Christian Parents Should Have Their Kids Play with Toy Guns

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 4.13.09 PMAccording to CBS, St. Louis, Pastor Rodney Francis, of the Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church, wants to keep kiddos away from guns, so this summer his church is planning a “toy gun buy back” program. How quaint. I kid you not: A. Toy. Gun. Buy. Back. Sounds like he’s setting up the next generation to be victimized slaves to bad people and policies.

Yep, Reverend Rodney “feels” he needs to do “everything (he) can to not allow our kids to get exposed to (guns) too early.” Aww … ain’t that sweet? Hey, maybe he could also hand out during that event some “kick me in the butt” signs for everyone’s back.

As a Christian I have a real problem with Pastor Francis vilifying the very tool that helped cudgel off tyrannical oppressors and afforded him the highly prized (and perishable) religious liberty he now enjoys on American soil.

That’s right, Rodney. Our founders, many of them serious Christian men, many of them ministers, took up muskets and turned the despotic Red Coats’ coats a deeper shade of crimson simply because of their life strangling religious oppression and ridiculous taxations.

All of this “anti-gun” bullcrap coming from deluded Christians sounds dreamy and all but it isn’t rooted in reality or the scripture.

Sure, we’re not to shoot someone who de-friends us on Facebook because we like Toby Mac, or makes fun of our bad comb over, or who hammers us with a nasty tweet because of our fish stickered Twitter wallpaper. Indeed, the majority of altercations we Christians go through for our faith we should simply let slide and pray for those who use and abuse us.

However, when an individual or group physically attacks me, my family, my friends or my nation for no other reason than they are no good, greedy, lazy, envious and jacked-up evil tools that hate God and Country, then it behooves me, my brethren, by all that is holy, just and good, to protect my person and the innocent around me. Call me crazy, but I believe that’s what shepherds are supposed to do: i.e. protect sheep.

Check this out naysayers: In Luke 22:36-38 Christ told His disciples that they, in light of His departure, should get a deadly weapon — namely a sword.

Yep, sweet Jesus told them — didn’t ask or mildly suggest — but commanded His buddies to sell their coat and buy a sword. Thus saith the Lord: Make a sacrifice to obtain lethal protection.

The sword that Christ told His compadres to purchase was not a QVC decorative Claymore to hang on their walls to commemorate the good times they had when Yeshua was around. The original word used for sword in this text was a large knife used for killing animals and cutting flesh. It was particularly fashioned for short, deadly thrusts in hand-to-hand combat.

Jesus didn’t tell them to carry a whistle, a shofar horn, or a bag of sand to blow in bad guys’ eyes, but a dagger-like sword — a vicious, nasty and deadly weapon not used for cutting vegetables, spreading butter or splitting a bagel, but for violently tapping a lung or heart in case of an attack.

Now, in a 21st century WWJD context, what do you think He thinks about His followers defending themselves with deadly force, huh, Mr. Francis?

Look, our first parents, Adam and Eve, sucked and caused this sinful mess we’re fielding because they didn’t proactively deal with evil (the serpent). If we take our cue from Christ in raising our kids, then our children will grow up to be slayers of serpents. They will not be a pacifist in the face of evil. They will not roll over and wet themselves when they’re confronted by evil. They will not play the wimp when faced with difficult situations.

I know it’s hard for some of us to square Christ with confronting evil – given all the androgynous, soft- focused paintings of Jesus that we’ve had jammed into our psyches for the last few centuries. However, if, we take the scripture straight, the man of peace is painted as an eschatological warrior who has great joy in giving the devil hell.

No matter how hard the softies try to make Christ out to be the benign, bearded lady raconteur, the exegetical fact remains: if you take the holy text in its entirety, He does not fit into the Left’s effete mold of holy tofu for horrible tools.

Therefore, mom and dad, I say, in contrast to Rev. Rodney, to have your kid get use to confronting nonsense – first and foremost in themselves. Gear them up to be a fighter and defender of that which is good. Let them play with toy weapons (if you can find any). They’re not going to turn into a terrorist. It’s not going to warp their wheel. Your kid has to learn that they are growing up in difficult times that demand that they be able to deal with “snakes.” Yes, your kid needs to learn not only to be nice, but also to be strong, sacrificial and courageous.

