Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!

Liberal Chick is back and completely off her rocker.  This time the zany Leftist wants pressure cookers banned in light of the Boston Terrorist Attack.  The sad thing is she finds dozens of college students ready to outlaw them as well. Cockle-Doodle-Do!  Follow Liberal Chick on Facebook and Twitter for a regular dose of Liberal density.

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  • BostonTea101st

    Reading her stuff, I honestly cannot tell if she’s serious or this is a serious case of Poe’s Law (“Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.”)

    Is she really such a fundamentalist liberal that she baptizes people into liberalism in the Potomac and believes eating meat causes rape? Or is she a conservative making liberals look ridiculous by doing this kind of thing and being mistaken for the real thing?

    She’s either crazy good at it, or just crazy. I wish I knew which.

    Either way. Those college students are stupid. And clearly don’t own proper stoves and pans.

    • Niki Smith

      She is all parody and very good at it.

      • BostonTea101st

        That’s what I was inclined to believe. Though, the next question becomes who truly looks ridiculous, the liberals she fools into joining her or the conservatives who believe her to be an accurate portrayal of a liberal? If she’s doing her job right I suppose, then both.

    • Berzrkr50

      It’s a joke, and a very good joke! Liberals need to be made to look as stoopid as possible!

      • BostonTea101st

        But, doesn’t it run the risk of what seems to be happening in these comments? That Conservatives also see her as serious and start insulting a caricature of liberalism that doesn’t exist and look like they should have gotten the joke?

        Either way, combining her results in the video and facebook page with the comments here, it’s like the definition of Poe’s Law. Fascinating from a journalistic social science point of view.

        • clbrown

          You’re right, Boston.

          Liberals love to create “false conservative” images, which they then mock… and some so-called Conservatives actually BUY INTO IT (see how many actually liked Stephen Colbert initially!).

          Virtually all mockery of the right done by the left is based upon “false images” they’ve put out into the public eye.

          “Liberal Chick” is simply applying the Left’s techniques… which are, in the end, those they think are most effective (and which ARE most effective against liberals) but applying them against Liberal ideology, where it can do the most good.

          But why are so many on the right so CLUELESS about this sort of argumentation technique? It’s downright scary.

          • James Star

            I guess mainly because you dont ever know what the left is going to pull next. Especially with a president that if he doesnt get his way will just take out his magic pen and make it so!

      • Linda2955

        Sure did that

    • $8105658

      she’s crazy good. She doesn’t believe a bit of it.

  • Vonda Tedford Keon

    what a dumb girl. I use a pressure cooker to can my garden harvest so we can eat. This crazy liberal chick is so full of herself. Shaking my head to the stupidity.

    • clbrown

      What a smart girl… who’s figured out how to demonstrate how stupid these things she pretends (in mocking fashion) to “promote” really are.

  • George Gaither

    What’s next kitchen knifes, rocks, hammers, nails. matches, Cans etc.? this has to be a joke.

    • darkwingdave

      They’ve started banning kitchen knives over a certain length in England already..coming to America soon.

      • Bandit

        There are some states that are already trying to ban knives over a certain length.

        • Eddie G.

          Already done in many towns and states. California may well pass a law stating a kitchen knife can’t exceed the length of a man’s penis.(flaccid of course,it’s California)

      • cambeul41

        Also pointy kitchen knives!

      • Eddie G.

        Don’t tell Dianne Feinstein, her “assault” weapons ban died so she’ll think kitchen knife length bans are a great idea. She’s pretty demented ya know. It’s in the dictionary under “dementia” and the definition says, Dianne Feinstein.


      This Liberal chic is full of hot air. Understood by those from on Facebook

    • clbrown

      It is a joke.

      • Brenda L. Herbert

        We wish it was a joke.

        • clbrown

          The girl doing this is doing it as a “demonstration” of how stupid some people are… she’s not serious about it herself.

          But… too many of the students who signed it ARE serious about it… (sigh)

    • Randy G

      When they get to rocks are they going to condemn the whole Planet??

      • J D R

        Only about a third of the planet. the other two thirds is water. ;-)….. But wait, we need to ban water too, because it can be used to drown people and also that horrible, horrible practice of water boarding…e gads! We are doomed. Let’s just ban humans and save the planet! ;-)

    • January24

      All rocks between fist-sized and the size of a human head must be banned. And now!

    • January24

      It IS a joke, George . . . and a very good one. “Liberal Chick” regularly goes on campus to film herself making fun of Lefties and their dopey ideas. She is a conservative treasure.

      • Mr Antidangerousbeasts

        Doug’s daughter, I believe.

    • Ben Dover

      Why don’t we just ban Politicians under a certain IQ ? The same rule might apply to voters levels of intelligence.

      • Eddie G.

        Any IQ below 2.

    • johnbbbb

      This is a joke on liberals. “Liberal Chick” is a comedian who’s sole purpose is to use comedy to expose the stupidity of liberals. She is fun to watch.

  • jb80538

    If we want to ban bomb making materials, we need to ban many household chemicals.

    • GrizzMann

      Try and buy acid based toilet cleaners!

      • DrSique

        Acid based cleansers would probably be an EPA ban on account of the environment. I have come to the conclusion that all of Liberal Chicks posts are satire. If not, our nation is doomed.

        • GrizzMann

          The law came about after two Illinois women were burned by acid attacks back in 2008. One of the women later admitted to burning herself with acid, but the law was still pushed through the system.

      • Texican

        Can still buy pure lye at most grocery stores. For a while the meth heads got the safety nazis to pull them from shelves, but the outcry from honest citizens brought it back…

      • B Alan Eisen

        Acid is hell on metal pipes. It causes very big repair bills.

    • clbrown

      If someone is beaten to death with a big rock… you know that someone would try to ban big rocks.

    • Dave

      Imagine what mayhem you could cause with a pressure cooker, some bleach and some ammonia?
      Keep up the good work, Regis. Love the satire.

  • cdoc

    Liberal Chick is not liberal. This is satire… don’t you ever watch the videos? I think they are hilarious.

  • sgt.greywolf

    Just ban liberals.

    • tncdel

      Control-freak Progs, not true freedom-loving Liberals. The two are almost polar opposites. Please don’t inadvertently help Progs maintain their charade by referring to them as Liberals, for they are anything but.

      • edc

        How do you like the class the guy was taking a final for, “history of the beetles”, apparently some people think they are more famous and important than Jesus. Their day is coming, they will all bow before Jesus and confess Him to be the Great God. Better now than later.

        • Apolloone

          No doubt there will be some type of government job waiting for dingbats like him that we taxpayers have to support, as for Jesus the Beatles are far more important to the brainwashed. Like you stated their day is coming

        • henryknox

          At this point, what difference does it make? His education will be paid for by the taxpayers through student loans and he will never have to pay them back. Ain’t no time to wonder why, Yippee, we’re all gonna die.

      • Apolloone

        Those calling themselves Progressives are in actuality the exact opposite of progressive if these people were left without any opposition and allowed to have their way America would soon become like Stalinist Russia once is that for Progress. There are two different groups of the left those who believe they can create a Utopian World for us and those who know their way will destroy this nation.

        • panors77

          Yes….the “progressive” wants to “progress” to communism. The buzz word started with Wilson to change the title of communist to make marx’s ideals more palatable. Same with “liberal”.

      • panors77

        “Freedom loving liberals”……….really? Liberals ARE progressives….just ask Hillary Clinton whos hero is Woodrow Wilson who started the movement and who hated the Constitution. “Freedom loving liberal”……a total oxymoron.

      • jrm

        Progressives not liberals? Stop it. Stop it right now!

    • Randy G

      Just a bunch of females that flunked ‘Home Ec’ in HS

      • tampapatriot

        I truly doub they even teach Home Ec anymore!
        These are our supposedly future leaders/teachers.
        Our universities are brainwashing the greatest gifts
        of our future. We really need a total revolution!

        • Apolloone

          What was the overall percent of the pro-votes way too high, if this is any indication (I think it is) of the overall intelligence of the people in this country especially the ones in our universities, America is in very serious trouble. I believe this girl is just exposing the ignorance of these people. Whether or not she believes this b.s I thank her for exposing these fools

          • January24

            “Liberal Chick” is playing a joke on the idiot college students for the purpose of demonstrating their gullibility.

          • bob machaffy

            Probably identify a pressure cooker same as a crock pot, and I’m sure these college kids have no clue or ever used either

          • $26222150

            We should raise the voting age to 40 or require voters to attend Constitution and Founding classes and pass with at least a 90.

          • Eddie G.

            Make it a 100 ! That 10% is enough to stupidly convert to liberalism.

    • granny

      She looks like a 2013 hippie. Can’t believe she got anyone to sign. Ooohh, thats right it liberals that like to sign those bloopers.. Are we going to have more of these idiots that will be graduating from college. Of course, most of them are receiving free college. Hope they are not studying to become brain surgeons……we are all doomed

      • January24


        You know that “Liberal Chick” is a joke, right? She’s making fun of Lefties who would be stupid enough to agree to ban pressure cookers.

        She’s making the point that pressure cookers — like guns — don’t cause violence.

        • d2lv

          I hope so. Did you see the guy on the Santa Monica pier getting people to sign to get rid of the second amendment so only bad guys would have guns. He said all he had to say was he was helping Obama and the idiots signed.

          • January24

            Yeah. Some of the late night shows like Jay Leno and others have done these “man in the street” interviews to show people saying dumb things. “Liberal Chick” is using the same technique to show Lefties for the gullible dummies they are.

          • panors77

            Howard Stern did it also. He exposed a lot.

          • Apolloone

            I saw the tape at first I thought it was funny then I realized this is scarry because these same fools and many just like them Vote and the type of people running our country reflects that ignorance..

          • Sam Wicks Jr

            How do you think obamy got back in (other than voter fraud)? Hopefully some day they will get into the workplace. But they may only qualify for McDonalds or Burger King….

          • January24

            Obama’s voters.

