SOBs. Hitler destroyed the lives of about 10 million people – Obama will destroy the lives of about 300 million people when the impact of his stupid policies is truly measured. And he’s not even eligible to run for office!!!!! The political, media, and judicial personnel responsible for vetting him should be tried for treason and aiding and abetting! Sheriff Joe appears to be the only law enforcement person who is moral, intelligent, honest, and trustworthy. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Holder should be in prison in one of Sheriff Joe’s tents in the Arizona heat.

    • metheoldsarge

      The only election Hitler ran in was against Von Hindenburg for President. It was close and there was a run off election but Von Hindenburg won that election. Hitler was later appointed as Chancellor. When Von Hindenburg died, Hitler just took over without any election. He was never elected to rule Germany.

      • Always_RIGHT2

        I stand corrected! You are right. Thanks for educating me. Seriously. When I read your comment, I was surprised. I didn’t know I was spreading misleading (wrong) information. I looked it up though and learned the truth.

        Our exchange should be used as an example of how, when a conservative (me) is presented with information that suggest he is wrong, he doesn’t attack the messenger, he looks into it, learns from it, and doesn’t insist on thinking what he used to think! I now know that Hitler wasn’t elected and your sequence of events is truly how he came to power.

        On the other hand, a liberal – like all the morons who insist another gun law is going to make a difference or a gun-free zone makes anyone safer – insists on believing that criminals will follow their new law, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that criminals/wackos do not obey laws.

        40,000 cases heard in NYC over a 30 year period, and only 1 was committed with a legally owned gun. 41 gun laws broken that morning at Newtown – who is stupid enough to think that another law would have prevented the incident from happening? This week, a 15-year in Texas (I think) murdered his mom/dad and siblings and intended on a massacre at a WalMart. Should we make it illegal for 15-year olds to own guns? Oh wait, it is ILLEGAL. Hmmm, do you see a pattern here? Wackos who kill people don’t follow laws. So why do liberals like Obama, Holder, Feinstein think the solution to these (rare, btw) massacres conducted by wackos is to disarm all law-abiding citizens? Btw, every “massacre-like shooting” since 1950, with only one exception, has occurred in a gun-free zone. Yet, the idiots in charge have decided that the best way to protect children is to post a gun-free zone sign on their schools? How’s that working out? If that’s such a good idea, let’s disarm the secret service for the President and just declare wherever he is to be a gun-free zone?

        Liberals make my head explode. There needs to be a new word created that conveys how stupid they are. To call them retarded would be offensive to the mentally handicapped. So how ’bout libtarded? Definition – totally and absolutely void of any ability to reason or comprehend rational thoughts.

        Sorry, I went off on a tangent! My point – thanks for correcting me. I’ve learned something today.

  • BigUgly666

    What if it were WE THE PEOPLE who had to “check” to see if we had the RIGHT to kill traitors and others who were subverting and ignoring the laws of our country, and those who would take our government by fraud and other unlawful acts?
    What would be your answer then, “Mr. Director”?

    “When someone tries to kill you, well, you just try to kill them right back!” – Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly Class: “Serenity”.

  • Always_RIGHT2

    Remember, Obama and his administration would not answer the question why it has made the largest purchase of hollow point ammo in our country’s history – a billion rounds. And, this type of ammo is NOT used for target practice, nor is it used on the battlefield anywhere. It is used to kill civilians. Also, during the past years, a question was added to military applications – asking applicants if they would follow orders and kill American citizens if asked to do so. This is a fact. So… to sum up, he’s going around the constitution to disarm Americans, he’s purchased enough ammo to shoot every American 3 times, and he’s got Holder saying it’s okay to kill Americans if Obama thinks so, and an FBI director who “doesn’t know” whether it’s okay or not?

    We should be scared. And we should be hopeful that those people who are mocked by the media as “militia types” rise up and take back our country from those who have usurped the white house.

