• jb80538

    Interesting! I was thinking it may be barry’s long lost son though.

  • Zundfolge

    “If I had a son he’d look like Osama Bin Laden”
    -Barack Obama

    • John W.H.

      bo racks is gay he will never have a son, Michelle is a W.I.N.O.( wife in name only)

      • jbd1975

        Someone has it right—finally truth comes to light

      • Sgt. York

        I like the WINO remark.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      …and if Bin Laden had a son, he’d look like 0bama.

      • kyright

        To Anti, With all this c#ap, us Americans can still be funny. Thanks,

    • Buckeye8

      This must be one of the relatives that Bush flew out of the US and back to Saudia Arabia after 911 when no planes was alowed in the air. I would say yes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        Delusional much?

    • WASP

      Before or after we buried him at sea?

  • melindaB.

    you idiots over at the clsahdaily barnyard with your conspiracy theories. get a life!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1643635566 Sylvia DaSilva

      Oh, would you prefer we choke on the Kool Aid and kiss ass like you? Unable to think for yourself, are you? We don’t have that problem you loser libtard….

    • gundog1911

      Todd/Loraine is back and he?/ she /it???? had a sex change. Still the same primate.

  • redwolf6911

    If he is Osama’s son, what is he doing in the US on a student Visa?

    • TPM

      Why does he have a student visa? … Because we don’t issue bomber’s visas …
      Is he OBL’s son? … I dunno. Worth looking into, though.
      I read that the Seals took a DNA sample, from OBL. Guess we could test junior to see if he’s a match.

    • notislam

      He was the look-out for this Boston explosion! He was right there!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Sorry, I don’t see it. We’ve all heard the phrase: ” They all look alike ” when referring to a group of people. Well, I just don’t see the resemblance here. Okay we have one picture of a young Hamza bIn Laden and then we have two pictures of (supposedly) Abdul – Rahman – Ali – Alharbi. a Saudi National which by the way, the whole family of Alharbi is riddled with ties to the Al Qaeda, so why try to make him into Hamza bIn Laden? . I think we are back at grasping at straws here. I’m sure that someone one somewhere in some department has used ” facial recognition ” on these pictures. It’s true that if it was a match the government wouldn’t come out and tell us anyway, but for right now, I have my doubts that these two photos are the same guy.

  • Work2SnowSki

    How bizarre. I can hear the excuses now from Liberalville, “But he’s a good kid and doesn’t necessarily follow his fathers footsteps”. “You can’t blame a Child for their parents actions”. “The FBI interviewed him and didn’t consider him a danger”. “All children deserve the Human right to a good education”. Arrrrrgh!!

    • jbd1975

      Remember OBL got his start in terrorist activities by working for US

      • Work2SnowSki

        Sorry, but you’re deluded. All of the CIA operatives at the time were supporting the Northern Alliance and even the Afghans of the N. Alliance knew OBL was trouble because his “training” camps were for his Arabs only, not Afghans.

  • Me Again

    not surprised at all, Mama Obama met with him after he was let go. I think Obama is one of them, it was said the Saudis put a lot of money into his election and re-election. I call it fraud

    • Mike T

      Everything BO touches in fraud: gun running, ambassadors murdered and blamed on a video, obamacare is not a tax but courts say it is, gun control. Its the same take over as Hitler.

      • notislam

        Would touching a islamist— be ok? Hell no!

    • notislam

      HE IS AND HAS BEEN SINCE HE WAS educated by the Arabs -and he lived with his uncle in Arabia.

      • So

        He was raised from about 4-10 in Indonesia adopted by his Indonesian father there, went to the mosque Friday nights, educated in Islam in public school. There is a photo with his half sister sitting on his mother’s lap at that time, his name being Barry Sotero.

    • Sgt. York

      Who did O.Vomit bow to? A Saudi

  • marineh2ominer

    Another ” disciple ” of Allah , otherwise known as SATAN .

  • stonemike

    Every single American in the islamobama Administration whose job it is to keep us safe from foreign terror should be executed, starting with janet napolitano!

    • KingofThings

      Take her by the ankles and use her to beat the others.

    • jbd1975

      she has no ankles

      • spike45

        That’s another thing she shares with Hitlery Clintone. Cankles!

      • DogKnowsBetter

        Yep, cankles, among other descriptives for these females on the Left. Beyond their ability to “not lead”, Do that side-by-side photo comparison of Right Wing vs. Left Wing women, you’ll see for yourself what I mean

  • sreynolds

    Gee, no wonder michele visited him, probably old friends. They definately have the same outlook on America, the obama’s are just better at destructing her than binladen

  • KingofThings

    She has Hazma tattoed on her a**…no, not that one…the one next to her.