          • panors77

            Yep…..saw that one. Too funny…..and alarming at the same time.

          • Eddie G.

            I saw it ! LMAO ! People are so dumbed down and stoopid but then again it was in Santa Monica, a bastion for liberal stupidity like San Francisco. Should’ve also seen the one where the guy asks people if the “sequestration” should be sent to Portugal and all agreed it should. We’re beyond doomed.

        • figmo

          As Forrest Gump would say “stupid is as stupid does.” I’m sure that a present day college liberal arts degree is almost as challenging to obtain as it was to get a high school diploma in the 1950’s. A sad indicator of the dumbing down of our populace. How else could you explain obama’s election to a second term?

          • LeSellers

            Surely you jest!

            A high school diploma was far more difficult to earn in the 1950s than getting a BA is today.

            Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • Apolloone

            You are correct but the ignorance today is no accident but a plan that goes back just after WW2 when a group came here from Germany with the express purpose to destroy this country. When Marxist J. Carter gave us the Department of Education this was a Communist’s dream come true.. They could now get to our youth with their Communist Propaganda on a national level. As each year passes America’s schools puts out more people who lean towards Communism, many not even knowing the seriousness of such an evil government.

          • Apolloone

            Charlotte Isyerbyt wrote a most excellent book on the Dumbing Down of America you can read her book online free of charge, She has excellent credentials this book should be studied by everyone who cares about this country and especially those who have kids and grandkids. She lets the destroyers of this nation expose themselves by their own words.

          • James Star

            Not if he can help it there won’t be any jobs.

          • panors77

            Yes……”jobs” that will be issued to you at gunpoint.

          • Eddie G.

            Grade school was even tougher than getting PhD today. There’s doctors everywhere and they’re all lawyers.

          • DenverKitty

            Eddie: I just got through watching “A Murder of Crows”. Excellent movie.

          • LeSellers

            Don’t know about that. There are a lot of minority studies and social workers out there.

            Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • January24

            It is horrifying, Figmo, what has happened to the America I grew up in. There is no way to explain Obama’s election except by acknowledging that there is a majority of voters who are willing to cast their votes for getting on — and staying on — the gravy train until the train jumps the track.

            I think that even some of those voting for Obama know that the ever-expanding entitlement monster is going to take America down. But they don’t really care. They just think, “Well, I’ll get mine as long as it lasts.”

            Such a sad state of decline for a nation which was born as a result of commitment to such noble ideals. Washington’s soldiers fought in wintertime with rags tied around their bleeding feet because they had no shoes. America has become such a nation of entitlement-mentality whiners (such as Michelle Obama) that it’s not even recognizable as the same country which our ancestors fought so bravely to bring forth.

            The Left (which dominates the American political scene) has become so “open-minded” that their brains have all run out their ears. We might as well laugh along with “Liberal Chick” since crying certainly isn’t going to do us any good.

          • suegee

            Depends on the college. People should go to Hillsdale College,a liberal arts college that takes no government funding,so they can teach what they like,hire who they like and every student who graduates has to take a semester on the Constitution.They offer a free 10 week online course called Constitution 101 and 201.Every member of the House and Senate,all Cabinet members,judges.lawyers,Supreme court and the President should be REQUIRED to take it before they take any political office.

          • Apolloone

            By taking Constitutional courses is not going to change anyones mind, I have studied the Quran the Muslim’s so-called holy book, I did this so I could understand the mindset of my enemies and the enemies of Jesus Christ by studying this book has even reinforced my Christian belief. I have also studied Communism this didn’t in no-way give me an urge to become a fan of this evil system. If these Congress people aren’t for Liberty for all people then requiring them to take Constitutional courses at colleges isn’t going to change them into God fearing God loving good Americans But one thing is certain, those politicians who support Islam Do-Not support Liberty, Shariah Law and our Constitutional Law Cannot work together

        • Steve Thomas

          Let us hope that she helps the lefties realize how stupid the look, so that they live by an old saying “tis better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt”.

        • $15774159

          Why not ban liberals. I hope these wacked out liberal gals, are having safe sex. Good lord, we do not need anymore of these lefties.

          • Eddie G.

            Practicing celibacy is even better,rubbers can leak !

        • stillsane

          I’m glad someone got it.

        • granny

          You are right of course, but then you know sometimes these liberals just hit that one nerve I have left for the day.

      • Sam Wicks Jr

        Look at the professors that are teaching them and you will NOT wonder why. It’s the new generation of professors that really need to go back to school and finally take their courses and learn something!

    • Researcher

      The situation in the UK is that they have banned knives with a point.
      You would have problems buying a steak knife with a point.

      • giansomo61

        Easy enough to re-point a knife. I repair broken tips all the time. Brits are dumb as Americans.

    • Eddie G.

      I’ll drink to that! Note in the pic how her her hair is done and with a skull band. Typical clone of 60’s era Haight-Ashbury hippies or beatniks as they were called. It costs a bundle to go to college these days so her parents need to get their money back and sue the administration for not teaching her anything and kick her butt out and tell her to go find a job not as an activist but a real job that pays rent,puts gas in the car,and buys groceries. She won’t have time to ban pressure cookers that have been around since Jesus was a carpenter,my granny had one and they make the best green beans. For the time being this girl remains tragically brain dead.

      • Eddie G.

        Oops, reading further comments I read she’s an actress playing a progressive libtard. Fooled me. I’m dumbed down now,feels terrible,I might become a libtard. Dear Lord save my brain that I may ascend back to intelligence again.

        • DenverKitty

          Eddie: It’s okay…just take a deep breath.

    • FiveStarHighSpot

      why is the most racist group in america, the kkk, considered conservative. and why are all these hateful group in general considered conservative?

    • FiveStarHighSpot

      as a conservative does it bother you that the most racist group in america, the kkk, is considered a conservative entity

  • Bruce A Silver

    What an idiot. She actually believes that the pressure cooker is the culprit in the Boston bombings and that the terrorist have nothing to do with it. What are they teaching out kids in school.

    • jay

      Many non thinkers believe guns are the culprit in shootings.

    • clbrown

      No, she doesn’t “actually believe” that. She’s mocking those who do… and more importantly, those who don’t think for themselves and just accept whatever pablum they’ve been spoon-fed by their masters.

      You need to think a bit more, up-front, before you comment. Just an FYI…

    • John Paul Jones

      This is a sample of what our collages are turning out into our society and a product of the libatards that we have for collage professors, God help us we are dealing with obozos people!

    • January24


      Liberal Chick is doing satire. She’s riffing on the idiocy of the Left. Grab a clue.

    • granny

      Teachers are teaching nothing worth while. My kids came home w/ A’s & B’s, once in a while a C would pop up…. However, parents were in control of their kids at that time. My son loved to accompany his father on hunting trips. He brought home a D “one time”. Told him if you don’t change that to an A or a B, you will not accompany your Dad this year. He brought home a B on the next marking period. Its called parenting & knowing what your kids favorite thing to do is. I loved my kids enough that I wanted them to be good at whatever they did, and that is parents making the rules. Evidently that 2013 hippie was not at the dinner table. Maybe her mom used a pressure cooker.

  • kirbykral

    She is a brilliant, brilliant satirist. If you check out some of her other videos, it becomes pretty obvious, but she never gives herself away. I am certain this is satire. She was at the last CPAC event. She is just REALLY good at spoofing and mocking liberals. She cracks me up! “Liberal” Chick ROCKS!

    • William D’Andrea

      If she is a satirist, I wonder if she’s considering a career as an actress? Is she majoring in drama?

      • January24

        To me, it appears that Liberal Chick is interested in politics. She is a satirist who is exposing the lunacy of the Left.

    • granny

      Brilliant……. Wonder if that idiot knows what a pressure cooker is?

      • clbrown


        I wonder if you know what “satire” is?

  • Louis R. McClain

    The next thing we’ll hear is KFC is a terrorist institute! Just think about their pressure cooker kettles!

    • clbrown

      KFC is already guilty of “clogged-artery terrorism” isn’t it??? (but tasty, tasty terrorism!)

  • tom cook

    There are techniques using bare hands to kill which are very effective–hands and feet and even the human skull–does this little fat unattractive airhead believe we should ban body parts? It is likely. Let’s ban hers first.

    • clbrown

      She’s not fat or unattractive… and that sort of name-calling is horrific. (And since she’s actually a right-leaning type MOCKING the leftists, you might want to rethink your criticism!)

      • January24


        I’ve been a little horrified at how many of our conservative brothers and sisters don’t get the joke which Liberal Chick is perpetrating on the Lefties. I thought that as a group, we conservatives were a little quicker than that. Oh well. Maybe eventually people will catch on.

      • granny

        No she is just uneducated (STUPID), w/ too much time on her hands.. She evidently does not know what a pressure cooker is. Its to cook a great, tender, piece of meat so that your family knows that you are a great cook. No matter what you look like, its stupidity that gets you noticed, and you CLB walk among us w/ your “poor girl” attitude. Either thats your “amour”, or you are a liberal, illegal, or muslim.

        • clbrown


          Seriously, you’re going to start attacking ME, now?

          The right doesn’t need people like you on our side.

          Now… put down the crack pipe and try turning your brain on.


          If you’re too stupid to see this… and if you then proceed to ATTACK ME for pointing that out… you may actually be one of those “right wing” types who the Left likes to claim makes up the entire right. In which case… please, just SHUT UP!

          And please… watch this:

  • marc

    I don’t believe this. No one is that stupid, this girl is not serious and anyone who believes she is, is naive. The students sighing the petition are that stupid. Wait………isn’t that one of Giles’ daughters?

  • GrizzMann

    Save lives? Try the Planned Parenthood killers.

  • DChrls

    This is a parody.

    • January24

      You wouldn’t think you’d have to tell people that, would you? I’m quite chagrined to see the number of our fellow conservatives on here who have been blasting “Liberal Chick.” Good grief! We’re supposed to be the party with the brains.!