  • Tonto

    The nice thing about the fact that there are 90 million gun owners in America is that….we can kill them back! That is the entire purpose of the 2nd Amendment…..we can defend ourselves against the tyranny of the Obama Nazis. 90 million is almost 10 times more soldiers than any armed force in the world. Most of those people have been practicing on Bambi, birds, bunnies, and paper targets too. It ought to be a pretty bloody fight. Hopefully, somebody will shoot hell out of the Nazis before it gets too far along.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    SAY WHAT?? SAY WHAT??? How dare this man even think to look up – where?? whether they can mow down innocent Americans on American soil just to please the god and saviour sitting in the oval office. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND TO HAVE THE FOLLOWING ANSWERED: Why? Where? What? When? How? Because? giving the president an excuse to kill Americans in
    America so that he can cull us………… for his own evil ends.

  • BoneHead

    Just watch these two video’s and you will know what our problems are and how to fix them!
    Here they are:
    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrstTHe8nwM
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaQapLjBCNo
    p1 is 49:20 minutes long
    p2 is 51:42 minutes long

  • LittleMoose

    Let’s just hope our soldiers have enough sense not to fire on Americans. It doesn’t seem that our President and chief law enforcement officiers do.

  • KentuckyColonel2

    Time to change this government and enforce the Constitution.

  • Stealth

    Cairan…. what you do not know evidently- is what’s happening HERE started as a plot in RUSSIA and SEVERAL former KGB agents have stated so. I read BOOKS about these plans to demororalize us, WEAKEN us ( bad food, chemicals etc ) and POISON us ( Flouride in toothpaste as a QUICK example0 ( THAT our illustrious government ADMITTED 3 years ago was NOT healthy for us!? ) but did the manufacturers stop??
    Use your head….

  • 9thID

    When SHTF, fall back to Posse Comitatus for your county. Make sure you know where your sheriff stands on this…

  • Bill Weston

    Perhaps the eagle should be replaced as the national bird by the turkey. Benjamin Franklin advocated this pointing out that turkeys in the wild are extremely cunning and brave. All I know is that the “rednecks” in our country seem to be a lot more practical than the “intellectual snobs” attempting to run our country. Furthermore, we probably are going to need a heavy dose of “yankee ingenuity” in order to get past this mess.

  • tncdel

    Looks like we can stop counting on the Republicans to uphold our Constitution, so us Independents must file a federal lawsuit to remove the dog-eatin’ Usurper with the bogus birth certificate.

    We should also ban ALL U.S. political parties, thereby forcing each pol to run solely on his or her own record and the issues, not ride a wave of partisan voter booth block-checking into office.

    The New World Order globalists have infiltrated ALL parties, even the Libertarians. Gary Johnson is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. Claims to be a “strict constitutionalist.” But almost completely disregards one of the Constitution’s core tenets; namely: domestic national defense against the illegal alien invasion.

    Johnson is so bad that non-partisan NumbersUSA rated him almost as bad as Obama [who they rated an F minus]. Johnson rated an F!

    Further, Johnson is a LEFTWING “politically correct” activist who spits on the Constitution. He hoodwinked Libertarians much like the commie-socialists were able to hijack the Democrat party from the true Liberals.

    The New World Order is infiltrating the Libertarian party using Johnson, and many sleep on him.

    For example, a homosexual man has THE EXACT SAME RIGHT under the Constitution as does a heterosexual man to marry a woman. But the fact that he does not wish to do so, though his prerogative, does NOT create for him another right; namely: to change the heterosexual definition of marriage handed down to us by our ancestors.

    But the leftwing “politically correct” globalist activists like Gary Johnson want to invent new rights. In fact, Johnson even opposes letting each state decide that. He wants a federal law imposed that enshrines the unconstitutional tampering. See:


  • phunyfarm

    That this is even brought up speaks volumes about our current dictator in chief. He’d have anyone who disagreed with him murdered. He’s checking into it isn’t he??

  • LEL

    IF obama has the RIGHT to kill Americans on American soil without due process of law, do Americans have the right to k i l l o b a m a without due process of law? Perhaps American citizens have that responsibility. Where is the power to defend the Constitution ?

    “I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in
    the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do
    solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of
    the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear
    true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely,
    without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and
    faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So
    help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

    NOTE it is only the enlisted military that swear –
    “…. and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me …..”

  • smogdew

    Obama & Holder should have been in a military prison long ago. Only our military, national guard, veterans using old fashioned methods are able to save the USA. The strength of the wicked is due to the weakness of good men.
    How much more dysfunctional can this country become? – We are allowing them to strip us of our Constitutional rights, so unless this is stopped, we deserve what happens to us.