Finally, and humbly of course, I think if Pastor Francis truly wants to make a difference in our SNAFU’ed society he should forego the toy gun buy back and instead host a “Crappy Parent Buy Back” initiative because therein lies the real conundrum.

About the author: Doug Giles

Doug Giles is the Big Dawg at and the Co-Owner of The Safari Cigar Company. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. And check out his new book, Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation.

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  • George Gaither

    beware of false prophets.

  • Todd


    • carlenefrazierwendel

      Jesus wouldn’t have to use a gun.. He can take care of himself. If he can raise the dead, he won’t need a gun…Remember when Jesus put the ear back on the man one of his disciples had chopped off? He knew the disciple had that weapon, didn’t he?

    • Camden

      Jesus could just call down 12 legions of angels with flaming swords if he wanted to. Or He could just speak, “I Am He”, and the mob would fall backwards… Many times in the OT, God (Father-Son-Spirit) told the Israelites to pick up arms to defend themselves and their families or to conquer their enemies that were a threat to their very existence. He is God Eternal, He doesn’t change.

    • JoeTexan

      No, but he would want his disciples to have them. They are the modern day equivalent of the sword. A sword was designed for one purpose only–to kill people–yet on more than one occasion Jesus commanded his followers to have one.

    • John

      We know from Biblical account that Jesus’ Disciples, specifically Peter, packed a Sword. He used it to in the Garden of Gethsemane, he cut off the servant of the high priest’s ear, and Jesus told him to put it away and healed the man’s ear. Notice that Jesus never Said Do not carry that sword, there was no rule that Jesus had to not carry weapons. In fact it could easily be argued at that time a sword was the equivalent of today’s gun, every soldier had one, and based upon your income you could probably afford a nicer one, and if you were stronger you could carry a larger one.

    • barbiecakes

      Jesus would never want someone to die because of a dirtbag with an illegal gun. If you choose to be unarmed that’s your choice, not ours WAKE UP!

    • DrDulcamara

      Jesus couldn’t own a gun…hadn’t been made yet, Todd darling.

  • Charles Hodge

    every person has a right to protect themselves. think about it. a robber a murder rapist will always find a gun. if you disarm honest people your leaving them to die! or rape. if women have a right to abort their babies then we have a right to bear arms. but to be fair then disarm liberals democrats. they are the ones who do all the shootings.face it their just evil!

  • TF

    The toy “buy back” is stupid, and this pastor is obviously brainwashed by current trends. He’s passing on his brainwashing to his congregation. That said, I do not let my kids play with toy guns, because eventually they may be learning how to use real guns safely and properly. I suppose props would be a way to start them, but I want them to know they are not toys and it’s a great responsibility they will be endowed with when the time comes sooner or later.

    • Sam

      I played with guns when growing up. In fact, we had caps to put in the guns that went BANG! Because they were made of a small amount of gun powder (I think). And all the kids in the neighborhood played cowboy/indians and cops/robbers. I guess I’m a bad boy or was a bad boy. Am now a retired Computer Engineer and Yes I still like to target practice. My duck hunting days are over since I no longer have a drivers license to trailer my duck hunting boat to the swamps. And I never killed another human being but have downed a few ducks/geese. How about HOOKS, I go fishing as well…..

      • TF

        I am a 100% believer in the second amendment and was taught to respect, handle, and use firearms properly young. I too enjoy target practice and owning guns for every good measure they exist. But I don’t believe kids ought to even use a BB gun without adult supervision and I don’t believe kids should ever point even a toy gun at another person. I don’t care if it sounds wrong to someone else, who cares, it’s just a bad precedent.

        Do I think toy guns should be outlawed? No. Do I think that all parents should agree with me? No. Like I said, they could be used as a prop in instruction, but they still ought to be handled with proper regard. I don’t care if my views offend you, or if you were raised with toy guns. I have good reason for my views. The toy gun buy back is asinine, I still won’t give my kids toy guns. It causes a disconnect.