      • LeSellers

        The problem is, she’s too close to statist reality. Rush Limbaugh noticed this 20 years ago: he makes a joke, and the Left (particularly, but all prytaneolaters) act on it as if it were real.

        We are getting to the point where there is no difference.

        We might also note that those who support her proposal really felt (not “thought”) it was a good idea. No doubt there will a pressure cooker ban proposed in the next few months.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • January24


          You’re right that the Left is so idiotic that it’s hard to make up something stupid enough that they won’t buy it.

          Now, about jobs . . .

          It has never been Obama’s job to create jobs. That’s an illusion that he and the Leftists have. It is government’s job to GET OUT OF THE WAY while private enterprise creates jobs.

          The only way Obama can help is to stop doing stupid things that discourage business people from expanding, hiring, growing their enterprises.

          • LeSellers

            In re: jobs

            Indeed. I have written more’n a hundred times that O’bama will not get out of the way so a free market can create the wealth that requires jobs. He’s an arrogant narcissist who imagines he’s the smartest one in the room and he alone can make us happy. In short, he believes his press clippings.

            But the only jobs he’s created are temporary. They cost taxpayers $250,000 each and last only long enough for his bundlers to cash the checks and declare bankruptcy.

            Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • January24

            I used to have trouble deciding whether Obama is more stupid than he is corrupt . . . or more corrupt than he is stupid.

            Finally, I decided that he is a bottomless pit of stupidity and corruption.

          • LeSellers

            Unfortunately, he’s not stupid. He’s evil. Evil and cunning. Evil and charismatic. Evil and devious.

            Were he stupid, we could outflank him (even with his myriad of handlers).

            Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • January24

            I don’t know, LeSellers. Obama seemed to genuinely believe that just throwing billions and billions of dollars in “stimulus” money at wind, solar and other pet projects would actually do some good.

            I realize that he was paying off campaign contributors, but I also think that he actually thought that just throwing billions in free money up in the air would somehow goose the economy.

            That’s what liberals believe, you know. They actually believe that excrement. I don’t think Obama is very bright. He’s slick, but he’s obviously not a deeply contemplative person.

            As I said, just because he is obviously evil doesn’t mean he can’t also be stupid.

          • LeSellers

            “Smart” is not the same thing as “wise”. The scripture “when they are learned, they think they are wise” pops to mind.

            I’ll grant you he’s unwise, a fool, whatever similar label you attach. I will also insist on his intelligence (a brain capacity thing).

            Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • Motov

            More like press droppings,….

  • Steve Rogers

    What glaring stupidity, what profound ignorance, and liberal chick is nun to bright either.

    • January24


      Liberal Chick is making a JOKE at the expense of Lefties. She is making fun of them . . . and at the same time, she’s making a serious point about the lunacy of the Left.

  • Sage

    Perfect. And she didn’t say she ‘thought’ that pressure cookers caused the bombing….but that she ‘felt’ it.


    Let’s see….next:



    Wait, wait!! That encompasses pretty much the whole Occupy-space Movement!

    (Current Boomers & former hippies among our Beneficent Liberal Overlord Class seen shuddering in fear as the noose gets a bit too close to home…)

  • DocRambo

    Does anyone really think these spoiled brats even know what a “pressure cooker” is? Reality check people, sounds good, makes them feel good to do “something,” and they don’t even know what they are doing!They are so stupid that they don’t know they are stupid.

    • oldguy199

      How many of spoiled brats have seen or fired a gun but are willing to ban them? How many know what the Bill of Rights are?? How many can define freedom, responsibility, common sense, etc??

  • clbrown

    I love these “crazy liberal chick” bits… it’s so tremendously effective at pointing out the STUPIDITY of so many of us…

    But I have to say, the girl in the light green dress… arguing the points as she did… she rocked! :)

  • Chris

    Ban what makes the pressure cookers Lethal, MUSLIMS.

  • Hank

    What the hey!! Also, lets ban back packs because after all that’s how those bums delivered the goods to their killing site. What ever happened to common sense????

    • B Alan Eisen

      If vI was in my early 20s I’d start a petition to outlaw thinking on Pitt campus. See, you can’t rape somebody if you don’t think about it first. Think of the signatures. Mindless fools.

    • granny

      Out the window w/ free college given to all those illegals. However, there are others that walk among us that have no common sense at all & oblivious to caring. Besides we all know they go to college to party & lose their virginity, if they still have it. lol

    • oldguy199

      Common sense WAS banned on most college campuses decades ago. Why do you think there are so many “Progressives” ???

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    How revealing; college students who fail to think critically…gee, what could possibly go wrong if they graduate?

  • tncdel

    I hate it when I see rightwing media referring to Progs as Liberals. That only serves to inadvertently help the control-freak globalist Progs maintain their charade of being “Liberals.”

    A true Liberal is freedom-loving and supports LESS restrictive government. They are also fiercely loyal to America and staunchly support U.S. sovereignty… as did JFK, a genuine war hero.

    But a “Progressive” [a Prog for short] is a TRAITOR to America, who seeks to destroy U.S. sovereignty and to dissolve its borders to advance the goal of eventually creating one-world-government.

    And the globalists have infiltrated ALL political parties in the U.S. Including the Libertarians [Gary Johnson is a Prog who was rated by non-partisan NumbersUSA almost as bad as Obama on immigration, an F (Obama was rated an F minus)].

    • clbrown

      Well, let’s look at the meaning of the terms…

      “Conservative” means “seeking to preserve something which already exists.”

      “Liberal” means “seeking to change things and introduce something new.”

      There are two ways you can change things. You can create change quickly (and often violently)… this is called “Revolutionary change.” Or you can create change over time, through a series of steps… this is called “Progressive change.” These are simply two subcategories of liberalism.


      What matters is really “what are you trying to preserve” or “what are you trying to change from, and what are you trying to change to?”

      The Founders were, BY DEFINITION, “liberals,” initially. That is, they sought to change the status quo, from “living under British crown rule.

      They initially sought to do this in a piecewise, peaceable fashion… gaining more freedom and autonomy as time went by. They were initially PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS.

      When King George reacted against their requests for more autonomy with violence (occupying Boston), they were forced, somewhat reluctantly, to become REVOLUTIONARY LIBERALS.

      During this period, the “Conservatives” were those who wanted to remain subjects of the British Crown.

      However, once the Revolution was over… a new system was put into place. Without changing their POSITIONS, the Founders suddenly became CONSERVATIVES… that is, they sought to preserve the new system they’d put into place. And the “pro-Crown” types were suddenly no longer “conservatives” but were, in fact, mainly REVOLUTIONARIES. (And were the main driving force behind the War of 1812, in fact.)

      Today, the struggle is about the United States Constitution… which is, in the end, the protection we, the People, have against anyone setting themselves up as our RULERS (as opposed to “our servants”). Liberals seek to change the system, to move away from the actual Constitution. Conservatives seek to retain that system.

      Whether they attempt to overthrow it violently (revolutionaries) or a chunk at a time (progressives), they are still seeking to change it, and thus are “Constitutional Liberals.”

      And that’s why I define myself as a “Constitutional Conservative.” Not merely as a “Conservative,” and by NO MEANS as a “Republican” or a “Libertarian.”

      Focus on the real issues here, and don’t get caught up in “semantics games” where you associate EMOTIONAL RESPONSE with words which, in the end, have no real relevance.

      What matters is this… whether we will continue to be able to live as free men and women, or whether we will become serfs, living under the rule of a new “elite noble class.”

  • Bandit

    Where is this stupid knucklehead getting her stuff from or is she just pulling it of her whatever. Pressure cookers do not get up and do things on their own, In one of this idiots videos she even said that guns have a life of their own so now the pressure cookers have a life of their own, what is this stupid little girl on.

    • January24


      For crying in the beer, man! Liberal Chick is making a JOKE at the expense of Lefties. Can everybody here who didn’t get that PLEASE GRAB A CLUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because you’re making all of us on the right look stupid.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Silly liberals. “Feeling” their way through the darkness because they don’t want to open their eyes and see all the crap they are spreading.
    Soon they will bump into something that bumps back, hard.

  • Fred_K

    This shows just how stupid the students in college really are. They should be sent to re-education camps. I would wager that none of the students who signed know how to make anything more complicated than a ham sandwich.

  • James Foley

    On her facebook page she claims to be a CONSERVATIVE’s WORST NIGHTMARE! and that she really does love Obama. Go look for yourself. Hoorah if she was able to get no-info voters to sign a pressure canner ban. They are all whackos.

    • January24


      It’s part of her perpetrating her JOKE on the Left. Grab a clue, my friend. She’s been doing this for awhile, and she’s really, really good at making the Left look as foolish as they are.

  • clbrown

    Folks, for anyone who thinks that this is a sincere leftist… please watch THIS video…

    • January24


      I’ve always thought we conservatives were the smart ones. I’m beginning to think, though, that we need to teach a little tutorial in irony. It appears that our brothers and sisters on the right are “getting” the joke — unfortunately — because “Liberal Chick” is really good — and very cool.

      • clbrown

        Yeah, this is why the left can still “win” sometimes… it’s way, WAAAAY to easy to “manipulate” too many of us on the “pro-freedom” side of things.

        I believe that all Conservatives really need to study up, in depth, on Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals.” We need to learn to understand how the opposing side operates, how they think, and how they use techniques like “mockery” to shove their “enemies” into self-destructive behavior.

        This is because most on the right don’t actively engage in sarcastic mockery. We don’t. We think it’s tacky, for the most part. Well, I don’t. I don’t LIKE it… but I’ve come to recognize that the best way to engage the anti-Freedom side of any argument is to demonstrate just how foolish they really are, through the effective use of mockery.

        It’s not “beneath us.” It’s something that they use against us… because they recognize it as the most effective tool against people like THEM. They think it’ll e the same for us, bu it’s not.

        “Liberal Chick” is simply using the techniques that those on the left fear the most. :)

        “The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not submit to scripture, is to laugh at him and deride him, for he cannot bear being mocked.”