  • jerrycollie

    To Director Holder: Ever hear of “Thou Shalt Not Kill?”

  • cmdorsey

    HOLDER is a TEFLON CRIMINAL – Nothing ever sticks. Read about his college days where he met up with his good buddy King Hussein >

    As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office


  • ary

    WHEN this president uses a drone to kill an innocent American on American soil,
    The reframing of the reality in the media headline will be:

    “Nobel peace prize winning president takes social justice to new heights!”

    The stupid American media will distort “news” of more dictatorial
    actions by this president. Instead of condemning his overreach, they will praise this “safety and security” move of having drones spying on us and obliterating
    “domestic enemies”. For Obama and his “reporters”/ “news”, its all about putting his duplicity into print — for his presidential library, about evasion of the truth, and about creating false credibility to the incredible arrogance and wrongs done by this man in the name of “justice” or “fair”-ness. All, of course, as judged by obama himself.

    The desire for power and control OVER what they consider “average” or stupid Americans…

    THIS is why the president, and his wife who sneers about so much attention to the US flag, do not enjoy saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the US flag! (even as he bows to Muslim king!)

    THIS president does not seem to want “liberty and justice for ALL!”.

    Obama decides justice abroad, and
    he will decide justice in America as long as Americans and CONGRESS allow it —
    just like he did in Benghazi.

    Time to turn this Cinderella dictator back into an “average” American, who must live by the laws of the land!! (And therefore truly, be in it “all together” with us!)

    I call for Congress.

    and I call for Americans to support Congress in this —

    RISK your self for a cause greater than yourself!

    DEFUND ALL of obama’s programs and “orders” and policy mandates which did NOT originate in the HOUSE and are NOT law.


    Make ALL of this presidents “ORDERS”, and the orders and mandates of ANY of his CZARS that violate any part of the law or Constitution meaningless and make obama’s power into impotence!

    This president is impotent in changing LAW,unless he has the collusion of Congress!

    Better to have obama walk like a lame duck for the next 4 years, rather than having him run the Ship of State –The U.S. Constitution — further aground!

    Obama does the bait-and-switch,
    the only dance he knows!

    The hypocrisy of obama and the “president’s men”,

    in terms of how they view and exert “power” and “control” of guns and weapons,

    is stunning!

    1. This president and his attorney general engage in gun running that is known to have killed hundreds of people, whose names are unknown and whose names the president will not name. He refuses to personalize the losses of others, when it is to his disadvantage or makes him look bad. (As does his Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, this week, when she asks “What does it matter what caused the Benghazi attack?” If it doesn’t matter whether a “movie” or a “terrorist caused the Benghazi attack, why does it matter whether a “gun” or a “mental illness” caused the attack/shooting at Sandy Hook?” Do you see the dupllicity of those in this administration??

    2. obama/his attorney general evades full detection and full “public” knowledge of his sins by evading telling truth — refusing to testify or answer fully and truthfully
    (Lies by ommission!) about their parts in those deaths, because he is in
    “power” and in “control” of the process!

    3. THEN this president “never lets a crisis go to waste” and talks about gun violence and uses deaths of school children,

    each of whose name he calls out to parents and to the media/publicly to
    personalize the losses, to bolster the “empathy factor” of “average”

    4. Within days of doing so, obama “executively orders” / DEMANDS that AMERICAN TAXPAYERS PAY for his own and his family’s GUN -toting “SECRET”/service (unseen/not obvious) protectors. WE “average” Americans, who are now told we cannot own certain guns, are told now that OUR guns must be controlled and banned, while HIS secret service gunmen protect him, and his wife and his daughters, WITH ANY MEANS HE sees fit, INCLUDING DRONE protection, FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!

    5. AT The same time, obama/ his VP deride others (“average” Americans) who want to have gun toting security guards in their childrens’ schools, EVEN THOUGH obama’s daughters have armed guards in their schools. Oh! And obama reminds us “we’re all in this together”!??

    The only “average” Americans are the ones who believe the lies and distortions of this president, his cabinet and his followers!

    Will laws do anything with this president who breaks laws and executively orders laws out of existence when it is to his pleasure?

    DEFUND this pretender of a president NOW

    and DEMAND this dictator be a (lame) duck!