        How can we, as parents, treat every gun as if it’s loaded then give them toys to “shoot” each other with. I should be able to prop a gun up in a corner with my little kids and know they won’t touch it. I would have that peace of mind because they know that no gun is a toy. I would rather them learn how to use a real weapon properly and respectfully without the thought they can wave it around, finger on the trigger, and point it anywhere, including at other people.

        • Bulldog74

          You make some good points. Although I had a pretty good arsenal of toy guns growing up, my folks were sticklers for firearms respect & safety even with those. Best to be err on the side of caution and treat weapons with the respect they deserve.

  • Alex M

    On the other hand, Jesus did not tell his disciples to arm themselves in order to use lethal force ; that would have been absurd, since Jesus’ purpose was not to resist attack, but to fulfill prophecy. That’s why he only allowed two swords, enough to fulfill the prophecy that he would be arrested as a transgressor and common criminal, but not enough to pose a threat to those coming to arrest him. Moreover, those who cite this passage in Luke as some kind of divine authority for arming invariably omit the continuation at the point where Jesus is arrested, where he forbade the use of arms, rebuked those among this followers who used them, and healed the man injured by one of Jesus’ own followers, telling them to put away their arms, and that those who take up the sword will perish by the sword. That’s gospel truth. That’s Matthew 26:52.

    • Bulldog74

      Jesus knew He was meant to die for the sins of mankind, and He didn’t need the disciples to disrupt the whole process of unjust arrest, chastisement and execution by whipping out swords and fighting against insurmountable odds (if He had wanted to disrupt the moment, the 12 legions of angels would have been much more effective).

      You and I are not Jesus, and there is nowhere in Scripture that Jesus prohibits His followers from defending themselves against criminals.

      • Alex M

        Jesus’ advice is to be found in Luke 6:27–31, and Matthew 5:39–42.

        • Bulldog74

          OK, so according to your interpretation-in-isolation of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is saying that if an armed invader breaks into your home, you should let him beat you up, steal your goods, rape your wife — and have her cook him a nice meal afterwards?

          • Alex M

            I am not “interpreting” scripture, I am merely citing the passages containing Jesus’ advice as it is recorded he gave it. If you think Jesus in Luke 6:27-31 and Matthew likewise is mistaken, I’d be interested to hear how you put him right.

          • Bulldog74

            Anybody, including the devil himself, can cite passages.
            The burden of proof is on you to put Jesus’s words into proper context, remembering that Jesus Himself recognized the authority of the Scriptures in their entirety (makes sense, seeing as he inspired their writing).
            You could start by addressing, in a Scriptural context, the scenario I put forth about how you would “welcome” an armed invader into your home. I notice you sidestepped it the first time.

          • Alex M

            Which are the passages the devil cites?

          • Bulldog74

            Psalm 91:11-12, partially and out of context.
            BTW, are you ever going to address the scenario that I brought up earlier about the armed muderous home invader? Scripture, after all, is of little use unless you can apply it.

          • Alex M

            As we’re talking about the gospels here, which of the gospel texts we are discussing is cited by the devil?

          • Bulldog74

            No, we are not talking just about the Gospels, we’re talking about the whole Bible. Jesus himself accepted the Scriptures in their entirety. Are you more in the know than Jesus?
            In any case, where the devil appears in the Bible, the New Testament hadn’t been written yet, so how could he have cited any Gospel Texts?
            But seeing as you can’t give an answer to the home invader question, I guess I shouldn’t expect an answer to these questions.

          • Alex M

            “No, we are not talking just about the Gospels,” —

            I respectfully suggest you re-acquaint yourself with the article at the head of this discussion. It specifically invokes the gospel of Jesus as its justification for arming. It is the contradiction between this interpretation and the words of Jesus cited throughout the four gospels that counsel against arms to which I draw attention ; the devil citing scripture isn’t always Satan.