  • MrD

    Let’s just ban Muslims for a while.

  • bungicord

    This shows beyond doubt the catastropic failure of our school system to teach basic common sense thought process. Minimum wage would be too much of a salary for teachers responsible for these drones.

  • Nancy Lebischak

    Scary, this shows our youth do not understand a thing. I bet they don’t know what a pressure cooker is. The minds of the youth are put to sleep by the liberal education system, is it any wonder that we are in the shape we are, Obama is happy we the Citizen is asleep and he is in control.

  • Brenda L. Herbert

    We can ban pressure cookers, but are we gonna just ban ourselves right out of existence? My God, n order to keep us all safe forever and ever, just put us all in a rubber room. And make sure the rubber in the room isn’t toxic.

  • Marlin208

    This is no big deal. Look what they did out in California wanting to remove the Second Amendment from the Constitution.
    Idiots abound now in this country. They are not taught the true meaning of America so they will let anything and everything go by the wayside.

    What they do not realize is the things you ban today are not the things they will use tomorrow.

    Just like in Britain, they banned guns so now they use knives. You can not keep going banning this that and everything.
    Nuts are nuts and they will find a way to hurt people because that is what they do. Who would have thought 10 years ago that they would be using pressure cookers of all things, but here we are.
    We all can not sit around with nothing but toilet paper and cotton balls, it has to end.

  • mathchopper

    Ya know why our country is intercoursed? It’s because we thought using logic would trump Democrap illogic. Didn’t work, did it? And now it’s too late. Are you prepared for TSHTF?

    • clbrown

      Logic only beats emotion when logic UNDERSTANDS emotion, and takes it into account.

      All “leftist” success comes from the ability to manipulate emotions. Alinsky recognized this… and Alinsky is Obama’s hero, Hillary Clinton’s hero… the hero of most of the far-fringe-left, in fact.

      WE NEED TO KNOW ALINSKY’S TACTICS… because that is what we’ve failed to recognize, and thus have been broadsided by, over and over, for the past half-century or more.

      “In the battle between good and evil, evil usually wins, unless good is very, very careful.”

      Why? Because evil need not play fair. They CAN, if that will “win” for them, but if playing fair won’t give them the win, they can lie cheat, steal, and use violence, and it’s all “fair game” to them. We don’t play that way.

      Well, we at least need to start using what they believe to be their most effective weapon against us… mockery… against them. Because, frankly, it’s far more effective agasint THEM than it is against US.

      • mathchopper

        This is the best reply I’ve ever read to my logic/illogic argument. However, your counter is too late. The only chance we have to save our country is Civil War II and it needs to happen soon before they destroy our 2nd amendment. As I’ve said many times before, while I was studying math, the Democraps were studying people.

        • clbrown

          Well, I must admit that I hope it doesn’t come down to that… but then again, I came to Texas for a reason. And, let’s be clear, Bloomberg-clone Mayor Lee Leffingwell and his cronies took over Austin in order to establish a “foothold” for socialism in Texas, from which it can grow (like cancers always do).

          As of today, in Austin, you can’t get shopping bags (unless they’re disease-spreading “reusable” bags) at stores, and you can be arrested, supposedly, for using a barbeque grill (though most Austinites ignore this, and none of the police I know will ever enforce this “law” – based not on US law but on UN law, by the way).

          Civil War II? I hope not… but my hopes are fading at this point.

          Still, I suspect we’ll see something different… and for a short time, much, much worse. I’m actually sort of convinced that the bad guys will win, for a period of about seven years, after which they’ll all get their just deserts… but that’ll just get me called a “religious fanatic” (even my own mother, a supposedly “life-long Christian).

  • theronald

    If she really wants to ban bad things, she needs to ban herself.

    • clbrown




      What’s so hard to see about that???

      • clbrown

        Hey, whoever marked me as a “negative,” let’s hear you come back and explain why, please… and by all means, make your own counter-argument ( if you’re able to).

      • theronald

        If that is her in the picture, and that is really what she is doing, how can it be a mockery….by anyone?

        • clbrown

          The girl who is “getting signatures” is actually a conservative. She dresses, and acts, as a caricature of a “far fringe leftist nutjob.” The thing is, even when she’s MOCKING the left… leftists still think that she must be serious, and “on their side,” and in this case signed what is CLEARLY (and clearly known by HER) to be an unbearably STUPID “petition.”

          The idea is… see how many brainless people will actually sign a petition to outlaw COOKWARE. Then, to put that out so that people (hopefully some of the more brain-enabled leftists) will see it and start to reconsider their position.

  • mackadoo

    I can’t tell whether she’s crazy or whether she’s simply putting the spotlight on just how completely today’s young people have been indoctrinated by the public school system.
    Never confuse education with intelligence.

    • January24


      “Liberal Chick” is a totally sane CONSERVATIVE who goes out and makes these videos to show how totally gullible and stupid Lefties are. She often goes to college campuses because that’s a sure-fire place to find the young, liberal and dumb — you know, faithful Obama voters.

  • ladyceo

    Is she collecting forks from fat people too! Stupid , stupid girl!

    • January24

      Grab a clue, Lady. “Liberal Chick” is a conservative who goes out into public to make fun of Lefties by pretending to embrace their dopey ideas.

      • ladyceo

        Wow, my bad! Never heard of her before this. Funny, but so sad that she can find people to agree and sign. Kind of like the guy in CA. who gets libs to sign a petition to “help Obama get rid of the 2nd ammendment”.

        • January24


  • georgewaring

    She is probably a film student doing a project on the art of irony.

    • clbrown

      At least someone sees what she’s doing… oh, yes, this is DRIPPING in irony… but it’s INTENTIONAL irony, you see.

  • badgirlpinto

    obviously her mammy never canned any food.

  • robinswebnest

    Its idiocy like this that makes me want to go out and buy a pressure cooker.
    New slogan ‘pressure cookers don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people’


    Minds of MUSH…This is how nancy pelosi started in the 60’s. LOL

  • VirgoVince

    Education ended about 50 yrs ago, it’s nothing more than indoctrination these days!
    Does it surprise anyone that we have so many STUPID college students????
    They don’t know who’s buried in Grant’s tomb!!!!

  • socrates

    is this at Florida International University

  • Paladin

    Folks… this is a parody. She’s not a true liberal; she’s mocking them and I for one think she’s hilarious.

    You go liberal girl. For once there is someone out there that is showing the true face of liberalism.

    • Ed

      What is that stupidity.

      • clbrown

        The true face of liberalism is either (a) the people who really know what it’s all about (what I refer to as the fascist left) and, in far larger numbers, the “useful idiot” left, aka the “emotionally-driven left” (who chose to be liberal because “liberals are nice and all about love… and conservatives are mean, and mean people suck!”)

  • Robert Moulds

    Liberal Chick is going to have less vegan pot luck suppers she my even have to stop eating tofu. So save the pressure cooker save the vegan pot luck besides their ceramic bowl makes a great recycle flower pot.

  • LeSellers

    Let’s never forget that all (or virtually so) of the mass killers over the last 80 years have been zealous religiotcrats: prytanteolaters* or Islamists.
    * “Religiocrats” are people who want their religion to govern the rest of us, and “prytaneolaters” want their religion (government) to control us all. Islamists, it seems just want to kill us.

    Gun (or pressure cooker) control has nothing practical to do with reducing “gun violence” or “bomb violence”. Those are excuses that ignorant people will “buy”.

    I don’t care too much when someone wants to give up his freedoms. The problem arises when he wants to give up mine, too.

    If any freedoms need giving up, it’s those of the prytaneolaters and other religiocrats.

    Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • clbrown

      Yep, you’re spot-on, LeSellers…

      The one thing I’d like to add (for future reference) is that not every “religion” need involve a “God figure.” In fact, I truly believe that “Secular Humanism” is the official state-sponsored religion now. (Atheism is a core element, but not the sole element, of Secular Humanism, by the way.)

      Secular Humanism is, essentially, a “religion” where “the elites of human society” become our “Gods.” These elites, through the use of power structures like, but not limited to, Government, control the lives of the “lesser beings” around them. Some are well-meaning… that is, they truly think that by doing this they are helping those “little people” who otherwise would be helpless victims of a world they can never understand. Many more are pure predators, who see this as a means of advancing themselves at the expense of others, however. I’d say that this is the majority of what I refer to as the “fascist left.”

      And that’s key to understanding this. The “fascist left” are, ultimately, all truly “Secular humanists.” They have a religion… but in their religion, THEY ARE GOD.

      They have their own sacraments (abortion on demand, for example) which MUST be paid obeisance to. They have their own (unproven) cosmology and creation mythology… which they claim is “science” (which simply proves their own lack of comprehension of what REAL SCIENCE actually is!). They have their own patron saints (Charles Darwin, for example cannot be criticized without bringing out attacks of hyper-religious fervor from the faithful).

      In EVERY MEANINGFUL WAY, “Secular Humanism” is the religion which is held, and must be taught, as the “one true religion” by the fascist left. Anything else is pure sacrilege against their “god”… ie, THEMSELVES.

      So, when you talk about “religiotcrats”… realize, the fascist left (as opposed to the “naive emotionally-driven left” which make up the majority of their base) are at the head of that list… and always have, from the Russian Revolution through Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” until today in the USA.

      Between them and the Religious Fascist Left (such as what currently runs Iran), they control the majority of the planet’s resources and governments today.

      Those who truly believe in HUMAN FREEDOM are becoming the minority again… as has been the case throughout virtually all of human history.

  • william C

    These dopey college students will be our future “leaders”. If that dumb person wants my pressure cooker, she can come and try to take it away from me! Of course we all know that the pressure cookers caused the Boston bombings. My mother cooked any means in her pressure cooker, and not one of them blew up in the kitchen!

  • pappap42

    When you start to ban anything you will have unintentional results, like in Syria were they took away their guns so they could not fight back.