  • billof rights

    Start the impeachment of obama NOW then continue removing all those opposed the REPUBLIC and its Bill Of Rights. Then remember those that ignored & helped this communist nitwit in to any office within the gov! with that said I guess its wishful thinking isn’t it!

  • billof rights

    You know with our reps in congress and the senate! I guess that joke was in bad taste

  • Orchid 1

    Lock and load,the time is about here!

  • billof rights

    The Communist Media should also be held accountable for the seditious treason they are guilty of in helping perpetrate this nightmare.

  • Charlie

    What the hell is wrong with this picture? ………… Everything ! ! !

  • billof rights

    Hager, do you really still think any good Generals are going to step forward?

  • billof rights

    They are discrediting the Generals and ignoring our elected officials blatantly

  • 1LTVeteran

    The O – bama administration has already executed a US citizen without a trial. Albeit he was a terrorist , bu our country is supposed to be about the rule of law and citizens receiving their do process. This American Citizen should have been afforded his rights, charged with treason, tried in absentia, found guilty, sentenced to death and then executed.

    It’s amazing how this p- resident circumvents the Constitution at will.

  • txlady706

    The seventh amendment – which has been removed from my daughters history book –


    In suits at Common Law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

    This means that the right to a trial by jury is necessary , or the judgement is Unconstitutional

  • billofrights

    Big brother is watching

  • billofrights

    they’ll use a billshit atf rad then say it was misinformation from an informant maybe holder himself

  • LEL

    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.

  • billofrights

    they’re doing it now, in the quit of the night its been for sometime but they need to speed things up a bit to keep the control of the controlled demise of the us dollar, us constitution and country

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    How absurd. Fire holder. Impeach Obama. .

  • JJM123

    With a German name MUELLER, obvious that Robert is not ready to oppose a 2nd Hitler’s atrocities. Other Mueller’s that I am closely associated with fought strongly against their historical homeland during WWI & WWII in defense of Freedom and Right.

  • John Beam

    Indeed, how did we get to the point where we’d ask whether the president of the United States could KILL another American without due process under our rule of law? The answer is simple: our constitution is DEAD to the collectivists, of whom Obama and Holder are a part of, and to them, expediency trumps the rule of law.

  • Talluluh

    Morons one an all! Not to mention a wantabe dictator!

  • tigdupre

    Read a news excerpt concerning “entitlements.” The author contended that pay for retired military is an entitlement. I gather his meaning is that since all we did was stand around in formation, eating, sleeping, and existing at government expense, we are the same as those who exist solely on welfare. Don’t know about you other retirees out there, but this is a consummate slap in the face. So, Mr. FBI, you ain’t making any friends out here with your ignorance of the Constitution you swore to uphold and PROTECT.

  • real patriot one

    obama wants the guns to proclaim himself king. it will never happen. obama would lose so bad that he probably wouldnt make it to air force 1 fast enough so he could high tail it back to kenya.

  • TeaTephi

    Shelp the drip is sounding like a conservative here! He must have been drinking before the show?

  • Robert N. Schick

    The Judge is probably on Sham Wow Obama’s Hit list~~We have a Dictator for Prez and Chicago thugs running our Government~~No wonder they want the Second Amendment repealed~~!

    • BlackSunshine84

      I disagree. No way would the judge be allowed on national TV if he wasn’t in on it. I think he’s being used to keep Repubs and conservatives divided. Remember how Alex Jones made such a big to do out of the judge being fired? Do you really think he’d have ever been allowed to make that speech about Ron Paul on TV if it wasn’t part of the plan? And Alex Jones…Would he be allowed to reach such heights as he has if he wasn’t part of it, too? He’s been linked to STRATFOR. Google it.

  • noweareman

    Waco-Ruby Ridge
    Its already happened!!!

    • BlackSunshine84

      After reading Operation Northwoods, how can anyone believe the government’s “official” story about anything?
      Fab Torres told his girlfriend about the gulf oil spill two weeks before it happened. Goldman-Sachs sold off all of it’s stock in BP just days before it happened. It was the largest stock sale in history, but went unnoticed by our media. And two drones washed up on beaches around the gulf right after it happened.