          • Bulldog74

            So your answer to my original question (” if an armed invader breaks into your home, you should let him beat you up, steal your goods, rape your wife — and have her cook him a nice meal afterwards?”) is yes, because Jesus said to turn the other cheek?

          • Alex M

            If you aspire to Christian principles and teachings, as you appear to do, you have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. When you invoke Jesus as your authority, it’s a good idea to know exactly what he says first, and be sure what it was he told you to do.

          • Bulldog74

            Ok….well, gotta respect your conviction although I think you’re off on this one.
            But if I see ever see someone about to be murdered, I pray I will have the courage to try and stop it, even at the cost of my own life.
            If stopping the murderer requires lethal force and I have that force at my disposal, I’ll use it if there’s no other way to save the victim.
            If Jesus determines that I’ve acted wrongly, then “the judgments of the Lord are true and altogether righteous” — let Him judge me as He sees fit.

          • Alex M

            I don’t doubt the sincerity of your convictions. We have different viewpoints, but it’s been good to discuss them with you.

            Kind regards,

          • Bulldog74

            Same here, Alex, appreciated the back and forth.

    • Terry Lee

      He did not forbid the use of a sword universally but in this situation. He also was stating a logical fact. If you use a sword you will probably die by a sword. The more you use a sword the more likely you will find your demise by the sword. You are reading into the scripture what you want. There is no forbiddance in the passage in either the Greek or English translation.

      • LEW

        And the Jesus Christ of today is best disc ribbed in Rev. . No sign of whim piness there!

      • salim

        thank you Terry Lee; that’s just what I was gonna post. We’re living in high spiritual times, where we should be searching our hearts & be ready to stand in the day of the Lord, a consuming fire.
        to get the big picture, I urge all asap to get a hold of
        The Great Controversy (free online reading also), authored by ellen white.

      • Alex M

        “He did not forbid the use of a sword universally but in this situation.”

        It is precisely this situation that the writer of the original article is using to justify the use of armed violence.

        “The more you use a sword the more likely you will find your demise by the sword. You are reading into the scripture what you want.”

        I can’t see how reporting what the gospel actually says is “reading what I want” into it. Those “reading what they want” into it seem to be those arguing that Jesus is telling them to arm themselves to the teeth when the essence of Jesus’ teachings has been that of turning the other cheek, forgiving one’s enemies, and putting away one’s sword. Did Jesus ever stab anybody?

    • Steve Curley

      Writing your own bible, Alex M? You don’t even know what Jesus meant when He mentioned taking up the sword and perishing by it, nor do you know who he was directing that at.

      You are totally, totally Biblically ignorant. Your an ignorant leftist!

      Do you realize young David killed Goliath, ‘one shot one kill’ with God’s blessing?
      Do you realize Jesus went postal with a deadly weapon on hypocrites like you in the Temple?
      Do you realize God killed thousands of well armed Egyptian soldiers in less then 15 minutes who were in hot pursuit of millions of unarmed Israelite’s?

      I personally have no mercy on codependant christian (intentional lower case ‘c’) fakes! Love is tough in order for it to survive for others. You either get with the program (get saved) or you’ll languish on through eternity without hope and without Gods love.

      • Alex M

        I simply point out what the gospel actually says. And it says “for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.” That looks to me like he is directing that to all, since that’s what it says.

        • B.f. Caffrey

          It is one thing to “live by the sword” (live by the use of lethal force) versus taking up arms when it becomes necessary. The moral man keeps arms for various purposes, but not to oppress or take from others.

  • Drew

    I am a huge supporter of the 2nd amendment but I do not let my child play with toy guns. I don’t want him thinking any gun is a toy. Today you can buy toys that look identical to the real thing and real guns that look like toys. It’s just a choice I made to not let him play with toy guns because I want him to treat every gun as if it were real.

  • carlenefrazierwendel

    Teach your children to use a gun safely… Let them know how dangerous a gun can be if not used safely… Also teach them to love others, and accept others ways of life, and that we all are different, and that some are also bad people, and they may someday have to defend themselves with that gun, but not to use it before that time on another person…. Bring them up by the Bible and they will be ok.