  • sooner4ever

    Liberals also want to ban soap and razors and deodorant.

  • $29077531

    This woman/girl/college student, needs to get a life, having seen her on many occasions on the net, she has not a clue to the real world that adults live in. !
    These rock’n roll feel good new age’s will never be ready to to take the reign’s of responsibility with wacko agenda of banning pots !
    Seems like a waste of money sending people like this to school ?

    • clbrown

      This girl is a SATIRIST. Why are so many of us on the “right” so clueless to how effective of a tool MOCKERY is against our opposition (and so ready to engage in what is, sadly, “unintentional self-mockery”)?

  • william C

    These dopey college students will
    be our future “leaders”. If that dumb person wants my pressure cooker,
    she can come and try to take it away from me! Of course we all know that
    the pressure cookers caused the Boston bombings. My mother cooked any
    meals in her pressure cooker, and not one of them blew up in the

  • top

    If you don’t.t believe this country is full of stupid people just take a look at the white house

  • DOC224

    AS a human resource manager with 24 years experience, these students are not intelligent enough to get a real job. They shouldn’t waste their time and money for something that will not help them get a job. The interview process we use does eliminate these idiots quickly.

  • Sidney

    Didn’t I hear or read somewhere that there were also nails and ball bearings in those bombs. Why not ban them too. Oh yeah………………..when they exploded, there was some fire – let’s ban fire. Explosion caused a loud noise – let’s ban noise. There was a shock wave in the air – let;s ban shock waves. Heck, let’s ban air, no air – no noise or shock waves – less damage without the shock waves. Let’s see, what other ridiculous ideas can we come up with?????

    • Buford

      You probably also heard they used BACK PACKS to carry them too. Why, for all we know, they could have been toting dirty bombs and IUD’s in those things. Lets just ban back packs and buy a license to open carry pressure cookers, hammers, screwdrivers, and ball bearings as needed. In fact, just get rid of taxes all together and instead consumers can buy licenses for the right to use everything, with yearly renewal. I’m being like totally serious and stuff, you know? ;-) haha

  • Jonathan Lavender Jr

    pressure cookers explode in the home all the time? then why do they have automatic pressure relief valves to prevent them from exploding, specially on the newer models? they are used for bombs all the time? i dont think so, until the boston bombing, pipes were used, they called them pipe bombs. and anyone comes to mmy house for MY cookware, they can suck on my shotgun!

  • GrayBear

    I guess you got to go to college to think like this……… Duh ?

  • pointdan

    Liberals are proof God has a sense of humor. . . .

  • downs1

    She is one strange person! According to her we should simply ban anything and everything that can hurt people in any way. That covers just about everything! We should start with human government, public education, private and nationalized industries, farming and food production and processing, animal husbandry, forestry, all vehicles including cars, boats, trains, planes: conveniences like stoves, washing machines, bathtubs, furnaces, electric lights, vacuum cleaners, laundry detergents, medicines, etc. ad nauseum! Everything except birth control pills! This woman is obviously ditzy! Not to worry, Obamacare will get ultimately get her! I guess “sgt greywolf” put it best, “Just ban liberals!”

  • JRJ

    She probably thinks that a pressure canner was invented primarily to blow up things. What a dummy. I use mine all the time to can such things as tomatoes, meat, veggies, etc. for my family to eat. I’ve never had a problem with it WHEN IT IS USED CORRECTLY JUST LIKE A GUN OR A KNIFE

    • clbrown

      MY GOD, PEOPLE!!!

      Why does no one on the right have a sense of humor? Why does no one have the ability to detect basic sarcasm?

      What is wrong with you guys? The left uses satire against the right, and use it very well… and those on the right usually don’t recognize it as what it is… satire. That’s why the right never effectively COUNTERS that satire… too many treat it as SERIOUS DISCUSSION. (Harry Reid engages in satire every day in his role as Senate Leader, and most of us fail to see that…)

      We need to learn to see the whole “playing field,” and to occasionally at least play the same game that they’re playing against us.

      That’s what “liberal chick” is doing. WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO CLUELESS?

      • Apolloone

        Michael Savage discussed this sometime ago on his show that most people don’t understand Satire anymore, just try it, like I have, you will be attacked no matter how outragous you may seem I have been attacked on this site.even explaining at the end of my post but they didn’t get that far until they attacked me. I don’t know the reason but I remember uneducated people usedit and everyone understood. I say uneducated using universities grads as my criteria as a fact these people are educated in what matters.

        • clbrown

          Well, I think you’re right… but I think it’s more a matter of mindset than it is of education, per-se.

          Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert have a great deal of appeal to the “snarky left.” The people they “preach” to GET IT… because they’re conditioned to think in “snarky” terms.

          Remember, Alinsky’s “Rule #5″ (from “Rules for Radicals”) reads as follows: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

          This is at the core of EVERYTHING that the left does. They use this “tool” to the point where it eclipses almost everything else. Why? Simply because they see it as the most effective tool… which means that they recognize it as the most effective tool which could be used AGAINST THEM.

          In recent years, I’ve learned this, and have learned to use RIDICULE against them… and it works, magnificently, every single time. It does what they say it is SUPPOSED to do to us… it INFURIATES them… and leads them into making stupid mistakes.

          Once we, on the right, (a) start to recognize how they use this tool (which effectively “defangs” it) and (b) start to use it against them (since they’re usually so emotionally-driven, they have no defense against it), the battle is over!

          The reason i suspect so many on the right fail to recognize this is because of that silly “politeness” argument we have been conditioned to adhere to. It’s the same argument which the majority Muslims apply to the Dhimmi living within their nations… we have to “show respect” but cannot expect to receive any in return, nor do our opponents believe we have any RIGHT to any respect.

          We really do need to do as this video so effectively demonstrates… MOCK THE LEFT, AND MOCK THEM MERCILESSLY. Because that’s the one and only language that they truly, truly understand, and the one thing that they fear the most.

      • Buford

        The irony is, that for all your ranting, you don’t realize that the ‘serious discussion’ is also meant for satire. Don’t tell me you just learned about ‘forms of speech’ in language class and you are popping at the seams to overwhelm us with your newfound knowledge. We’re ten steps ahead of you. Do try to keep up.

        • clbrown

          Cute, Buford…

          Lots of moronic, unfounded assumptions in that post, not a single one of which has the slightest reflection on reality.

          Show me an example of what you think you’re talking about. I don’t have to “show you an example” because I’ve actually posted my original comment in response to one which was clearly NOT “satirical” (unless it’s posted by someone on the far-fringe-left pretending to be on the right, I suppose).

          You post like a leftist… so I suspect that you are. But, I’ll play along, anyway. Support your statements… I’ll wait.

    • Apolloone

      I’m sure this girl is using Satire as a means of exposing the ignorance those in our universities, if this was a rehearsal it doesn’t anything.

  • clbrown



    GET IT???

  • mjnellett

    Dear Liberal Chick, there are enough household chemicals under everyone’s sink to make a bomb. Instructions on the internet on how to assemble said chemicals, and enough crazies out in the world to try and use them. Why don’t you use all your free time to do something constructive like; find out why your hero, Barack Hussein Obama allowed four Americans to needlessly die in Benghazi, Libya?

  • Ben Dover

    My God ! Now we are probably to have serial numbered cooking pots and federal Licenses to own a Pressure Cooker. With DHS authorized to give warrantless home searches ? Why don’t we just register and control Muslims ? Better yet ban them.

  • UnsungPatriot

    When they get done with this one, they could start looking for support to ban the killer chemical Dihydrogen Monoxide. It is responsible for thousands of deaths every year including many children, minorities, and elderly.

    • $8105658

      yep, I’d like to see a clip on that one!

    • Motov

      LOL Ban dihydrogen monoxide! it is a solvent,. after all

  • $8105658

    LiberalChick rocks! What a bunch of morons. Also, the guy who said ‘hell no’ rocks as well.

  • mac12sam12

    Liberal Chick, should we also ban knives and hammers?

  • $15774159

    It is good thing the bombers did not use a toilet bowl. Can you see it now.?” BAN THE BOWL,”>

  • grammy23

    Whenever I see this “ditz” I have to believe this is a set up just to show how stupid some liberals are. Just wearing the Obama shirt will get people to sign without even knowing what it’s about. And even though I liked the beetles….I’d kick his a** if I was his parent and I was paying his tuition. I wonder if this counts towards his degree program. If so, no wonder colleges are turning out complete morons.

    • clbrown

      She’s exactly as much a “liberal” as Steven Colbert is a “conservative.”

  • Ed Scott

    Are all College students liberals?

    • clbrown

      No, there are also the ones who are hated by their professors…

  • commonsensealways

    No, don’t ban the purchase of pressure cookers honey, require a back ground check with a waiting period.

  • kay


  • jack

    christians need a bullet in the back of the head, but it’s a waste of a perfectly good bullet.

    • clbrown

      Ah, and here’s one of those “tolerant, loving liberals.”

  • william C

    Let’s ban kitchen knives, hammers and baseball bats.

    Then let’s go after cars, trains, planes any other transportation methods. Hey, wait! Let’s ban disease! Like Cancer, heart attacks, etc. Wow! What a solution!

  • marineh2ominer

    What does this tell you about our higher education indoctrinators or educators ?

  • biggiewmn

    My gosh! I have a pressure cooker in my kitchen right now! Does that mean that I am a potential terrorist? I, like 99.99% of people who have them actually use them to cook food with. My grandmother cooked in hers all the time! This young woman evidently does not know what a pressure cooker actually is. Since bombs can be set off by a cell phone, I guess we ought to ban them as well! Somebody out there, please show that America has not lost it’s common sense!

  • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

    Not giving up my pressure cookers OR my guns.

  • biggiewmn

    Oh, wait. Liberal Chick isn’t. I get it now. It takes me a little longer these days. She is just out there to see if she can find enough morons to sign the petition. So, just ignore what I said about her in my earlier post. The ones signing the petition are the uninformed ones.

