When It Comes to ‘First Responders’ — Just Stop!

stockxpertcom_id2538831_size2By Stephanie Bertorelli
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am quite ready for this week to be OVER!

By nature, I am a news hound but especially after that fateful Tuesday morning in September in 2001. I feel as though I have watched or read news 24/7 for years.

Obviously this week has been no different. From the moment my phone began receiving texts about the bombing in Boston on Monday, I think I’ve been away from a news source for about 12 minutes. I am on information overload.

But no matter the story of tragedy this week, one simple fact remains. There is a special breed of people that are always going to be on the scene. No, not the news reporters as you might have assumed from my lead up to this statement.

First responders.

Firefighters, police, paramedics, doctors, nurses, service men running in a race and everyday people.

These special people are willing to risk harm to themselves in order to help their fellow man. These people run into burning areas while everyone else runs away.

In Boston, there were countless stories of people rushing to help as soon as the bombs exploded.

In West, TX, the firefighters were on scene and gave their lives when the plant exploded.

In Cambridge, MA, one police office gave his life and another is fighting valiantly to live after an interaction with the Boston bombing suspects.

Everyone in our country should be heralding these brave men and women who serve the greater good of our world everyday.

Stop complaining about the officer in the intersection who is directing traffic at a pace that seems too slow for your busy life – that man or woman is risking his life standing there in the face of oncoming traffic to make sure that everyone else arrives safely.

Stop complaining that firefighters who park their fire truck in front of the grocery store are misappropriating tax dollars to do their shopping – these men and women stay within easy access distance of that emergency vehicle so that they can be ready at a moment’s notice to fight the flames in your home, your business or even a burning fertilizer plant.

On the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, I searched for some way to let those first responders know that I hadn’t forgotten, I decided to bake cookies and deliver them to the local fire house.

  • dontdoitagain

    The problem is; I don’t trust them! That coupled with the ENORMOUS cost of their pay package and benefits makes me upset at some of their attitudes. There are so many people who would volunteer to fight fires, but instead we pay them salaries in the 6 figures. We probably pay just one of our local firefighters more in a year than we paid for our houses. Police (at least where I’m from) have a 6 figure salary and can retire after 20 years with their paycheck and benefits intact. In the meantime they use their authority as revenue generating agents to “extract money” from the citizens in lieu of higher taxes.

    • Scott Snoopy

      don’t know where you live that the firemen are pd six figures…but am pretty sure its not anywhere I have lived. LEOs, EMS, firemen; are far from “rich”…my last agency’s officers averaged $52K a yr, no we didn’t get free healthcare, no we didn’t get free retirement–we pd into our 401Ks and our share for insurance.

      You are free to think first responders are over paid..your call…also your call to not trust them. Keep that in mind next time you call 911.

      POLICE/SHERIFFs have only become such because the low information voters/sheeple wish them to handle every lil thing; grass is growing too high, kids are screaming, and then of course the same low information sheeple get pissed when they get sited for speeding, illegal parking, etc. The non-involved subjects do not address abusive POLICE/SHERIFFs they simply bitch about it.

    • TxPatrick

      If the job is sooo good, why don`t you do it?

      • Thomas Sharp

        Because it would interfere with the welfare check coming in.

        • TxPatrick

          Coward, may…… be ?

    • Dan S.

      I have friends on my local police department who are quite proud of their jobs. They do not complain about their pay/benefits. The local firefighters don’t complain about their compensations either. Believe me, none of them make anywhere near a six figure salaries. As a factory worker I likely make more than they do. I gave my nation a blank check when I joined the military years ago. That check was for them to use as they saw the need. Put me in any location they might need me to go to, even at the expense of my life if need be. I am the one who is NOT a hero. Service members barely are paid enough to get by. They don’t complain about it either.

      • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

        Which is exactly why I am sure to thank everyone of them that I meet because I personally want to make them aware of the fact that unlike some I do actually value the sacrifice they make.

      • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

        So thank you, Dan, for your service in preserving the freedom for Jim to be able to voice his opinion

        • Dan S.