  • Barb Patton

    Oh! please this is asinine to the nth degree. Whilst he is about it to please also take away all toy cars and trucks because these are also considered deadly weapons Why should little girls not be punished as well by this stupid? He should also have all girls hand in their dolls that can be dressed and undressed because this is a way to teach them to be strippers and expose themselves. Also get all Santa Claus costumes from the homes that have them because this shows children how to cross dress.. The list goes on.. let me guess this “Pastor” and the majority of his congregation voted for the ayatollah barack hussein obama. God help America.

  • mike

    This mentality against guns is insane. I was brought up in a christian home with guns all around me and was taught to respect them. These people are using scare tactics on the young to further their agenda. I can lay a loaded pistol in the street and it won’t harm a soul until someone with no respect for it, picks it up and uses it for illegal gain once again proving that guns don’t commit crime people due. However, some in this generation refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and blame the gun or whatever their weapon of choice is. When people start accepting responsibility for what they do both good and bad then the insanity will stop.

    • WellNowDear

      Mike, it’s just the latest fad of the left. Remember the low fat craze? I never did it. I would drive my liberal co-workers crazy because I didn’t glom onto the latest fad. Liberals are always doing the “latest thing”.

  • LibertysSon

    God has given all life on earth the right to self defense!

  • VirgoVince

    BULLSHIITT, I played with guns all thru my childhood, when cowboy and war movies were all the rage!! Now, I’m 78 yy, never killed anyone, YET, but I make no promises if these idiots insist on being STUPID!!!! I WILL defend myself, trust me!!!!

    • sovereigntyofone

      Aim low so we can stop the spread of this pollution of the gene pool. lol
      Keep you powder dry.. God bless

    • tellitlikeitis

      i am a 47 year old man who grew up playing with toy guns,turned out just fine,so did all my child hood friends who played with me,have 3 sons who also grew up playing with toy guns and two of them graduated college recently and are making me proud,the way they are leading a productive life,they are absolute assets to this please stop listening to all this made up political correct bullcrap,let your boys be boys and become men.

    • milmac

      Virgo – I’ll be 80 in 9 days and I too played with toy guns and learned to shoot with real ones, as did my brothers and sister. We never killed anyone either, but did shoot a few rattlers and adders in the corn field, tomato and watermelon patch, and garden.

    • Graywolf12

      I am younger, only 77, but same experiences. The difference in us and the population now Is we had REAL MEN to look up to, not a bunch of candy a$$ed make believe men.The MEN in our families fought and died to protect our way of life. Now fake men do all they can to destroy our country. I read an article last week about why men no longer go to church. The jest was it is no longer PC to do manly things, and sermons must be pleasing to women. It is no wonder that Cowboy churches led by real men are growing at a rapid pace while main stream churches are now peopled by old women. We started teaching our grandchildren how to shoot a gun when they were too small to hold it without help. They are more manly than a lot of young ,PC, preachers today, and they can protect them selves.

  • Brian P.

    Once again, Amen!!!!!

  • Brian P.

    This supposed ‘pastor’ is NOT following Scripture. When God commanded, ‘Thou shall not murder’, He knew humans in their weakness would never obey that completely. It was for the people of God to understand what they are NOT to tolerate. In other words, since evil will not listen to Almighty God and will murder, Christian’s are justified, and have a DUTY, to stand against it. And you don’t stand against it by shouting, ‘stop!’. When the people of God are confronted by an evil doer who is intent on slaughtering you or your family, Christians are justified in unleashing extreme violence to stop them using whatever common sense tool is available at the time.
    God commands us to action to further His Kingdom. Evil, lunacy, debauchery, degenerate behavior, immorality do NOT exist in His Kingdom. If we stand by and do nothing to stop the perpetrators of evil, then we are NOT advancing His Kingdom. We are standing by and doing just the opposite. Doing nothing against evil only invites more.