    • clbrown

      YOU GOT IT! (Congratulations… you’re one of the smarter ones here, it seems… it’s more than a little disconcerting to me!)

  • StarDust Dolittle

    She must not cook or understand anything about cooking.

  • medivac

    And liberal chick starts her conversations with “I’m not crazy now but I used to be—used to be—used to be ” !! Naturally the liberal college students relate to this !!

  • Buford

    Hey, those libby greenies don’t know how to cook, much less preserve food to eat years down the road. They’re all up into saving the environment by eating manufactured food in metal cans and plastic containers, and drinking coffee made from little k-cups, so they can fill up those nasty landfills. Why would they need pressure cookers to do all that? No skin off their onion to sign an anti-pressure-cooker petition.

  • UnsungPatriot

    I don’t want to alarm anyone and I hope this doesn’t get me on an FBI or DHS watchlist, but I just found a PRESSURE FRYER out in my shed. I honestly bought it years ago to fry chicken and preserve some of the moisture in the meat but I had no idea of its true diabolical purpose.

    I bet it is much more lethal than a water-using pressure cooker and I’m terrified to open my shed door now. If I call the bomb squad do I face deportation?

    Suggestions… Please!

    • Buford

      Any movable object within arm’s length can be used as a weapon. Don’t tell a liberal — they might pass a bill in favor of dismemberment before they have a chance to read what Is in it.

  • James Star

    Hey, thats what they pay the big college fees for! Anybody that signs that petition should be expelled from college, they are brain dead. But sadly they have all ready banned common sense.

  • Gopman

    Does this dumb broad know how to use a pressure cooker? Gopman

  • $22091572

    maybe we just need to ban liberals and Dems?

  • Rocky

    ROFLMAO These college libs don’t even know what a pressure cooker is !
    Here’s an idea they may want to consider & get the Greenies involved in this one ( save the earth, save EVERYTHING !) If the amnesty bill manages to get passed, look at all the food, water, housing, garbage , dirty air, etc they will bring with them. Another 30 MILLION potential new Americans plus we can double or triple this figure with the Family Reunification Act…. Get the EPA involved in this…save the earth ! Save America ! Come on Libs, get on this one !

  • Trish Duffey

    Get a clue. Running amok is not exercize!

  • catnip24

    i want to feel safe so let’s just ban everything.

  • krdave

    This is great! Maybe she could hook up with Hank Johnson . Their protests do more for conservatism than any sane person could accomplish.

    • clbrown

      Psssttt… she IS a conservative…

  • tinkerunique

    That means that grandma can’t make her homemade jellies any more ?? A few “dingleberry’s” making life hard for the rest of us.

  • Murray Putnam

    Hey chick, dont forget the bb’s and fireworks, ya bleeping idiot!

    • Alex M

      Before calling her an idiot, look up the word ‘satire’ in the dictionary.

  • Barry Levy

    don’t pressure cookers use electricity. Ban electricity next.

    And maybe better, ban liberal arts, and liberal colleges.

    Seem to be that libs/dems think that wasting 4 years in college and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars entitle them to a great job. HAHAHAHAHHAHHHA.

    With today’s dumbing down, so many college grads are looking at McD for employment.

  • PhilJourdan

    Today, Pressure cookers. Tomorrow, Dihydro Monoxide!

  • jdbixii

    Liberal education is more dangerous than pressure cookers. What is needed is courses in domestic economics that don’t budget anything for morons, criminals and terrorists. Just think of all the geography that could be reclaimed for agriculture with the elimination of buildings belonging to liberal colleges, universities and governments.
    This should go over big with green environmentalists.

  • Anita

    You stupid bitch why don’t you do the right thing and have these people sign a petition to ban allllllllllllllllll muslims in our country. Then we could still use the pressure cooker for what it was intended to be used for.

  • maxwell_brown

    she is wasting money going to college….she belongs in wal mart as a greeter !!!!

  • slickzip

    She is just another stupid socialist/communist/liberal bimbo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • clbrown

      No, she’s another SMART CONSERVATIVE WOMAN who’s MAKING FUN of “stupid socialist/communist/liberal” fools.

      Sadly, too many conservatives seem to be the ones being tricked by her efforts to trick the left.

  • maxwell_brown

    ban the crazy people….ban liberal girls …

  • GQ4U

    She’ll go after pipe next. Eventually the lefties, if unattended, will ban all tools.

    1) Guns
    2) Knives
    3) Pressure cookers
    4) Baseball bats
    5) Rope
    6) Hands
    7) …?

    Please don’t tell her about screw drivers, unless its the type that gets her drunk.

  • tidalpool

    ahh, what insight, what personal bravery, taking on the pressure cooker lobby. I can admire this woman and yet stay strong enough to still take out my pressure cooker when ever I want to make corned beef and cabbage, or beef stew. Or fudge! I admit I too lost my mind during my college years, had green hair and frequented bars my parents would have gasped at, had they known. I grew up, perhaps this lot of strong active women will also discover no pressure cooker had anything to do with either the planning or the committment of the marathon bombing.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Not education, propagandized idiots in the so called higher eductation schools, they would have all voted for Hitler, they are dumber then rocks, oops didn’t mean to insult rocks. More time in real study and less time in the brown shirt classes and wasted time would be money well spent. Again, not the liberal way.

    • clbrown

      One of my favorite “exercises” is to, without naming the party or the candidate, describe Adolph Hitler (vegan, teatotaler, etc… never spoke about his REAL motives) and the party (which I refer to by the official name, the “National Socialist Workers Party of Germany” rather than by the short-form slang version, “Nazi”)… just describe all their policies… the ones they won large electoral majorities based upon…

      I talk through all these policies and practices and positions… and only once I’ve gotten them to “come out in strong favor of that party” do I tell them that they just “voted to put the Nazi party in power.”

      Of course, at that point, they pull out the counter-argument that their professors have taught them… they just declare “Godwin’s law” and thus, by “bringing up the Nazis” in a discussion, they claim you just ceded “victory” to them.

      But still, enough will actually start thinking that, even given the snarky “Godwin’ed” status of the conversation, they’ll still start to reconsider their position.

      That’s why you never mention the name “Hitler” or “Nazi” when you discuss this. They’ve been well-trained to automatically reject those arguments (without thinking) the moment that they hear those words. And they’ve been trained, again without thinking, to associate the name of the Italian National Socialist Party (aka the “fascists”) with American CONSERVATISM (which is its ideological opposite).

      Talk them through it… in detail… BEFORE mentioning the terms “fascism” or “Nazi” or “Hitler” in any conversation. That’s the only way to get through the “perception filters.”

  • cowgirl

    The guy that responded with “Hell, no!” to a ban on “bomb materials” may have misunderstood. I believe he thought she said it was a petition to ban “bong materials”.

  • David Jameson

    If she is going to ban pressure cookers, then she need to add remote control cars, planes, boats and anything else that is remote controlled, like garage door openers, TV’s, DVD and blue ray players. Then she could add pre pay cell phones, fire works, and all other items that we use everyday that can be made into bombs. So let the liberals ban all of those items or let it be known that they want to ban any and all items that can be used to make bombs, and lets see how fast their liberal base turns on them.
    I think that list would cover so many items that it would make their base think twice about what they are doing.

  • bob novak

    I seriously hope she’s just being funny. If not, we’re doomed as a country if people like this actually exist. Where is the ban on pipes? Where is the ban on kitchen knives, hammers, Better yet lets ban Freakin drugs. Oh wait, they already do and its done nothing.
    Now the people that signed it are another story, they’re just freaking idiots. Parents, this is what that $45k a year goes for, I hope your getting your money’s worth.

  • Pat Seago

    Another liberal agenda to try to keep people from canning their own foods. The liberals are so miserable they do Anything to make all people miserable like them. loser liberals!

  • clbrown






    GET IT???


  • servant1jkb

    This proves that one does not need to be nuts to to be P. Lib Demo rat, but it sure seems to help them to become all they can be!

    But what’s next? Does this LIB CHICK, know and understand that more people are killed by bat’s and clubs than by bullets each year? Will she try to get those banned also?

    If not why not? How about Pot, it makes more broken families these days than booze, and a pot head behind the wheel is a hazard to all ! Ban POT?

  • William Mdcannold Jr.

    Were this not so anabashedly pathetic it would be laughable. I’m a product of the college 60’s – a medium sized, highly ranked midwestern school. We had only a few of the hippie crowd but they were still enough to notice. I recall sitting on the steps of our sciences building with pals during class breaks. When the weather warmed, out came the gals in their halter tops, etc. We enjoyed the sights! There were those few who “protested” by going braless. Some wore sheer types of blouses and jiggled according to individual anatomy. We hit upon a “jiggle factor” and created 1 to 10 flash cards that we would display for ranking scores. We were well aware of these gal’s “grievances”. Not one of us had any bigotry in us. There were gals among us who were also science majors and respected as much as any. Their primary goal was to get an education and to find work in a profession.
    The matter of the latter-day hippie and her “petition” to ban pressure cookers is sad testimony that the hippie / socio / Marxist crowd has lived on. This gal even does her hair and dresses in the manner of old. I’ve coined a description for the psychological reality of this bunch of miscreants; congenital dissidents. They are born with a disposition to disagree (with damned near anything) and as they grow, their amigdalas never quite manage to connect with the frontal cortex. The great majority, I note, come from urban environments. They have no connection whatsoever with the real world outside their various concrete jungles. I’ve coined another descriptive for these unfortunate. It’s descriptive of a new paradigm in regard to the great domination of our society by urbanity; urban troglodyte. ie…. Those urban dwellers bereft of natural reality who daily drag their knuckles from one man-made cave to another. Were it not for cans, bottles, plastic wrap, boxes, and styrofoam trays, few could so much as feed themselves – other than eating out. Could any actually believe that pressure cookers are made as vessels for bombs? If you find yourself offended, consider your reality – seriously! Every urban child could be bettered for life should they spend a couple of summers in small town and/or farm life!
    I own two pressure cookers. Big ones! One I purchased new some thirty years ago. The other was inherited from my mother. I garden and can / preserve everything from fruit to meat to a wide range of vegetables. I defy anyone to buy an off-the-shelf product that can compete. It has never, ever occurred to me that a pressure cooker could / should be used as a vessel for a bomb – until Boston. Deviance obviously seeks its own ends.