          You are quite welcome. I’m proud to have served.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Some of our greatest Patriots are first responders.
    Unfortunately, the corrupt draw the focus of an unscrupulous media that is all to happy to slander everyone in the profession for the actions of the few.
    Remember that this same media is quick to blame the gun for the actions of a psycho, all Christians for the Westboro idiots, and are also trying to convince you that a turd can be picked up by the clean end. (Political Correctness)
    Funny how they also whitewash all the hate from the “religion of pieces”.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Thanks Miss Stephanie. A positive message in a world filled with crud.

  • Scott Snoopy

    What people over looked at this atrocity in Boston was, the first responders were the people/citizens…the subjects/sheeple kept on going to get out of dodge. The people stepped in to help the fallen, then the trained professionals…whom did yeoman’s duty.

    In a town such as Boston it is amazing that there are still people/citizens since so many are sheeple who want gubmint to save them. The people need to be applauded too for still being minutemen.

    The police, Sheriffs, EMS, Drs, fireman, agents all did good work in what was a combat zone. They handled an atrocity that is far from the norm in the US.

  • The Culturalist

    The author sounds like he/she took a few bong hits and drifted off into delusional sentimentality. Look dude/dudette, I am SICK OF HEARING ABOUT HOW THESE PEOPLE ARE HEROES, they aren’t–they are just doing their job; a job that they get compensated for very well BTW.

    Many of us regular Americans do things in life to help others in danger or who need help and don’t get paid for it and want no applause. Nothing heroic about being a decent human being.

    Pipe down with this nonsense. It’s a big egalitarian circle-jerk. Maybe pretending to feel this way makes you feel better or how it proves your moral superiority–but it does NOT.

    Let see these heroes decline pay, especially that double and triple time pay on their checks. Let’s see how many “heroes” you have when their isn’t any goodies at the end of the stick.

    • TxPatrick

      So grim, Jim……. :-(

      • The Culturalist

        Grim, but it’s grim reality. Go smoke some of your medical marijuana and watch a hero parade on the Oxygen Channel, you’ll get over your pain.

        • TxPatrick

          Please remove what ever you have stuck up your o-bumer and enjoy life you old unhappy thang yooooou…… :-)

          • The Culturalist

            Another “genius” funny guy, eh?

          • TxPatrick

            Kiss your boyfriend and go play with your obama dolls….. :-)

          • The Culturalist

            I despise Obama. I am a paleoconservative you twit.

    • Dan S.

      Grimjim cut it with the cut downs already. If you don’t want to hear/see anything positive being said/done to/for folks that daily put their lives on the line for others, crawl back into your atheistic/socialistic dark hole. Don’t watch any news, don’t get on the internet, or anything like that. By living this way you won’t be troubled by positive people in the world. I’d bet you’re the type that want the pay and benefits of our service members completely taken away. Even the benefits for those of us that are service connected disabled. :(

      • The Culturalist

        Shut up fool. “folks that daily put their lives on the line for others”. LOL

        I am not an atheist, just the winds of sanity pulling against the UN-Christian lies of you three union goons spreading your lies here.

        Spare me with your attempts to show how you are morally superior to me–you have failed miserably in that round. I do like the touch on how you are spiritually superior to me as well, but like I said, you are poking around in the dark on that one.

        I find it amusing that you union goons feel so threatened by the truth that you took time out of your backslapping party to bother with me. If I was lying or simply being mean, then there would be no need to counter my observations, eh?

        The only reason idiots respond the way you did is when the truth cuts them deeply. Go to church and pray, learn what humility is and live it.

        Don’t flip the humility thing on me either, I am not the one seeking to be worshiped as a hero, you are.

        • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

          And I also am curious as to where ANYthing union related was in my article and/or any of the responses. I value your opinion and your right to voice it so please do not see this as an attack on you – I just prefer my arguments to be fact based.

          • The Culturalist

            Are you in a union? You speak the same tired union-speak line of rubbish. Be honest!

          • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

            Not even close…never have been and still have yet to see the correlation

          • The Culturalist

            You never will. It requires an IQ above room temp and you just aren’t there.

          • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

            Oh Jim, how I wish I could help you…..I’m so sorry that you are such an unhappy person

          • The Culturalist

            I am actually quite happy and even more happy knowing I live far away from you freak busybodies. You don’t know what life is being so dependent on others as you are, but I come from a truly western mentality not that eastern communitarian way of thinking.

          • Dan S.