  • HelenBAllen

    Hitler did exactly the same thing when he came to power in the 30’s. Obama is going to murder/execute anyone who disagrees, speaks out, or says anything he does not agree with. We the People will be enemy’s of the State and our children and grandchildren will be wards of the state. America is now entering the New World Order under the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama, who is in this country illegally. Anyone who comes to the US on a foreign passport, and has never applied for US Citizenship, is not an American Citizen. Obama is here illegally and therefore is not legally the President of the United States. We have Congress to thank for the rise of this tyrant, who is going to finish what he started 4 years ago. Remember what he said? ” I will do away with term limits.” in other words, “I will remain in power for as long as I want and no one is going to stop me!” It starts with taking away citizens rights to bare arms, then completely re-writing the Constitution, dismantlling our military by sending our money, tanks and fighter planes to the enemy, etc; I don’t care what color skin a person has, it’s what they do and say that makes the different and shows that person true color. This man is evil to the core and has no intentions on helping anyone except himself.

  • KATE

    I’m not sure the judge is correct. The Patriot Act suspended habeaus corpus making the US citizen fair game to the government’s whims. Just another piece of legislation they pass off as protection for the American people.

    • BlackSunshine84

      Just because they passed it doesn’t mean it isn’t against our constitution.

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    Crap. This fraud doesn’t have the authority to do anything, because is a fraud, but no one is stopping him, so the beat goes on.

  • hangman57

    I have never seen a Government this out of control in my lifetime. Obama has taken it to the next level .It would be alot better to get rid of Obama thru Impeachment hearing .Than for a Country to fall into another Civil War.

    • BlackSunshine84

      It’s time we all admit to ourselves that the Repubs aren’t against 0webama’s agenda. Isn’t it evident? They bicker endlessly over the budget, but when it comes to freedom-stealing legislation like the Patriot Act, the 2012 NDAA, the 2010 Food Safety and Modernization Act, they all vote for it.

  • msueh

    when is Judge Napolitano going to run for president???

  • pysco

    Mr. Director: If you have to check and see, if Obama has the right to kill Americans because of a political agenda, then you shouldn’t be the director of the FBI.

  • Mys77

    I have the right to shoot back…. so being that I have a gun… and liberal, loons don’t…. I believe this is a no brainer. Obama is still trying to figure out which end of the gun he should hold. And Feinstein…. is this a woman or a guy in drag??? Why is is it, that every witch coming out of CA is not only ugly, but stupid as well? The gene pool… more like a cess pool, and genetic mutations going haywire in those liberl, lying states!

  • butch

    What is wrong with you people?
    You might want to search the definition found in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 that states, “The most controversial provisions to receive wide attention were contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled “Counter-Terrorism.” In particular, sub-sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism. The controversy was to their legal meaning and potential implications for abuse of Presidential authority. The official Russian international radio broadcasting service Voice of Russia has been highly critical of the legislation, writing that under its authority “the US military will have the power to detain Americans suspected of involvement in terrorism without charge or trial and imprison them for an indefinite period of time;” it has furthermore written that “the most radical analysts are comparing the new law to the edicts of the ‘Third Reich’ or ‘Muslim tyrannies. Attorneys Carl J. Mayer and Bruce I. Afran filed a complaint January 13, 2012, in the Southern U.S. District Court in New York City on the behalf of Chris Hedges against Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to challenge the legality of the Authorization for Use of Military Force as embedded in the latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by the president Dec. 31.[58] Lt. Col. Barry Wingard, a military attorney representing prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, noted that under the NDAA “an American citizen can be detained forever without trial, while the allegations against you go uncontested because you have no right to see them.” If the U.S. Government can imprison a U.S. citizen forever without warrant or charge, do you really believe they would not exterminate you if you went against them?
    You all better wake up soon!

  • moonwinx

    And Obama says, Do as I say or I’ll stamp ;my feet and cry!! Why are we letting this imbecil get away with all this crap?? Has anybody had enough yet??

  • TAM44

    They cannot kill American yet they do every year, it’s called abortion in which an innocent baby is put to death by the slut tramp who through her own stupidity got knocked up by some sleaze ball, then some evil doctor kills the innocent baby and the liberals thinks it’s great especially barack husein obama.

  • Donna Mohler

    i wonder how many of them ok’d Andrew Breitbarts ????