    • Alex M

      “The matter of the latter-day hippie and her “petition” to ban pressure cookers is sad testimony that the hippie / socio / Marxist crowd has lived on.”

      I’m guessing ‘irony’ and ‘spoof’ were not on the educational agenda back in the day.

      It’s not real. It’s a spoof / wind-up / mickey-take. That’s the point of these Liberal Chick videos. You’re meant to get the joke, not have it go over your head.

  • Constitution101

    Muslims use cars to bomb many targets. Are we going to ban cars? Of course not. Pressure cookers are used all over the US (safely) to can food. How stupid are people: general public and politicians (with their plethora of agenda’s).

  • bobmann101

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA These people vote!!!

  • retandpr

    It was just a matter of time——

  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    Someone needs to inform this mental midget with the cranial-rectal inversion to “shut the he(( up!” This sounds like she really needs to find either a good man or possibly a friendly dog if she’s not into men. This is just complete stupidity. If that’s the case, then we need to ban steak knives, butcher knives, forks, cars, buses, booze, dogs, and anything else that has killed or may kill in the future. And last ,but by no means least, SMALL MINDED PEOPLE THAT ARE POLUTTED WITH STUPIDITY! As Ron White said, “You can’t fix STUPID!”

    • clbrown

      You guys really are providing too much fodder for the hate-filled left who want to PARODY the right…

      … or can’t you actually tell that this video is parodying the left?

      • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

        clbrown, I’m not trying to provide fodder, I’m just tired of all the bull that people come up with in this world and say its all for the betterment of us. I served in the Marines and if some of these people could go and see what the hell is going on instead of listening to the government and main-stream media that is controlled by government. They just want to keep us in the dark until its too late.

        • Alex M

          I think if you want to call people “small-minded” and “polluted with stupidity”, you might be well advised to step back and see what Liberal Chick really is, and really is doing.

          The person you are calling a “mental midget” is not a ‘liberal chick’ at all, she’s quite the opposite. Every video clip of her posted here is a spoof. It’s a parody. That’s why it’s posted on Clash Daily. She’s employing the rhetorical device of irony, where you hold something up to ridicule by saying the exact opposite of what you really mean.

          A person more cynical than I am might say that the mental midgets are those who can’t spot the joke for being too busy fulminating.

        • Alex M

          I think if you want to call people “small-minded” and “polluted with stupidity”, you might be well advised to step back and see what Liberal Chick really is, and really is doing.

          The person you are calling a “mental midget” is not a ‘liberal chick’ at all, she’s quite the opposite. Every video clip of her posted here is a spoof. It’s a parody. That’s why it’s posted on Clash Daily. She’s employing the rhetorical device of irony, where you hold something up to ridicule by saying the exact opposite of what you really mean.

          A person more cynical than I am might say that the mental midgets are those who can’t spot the joke for being too busy fulminating.

      • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

        clbrown, I’m not trying to provide fodder, I’m just tired of all the bull that people come up with in this world and say its all for the betterment of us. I served in the Marines and if some of these people could go and see what the hell is going on instead of listening to the government and main-stream media that is controlled by government. They just want to keep us in the dark until its too late.

      • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

        clbrown, I’m not trying to provide fodder, I’m just tired of all the bull that people come up with in this world and say its all for the betterment of us. I served in the Marines and if some of these people could go and see what the hell is going on instead of listening to the government and main-stream media that is controlled by government. They just want to keep us in the dark until its too late.

  • VocalYokel

    I wonder how many who signed know what the proper use of a pressure cooker is?

  • DuchessofDownton

    Do any of these ridiculous creatures know what a pressure cooker is USED for or are they just too used to McDonald’s cooking for them?

    • clbrown

      The girl running the scam on the stupid students DOES know what one is… that was the whole point. The point of this video is to mock the idiocy of the “sheeple-mindset” emotionally-driven left.

  • Chef

    Most of them get free rice cookers from Castro..who need a pressure cooker? The world has too much pressure already.

  • Rey Palmer

    You got to love that Liberal education & thinking! NOT

  • Poodleguy

    This is so transparent: these airheads don’t even know what a pressure cooker is & probably have never seen one!!!! Hmmmm, now that I think of it, there are no doubt many of the same gender & demographic that feel the same way about guns & make uninformed decisions by what they here & see in the media. Do da term “Low Information Voter” mean anythin’ to ya??????

  • clbrown

    One last time, tonight…

    For those who think that “Liberal Chick” is truly a liberal… ie, those of you who have a lack of grasp of satire or irony…

    Please watch this. I think that your lack of grasp of her satirical style will be gone after this:

  • Jim T

    Is she for real? Or trying to making Liberals look really stupid?

    • clbrown

      If it’s the second… is she successful? (Answer… absolutely).

      Watch the video I link to below for more… that will tell you what you need to know.

    • Arizona_Don

      She doesn’t have to “make” liberals look stupid, they do that themselves! And she is one!

  • The Scotsman

    This female is a looney looser. She is so right about “Pressure Cookers”. Pressure Cookers are ALWAYS USED FOR BOMBS (only in her pickled mind). She makes the statement that Pressure Cookers always are used for bombs. I am retired fron the Fire Service where we always were called for a Bomb Threat. In all my years of Fire Duty, I NEVER saw a Pressure Cooker or pieces of one that was a bomb! I would like an explination of how a Pressure Cooker is so dangerous. For a Pressure Cooker to be a steam bomb, you need water and a heat (fire) source. Please explain how the Boston Bombers accomlished this.

    • Alex M

      Go to dictionary. Look up ‘spoof’ (it’s under ‘S’).

      • PhilJourdan

        Nah! Really? You mean I am wasting my time looking under “poof”?

        • Alex M

          I’m afraid you are. It’s satire. All these ‘Liberal Chick’ videos are satires, spoofs, amusing little pieces of irony.

          The sublimest irony is that so many of the target audience are missing the joke, and think it’s real. It’s not. It’s a joke, and rather cleverly done too.

          • PhilJourdan

            Hence the laugh. But I would dispute the cleverly done part. It is too cliche.

          • Alex M

            Ah, the laugh bit never made it through. It’s true, once you spot the joke, it’s obvious, but that it’s clever is evidenced by the fact that too many people (just follow this thread, and previous thread responses to Liberal Chick) still don’t get the joke.

            I’m guessing that Liberal Chick and I won’t share the same space on the political spectrum, but I can’t help liking her.

          • PhilJourdan

            Perhaps so many believe it because so many times it has happened in reality (well, they were spoofs as well, but even congress gets spoofed – like the election one, and of course the Dihydrogen Monoxide classic).

          • Alex M

            The dihydrogen monoxide one is a good one, for sure, and always raises a laugh. I wish I could be as optimistic as you about the Clash Daily audience, but I fear that even after the last half dozen or more examples I’ve seen, it’s not going to happen. There’ll be another video in a few days’ time, and I’ll wager $10 to a recognized charity of your choice (I think of this as a win-win bet, as I’m not a gambling man but I do pay out on lost bets as a matter of conscience) that there will still be plenty on this site who are completely fooled.

          • PhilJourdan

            If I had any doubt you could be wrong, I would take you up on the bet! But just so you know that I am no skin flint, I will donate the money to my favorite charity when it happens.

            if we lose the ability to laugh, what is life worth living?

          • Alex M

            Tell you what, I will contribute $10 to my preferred charity, Oxfam, and you have my word that it will be paid.

            Bravo, Mr Jourdan, you made me smile this evening.

  • Peaver Bogart

    They can have my pressure cooker WHEN THEY PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!!

    • billygeturgun

      You go Bogie!

  • barto

    Just another example of how bad our so-called Educational System is: This idiot with the petition is Dumb but apparently she meets a lot of Dumbers who sign it!

  • Nancy in SC

    She is such an dummy.

    Pressure cookers are used to preserve food. Home canners need them to prevent food poisoning.

    Pressure cookers are used to cook food quicker. Working Moms need them to cook healthy foods faster.

    Pressure cookers are used to cook tough meat into tender moist food. Thrifty people need them to save money on groceries.

    Pressure cookers are used to purify water. Preppers and campers need them in emergencies.

    There are more uses for pressure cookers. I will not be giving up mine. I have enough ammo (lids) for 8 rounds for each of my many mason jars. Be warned, I make a very dangerously hot pepper chutney.

  • Daniel Day

    I liked the Beatles History Class. CLASSIC! So typical of the Commu…American education system!

  • Harley

    Lets fix America’s # 1 problem by banning all Liberal’s and deporting them to Europe where they like these people.

  • bill

    This HAS to be a parody!.. No one is that freaking stupid!

    • billygeturgun

      Oh yes they are! Consider who is in the WH.

    • Arizona_Don

      Sorry, but there are many more much more stupid then this idiot. This demonstration is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Paul Colby

    IGNORANT “college” students, can’t even reason beyond their socialist beliefs!

  • Take 2

    Its spelled “Chic”. A Chick is short for a baby Chicken. i.e. “chic” talk is when a group of female humans get together, and us Men have no clue what they are talking about…or how they can have twenty conversations going on at the same time, and how chic’s can understand each conversation.

    • Alex M

      It’s not “chic”, it’s “chick”. “Chic” is the adjective from the French, meaning stylish or fashionable ; “chick” is the diminutive slang for a woman.

      • Take 2

        You are thinking cheekie or sheik…I have a lot of experience with chic’s all over the world.

        • Alex M

          “You are thinking cheekie or sheik..”

          Not really, I’m thinking chick and chic. I have a lot of experience with argot.