            I’m so glad you THINK you know so much about the rest of us when you know absolutely NOTHING about any if us. I cannot speak for any of the others but, as for my self I HAVE NEVER been dependent on others to provide for me since my freshman year of high school when I left home. I DID graduate high school then went into the service. Since getting off active duty I busted my hump to get a job to provide for my wife and 2 children. My children were raised by their biological parents. I have never ran from my responsibilities.
            Now, if that sounds like someone who is so dependent on others you need your head checked.

          • The Culturalist

            “you know absolutely NOTHING about any if us” Sure I do. You are one good little cultural Marxist who is especially needy. You have an addiction for adulation. From me, you have encountered someone who is self sufficient and strong and it screws up your entire worldview. You are confused and angry.

            Yes, you are dependent. You have some twisted need for attention, to be right, to believe you are part of some team, and to need the support of the community–a communist.

            Take the challenge and see for yourself, you ARE a commie.

            Are You a Practicing Communist?

        • Dan S.

          grimjim, I was not calling you atheist. I was merely including them with all you other fools. Quite honestly, I am not sure you’d know humility if bit you on your back side. It is very evident that you are quite able to make full use of all the freedoms all service members, past/present have selflessly preserved for you. Yes, you are welcome, from all of us.

          • The Culturalist

            Here we go again with another dimwit out from the upper grandstands of the peanut gallery. Applauding himself, of all the ridiculous things to do, for his “service” whatever that means as if I haven’t fought for the rights of America.

            Sorry to deflate your neo-con dreams but I come from a family who has had family members in all major American conflicts going back to a point when your ancestors were still living in straw huts in some third world hell hole.

            My family members were real heroes who never talked about what they did, they put their medals out of site and did not brag and gloat on how “special” they were.

            They never used their service as a weapon against others as a tool of emotional blackmail as it seems you are so prone to do.

            Now back to your seat junior, you have been dismissed!

            I bet you cooked a heroic batch of hash in the mess tent.

          • Dan S.

            I’m done with your self inflating, egotistical, self righteous garbage. I didn’t comment on here to inflate myself. I don’t believe in that. I don’t need that either. Please, enjoy the rest of your life. BTW, I know that I am better than absolutely NOONE! Honestly, I thank you for reminding me of that.

          • The Culturalist

            Yeah, another peacock strutting his stuff. I am woefully unimpressed. We have gone far off-track here. I thought this was a mildly conservative site, boy have I learned to steer clear of this corner of the kingdom. It’s like accidentally stumbling into a conversation filled with overly sentimental schoolgirls.

            Back to sites where thought over emotion is actually encouraged: http://alternativeright.com/

    • micko77

      From an EMT with 9 yrs. experience at $1-2 over minimum wage, I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you that most folks in EMS are either underpaid or not paid at all, as in volunteers; we are paid in ways that are not measured in dollars and cents. With that said, I have and will always believe that each individual is his/her own first responder as long as one is concious and capable of movement. Do I consider myself or peers as “heroes”? No, just doing God’s work.

      • The Culturalist

        OK Saint Micko. If any of what you say is true then you need to quit your PAYING job join the religious order of EMT’s over at your nearest Charity Hospital. You are full of it and your union lies do not move me.

        You get compensated very well, if you did not you would not be doing that job. See, it is your job, if you want to be a hero, you would be refusing pay for your deeds and risking life and limb, which you do not, in order to save injured folks.

        You can snivel about “dollars and sense” and spit out all of your other mumbo jumbo but in the end you are doing a mere job. You are NOT a superhero and your head needs to be removed from the clouds. I hope my sober analysis has popped your hot air balloon but I doubt it.

        • micko77

          Union? What union? As I aged, I was no longer able to climb down into the gullies to extricate folks from their wrecks; I am an ER nurse now. As to personal danger, I’d suggest you try driving an ambulance in white-out conditions down ice-covered roads to get to remote areas when the State Police have closed the roads. Nah, don’t do that; you’ll put someone else’s life at risk to pull you out. Maybe going into the projects where there are folks waiting for you to respond, knowing you have drugs on board.. nah, don’t do that either. I’ll not disclose my income, but I’ll never see $60k/yr. I believe I pointed out that I don’t consider myself a hero.. perhaps your reading comprehension is compromised by your entrenched antipathy. Saint? You picked that label. Now go back under your rock.

