• Audrey Russo

    The General is SPOT ON!! As he so aptly states: “Success in war is a question of military effectiveness, not political correctness.” I am even hearing the PC argument emanating out of conservatives. Men and women are created different. That’s not a SIN, it’s a blessing! Created that way to function successfully in myriad jobs/vocations. And to continue to lecture the Creator on what He did wrong is a futile battle…and will eventually bite us in the tukis! Thank you, Gen. Curry, for your service AND for having the chutzpah to tell the truth.

  • Guest

    Thing is, women are already in combat. They have been for over 10 years. I have served alongside both men and women. Some females can handle themselves in combat; some can’t. Likewise, some men can handle themselves in combat; Some can’t. And I’ll leave it at that.

    Regardless of whether or not you agree w/ the General, it’s great to hear the viewpoint of someone who has actually served. Too many non-vets are offering their opinions on the issue.

    • Bulldog74

      I agree, the people we ought to be hearing from are the active and former combat personnel.

      • Rattlerjake

        Let’s also tell the truth about soldiers overall. Although the majority of men and women who join the services may be doing it for patriotic reasons, many are in the military for the paycheck, free college, and other benefits. Only a small percentage of our military are actually put in harms way, a lot of them are in non-combat roles, but don’t hesitate to ride the ‘celebrity’ status the military is presently receiving. Many of these, rear echelon soldiers will not hesitate to do some of the raping as well (including officers through intimidation), it is happening now. The majority of senior officers are politically motivated, but the commander’s “joke” [“Yes, throw the women into the open showers with the men. Those who manage to fight their way out alive, keep. Ship the others back to the Pentagon.”] was more fact than jest. The only reason is to improve their chances for higher level promotion? Give me a break, only a liberal believes a woman can do a man’s job! It’s a sad day when we allow these useless liberals in government to continue to destroy our country, especially through our military. And by the way, I am a vet, have dealt with women and gays in the military, and stand by the facts – neither of them belong!

  • $3846549

    When my son was at Pendleton, all the boys coming into boot camp were warned to stay away from the women marines, there were a lot of dykes and manhaters and many made false harrassment claims against the boys. Its the skuttlebutt all through the military. So now they are going to be forced into close contact. Where are they going to put the women’s shitter, and showers and are the boys going to carry tampax in their back packs? Who is going to drag a big boy with a pack out of the line of fire when he is wounded? This is an assault by liberals on our military, an instutition reviled and hated by the weenie leftists because it is the last effective defense in a communist coup.

    • pat

      and on a purely logistical level, a box of feminine supplies takes up the same space on a plane as a box of bullets. If I were fighting over there, I would much rather have the bullets. We have lost our minds. This goes along with the other bit of insanity, that you do not have to be a citizen of the US to be in the Army.

  • Bobseeks

    I imagine that a couple of resounding defeats, the rapes of female prisoners by muslim degenerates, and mothers coming home in caskets will cool the ardor of even the most insane feminists.

  • meglvsJC

    Really….it’s population control in disguise. Lets make men and women the same…lets support all the gay stuff…..and let the muslims populate the earth. This blurrs or even eradicates the our God given roles in this world. Women nurture men protect…,a soldier should fight the enemy and know the person next to him is equally strong and able. This is all Godless crap.

  • mtman2

    When in high school we did NOT interact in Phys Ed w/girls[except dance lessons]. And we all knew why, they’d get hurt + we couldn’t really get with it for looking not to hurt them; whether ‘Dodge ball'[war], ball games, gymnastics, wrestling, track or what have U. We all liked girls real well[most!?], just after gym class was over…Attraction gets in the way of purpose + results-period! That goes for the abnormal ‘same sex’ attraction-period! People need to be on the same page to accomplish serious goals. Life + death, victory or defeat are serious goals. Professional sports are taken serious + NO women are in them. The 1980 Olympic hockey match w/USSR was + is an example of serious mental + physical collaboration. Amateur US boys beating then Soviet professional men in a super physical, super collaborative effort, the world was amazed. OUR armed forces need that kind of physical + collaborative ability + consciousness. Sorry, but unless there’s no other alternative girls/women need not look to become ensconced in men roles or vice-versa; by VIRTUE of our intrinsic differences. Viva-le-difference, womanhood/motherhood IS the most important role in humanity; even animals live + know this. Who are these people that twist this???

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