          • Take 2

            You mean argoth with an h’ on the end.

          • Alex M

            “You mean argoth with an h’ on the end.”

            Ih knowh whath Ih meanh!

          • PhilJourdan

            That is a terrible lisp you have. ;-)

          • Take 2

            Just playing with you. argot vs argoth’ chick vs chic

          • Alex M

            That’s OK, I was having a right chuckle here too!

          • Alex M

            That’s OK, I was having a right chuckle here too!

          • Take 2

            Is it Chuck or Chuckle?

          • Alex M

            Oops, sorry, I meant chickle.

            Myh badh.

          • Take 2

            Good one…

          • Take 2

            Good one…

          • Alex M

            Oops, sorry, I meant chickle.

            Myh badh.

          • Take 2

            Is it Chuck or Chuckle?

          • Take 2

            Is it Chuck or Chuckle?

          • Take 2

            Is it Chuck or Chuckle?

          • Alex M

            That’s OK, I was having a right chuckle here too!

          • Take 2

            Just playing with you. argot vs argoth’ chick vs chic

  • Abugintheear

    Well, they are progressives/liberals (vote together in congress)! Don’t expect them to know HOW to cook or even what a pressure cooker is supposed to be used for. Restaurants or microwave food is all they know……

  • getthelibsout

    i wish somebody would wear her a** out with a pressure cooker

  • suegee

    I don’t use them because when I was a kid,my mother was cooking something in it and it blew,food on the ceiling,but I know people who use them who of course would never think of using one in this way.Liberals want to ban just about everthing,maybe they ought to get a clue and ban themselves,they are as dangerous to this country as Islamic terrorists are.

  • LLinLa

    “Liberal Chick” is so convincing imitating the vacuousness of the Progressive mind set. And I get a kick out how many people “are not sure” if she believes the tripe she shares. She is a fine actress and makes her point. But Liberals are the only ones foolish enough bask in her “truth.”

  • Deepizzaguy

    Liberal chick banning weapons will not prevent crime in any way shape or form. Enjoy your stay in Fantasy land.

  • bobwhite1935

    I guess barack hussein obama will back her up & start his civilian HLS army with armored vehicles, automatic rifles & SWAT teams to bang in our doors & confiscate our pressure cookers, I wonder does Col. Sanders’ Ky Fried Chicken still use pressure cookers to prepare their chicken if so he may close them down as suspected terrorists. Look another one just flew over the liberal democrat coo coos nest.

  • $18476877

    As members of the new political movement, Pickling, Canning, Preserving freedom to process food coalition marches on the White-house…..Liberals girth their loins for the bitter fight ahead! One College educated liberal was heard shouting ” Dam those extremist Picklers!!!” When we are done here, were moving on the ban two man rocks!!! Everyone knows rock formations kill people…….

  • DocJimmy

    I was wondering what goes on in this girls head. Well, it didn’t take long and I didn’t find anything. For a college student – she has too much time on her hands….

  • commonsensebeliever

    Sarcasm at it’s best…OMG, look at all the lemmings signing the fake petition

    • Alex M

      How do you know the signings weren’t as much a set-up as the original video spoof?

  • worldwatchman

    What’s really scary is this is tomorrows leaders…….God help us.

  • bull57

    I believe she is stopping short. She needs to add kitchen utensils, all knives with a point or sharp edges, baseball bats, nail guns, sheets, pillow case (could smother or hang someone), and the list of stupidity goes on and on! What a fool!!! As sgt,gray wolf said, ban the liberals instead…

  • Alan Patrick

    what a load of BS. I use a pressure cooker to can in the summer and sometime for cooking up roasts. What will they come up with to ban next? The pressure cooker didn’t cause the bombing it was the person who used it as a medium for HIS bomb.

    • Guest

      It was the pressure cooker blast that people died by.

  • Buttons

    Let’s go right to the ultiment ban and then all other bans bwill be unnecessary.Let’s ban everybodys hands!!!!!

  • ThomPaineJr12

    There are idiots on the left and right. Many right wing nuts think Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya. HAHA

  • Bill Board

    It’s time we ban ignorant college students!

  • johnnyu

    what waste of a education the next car bomb…. will all be walking to school…. and i hope they dont ban airplanes after the world trade center they used airplanes as bombs ……terrorists please dont use toilet bowels for bombs…. where will liberals lay there heads since they have sh-t for brains

  • Tom T

    I still am amazed at the final in Beatles history. What has happened to our …. Never mind.

    • Alex M

      The Beatles changed the course of popular music. Why would they not have a place in history? Is history only to be about fighting?

  • twoshoes4u

    Please observe that liberals, without exception, are collectively irrational. When pressed for facts they shout, call names and generally become hysterical. Aside from demands for more government social and global responsibility, I personally have no idea what their overview is for a new, and improved America.

  • deejayaz

    We only need to “ban” dangerously stupid liberals.

    • Arizona_Don

      Thats all of them!

  • Audrey Russo

    These ladies give my gender a bad name…so tired of intellectually lazy women aka dumb broads!!

  • Bob Miller

    Whack job. MOLON pressure cooker, a-hole.

  • sickpuppy70454

    In this microwave age, I doubt ANY of them have ever heard of a pressure cooker before, or know what its intended purpose is. In my college days in the 60’s/70’s all you had to do was go anywhere on campus and say you have a petition protesting something, anything, and the hippies would line up to sign it without knowing, or caring what it was. They were just showing their “independance” from the “military-industrial complex”.

  • James Maxwell

    What is even scarer is that these are the young minds that will shape our lives
    is they live long enough to be come more of the mindless class of politicos.
    Much like the hippies of the 60’s who are in the Halls of Congress today and

    other elected positions. Ignorance is a contagious disease that seems to

    spread across our universities and colleges in abundance and has for a long


    • Ashley Penn

      Funny you said something about the hippies. In the 60s, my grandfather was complaining about their long hair and ripped jeans and philosophies. my grandmother told him, “Oh, no. As long as they have long hair and ripped jeans, I know who they are. I’ll be more worried when they get a haircut and a suit and go to Congress.”

      She was right, of course.

  • Patrick Henry

    Follow the piper you insignificant sheeple.

  • usmc1063

    Hmmm and these are America’s brightest??? Something tells me we’re in big trouble if these yahoo’s ever make it of College. But what really get’s me they have some wacko professor collecting tenure and making big bucks for teaching the history of the Beatles and there are kids that are actually paying for the course. Wow I can just see the six figure job offers rolling in on that one. These are the times that just makes you want to scream!!!

  • futurelife

    this evil jezebel spirit is all over the country now……. need to beware and be a watchman or the jezebel-liberals and jezebel-obama will cause more problems then ever with explosions in the West now and mid-west coming in our future…. jezebel is on the loose.

  • Common_Sense

    she just using government logic – are you saying there’s something WRONG with it?

  • Linz4Liberty

    When I first started watching this I almost flipped out of my chair I was so angry.. then I realized it was a joke. PHEW!!!!!!

  • jrm

    Come on folks. She’s not a liberal, she has to be making the point that Liberals will sign anything………I hope.

  • stonemike

    Aint gonna need them anyway, islamobama is fu–ing up our food supply and driving groceries ‘sky high” by feeding America hating mexicans and muslims!

  • Mark Kenny

    Is she attending DSU?

  • Ruthie


  • Chaz_Martel

    Just ban Muslims.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Section 8 terrorists immigration will kill us all due to our gaming government system. We should all sign a terrorists immigration ban

  • Guest

    we should all sign a terrorists immigration ban

  • Justin Case

    C’mon… This is all a joke… Purely for humor sake! Even Libtards would scoff at this!

  • Jason

    These are the uninformed and ignorant of the next generation. Probably all liberal voters who voted for whats his name. This chick is just exposing how stupid all these people are.

  • republican122

    well in a way this weirdo is just showing how stupid liberals are stupid just plain stupid

  • Traci Pribyl

    Is this a joke? I still can’t figure out if this chick is for real or just some random chick making fun of and making a point to point out the stupidity of liberals.

  • Bladerunner64

    OK, so they ban pressure cookers, the terrorists will use something else, what then, ban it also? Before long we’ll have to get a permit to go shopping and bring home the things we need for cooking. We’ll need special permits to buy spray paint because it can be used for this or that. They’ve already put certain over the counter meds behind the register and regulated their sales. What is wrong with this country man?

  • bobalouski

    So, when a terrorist steals a bus and runs down a hundred people will buses be banned? How about fast cars driven down a crowded sidewalk? What about a pallet of bricks floating above Time’s Square with helium balloons? It’s not the tool, it’s the INTENT!!!

    • Alex M

      “It’s not the tool, it’s the INTENT!!!”

      It’s the tool that makes the intent effective.

  • Guest

    “It’s not the tool, it’s the INTENT!!!”

    It’s the tools that make the intent effective.

  • Bob

    She is pretty good! She is pimping the gun control zealots!She really is poking fun at the uninformed liberal masses.

    • Alex M

      Before poking fun at the “uninformed liberal masses”, have a look at the number of people on this site who have not realized that this is a spoof, and think she’s real.

  • kainnis

    Im a chef and I have had one of these blow up 12 -15 feet away from me and the shape it was in was a lot wores than the one on tv that han been a bomb. It is all a hoax to get liberals would have bean blwon apart with shrapnal in it mine had chicken bones stuck in the metal. just another fals flag to get the TV generation going with more banning things.Sad that the young people in this country are not able to think.

  • jzandensky

    Zany goofball. you better ban water while you are at it.

  • johnsoon

    riiight….the pressure cookers caused the bombings.

  • Dave B in AZ

    Unbelieveable ZOMBIES would sign anything. Your name, your signature is everything.

  • Dave B in AZ

    Unbelieveable ZOMBIES would sign anything. Your name, your signature is everything.

  • Dave B in AZ

    Unbelieveable ZOMBIES would sign anything. Your name, your signature is everything.

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