  • SheNemo

    There has to be some truth in this, why else would they send him back home? And, for the record, we never saw OBL’s burial…did we? All muslims get a free ride here in the USA. I feel this young man is a very close friend to those in our government! It’s like, no-no-no, you can’t ARREST this man???? They sure set him free fast.

    • Buckeye8

      Are you calling the Navy Seals liars and that they did not kill Bin Ladfin.

      • SheNemo

        Dear God, no, we all owe the Navy Seals our thanks and our lives in many ways!!! They say it was him, I believe that, BUT OUR GOVERNMENT DID NOT SHOW HIM BEING BURIED!! WHY??? Our gov. simply lies about the muslims, as in why did obama bow down to the saudi king?? With what OBL did to us, the American people, WE DESERVE TO SEE PROOF THAT OBL WAS BURIED AT SEA….IF NOT………WHY NOT???? The Seals did their part, and did it well!!! My question is what did our gov. do next?? We may never know the truth here. Don’t ever doubt my patriotism sir, my blood runs red and deep, as deep as the 3 Vets buried in my family cemetery!! My brother was the highest decorated AND distinguished Ranger of his time, Nam-’69….the Seals back then……….this gov. and obama are in bed together with the muslims, we all know this, millions of our $$$ to them, bow to them, let them alllll in this country, watch em maybe, but do nothing??? Drive a Mercedes and wear expensive clothes, and get food stamps, yep, if you’re a muslin, and with no job? I rest my case. Chemical weapons were used in Syria, proven, what will obama do now? The same as usual, NOTHING!!

        • don

          when? have WE done our part?its now our part completly to sit this nation back right

          • SheNemo

            People like me do our part each day trying to support the ONES THAT DO HAVE THE POWER TO DO SOMETHING, I don’t have the power except to vote, I’m a grandmaw, not a politician, but I still have a mind and a voice. Sooo, what do you see happening here? Have you seen any – ANY-ILLEGAL bills or actions from our gov. in the last 4.4 years? I HAVE, we all have, but the ones legally that can do something, do nothing, talk is cheap, this sequester thing is stupid, the gov.’s spending of our $ stupid, the new taxes on us, stupid, the millions to the muslims – stupid, in fact allllll this is just evil, they are destroying the USA, their job now. It’s one lie, and one cover-up after another!!! In the 1st 3 months of 2013, obama has passed (mostly exe. orders) 68 bills pro -rated every day on us. obamacare is to destroy us, yet, we do nothing. our pres. has 2 names, several SS #’s, no passport that we are allowed to see? No REAL birth certificate. No college papers, all paid off to cover up the truth about him, not a pretty picture. AND now, we have a terrorist in the hospital, being questioned by the FBI, and no one else on the face of this earth has the power to send in a judge and read this little monster his miranda rights, cept obama, and it was done, this morning!!!! AND the FBI were getting answers from the monster, and had hours and hours left to question him, now he has shut up, thanks our great and wonderful government for protecting us, just another cover-up, another lie, this little creep should be in Gitmo right now! He’s probably having dinner at the WH tonight………..I’m doing alllll I know to do, what are you doing Don? Praying for you and me and the nation!!!! IS what I am doing.

    • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

      No, but they can put the fear in the citizens of Boston with their SS troops going door to door.

      • SheNemo

        Yes, that was the 1st of that kind of thing, like obama’s new constabulary police force? And it was a citizen that found him in his boat, we are not twits here to be locked up in our homes until “they” say we can come out? They have the gear and alllllll the bullets-ammo, right? And they did a great job, especially after the citizens were unleashed into their yards. obama lets the creeps in the country then locks down the Americans, looking for em????

  • sgtshel

    And the cover-up begins! (Like what else is new)

  • silverzone

    This article is BS. Osama’s son on student visa? They did kill one of the son in compound, not sure which, but I though it was Hamsa. This kind article only create more conspiracy. I am not an Obama supporter, but this is stupid. Also Hamsa is 22 yo, not 19. Those 2 don’t even look alike.

    • Patriot

      They aren’t talking about the “suspect 1 & 2″ but the previous “person of interest” that was hospitalized after the bombing. The FBI denied there was a “person of interest” and now people are saying there was one, and he is Osama’s son. Great start to conspiracies is to use gullible persons to spread the rumors.

      • don

        we don’t know what it is we talk about no wonder we are were we our —in deep do do

    • kyright

      Me thinks you have the boys mixed up. There are three, soo far. I’m sure there are alot more involved.

      • silverzone

        Yes I did some research, and you are right that was a different son that got killed. Still this guy does look like Osama’s kid as much any middle eastern person would be. Which is not at all except dark futures. I am Armenian, so if you look at my 20yo pictures you could of said that I might look like this kid.