  • tom cook

    This is so right. My fourth year medical student daughter just returned from a semester in Tanzaniya helping Norwegians who run a hospital there to care for the people of the area. She is the nicest, sweetest, most feminine sweetheart you would ever want to meet. But she carries a .40S&W Springfield which she used at Front Sight to shoot over five hundred rounds in a week of training and scored tops on the final shooting test. She is going into a surgical specialty residency. She has backbone. She is only five feet tall, but a perp stupid enough to decide to go crossways with her will probably not live to regret it. She puts two rounds center mass.


      That’s what I call responsible GUN CONTROL!!!! Is she able to carry in TANZANIA??

  • Steve Curley

    Cool picture of the kids.


    • MayPA

      I like the picture. Kind of reminds me of my gang of brothers and cousins. We all had six-shooters w/caps and 1 BB gun to share. I was the only girl, 5 boys.

  • got243kids

    Clearly Rev. Rodney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Either that or he’s an infectious wuss.

  • katchaturian

    Take away huh? Take away doctors and hospitals too since more people die from ‘accidental’ medical treaments. Greater problems lie in Hollywood movies etc., where Obama sent $120M or more $$ to boost . . . . .what? His ego? Video games should be the parson’s target.

  • paw

    Maybe Pastor Rodney should host a buy back of all the horrible x-box games that are probably the biggest influence in the lives of kids these days…..murder, mayhem, torture,pillaging and raping. That does more to shape a young mind than wearing a cap pistol and playing cops and robbers. The trouble with Pastor Rodney is that he has no concept of common sense. I think he just likes to get his name in the news. Maybe we should all pray for him to wake up!


      JUST PREY HE PULLS HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS!!! He’s already made a fool of himself!!!

  • Greg Larson

    It sounds like, to me, that if Obama turned a sharp corner Pastor Rodney Francis, of the Washington would break his nose!

  • WhiteFalcon

    What has he done too keep kids away from the sex perverts that want to teach little kids all about sex and perverted sex when they are in grade school? He is an idiot. I saw many of these preachers and priests of many churches demonstrating in favor of liberal politics in the ’60s and a lot of them were preachers of my denomination. It got to where they were preaching liberal politics from the pulpit and not Christianity. It got so bad that I just quit going to church. That is not necessary anyway. Jesus said :He who believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life.” That is the Christian faith. He did not say he who believes in tyrannical liberal politics … . I seldom go to church now, but when I do go, if I hear liberal politics being preached I get up and leave.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Man this stuff gets nuttier by the day. I grew up as a kid playing with ” toy ” guns. And when I was old enough I had a BB gun. As I got even older my dad taught me how to shoot a shotgun ( no not like Biden says use one ) to go duck hunting. I think this freak show has gone on long enough. They want to omit in American history classes the truth calling the Boston Patriots ( no not the football team), that dumped tea into Boston Harbor ” terrorists”. The truth of the facts are we are a nation that were built with the help of guns.
    If these idiots had been around back during Lewis and Clark and other great explorers we wouldn’t have gotten past the Mississippi River. I don’t know about others, but I am getting sick and tired of the ANTI-AMERICAN B.S.
    Just my 2 cents worth….

  • cherokee_warrior

    I am in there with you. I am fast approaching the age of 75. I am in the physical condition of men 20 or more years my junior. I spent 21 years of my life as a member of the US Army, Infantry. I gave my sacred Oath to support the United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic. On the horizon, I do not see any foreigner, other than those coming from Mexico, by their illegal invasion to gain a better life for themselves and their families. I do see an immediate domestic danger, but not sure if it is one of terrorism or treason. Since there is a lack of proof of being an American by birthright, I tend to lean
    heavily toward terrorism.
    At my age, I can still bring a weapon to my shoulder, and sight on a target, and I will hit what I aim at. I can still take a combat position with a pistol or revolver, ahd hit the target that I am aiming at.
    I am sure that my fellow veterans, male and female, also still have these abilities, and will come forward to use them, should the need arise.
    God Bless America, and those who are defending her, here and abroad.