          • The Culturalist

            Ooooh, got under your skin did I hero boy?

            First off, as far as your low pay, especially when you first started–ever hear of entry level? We all went through hell climbing the ladder. Perhaps if you weren’t sampling the medications in your bag you would know that, but you don’t.

            You know those roads you talk about and how dangerous they are? Well consider the guys who MAKE those roads in the first place–now you know where I am coming from. You had a road to drive on, we weren’t so lucky.

            Going into the projects is your own stupidity and keeping those animals alive is a crime. You get no applause from me there.

            Now go fly to Boston and gear up for the parade. There are plenty of folks out there who worship the feet of your kind, but I don’t.

            An EMT who thinks he risks his life driving around in an air conditioned rig—LOL

          • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

            Instead of spewing vitriolic insults, maybe if you took the time and read what any of these people were saying you wouldn’t be making yourself look like such an arse

          • The Culturalist

            Yeah, I feel so rotten inside. You’re right. I am so, so , so sorry. I award all of you “HERO” awards. Too bad most of you deserve Darwin Awards, please hurry up and get one!

        • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

          So in your opinion, anyone who does a job for money is simply doing it because they are well compensated? Huh.

          • The Culturalist

            There are religious orders for those who do it for spiritual reasons. What, I am supposed to believe you are all Mother Theresa’s?

            Without the carrot of money hanging on the stick about none of you would be following the carrot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

      Well obviously, you didn’t read my bio or it would be exceedingly clear that I am decidedly a dudette! I’d like for you to tell me if you have the same short-sided opinion of those VOLUNTEER firefighters who lost their lives in Texas this week? Those brave souls made the decision to fight the plant fire WITH NO PAY so I would thank you kindly to get ALL of your facts straight before you attack them.

      • The Culturalist

        I do search and rescue operations myself–it’s part of my job. I also help people in distress on my own without desire for compensation–especially ego points or spiritual blackmail points.

        Now back to the beer bottle and cry me a river.

        • TxPatrick

          Please rescue the rest of us and take a nap and wake up in a better mood, not bitter, better……. :-)

          • The Culturalist

            Isn’t there a brood of orphans in some fire someone who could use a hero about right now? I am sure you have your Emergency Police Scanner by your side just hoping and waiting…..right?

            Do you remember what Jesus said about those who make a big spectacle of themselves praying? It’s the same thing with wannabe heroes, you already got your reward. You are into whatever you are into to gratify your own weird fetish, not to do the right thing.

            So typical…so, so very typical.

          • TxPatrick

            You`re just plain Lonely. If you weren`t so nasty you`d have friends……good night………..

          • The Culturalist

            sweet dreams, dream about running into a burning building and saving three screaming babies while not getting PAID to do so.

    • http://www.talkshowamerica.com/ Jay Are

      You would have many heroes. There were plenty of police officers from across the commonwealth who were willing to go to Watertown, Boston or wherever, on their own time and own dime to assist Boston and the other PDs, yours truly included. There were dozens of Worcester Police Officers ready to take to the streets in Watertown to assist in capturing or killing suspect #2. They volunteered to go on their time off to help (no pay). I myself volunteered in a neighboring community last year after a Tornado struck and caused massive damge injuries and death. A few weeks later I was asked how many hours I put in becuase they were putting in to FEMA for reimbursement. I advised the LT that I would not be seeking compensation, as I had volunteered my time. Many other officers and first responders did the same. For your information also Grim many first responders are volunteers themselves, Auxiliary Police Officers and Firefighters/EMTs. They don’t get paid. I can tell you that Police,Firefighter’s and EMT’s don’t get paid high salaries for a 40 hour week. They have to work double and triple time just to make ends meet. Why would anyone risk getting shot, burned, stabbed,etc. for a low paying job. Not because of the money, I can tell you that. It is because they truly are heroes who put their life on the line everyday to protect the citizens of this country to the best of their abilit, there are more dagerous professions statisticly speaking, however no one has a bullseye painted on them duriing the job. First reponders, do, especially in this day and age. They are a favorite target of terrorists.
      Sgt J.R.

      • The Culturalist

        Look Sgt foolio, take your empty words and nonsense elsewhere I am not moved by your “heroics”. I am a rugged individualist and can handle life fine without all your help. Scram.