  • John Smith

    there like roachs they keep multiplying

  • Dingbat36

    That’s a male? Looks like a girly-girl to me!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Lebischak/100000493555704 Nancy Lebischak

    If it’s true then an investigation needs to be made into the why, how and what for. Obama’s administration seems to be bent on the destruction of the USA as we know her, was Franklin right we gave you a Republic as long as you can keep her?

  • Stan

    Who else is in this Country? We should be locking our boarders down and actively enforcing the existing immigration laws and stop the current amnesty agenda that they want us to accept.

    • don

      should be? you mean should have been shut down long ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.markes.3 Jay Markes

    That’s funny…When I first clicked on the link to this article, I thought it read “Saudi Person of Interest is Obama’s Son”.

  • raccman

    Put them ALL together and they spell muslimAntiAmericanScum !

    • notislam

      Guess who lets these sCum-bags into the country? —-Guess who the Arabs come to see when they want more of our tax money ?? The Jiyza–the bribe to let infidels live in an Islamic world. This Arab from obl –BIG SCUM

  • Rockin RD76

    If this is vetted and comes back true, it is huge. Until then, it is just another opinion of sorts. Perhaps the ‘journalist’ should vet his work BEFORE posting it, ya think?!!

  • NikVa

    What the hell is OBL’s son doing in this country? Then these idiots want to pass amnesty??

  • Ron Delio

    If this is vetted and comes back true, it is huge. Until then, it is just another opinion of sorts. Perhaps the ‘journalist’ should vet his work before posting it, ya think?!!

  • LittleMoose

    If he truly is the son of Osama Bin Laden, what was he doing in the United States in the first place with a legal student visa? With his family history, don’t you think he would be persona non grata? What is the Obama administration doing to this country?

  • Ron

    Another Obama cover up, he takes care of his Muslim brothers. Do you think anyone in the mainstream media will pick this story up??? Not

  • Melanie Burns

    And those who are surprised at this information please raise your hand……..yep, didn’t think so. Obama/Osama, is there a difference?

    • colleenf

      Very little.

  • colleenf

    If obama and mooochelle helped this terrorist wannabe, it would not only be treason, but aiding and abetting the enemy.
    This is the most evil administration in the history of our country.

  • DogKnowsBetter

    also, I heard Mark Levin researched the White House Visitor log and this guy’s name was on it 14 times… or maybe it’s just another islamo with same name??? not….he’s buddy-buddy with Michelle

    • Bec

      4 visits were to the “residence”.

  • mark

    This is how stupid our Government is, Osama Bin Laden’s son allowed to be educated in the good ole USA!!! This is very stupid if you ask me!!! What do you think he plans to do after he is educated, maybe kill american’s for killing his father???

  • kyright

    Everything about this could be so right on. The plot keeps thickening.

  • KJ

    At what point will Americans become fed up with the deception, incompetence, lying, and illegalities of the corrupt Obama administration?

  • sean murry

    If i had a son that looked like Bin Laden i would shoot him.

  • Sgt. York

    Its plain to see just how the O.Vomits are connected to Bin Laden’s by Mooooshell runnin to see him.We are being Sold Out

  • bull57

    Nothîng would surprise me in the least bit. Obama is involved with this bombing in some way. May be after the fact, but he is involved! Watch the obituaries to see who strangely have died that is also related to this investigation!

  • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

    “Educated in Qatar”? Then why was he here? Guess we all are idiots….

  • Bec

    Hmmm… Michelle visited this kid in the hospital. If he is Bin Laden’s son, that would go a long way in making the point that O would never have had his dad killed. It’s obvious by the visit that they are personal friends.

  • So

    A Saudi prince donated about $20 million to Harvard on his behalf, said to be due to the word that he had told them that he was an Afghan freedom fighter at one point. Also was attributed, the money, to his being editor or head of the Law Journal.

  • http://www.divine-way.com Marie Kalivas Devine

    Whether he is Osama Bin Laden’s son or not, there will be other bombers until we understand we can do something about it. We must understand what is happening in our nation and fight for ourselves because our ignorance of truth is creating bloodshed around the world and we cannot escape.

    We are vulnerable to manipulation, because our focus is on money not God’s wisdom. When we push our godless lifestyle on other nations, they fight back.

    See links at http://www.divine-way com When we know the truth, we will know how easy it is to change our world and end terrorism.

    1. Terrorism News_Action Required_Victory Assured
    3. 45 Communist Goals for Take Over of America (written outline for #2 above.)
    5. OCCUPY IS ARAB SPRING IN AMERICA (using #3 above)

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