  • DJ_Fisher

    Anybody tries to kill me they better know that I’m going to try to kill them back.

  • Swaff

    Well I don’t need to check to see if I can defend myself! Looks like some of these idiots are going to have to find out the hard way.

  • 63Marine

    As strong Americans, we need to clean out the “Rats Nest” called Washington DC. Lets start at the top and work down. If obummer signs anything to do with banning guns or our Constitution and its Bill of Rights, he needs to be neutralized.

  • Norm_in_Hilo

    Within the borders of the country constitutional protections obviously apply.The question is do U.S. constitutional protections extend beyond our borders. In overseas combat operations, they can be considered legitimate command & control targets.

  • milchap

    Can the reverse also be true?

  • milchap

    The Attorney General stands behind the President killing Americans, but not BLACK Americans.

  • donl

    Bobble Head strikes again, How much more can we take of this Communist Bullshit!!

  • Darius the Mede

    Killing of innocent American citizens by the FBI is called “MURDER”. Obama does not have the right to order the murder of American citizens. The citizenry is authorized to do whatever is necessary to preserve their liberty when the government exceeds its authority. The Constitution says that this is so.

    • BlackSunshine84

      You’re kind of right. The killing of any U.S. citizen, depriving him of his Constitutional right to due process, is a crime.

  • Medic252

    One of the meanings of Catch-22 was “We have the right to do anything that you can’t stop us from doing”. I guess that it still applies…

  • Ron

    Obama has no right under the law to kill anybody. If he does kill somebody it is called murder. He has already done that and the DOJ refuses to do anything about it. Even the Congress refuses to follow up on obama’s murdering folks, 4 of them at Benghazi.

    • BlackSunshine84

      He murdered Amwar al-Awlaki and Repubs cheered him. Ron Paul warned that if we allowed that, that we were giving him permission to kill any and all of us. And the Repubs called Ron Paul all sorts of names, kept pushing for a Robmey nomination.

  • freedomringsforall

    Our government under this jerk in the white house is nearly in freefall.
    It is in total kayos.
    He does not know what he is doing other than trying to fulfill the internationalists dreams for a USA under the thumb of the internationalists global governance.

  • 1josephg1

    Time to get the military involved for us. Seems to me that I remember something about the military being able to support the citizens against a government that violates the constitution. I pray things do not get out of hand.

  • bhudda

    If our FBI director doesn’t know the answer to this we are in deep sh-t up to our necks .

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

    No, he doesnt, it’s a thing called DUE PROCESS, and he nor anyone else has the right to circumvent that right to trial by Jury or Due Process.

  • billofrights

    Mueller, hmm

  • Tim Newton

    Please take this stutpid sheep smith’s words with a grain of salt.He has become more and more stupid as time as gone on

  • ECDucy

    The US Constitution allows for WE THE PEOPLE to “Forcefully & Violently” take back our Republic if necessary. Once these Communist MFs attempt to take our weapons, it will be time people to go to DC solve the problem once and for all. WE THE PEOPLE: 300 million v. POLITICIANS: 500 to 600. Guess who wins!!!

  • JoJo58

    Is Shep the liberal finally starting to wake up??

  • Polymarkos

    Oh, that pesky constitution…damned thing keeps getting da gubbamint’s way. What a shame…

    A reckoning is coming, and it cannot happen soon enough. The lid will blow off this pressure cooker and there will be fire and blood, and plenty of both.

    God help us all.

  • $18476877

    So how do 60 million gun owners organize?

  • Thom Raasio

    SOMEBODY IS STARTING TO WAKE UP………..FINALLY!! Shepherd Smith is not much of a conservative………he’s more LEFT/CENTER………..sounds, all of a sudden, he’s moved CENTER/RIGHT.
    Napolitano was great in his answers.

  • Buttons

    I still say the madman is a Hitler in the making!!!!!!!!

  • lokiswife

    I think the arrogant idiot realizes that since 47% of American households have at least one gun the odds of them all giving up their guns peaceably is pretty close to zilch, but he is keeping the ruckus going to keep the heat off BENGHAZI! Did any of the mainstream media give more than a few seconds to Hillary’s BS testimony? Or did they give more news space to the gun control question.?