  • marineh2ominer

    I too grew up on westerns and war movies , and I even did some killing , in Vietnam at the bequest of my government , of course I got shot more than once in the process , again for my government , now that same government wants to disarm me to the extent that they are trying to use legislation to do so , and are even instigating my neighbors to harasse me into disarming myself . Well , it isn’t going to happen so stick your communist bullship up your own a– you fascist b–t–ds . At age 70 , with all that violent background , I have never even committed a felony , much les a murder . Evil is in the evil individual , NOT in all men , unless they happen to be DEMONRATS , otherwise known as PROGRESSIVES .

  • John

    Yes – kids should learn to play with toy guns to realize how worthless they are in reality.

  • James Rosin


  • Kathy W

    We protect our children from violent movies and toy guns but then have to send them off to war because of idiotic foreign policy. Makes no sense to me.

  • johnnywoods

    “Reverend” Rodney should go study and find out what a minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST is actually supposed to do. The apostle Paul went out and preached the Gospel and never suggested a “sword buy-back”. He and the other apostles and their followers “turned the world upside down” by the preaching of said Gospel.

  • M_Becker

    Actually, parents should take their kids to the range – and around 5 is a good age – and teach them how to safely handle a real gun.

  • Soldier_Wife

    Since when did it become a danger to society for a child to want to play police man, army men and super hero? My husband is retired USMC and our son calls daddy his hero. He plays with toy guns everyday, saving the world from the bad guys, Bigfoot and monsters. I would much rather him do that than torture small animals.

  • Mike Won

    If sex ed is mandatory, so should be firearms weapons training at preschool! And it’s all completely useless without Bible School!

  • wminaz

    Once when I was a kid in the early fifties in Brooklyn a bunch of us kids were running down the block with toy guns blazing. One of the adults sitting on a lawn chair outside the stores where people gathered in the late afternoon talking about the Korean War said something like “there goes the future 82nd Airborne.” Not far off. My older brother was already in Korea and was in a tank that was hit (purple heart, 100% disability), another guy (Kenny) was later in the Marines in Nam (mother was renowned for her Italian cooking sent to her kid), one of my other brothers was Air Police at Tripoli, I had two emergency landings and time in the hospital and there may have been other in our little platoon who served. When you keep boys from guns you weaken America and thusly jeopardize American values and lives. If you think you are helping your kids I can assure you that you are not. You will increase the chances of losing them. But you will have to live with your choice.

  • GilbertDavis

    sounds odd that a Baptist church minister would be doing this . Most ALL baptists I know are all pro-second amendment and believe in Luke 22:38 where The LORD Jesus Christ commands his followers to buy swords which the modern equivalent would be a guns. .Baptists are fishermen , hunters and LOVE GUNS , The Military and God .

  • geneww1938

    They are sick. Teach kids how to hunt and use weapons. Sling shots, bow and arrows, BB guns are all proper for young kids with minimal safety training and supervision. Target practice with a 22 for young teens is fine. When they are old enough for a hunting license, they are old enough to handle most weapons that are not fully automatic.

  • Grant Halverson

    Damn straight my son played with toy guns and swords if he wanted to! KarenWI

  • jenniewalsh

    Thank God that the churches are beginning to stand up against the Satanic Big Government TYRANTS!

  • Jafo

    I was raised with toy cap guns and playing cowboys and Indians. I was shooting real guns with my dad by the age of ten and still shooting today. Not once have I ever considered using one of my many guns to commit a crime. Oh and by the way I was raised watching Rambo on and I still love any Bond movie and John McCain (Bruce Willis Diehard) are my favorite action packed shows. But lets not forget John wayne and the forever great Spaghetti westerns and Clint my man Eastwood. Tv does not cause homicidal maniacs to commit crimes. You liberals with your feel good atitudes of let us all just get along mentality does. When you should be using corporal punishment at a young age to teach right from wrong. But I am aware you all believe you are doing right but that is because you have depended on someone else to provide everything for you called entitlements for way too long. Guns are not the problem. Tv is not the problem. No morals or respect as well as terrible parents is the problem. Wake up America. We have a dictator in the White house that feeds off of us self destructing from within. Entitlement King he is. When the great depression he is steering us to arrives. Our government as we know it collapses. Who are you going to get your free handouts from then.

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