        All you get from me is another “busybody” award.

  • maddmedic

    Thanks. Whom is willing to answer the bell at all hours, in all conditions and often forget about their own safety?

    As a long time EMS provider I appreciate your words…

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

      Thank you for your work KHB

  • Steven

    With all due respect for emergency services, whose job I couldn’t do, they are RARELY actually the FIRST responders to any incident. The citizens that CALL them are the true ‘first responders’.

  • napensnake

    Let’s not make generalizations because of one event. I am not opposed to first responders. They have an important job to do. However, just because many ran to the sound of danger we can not generalized beyond that. How many ran the other way? We will never know. How many beat their wives? We will never know.

    Be thankful that these first responders are there but do not worship them. But, if the “officer in the intersection who is directing traffic at a pace that seems too slow for your busy life” does not seem to be concerned that he/she is not doing his/her job efficiently, you should complain. Just because some first responders are heroic, do not accept lower standards for the non-heroic portions of their duties.
    People serve in many ways every day. Most are not recognized. Because a traumatic event happens, we must not change our views. This is what liberals do. An example is the elementary school shooting which became a call to eliminate guns because a single person was bad. Not all people are bad because of the actions of one just as not all people are good because of the actions of some. We must continue to take people as individuals not as members of a group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.rowe.54379 George Rowe


    Yes, thanks and amen!

    I have been a “first and a second” responder. I was for a short while a crash-fireman, have spent many hours riding with police officers and have worked under-cover. I know that if I am not a first or second responder to keep going and get the hell out of the way. If I can’t help I am a hindrance.


    • http://www.facebook.com/stephieb13 Stephanie Bertorelli

      Thank YOU George!

  • TexasJester

    I’m a truck driver and Navy vet, not a first responder, but I have taken first aid training, and some EMT training – though I’m no EMT, and I’m the first to admit it!! I am, and have been, the first on the scene of many wrecks over the last 30 years.

    15 years ago – Dear God, has it been THAT long?? – I sat with a 6 year old girl in my lap, with the headlights of my truck illuminating a rollover wreck, keeping her calm while a trauma ER doctor and nurse worked on her older sister, who was critically injured. It took almost an HOUR for the EMTs to arrive from a town 80 miles away.

    I’ve held a young woman’s arm together, till the EMTs could get there.

    I’ve performed CPR on 3 different people over the years, once keeping it up even after the EMTs arrived, to give them a chance to do other things – and wound up doing CPR on this victim in the ambulance, and had to hitch a ride back to my truck!

    I’ve battled flames with my mighty 10-lb dry chemical fire extinguisher, giving the people inside a chance to get out.

    I once crawled into a burning car to cut the seatbelts holding 2 toddler/baby seats to get them out – and got minor shrapnel wounds in my back when the gas tank erupted. (Mom was killed in the wreck.)

    I’m not saying this to say “hooray for me!”; rather to point out that not all “first responders” are official people like police, EMTs, and firemen – sometimes they’re your neighbor, friend, or total stranger. We try to “hold the fort”, until the proper people – the official first responders – can arrive, and take over.

    I praise these people any chance I get. They lay a lot on the line for all of us. They rush into danger (I REFUSE to use “in harm’s way”!!!) when many people are getting away from it.

    Thank God for our First Responders.

  • Gribackalert

    1st responders The police deal with the same 10% of the population every day??? But do we realize there are 10% of the police from the extreme to the annoying that no nothing about the law so they think they can be above the law while harassing honest citizens carrying firearms correctly and within the law minding there own business. When they can violate our freedoms as fact when our freedoms are infrangible, but then they have a gun and they have a licensee to kill so we cower and capitulate??? You see it with the police in LA, New York shooting 41 times and only hitting an innocent citizen 19 times, brutalizing while in custody a Blackman on a false identify by a police officer and after sodomizing said Blackman with a broom stick he is set free with his bruises and splinters festering in his butt, Does Serpico ring a bell and why do they have internal affairs!!! So we deal with bad cops 10% of the time “scary”…

  • jimpeel

    I hate the term “first responders” which is a false term. The true first responders are those “civilian” (another term I hate that they use for those who are not them) persons who are at the scene rendering aid while the sirens are still far in the distance. The so-called “first responders” are actually the second responders. They get there after the true first responders request their presence.

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