  • medic2003

    GOOD. Shepherd is an admitted Democrat. Hes gettin mad. That can only help the cause when people like that start wakin up it will wake others up. Judge needs to run for POTUS on a ticket with Rand Paul. DOnt care how they are stacked on there Id vote for em.

  • Shadow_58

    If that stupid S.O.B. doesn’t know the answer to that, he’s in the wrong job and needs to be fired immediately.

  • letthepartybeginnow

    I think anybody in their right mind would be scared the government is even talking about killing its own citizens,.. then you have Obama supports that still have their head up their butts. What’s worse is when it all falls, I told you so isn’t going to save us

  • buffalobob

    You don’t need to go to hawaii. A law suit needs to be filed against him to prove that his father was a natural born citizen of the united states. Take a guess his was not and that alone makes him ineligble to be president. you need to have parents that are both natural born citizens and by him becoming president he jsut wiped his back side on the constitution and is laughing at us. This also sets this country up for more unnatural born citizens to run for office. I guess we are becoming mexico.

  • regulus30

    obanana must be careful;; what he decries as the rule of the land also applies to the KING……..

  • Big D

    This idiot has proven that he can do anything that he wants to do as long as he is not stopped.

  • Bweez Brooks

    Thomas Jefferson: “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
    wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
    they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
    it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
    And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
    warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
    resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
    to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
    in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.”

  • Carol

    the book of Revelations is speeding up. Off with their heads. And apparently its a crime if the government says its a crime.

  • Carol

    So whos gonna stop them Judge…..the GOP???? Funny…..NOT


    These tyrants WORK for us! WE hired them, WE pay them! FIRE them! IMPEACH them, and send them home before they ruin our country, we have worked so hard to build.

  • Watchdogman

    Well lets get with the regime change!

  • rocquedog

    Bring it, you homosuctual POS! Send your jackbooted thugs to kick in my door at 4 in the am. Make sure that they have a bunch of body bags! Lots!!!

  • Carol moorby

    Where will he get his guns?

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.carter.9465 Michael Carter

    The Government has killed Americans on our soil Kent State did we all forget ???

  • Oldtymepatriot

    Washington is giving Constitutional minded Americans more reasons for secession every day… It’s almost like they want to split the country.

  • Ramona

    If this was a screenplay I’d written, I might seriously think about turning it into a dark comedy.. Just the statement ” I have to check to see if Obama has the right to kill Americans on U.S. soil…” is enough to render me speechless. I HAVE TO CHECK TO SEE?? OK throw out this script and get some new characters in here.. THESE GUYS ARE NOT WORKING OUT FOR US… back to central casting. And by the way,..make sure they can’t kill Americans on U.S.soil….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=629591346 Gary Jones

    Another stupid Obama follower who doesn’t understand his oath or office. Obama and Holder should be hung for treason and anyone forcing his damn agenda against the American citizens.

  • Ciccio

    I am sure he has the right, it should be quite easy to manage that one. All he has to do is accept the declarations from all the leading schools of Islam that Islam is in fact in a war against the West. All Muslims then can be declared enemy aliens, infiltrators, 5th column, spies, saboteurs, the list is endless, they did the same to the Japanese during WWII. The beauty of this particulr scheme is that Obama would have to put all his “special” friends in the very front of the firing squad.

  • auhunter

    This guy is the Director of the FBI, and doesn’t know the law, Oh! almost forgot, Obama doesn’t either why would I expect any of his appointees to.

  • Emilie Grimes

    Does anyone remember Kent State?? or Ruby Ridge?? or the Waco debacle?? Come on people, Your government has killed numerous American citizens in this country without the Judiciary, or congress getting involved. Get Real

  • Crazy8

    He had the Members of the military sign that even if he were to tell them to shoot even if American citizens and that they were not to tell anyone they signed. What is the president planning??

  • Boyd Sharp

    This I believe is called governing by intimidation. I don’t care whether you like my order, do it. Or else. I am imposing sharia law. Anyone not obeying will be executed. Al Capone gangster rule of law. Pay protection or else. So when the order comes to turn in our guns, will anyone not turning them in be on a drone hit list? Need anymore reasons not to register your firearms? Wet your pants in fear. Or stand and fight. Live free or die.

  • Washingtonwoe

    When do the Impeachment Procedures begin?

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